Strength through Libido

BY : Rocket_Jock
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“It seems that some Tuckerites don’t like us” Andromeda said.

“There’s a crazy broadcasting that they should open fire on us without warning.”

“Idiot” Dylan said” What’s his problem?”

Holo Romy shrugged. “My psych unit can’t narrow it down to one cause.”

“But here he is.”

The screen resolved into a grainy image punctuated with scanning lines.

“Television” Harper smiled. “It’s a vertical scan Farnsworth system.”

Much as it revolted him, Dylan concentrated on the broadcast.

It was a chair circle format with the MC behind a modest desk.

One of the guests seemed quite agitated

“Did you see the Amazons they had guarding their Admiral.”

“Women Soldiers?”

“Yes,” he said. “If you look at the tapes you can see that they’re hormone enhanced.”

Dylan smiled “ He doesn’t know the half of it.”

Becca adopted an insulted expression. “ Hormones?”

“I think he means Cory and Heather.” Royal offered.

“They’re not just here to tax us.” He sputtered. “ They want to shoot up our girls with soldier serum.”

“Why would they do that?”

“Soldiers” he said. ”He wants to use our daughters for cannon fodder.”

“Enough” Dylan said

Romy cut the feed. “Isn’t he friendly.”
Dylan shook his head. “ I think he’s parroting lines. “
”Maybe we should find out.” Trance said.

I think he protests too much about the muscle girls.” She smiled

“You may have something there” Dylan said. “But this is one channel of twenty.”

Rommy nodded. ” Comm analysis so far indicates that this is a minority position.”

“But” Royal interjected “ We don’t know if they really have an open media.”

“Well”, Trance said” Why don’t we ask someone?”

“We could send down a company of fembots with instructions to be friendly.”

Dylan smiled. He had learned to appreciate female muscle on his mother’s homeworld

 “ They could spread a lot of good will.” Trance said.

“We need more information. “ Dylan continued. “Their transmissions for the next few hours should give us trends.”

“I’m on it Captain” ship Romy said.

There seems to be a system of back stage manipulation in their media.” Romy reported.

When you lay our their whole grid you can track the flow of energy -currency-  between the manipulators and the mouthpieces.”

Dylan shook his head. This could happen on isolated planets.

Some small group got a financial advantage and was able to make it permanent.

They could get pretty nasty trying to prolong their supremacy.

“We’ll want to turn this system on itself.” Royal said. “By using local financial leverage we will take over part of their apparatus.;”

We’ve already got a start with the Chairman.” Dylan said.

“He really liked Maggie.” Royal added.

“Can I Vamp Him? “She asked

“We’ll engineer an encounter.” avatar Romy said.

"What about the rest of Tucker?” Dylan said “ Who likes us?”

“We’re tops with kids, history buffs, tech geeks and amateur radio operators.”

“HAMS?” asked Harper.

“They’ve been called that.” Romy said” I’ve had some nice exchanges with a couple hundred of them around the world.”

“Organized labor is cautious. They like us for the important position that Labor occupied in the Commonwealth. And they fear us for the people who might lose their jobs to new technology.”

‘We’ll have to be careful about that.” Dylan said.

Commonwealth economic policy was to cover individuals displaced by new technology immediately. It would be so here.

“Well,” Andromeda said, “ we will be able to incorporate a number of locals into our own industries.”

That was standard procedure.

“And so long as our cash is accepted we can find something for the others to do.”

“Excellent.” He said. “We’ll use the ancient formula.”

“A full stomach and peace.” intoned ship Romy.

A map appeared on the main screen. Several sectors of a city were outlined in red.

“It looks like they’ve institutionalized the poverty here. These areas are seriously inferior to the others in terms of services and QOL issues.”

“We should get something started here.”

“In these cases victims of targeted poverty are tapped out by lenders.” Said Royal

“We’ll delouse them.” Dylan said, ”Deploy a package of small banks and lenders “.

 Trance and Harper take that one.”

“Do they have a legal sex industry?” Royal asked.

“Looking for extra cash?”  Harper smiled

“They should be so lucky.” Royal said. “But I was thinking we could deploy some Lancers within it.”

“Under Cover?” asked Dylan.

“Sometimes.” Royal smiled.

"You work out the details, Royal. For now, I think Maggie has a date with the Chairman."

Maggie's Lancer Recon pod descended undetected through the Tuckerite atmosphere. It settled onto the roof of the Capitol.

Maggie disembarked and set the iso luminescent camoflauge. It would be invisible to anyone more than a few feet away.

the roof access doors were child's play.

As she penetrated the building she smiled. their security wasn't set up to deal with a threat from above.

it was tragic, she thought, that these fallen worlds stopped looking at the sky.

All that was about to change.

Maggie slipped into his office. Security measures had been limited to a Farnsworth camera and infra red detectos. She disabled them both, settign the former to broadcast a looped version of its last image.

the office was richly furnished in a baroque style.

Behind a massive polihshed wood desk was a shiny blue reptile leather chair.

Sho settled in it and waited.

The chairma's motions indicated he would be there possibly within the hour.


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