The Time Lord Subjugated

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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Disclaimer: I don't own Dr Who. This fiction was made without pay, compensation, or profit, all for your perverse enjoyment.

Johnathan Lange Junior had fucked whores who had been harder to get into bed than Yasmin Khan. It barely took any effort to make her think it was all her idea, make her think she had offered herself to him willingly. A normal man would have had to take some time to recover after he dumped his load in the mouth of a slut like her, but Johnathan wasn’t a normal man. He had spent his lifetime studying genetics, a passion foisted upon him by his father from a very young age. 

Oh, he had loathed being forced to study it at first, at least until he found that he had an aptitude at it. There were so many things gene editing could do in the year 4171. Every treatment he gave himself made him a little faster, a little stronger, and a little smarter. Every little advantage gave him an edge in the dark universe he lived in.

One particular genetic enhancement was his favorite. He had virtually eliminated his refractory period, allowing his cock to maintain a constant hardness, on top of making his balls a literal semen factory. This would let him fuck Yasmin until the break of dawn without the need for a rest. The way the time travelling British-Pakistani slut was staring up at him with a flushed face and eager eyes as she fingered her cunt, Johnathan knew he could break her.

His powerful hands grabbed at her arms and jerked Yaz to her feet a little roughly, followed quickly by pushing the policewoman onto the bed. She didn’t fight, she didn’t resist. He stood behind her while forcing her legs open and, after shifting closer, rubbed his cock against her soaked cunt. He savored the feeling of her velvet slit as he sunk into her, both of them moaning in pleasure. The slut was so tight he couldn’t believe it, almost as good as fucking the Doctor had been. He struggled with his thickness, but as his invasive thrusts continued, he finally impaled Yaz on his cock with a deep plunge.

Yaz howled in surprise under Johnathan, writhing and curving her spine. Her dark eyes went wide and drool started coming out of her round mouth. She obviously hadn’t had anything this big inside of her, ever. His powerful hands found her ankles and he rested her athletic legs up on his right shoulder, allowing him to really fuck her deep. Every thrust solicited another cry from Yaz, her chocolate colored breasts wobbling with every thrust of his cock deep inside of her stomach. He felt the walls of the pussy he was buried inside contract and squeeze his cock as tight as they could, causing overwhelming waves of pleasure to ripple up Johnathan’s spine. He knew it wouldn’t be long until he would cum again.

Tensing then relaxing his muscles, he unleashed a load of virile and copious sperm right into Yasmin’s cunt. He didn’t empty it all there, for he quickly retracted from her confines and let the end of his climax spatter on her muscular stomach, a stark whiteness on her brown skin. 

Yaz's breath was heaving wildly, but he didn’t even give the whore a chance to recover. His hands were in her black hair, pulling her off the bed and onto her knees again. In awed wonder, Yaz stared and drooled at the throbbing cock bobbing before her flushed and aroused face.

“You’re amazing - ”

Johnathan didn’t care what she was about to say. He shut her up by jerking her head forward and forcing his thick cock between her inviting lips. An evil smirk crossed his hidden face when he felt her tongue swirl and worship the cock throbbing in her mouth. He took a second to get a better grasp on the locks of her hair, then started brutally facefucking her. He jammed his cock against her throat again and again, ramming his cock as deep into her mouth as he could. She gagged, spit, and drooled around him, but didn’t do anything to stop him.

In truth, Yasmin did the opposite. She grabbed at his hips, caressing and coaxing him on as he facefucked her. Johnathan smirked down at her wide eyes and drool-covered chin as he abused her mouth. She’d never experienced this before, and was obviously torn between the degradation and her complete arousal. Before Johnathan could allow her to decide on it either way, he pulled his massive cock from her mouth and gave her face a massive blast of white cum, contrasting beautifully with her chocolate brown skin.

Yasmin had only leaned back against the bed and started to clean her face with her fingers when he grabbed her and forced her onto her stomach, bending her over the bed. She quickly sucked her fingers clean as his massive cock returned to a cunt that was already leaking cum. It sunk in like it belonged, and Yaz moaned in heavenly pleasure.

She gripped the edge of the bed and did her best to rock back onto his cock, her athletic body flexing and slamming against his hips. All the while her pink tongue swirled around her lips and she frantically tried to push more of the cum on her face into her open and eager mouth. 

Yaz had never been through something like this before, been so thoroughly taken. She’d always been in charge of the few boyfriends she had back in London, but she had no desire to be that way with him. She’d given in to him and the pleasure this impossible cock was forcing on her.

The hours crawled by as Yaz lost track of how many times either of them came. She’d never thought sex could be like this. His stamina was only matched by her flexibility. Every position he folded her into, she took his cock as willingly as she could. The thought of denying him never crossed the British woman’s mind once. When the vestiges of dawn came on the planet Gorean IV, Johnathan finally thought Yaz had had enough.

Yasmin was pinned to the bed, her skin covered in so much sweat and cum that the sheets were totally ruined. He controlled every thrust, every pump. He was very glad at how she was able to keep up to his genetically-superior fucking. Her police training had given her enough endurance to last through this onslaught. Or maybe it was just her innate whoredom, Johnathan wasn’t sure and didn’t care.

He came right in her cunt again for the last time that night, feeling her quiver in pleasure under him. Satisfied he slowly withdrew his cock from her and stood up to dress again. The Doctor’s loyal companion reached eagerly for his cock, a hungry and needy look on her face, but he smacked it away harshly. The look of disappointment and want on her face would be seared into Johnathan’s memory for a very long time.

“Get some sleep. We’ll find the Doctor tomorrow, I’m sure.”

If the previous look on Yaz’s face was a pleasure to Johnathan, the way her face broke now was doubly so. She bore a ghastly realization that she hadn’t thought of the Doctor’s predicament, totally forgotten about her, the entire time she was getting dominated and fucked tonight. She’d forgotten everything about her best friend. 

Not looking back again, Johnathan strode out of the room, confident that Yaz would be almost broken before she even joined the Doctor in the breaking room.

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