Strength through Libido

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Dylan tried to focus his attention on the main screen.

They had just left Mamoulian.

The ship was loaded with fresh supplies and hard currency.

Attention to the slipstream was enough to resist being turned on by the Crew.

As always, Bekka resonated nicely with his retinas, as did Trance.

Rommie and Doyle were there, sporting six extra breasts between them.

Rommie was in tight black mini with a triple cleavage port.

Doyle was splendid in single ported white micro.

Royal was classically attired in silver halter and shorts.

She had been in command of the ship while the rest of the crew schmoozed on Mamoulian. She would have liked to visit the planet.

“Next time “Royal harmonized, “we’ll sell them extra heads.”

“Can we do that?” Dylan asked.

Trance considered ‘Probably.”

“Naturally Harper could modify any mechanical forms.”

“I could grow a second head on a human body.”

“But it wouldn’t have Royal’s symmetry.” Bekka offered.

Unless” Trance smiled, “I put an extra head on each shoulder.”

“Wouldn’t three heads be top heavy?” Dylan asked.

“I should think so.” Said Harper.

“But it could be done?” Royal asked

“Yes. “ Harper replied. “What do you have in mind?”

It looked out of place.

Among the blank helmet faces of standard Commonwealth robots was what appeared to be the head of an attractive girl.

Closer examination revealed it to be synthetic. It had detached at the neck ring.

Harper turned the head in his hands. “Looking good, baby” he said.

“So much better” he thought “now that she wasn’t trying to kill them all.”

Pax Magellenic was a cruiser identical to Andromeda, save for a gold finish.

There had been what the old Commonwealth thought of as an improper relationship  between captain and avatar. She took his self destruct order personally.

Her mad avatar had nuked the planet bearing her Captain and crew out of existence.

In spite of the Pax’s lack of a hyperdrive, that would have doubled their fleet, instantly.

The Harper could certainly scavenge or even cobble a drive. It would have rocked.

But they deferred to distraught Andromeda and tried to help her mad sister.

Eventually they were forced to Destroy Pax Magellanic.

For the trillionth time he wished they had listened to Tyr and simply pulled the plug while Pax was still intact..

They did reap a rich harvest of assorted spare parts from the debris field.

It wasn’t another ship, but golden bits of her sister were bolted into Andromeda in a dozen places.

The head carried Pax’s basic personality modules and some memories. But the crazy stuff had gone up with the golden ship’s AI core.

It was a fine head, and he longed to put it to use.

He considered mounting it on a standard robot.

But he didn’t need to traumatize the Captain.

But he did have something in mind for Royal

She was there, glorious in skintight silver.

“You’re thinking about my test port.” She accused

“’Always” Harper laughed “And Yes.”

“So were we.” They intoned.

“We’ve explored the frontiers of monocephalic sex separately before Fusion.”

They smiled “We’ve tried every bicephelous geometry we could conceive- if you’ll pardon the expression”

Harper smiled. The last few months had been loaded with sexual experiences he never thought possible. Many were with the double droid before him.

“I do.” He said. “How permanent an arrangement did you have in mind?”

The faces looked at each other. Harper knew that meant they were giving something total consideration.

Royal’s faces refocused on Harper. “We can carry her until a body is available.”

Harper started to ask but Royal beat him to it. “She’ll be totally firewalled.”

They said. “And it’s two on one.”

Royal was firmly attached to the “Slab” .

 She was back about 30 degrees off vertical.

Harper held a smooth egg shaped device.

“Ladies”, he lectured” , your beautiful skin appears to be one perfect piece. But this is not the case.”

“Your skin is an assembly of a number of practical shapes, “seamlessly”nano sealed at the joints."

Their gazes tracked him as he approached.

“There are access panels.” He clicked the egg which glowed a pale blue

He passed the egg in an ellipse at the center of Royal’s shoulder line.

A piece of synthi skin peeled back to reveal a universal network port. “Your shared maintenance port.”

It normally would be located in the solar plexus, but this had proved more convenient.

Rommie’s head peered into the hole. ” Do we have enough connectors?”

“Yes. “

He looked at Royal who had shifted her foci to Harper.

 “It’s not too late to back out.” He said

“Full speed ahead.” They said “Bring us the head of Pax Magellenic!’
Harper laughed . Then he lowered Pax’s head onto the port.

There was an unexpected spark.

Pax’s eyes flared open. Initially they expressed confusion.

“Good morning. Pax” he said. ‘Welcome back to the world of the living.”

She didn’t reply, though her expression had gone from horror into confused..

Rommy’s and Doyle’s heads were focused on Pax. As he expected their nets were blazing.

Royal’s original heads turned forward and Pax smiled ‘Hello Harper” she said.” How have you been?”

“I’m good. No thanks to you young lady.”

Pax rolled its eyes “Sorry Harper. That was the mainframe.”

“So how’s your head?” asked Harper.

Rommy and Doyle giggled.

Pax smiled “ I haven’t had any complaints.” Then she added ” Centered.  Green board.”

“Excellent” Harper smiled. “It agrees with my readings.”

And while she carried the memories of her insane actions, she was sane.

As sane as the center head on a tricephelous babe droid could be.

Harper was about to comment on how well she was taking it when Royal spoke

“We briefed her across the network. She knows the whole plan.”

A Flexi emerged from the printer slot

“Here are the specs” Maggie’s head said, “For my new body.”

Harper whistled. It was more like a high end Sex Droid than an avatar.

He thought perhaps someone had adulterated Pax’s kernel with a bimbo virus.

They wouldn’t ever know, because he didn’t have a baseline scan on her.

Harper” spoke Ship Romy. “Its time for a test ride.”

A spot illuminator found Harper’s crotch.

“He’s ready” she announced.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t made love to a multicephalous fembot before. But this was the first one with three heads.

He found he tended to focus on Pax, which somewhat irritated Royal .

But they eventually got into it, exploring the new configuration with their tongues.

Regrettably all three girls couldn’t fellate him at the same time. But two of them could.

And, thanks to Andromeda’s special conditioning of the air around them, he had the stamina to be shared between pairs.

Harper was south of the border, calibrating Pax’s response to stimulation of Royal’s clitoris, when Dylan walked in.

To be sure he usually made enough noise in the hall to alert Harper to his presence. But the Harper was a little distracted.

Royals faces and Pax’s smiled through the orgasm and harmonized “Hello Dylan.”

Dylan flushed red. He was embarrassed and surprised.  But he kept his cool.

“Hello Royal. Is that you, Pax?”

“Yes Dylan” she smiled “I’m staying with Royal while the Harper builds a body.”

“Well, nice to see you . Er, carry on kids.”

Dylan backed out and closed the door.

Harper was relieved he hadn’t joined. He rather liked being the ship’s King bee.

And the captain’s gear made him feel a little inadequate.

In the hall Dylan composed himself.

It was just her head, not the warship.

And Royal never would have allowed it if there was a takeover risk.

He laughed as he headed for his quarters.

There had always been rumors about Cyber department nerds and their machines.

Harper was the best cyber tech he had ever seen. If fucking the robots kept him happy– why not?



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