Strength through Libido

BY : Rocket_Jock
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A Restor squadron was working Andromeda hard.

They had fought a running battle through the entire system.

The next round was to occur in the asteroid belt.

Romy’s virtual brow knitted as she warded off rocks.

“Incoming” she reported, “four o clock low.”

The missile struck.

Romy’s image gasped and disappeared.

Tier appeared on the screen.

“I knew you would need me.” Virtual Tier laughed

Settings shifted rapidly on bridge panels. Drones sailed out.

Shifting readouts said the engineering safeties were bypassed.

“Let me drive, captain.” Said virtual Tier.

Andromeda surged ahead at maximum thrust.

She spun hard enough to be felt through the floor fields.

Thermonuclear detonations blossomed behind. Drones flashed out.

It was a destroyer this time. It got some drones, but it couldn’t bring its main tubes to bear.  Synthetic Tier laughed as he sliced it.

The single surviving Restor ship was moving away at speed.

“Go tell your comrades.” Sim Tier broadcast to the receding Restor.

Holo Tier turned to Dylan. “You’ve lived to fight another day, Captain.”

“Thank you Tier.” Dillon Said,

“Don’t mention it.” he replied  “Now hit the slipstream, soldier.”

Tier was replaced by Andromeda.

“We’re safe to stream” she said.

Dillon entered the slipstream.

“Romy” he asked, “ what’s your status?”

“Mainframe is nominal.”

Romy and Doyle are both offline.”

“Harper!” Dylan shouted across the PA “Damage Report.”

The replay stared with a sob. “Hit in engineering.”

“Minor damage to the ship, but – “

“Romy and Doyle are down.”

Dylan scanned his displays. They confirmed Harper’s report.

It would have to wait.

“Do what you can.” Dylan transmitted. I’ll be there in about 20.”

“Will do Captain. Harper out.”


When Dylan arrived in Engineering Harper was going over a flexi.

“Show me” he said. 

He led Dylan to a storage compartment. They were under a silver tarp.

Harper picked up the corner. “Brace yourself.” He said, and whipped back the tarp.

Romy and Doyle were there, most of them.

Their heads were intact. Dylan half expected for them to speak.

“They’re both offline” Harper said. ”They went down when they were hit.”

Dylan nodded. “The Harper” was an authority on androids.

He looked over the fallen girls. “Do we have parts?”

“Yes and no” Harper said  “ Yes, most of their internal works are common. “

“And No?”

“All the features that make Romy and Doyle unique are on the floor here.”

“You did make them the first time.”

“Yes” Harper nodded.

Dylan knocked back a drink.

Harper’s best vaporized on his tongue.

Trance grew the whack fruit. It fermented into wine on the tree.

Then Harper distilled it to brandy.

The addition of sparkling water made a Fruitbat.

“This is good enough to market.” he said to himself.

Andromeda appeared on the screen. “It does pass Commonwealth standards for alcoholic beverages.”  She said.

“We could make a few credits.” He said.

“Call it Old Commonwealth “

“We’ll do it.” He said, then corrected. “Or Harper will.”

“When he finishes repairing us. “ she said.

Dylan felt a chill. Romy’s commonwealth AI units weren’t readily available.

Capital ships were hard for hundreds to handle without AI.

“Are you damaged?”

“No.” she said, “And yes.”

Dylan wondered whether Harper had taught that to Romy or if it was the other way round.”

“No” she explained – “I, the ship’s AI, am intact.”

“Yes”, she continued, “my avatars are down.”

“It’s like I have lost two limbs.”

That was a pretty grim analogy.

“Harper will fix it” Dylan replied. “How can I help you right now”

Harper was dressed in white lab coat and head strap light projector.

On the table before him was a master work of improvisation.

This was the most attractive Kluge that could functionally replace the two separate avatars.

He clicked a button on his hand terminal.

Avatar Andromeda’s eyes snapped open. She gasped.

“I’m hit! she said.

“Yes Rom doll, you were hit.”

He placed his hand on her shoulder.

“But it’s all right now.”

“There have been changes in my network “ she said.

“Yes Romy” he said. “Now get hold of yourself.”

“I presume you mean to prepare for bad news.”

“Yes. We’ll save the good stuff for later.”


“Ready” she said.

Harper clicked another button.

Doyle’s eyes snapped open.

She too exclaimed that she was hit.

An uncommon confused expression crossed Romy’s face. Then she looked to her right.

It was Doyle, next to her., looking up at Harper with a surprised expression.”

She was too close.

When Doyle turned to look Romy in the eye they knew what Harper was struggling to explain.

“There wasn’t enough left of either of you to repair.”

“But together” Andromeda said.

“We’re operational” Doyle continued.

The conjoined androids lay very still looking into one another’s eyes.

Harper raised his eyebrows at the trace of their neural activity.

“Your nets are blazing girls” he said ‘Are you alright?”

Both faces turned to him with an impatient look.”
”All right” they said together.

“We’re two heads on an improvised body. What do you think?”

Harper was phrasing a reply when Romy and Doyle sat up on the table.

The sheet fell away.

‘They checked themselves out.

“Nice work, Harper.” they said together.

“I expected stitch marks.”

Well give me a little credit” Harper said

Hey” he added” did you both say I”

“Well we said I” they said together.

“But we are one so we is me, I”

“I need a name “ they said. “ Andromeda and Doyle is a mouthful.”

“Romy plus Doyle” Harper said.

“Royal” they said, “Perfect.”

“Fucking eh” Harper said as Royal moved to the mirror.

“She examined herself. “

“Yes” Doyle’s head said “ Harper was able to salvage Rommie’s skinny ass.”

“Romy cupped one their breasts with their right hand and added “And Doyle’s juggs.”

“Both faces smiled and the combined voice said “We look like a Porn Star. “

“Not in any loop I’ve seen” Harper said. “You’re something new.”

Well then, Royal said, pressing Doyle breasts into Harpers chest. “Standard procedure requires a wet test.”

“Andromeda” they called.

Harper had damped their interface fields until he saw the finished product. But Andromeda’s sound pickups were on.

She appeared on the screen.

Andromeda focused on her accent lights on Harpers crotch. It bulged with a building erection. “Harper is ready” she said.

Harper was embarrassed, but it just reinforced his hard on.

It was time for the wet test. That was what he called it the first time he test boned Romy and Doyle after making them.

He had restored their memories to their baseline status afterward.

But Ship Romy had been recording and told them about it later.

Royal put their arms around Harper, expertly releasing his clothing as they moved..

Both heads were kissing him and grinding with the composite body.

“Yes.” Harper said. What did it matter if Ship Romy was looking? It wasn’t her first show. And the girls initiated the encounter.

In a moment they were on the table. Royal was superior, riding Harper like a slip fighter.

They were synchronized, looking into each others faces as the moaned with the pleasure they were extracting from Harper.

By that time Royal was applying a double barreled blow job. It was incredible.

 He had enjoyed two women at once. They had been professionals that made it one of his fondest memories But this was one step beyond.

“That looks like fun” Andromeda commented from a screen. You’ll have to get cracking on my new Rommie and Doyle when we hit the depot.

Harper felt like a god. He seemed to be drawing strength from Royal.

Royal smiled with knowledge shared by microwave with Andromeda .  The ship’s AI

Had been enriching the workshop air with oxygen and stimulants.

Harper was only human, after all.


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