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Andromeda was in perfect condition.

A few weeks in perhaps the only remaining operational commonwealth Sky Dock had brought Andromeda up to factory fresh condition.

She carried a full complement of fighters, missiles, and – after much worrying by Dylan – a full rack of Nova Bombs.

For the first time in centuries, Andromeda had a full crew. Hundreds of fembots in New Commonwealth black latex moved through her passages. They were all networked in with Ship Rommy.

The robots were a gift from the Android Primax. 

She had chosen an assortment of a dozen fembot chassis. 

Her initial impulse was to provide five thousand Pandora models. Harper had seemed to favor that model.

But she bowed to Ship Rommy’s expertise in human husbandry.

They were all distractingly beautiful to Dylan. He considered that a bonus on top of the commonwealth military discipline the robot girls displayed toward him.

Trance, Maggie, Rommy, Doyle, and Royal had been granted the rank of Commander.

Dylan was referred to as Admiral or Commodore Admiral though he would never surrender his Captain’s relationship with Ship Rommy.

The girls also filled out Dylan’s Lancer regiments. It was said body sculptors were the model for them

Dylan admired their muscles. They were like the girls on his mother’s homeworld.

The crew had been programmed for her care directly from original High Guard archives.

On the bridge holo Rommy ran her hands along her sides and made a yummy sound.

“I love the attention of a thousand women.” she said.

“I’m jealous.” Harper said, “ I couldn’t get with more than four.”

“If you could get one.” Becca said.

"He doesn’t need other women, “Trance smiled, because his ass belongs to us.”

“Yes”, Royal piped in, “Why bother with random meat?”

It was a good question. The fembots were programmed to respond favorably to Harper when off duty. Not that he needed them.

He had thought he was getting as much action as a man could get before the droid legion arrived.  Now the opportunities were continuous.

He elected to confine his sexual activities to Bekka, Trance, and his regular robot girls.

He suspected Trance was jealous. And he didn’t care to risk it .

A day out of the Droid World Dylan supplied navigator Robyn 46 with a destination.


Tucker was a name that kept appearing.

Tucker tools and vehicles were sought after for quality and style.

“Just the kind of world we need in the Commonwealth.” Dylan had said.

“How can we make it happen?”

Research revealed Tucker to be near ideal for Human habitation.

A billion Tuckerites were divided between a half dozen nations.

They cooperated on some matters like extraplanetary trade.

The most influential of these tribes was the Borean State.

“We didn’t encounter a lot of balkanization in the old days. ”Dylan said.

“If we pick one the others might feel slighted.”

“If we hit them all it looks like we’re up to something too.”

“Aren’t we?” Harper said.

‘Well Yes”, Dylan said “But we don’t want them to worry about it.”

“Here’s something.” Harper said “The Borean state uses some commonwealth imagery in their banner. “

“And they’re contenders for strongest nation.”

We’ll pay them a visit. “ Dylan said.

They had approached Tucker without incident.

Dylan had been concerned that some of the balkanized tribes would open hostilities, but he was relieved to see they had an International Space Authority.

“Commonwealth Starship andromeda requests permission to establish orbit around and send a landing party to the surface of Tucker.”

“Agreed on orbit Andromeda” the pleasant mature lady on the screen replied, “What is your purpose on the surface?”

“We wish to establish friendly relations with all the nations of Tucker.”

“Your request is tentatively approved barring dangerous results of a bio scan. “

they achieved orbit and a modest shuttle came over from the space port.

A robotic bio scanner rolled out, sampled the air and requested a drop of blood from two persons. A moment later they were approved and the little bot withdrew.”

They took the Maru down.

In her hold was a groundcar built for the occasion.

Maggie guided the Limo down Maru’s ramp.

Tucker had stabilized at an industrial level of technology.

They hadn’t degenerated to hydrocarbon burning, but they had automobiles.

Their economy was driven largely by the use and production of automobiles.

Most of them were functional shapes. But there were elaborate custom vehicles ranging from shark like 2 seaters to gleaming bulgemobiles.

All of them were powered by a combination of fuel cells and capacitors.

Harper said it reminded him of a Lincoln Continental.

It was slab sided. It looked massive. It mounted what Harper referred to as “suicide doors”, and it had dark tinted windows.

