Strength through Libido

BY : Rocket_Jock
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Harper snuggled closer to his mattress.

Royal bent over the sleeping engineer and examined his bedding.

It looked lumpier than commonwealth issue.

Close examination revealed it to be a field of breasts.

Harper woke.

“Royal” he smiled. “Good Morning.”

Good morning Harper.’ She said.” You have an interesting mattress.”

“Yes” Harper said groggily” It’s good for my back.”

“Ah” Royal smiled “Orthopedic.”

Royal poked at one of the fleshy mounds of the mattress, then leaned forward.

Doyle’s face nibbled at a nipple.

“Mmm” Rommie’s head said “Remarkably lifelike”.

 “Did you make this?”

 “ I’d be proud if I had,” he confessed, “ but it came from Brazil Drift.”

Royal sat on the mattress. Her faces looked at each other.

That is comfy.” she said.” Would you like to craft some new breasts?”

Harper strained to focus on Royal’s bosom ‘Are you damaged?”

“No, we’re good. I was thinking about Rommie and Doyle.”

“Are they damaged”?

No, she laid a hand on Harper’s chest. “They’re ok too.”

“But they want a little body work.”

“So why don’t they ask me?” Harper said.

“Well” Royal said, “They are.”

“True. So they want new boobs?”

“Yes, to be added below the original equipment.”

Harper looked over Royal’s chest.  She purred as he ran a hand across it.”

“ How many?”

 “Doyle wants one additional pair.”

“Rommie wants four more in two extra rows

“I’ll do or die, ladies.” he said. “But I got to ask why?”

“In a month we’ll be at Mamoulian. Their culture features a strong breast fetish.”

“My sisters will be the centers of attention with extra tits.”

“I ran a social simulation.” rang Andromeda’s voice. “Some scenarios have them

ruling the planet in a year.”

Her accent lights came on, illumination Harper’s erection.

“He’s ready ladies.”

Royal rolled into the sack on top of Harper. “He’s always ready.” they said.

“I wouldn’t argue with you” he said, “but I’m beginning to wonder if the hard on comes from your spotlight or the spotlight finds the hard on.”

“Yes” Holo Rommy replied.

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