The Time Lord Subjugated

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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Disclaimer: I don't own Dr Who. This fiction was made without pay, compensation, or profit, all for your perverse enjoyment.

The Doctor’s ass was burning and throbbing with a pain she’d never imagined she could possibly experience. Never before had she been spanked, and her first time was the most brutal thing she’d ever experienced. There weren’t any screams left inside of her; it hurt so badly to breath, she could barely even groan. There were no tears left either, her eyes reddened and puffy. Deep in her heart she hoped Yaz would save her, but it was a dying feeling, one that was fading with every minute of spanking she endured. One last hit on her ass from the brutal paddle caused her head and vision to swim. She was on the verge of passing out. 

That wasn’t what Johnathan Lange wanted yet, so he let the paddle drop to the floor where it seemed to melt away back into the nanobots of the wall. He limped up behind the Doctor and, as he spoke, she snapped out of her dizziness as if struck by lightning.

“It’s time for this ass to get raped, Doctor. You've been saving it for how many millennia for this exact moment?”

Her panic stricken mind, knowing this was going to come but refusing to have it happen, cracked a little more. Her head started shaking, her hair whipping back and forth. The chain binding her to the ceiling shook as she pulled at her wrists, scraping and drawing blood at the chaffing. She felt her throat nearly tear and destroy itself for another scream as she felt Johnathan’s gnarled and thick cock at her asshole. She tried to steel herself, tried to practice her meditation techniques before the violation started, but it didn’t help. The Doctor’s powerful mind and mental strength were nothing compared to the cock about to invade her ass. 

The Doctor could feel Johnathan’s wrinkled hands on her hips and she tried to beg, tried to plead, would have done anything to stop what was about to happen - but the gag silenced it all. He groaned in victory as he pulled the Timelord back onto his cock, the throbbing hardness pressuring and overcoming the tightness of her ass. She screamed again, feeling the blood in the back of her throat as her anal virginity was ripped and raped away. Inch after inch of human cock forced her alien ass to stretch as it never had done before. It wasn’t until he started to fuck her that she realized the first thrust into her wouldn’t be the worst of it. Every thrust into her tight ass was like burning lava filling her bowels. 

He was savoring this, the complete debasement of the universe’s most powerful woman’s virgin ass. It was the sweetest victory he’d ever had in his long, long life. His cruelty knew no bounds, for as he continued to ravage and rape her ass he degraded her with his tongue.

“How does this human cock feel inside of you, Timecunt? If this wasn’t a virgin ass, I’d sell my whole planet! Don’t worry, when you’re broken in, this will happen to you every day of your life, and you’ll be thanking the men doing it!”

The Doctor cracked further. She heard him, heard the truth in his words. She tried to block out the pain in her ass and the crushing despair of his words, but couldn’t do either. She was smart, frankly the smartest woman in the entire universe. It didn’t help her at all, if it ever was true. She ended up being chained in a hidden room on a planet at the edge of the galaxy getting ass-raped by an old man.

“Take it, Timecunt.”

And take it she did. Her ass, still horribly burning with pain, began to loosen and grow used to the invasion as his thrusts grew quicker and stronger.

“Take it and surrender. You’re not the Doctor any more. You’re just a cunt and a whore. The whole galaxy thought you were their savior. But everywhere you went, you just brought problems with you! You deluded the whole universe, and yourself, into thinking women were as good as men are. see how you’re fucking wrong, don’t you, you stupid bitch?”

The Doctor thought she was as low as she could go. Thought she cried all the tears she had to cry, but there was always lower to go, and always more tears. She wished, desperately wished, that she could tell him he was wrong. Be she didn’t. Every word crumbled the supports the Doctor had built her entire life on. She was just a cunt, useful only for this. 

She was just so tired, in so much pain. The Doctor didn’t have it in her to fight anymore, to prove he was wrong. The Doctor belonged to Johnathan Lange, and there wasn’t anything she could do to fight the truth in his words. When the ancient man shuddered and filled her ass with his burning cum, the Doctor thought she might get a break from the torture. If she just had some time to rest, she could recover from this.

The Doctor didn’t get it.

When he pulled his softening cock from her arse, his seed gushed down her thighs, another screw of humiliation on the Doctor's too-fragile psyche. Before her mind could focus on anything else, he gave a single epic spank to the Doctor’s no-longer-virginal raped ass again, this time with his withered gnarled hand. Something snapped inside of the Doctor and, for just a fraction of a second, she lost all of her hope. Darkness swam up a moment later and soon the Doctor hung from her chains, unconscious.

With a weariness fitting for his century of life, Jonathan nearly sagged down when the Doctor broke and fell into unconsciousness. He’d need his own rest, but unlike the Doctor, whatever the elder Lange wanted, he got. With a ginger, almost affectionate caress, he stroked the Doctor’s bent spine and, leaning down, kissed her sweaty hair. He’d get his rest, yes...but only after he saw how his son was handling the whore’s companion up in the resort.

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