Strength through Libido

BY : Rocket_Jock
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Dylan whistled.

Pax’s new body was something to behold.

Her head was still riding with Royal. But the body was strapped to Harper’s Slab.

Creamy synthetic flesh covered everything but an open elliptical panel for attachment of the head.

The original Pax had been on the slender side.

This time she had gone for more flesh

Dylan supposed her feet were beautiful. He really wasn’t a foot man. But the shapely legs and full hips that led of to her 46 D bosom were first class.

The internal dialogue lasted for a fractional second. But across Royal’s internal bus they communicated at a leisurely pace.

“I got a look at Dylan’s porno records” Pax said “He’s definitely a big breast man.”

“Well that was kind of cheating wasn’t it?” Rommie’s head asked.

“Kind of “ Pax admitted. “ I was hoping to discover I was his type.”

“But you vamped him pretty efficiently.” the Doyle head replied.

“I did at that. “ she admitted. ‘ Other than the breast fetish he is a pretty good match for my last captain.”

“Not a chance, Pax. ” Romy said. “Your tower of T and A will get Harper heated up."

“And that’s always good” Doyle said..

“Yes. And Dylan will look..”

“But he’s still carrying the torch for his fiancé.” They said together.

“I hadn’t noticed any avatar fetish in his profile.” Pax said.

Both heads flanking her laughed. “They didn’t measure that particular drive in the old Commonwealth” they said.

“Ok Maggie” Royal sent across her bus, “get ready for a head job.”
”We’re ready” the three of them harmonized.

“Just hold still Maggie” Harper said, “And I’ll transplant your head in a jiffy.”
Harper looked at his terminal “ Maggie’s body is at full standby.” He said. “Here we go.”

Pax’s head would maintain power in emergency sleep mode for days. But Harper didn’t want to take any chances. Her components were centuries old, self-repairing or not.

He released the skin at the base of her neck, then inserted a tool. There was a click.

Royal was immobile as only an android can be. Pax closed her eyes and stayed still for the trip.

In a moment he had attached Maggie’s head onto its now mount.

Her eyes popped open. She took an instant’s inventory and smiled.

“You’re the best, Harper.”

“Thanks Maggie” he said. Captain, if you could-“

“Oh yes” Dylan said, extending a hand to help Maggie off the slab ”Of course. “

“How does it fit?’ he asked?

She ran her hands along the sides of her nude form “ It should be perfect” she smiled “ care for a wet test?”

Dylan bit his lip. She definitely had the right stuff.
”Isn’t that Mr. Harpers privilege?”

“Don’t worry about that, boss” he said “ I’m still working on Royal.”

“You can use the little lab.”

Dylan knew he was stuck.

They retired to the little lab.

Up in Trance’s quarters Bekka handed over a credit.

“That will teach me to bet against you Goldie.” She said.

Trance smiled “You’ve seen Maggie’s body. There isn’t a human male that could turn her down.”

“Well there are some” Bekka said.

“Other than them” Trance laughed.

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