Strength through Libido

BY : Rocket_Jock
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“How was the booty?” asked Royal

Dylan looked up from a flexi ‘Excellent.”

“We’ve got 175 drones, six slip fighters – mint in crate-, several gross of force lances and side arms, a hyperdrive core, a replacement reaction drive, seven tons of robot parts and twenty five lancer pods,  er, So far. “

He turned to her “There’s more loot coming up.”

“A great haul.” she said.  “Andromeda will love the new core.”

Royal smiled. Seven tons of robot parts included enough synthetic flesh and hair to build a platoon of avatars. There would be more than enough for her sisters.

Royal could function as an avatar. But her combined persona wanted more out of life.

She had already acted without Romy’s knowledge once.

New Rommie and new Doyle would restore Andromeda to her full potential.

“She and Harper are working on the lists now.”

In Harper's quarters, the engineer stretched out on his bunk. He was planning Andromeda’s next major maintenance item, the thousand hour rebuild of the slipstream core.

“Of course we could just install the new one.” She offered.

“I’d love that too, but there should be another million hours on your current core.”


Harper shrugged. He loved the ship as much as Royal and Rommie and Doyle.

He wanted to lavish maintenance on her. But parts weren’t always available.

“If we could get a Pantadrome going we could discard useful parts. Until then we’ve got to make do with what we’ve got.”

Harper was right of course. Rommie had just been making conversation.

“A tweak will do nicely Harper.” She replied. “As long as it’s you tweaking.”

Harper” she asked. “Now that you have the parts, how long do you think it will take to reconstruct Rommie and Doyle.”

“Assuming we don’t skip on your maintenance. “ he skimmed the schedule.

“The next two open days are in a standard week Rom Doll. Can you hold out that long?”

She wasn’t fond of the idea. And there was more than one way to skin a Harper.

She adopted a coy pose in the tank” Got a minute?”

He responded instantly “Absolutely.”

Fucking Andromeda’s avatars was one thing. But a session in her grid was incredible.

She didn’t ask often.

He ensured his body was safe, and inserted the plug into his neck.

There was a moment’s disorientation, like falling down the rabbit hole.

Then he perceived the cool green monochrome of Andromeda’s virtual self.

Among the stylized circuits and processors stood Andromeda.

To Harper’s perspective she was a giantess.  She loomed gloriously over him, beaming a smile directly into his mind.

He came instantly on seeing her then a dozen times in the next hour.

She reduced to his size. Then she multiplied herself by four.

They set upon Harper like women fresh out of basic training.

When he pulled the plug he returned to reality.

Trance was riding the hard on he inevitably got during these sessions.

She smiled “Welcome back” she puffed” Romy and I were having a three way with you."

What could he do but whoop?

Trance always felt just right, like she had been custom formed around him.

And she was uniquely beautiful.

That had been true when she was purple. It was doubly so now.

Her aurioles gleamed metallic gold. So did her nails.

She didn’t have a navel, but the chakra there and the sun tattoo on her shoulder also emitted a diffuse golden light.

She loved sex and really knew how to do it right.

After a shower he informed Dylan that Royal and he would be building a new Romy and Doyle before the rest of the maintenance.

Andromeda felt no guilt. Part of her mission was to maintain her physical integrity.

Dylan would have been surprised to discover she had tweaked her maintenance with his former engineering chief during the First Commonwealth.

Besides, she giggle to herself, Grid Sex with the Harper was great.


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