 Inside it was upholstered with black leather. Romy and Doyle flanked Dylan in the back seat.

Lancers – Cory 36 and Heather 50 - occupied the bucket seats facing them.

They were upholstered in standard New Commonwealth black satin.

Harper rode shotgun next to Maggie. As she drove he admired his handiwork.

She had a spray on driver’s uniform that covered almost all of her synthetic flesh.

It appeared to be a traditional material and style, but it fit like a second skin.

He loved the way it looked on her.

In the back, Dylan was getting a briefing.

On the screen between the lancers Holo Romy continued.

“In the absence of external contact, society on Tucker has degenerated into a contest to see who can acquire the most money.”

The screen shifted from Romy to an attractive paper currency. “They call these credits.”

“A crude estimate of their value is about 120 Stellars, based on the averaged cost of raw materials here and in the galaxy.”

“Harper has taken the liberty of printing several hundreds of millions in small credit notes.” Romy said “But we can’t just appear with them.”

We’re going into the custom car business” Dylan said. “Commonwealth technology can produce the bulge mobile of their hearts desire. And we’re going to start by comping the local Chairman a car like this one.”

“And then we can launder in the Harper Notes.” Doyle said.

“Our objective” Dylan said ” is to economically entangle Tucker. We need their industrial potential.”

Presently they arrived at the Capitol.

It was a slab sided, mirror faced block.

They were waved through the gate.

In front of the Capitol entrance waited a crowd of guards, bureaucrats, and reporters.

They pulled up to the group and the doors opened.

Cory and Heather got out first.  Every eye was on them..

Then heads turned to follow Romy and Doyle.

Dylan got out. He was splendid in his white Admiral’s formal uniform.

The local Chairman, dressed in tailored gray wool traditional suit, met Dylan halfway down the red carpet. He extended a hand.

“Welcome to Tucker.” he said. ” I’m Harry Carry.”

“Dylan Hunt” he said, “ pleased to meet you, sir.”

Harper smiled.

Through the darkened glass Harper could see how distracted the locals were.

It was never if they hadn’t ever seen perfect females in skintight Latex.

Maggie said as much.

“They probably haven’t” Harper said.

 “I think females are oppressed here.”

“Agreed” Maggie said. “Most local broadcasts are portraying ancient female specific roles. But they are legally equal to the men.”

“Well” Harper said” If any of these guys get out of line, we’ll give them to Royal.”

“Naughty girl” Harper smiled.

“Say” he added” what’s going on outside?”

“Well” Maggie said, “I’ve got audio from Romy. Its pleasantries and setting a time to meet in private.”

“I think they’re about finished.” she added.

Dylan was surprised that there wasn’t more publicity.

 There were some reporters, though, and that was a start.

The chairman was pleasant enough in the greasy politician manner. He smiled and shook hands and spoke of his admiration for the Commonwealth. But nothing useful would happen at that meeting.

He ended by setting up a probably closed door meeting at the Capitol building in two days. Dylan accepted.

He did extend the offer of local accommodations, but Dylan begged off, just asking for a parking place at the spaceport.

As they rode back to the spaceport he explained the situation.

“they sound like pretty typical rich assholes” Harper said. “There will be a lot of people afraid of losing money to us.”

“Can’t make an omlette without breaking some eggs.” He said. “But we’ll cover whoever we can.”

Eventually they rolled back up the ramp into he Maru.

“You guys secure?” asked Bekka from the bridge.

“Secure” answered Maggie.”

‘You may proceed.” Said Bekka’ There are about thirty minutes.”

‘Thank you” she replied.

“What’s going on? Dylan asked.

“Well” Romy said, sliding closer to to Dylan on the back bench seat, ”Mister Harper says vehicles like this were used for sexual encounters.”

Corey and Heather took one another’s hands and started a sexually oriented mental embrace. They could feel as much pleasure as the others without requiring quite as much space as human intercourse.

“Yes” Maggie said, moving over next to Harper.” Literature is full of references to sex inside one of these machines.” She pressed herself close to Harper and added” and here we are.”

As Maggie started kissing Harper deep and hard, Romy started the same with Dylan. As Doyle started releasing fasteners on Dylan’s tunic repeated. “And here we are.”


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