Strength through Libido

BY : Rocket_Jock
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Royal didn’t really fit into any of her old avatars uniforms.

Top or bottom didn’t fit. And they were all short a neck hole.

Harper was measuring her for uniform production when she had the idea.

It wouldn’t be useful for dressing people.

Latex spray was hot enough to cause a human discomfort.

But it opened a galaxy of possibilities for Royal and the avatars.

“Let’s try a dark blue catsuit today.” Royal said

“Turtlenecks? “ asked Harper.

“Turtlenecks and a center port they said.”

“Nice touch” Harper smiled. “

He entered a few more commands then said” Spray in 5 seconds.”

Royal stood android still.

A dozen delicate robot limbs extended from the arch around her and began to apply latex.

As usual she came out perfect.

Matching boots and gauntlets completed the ensemble.

Royal rolled the cotton of Harper’s shirt between her fingers.

“We’ve got to adapt the machine for Human use” she said.

“These bags hide all the goodies.”

“They do darlin’.” Harper admitted. “But Andromeda takes most of my time.”

Royal scratched his fly with a gloved finger “ And we take the rest” she said.

Royal filed the sprayed Human concept for further consideration.

Satisfied with her appearance she sought out Trance.

“What do you think, Captain?” asked Trance.

In a single rank before their captain stood the robot girls of the Andromeda.

Trance had designed the new uniforms.

They were skin-tight black latex with red piping. Miniature Commonwealth emblems in synthetic sapphire gleamed at their collars.

“We’ve been winning with sexy.”

He was getting massively turned on again. He elected to make it fast.

“Magnificent” he said.

“And how about this one?” asked Bekka’s voice from behind him.

“Harper sprayed the other Girls. Trance and I have to resort to tailoring.”

“I can’t argue with the results. “ Dylan said.

“They’re all fantastic.” he continued. “Consider Commonwealth Black to be official uniform.”



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