Strength through Libido

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Dylan was splendid in Full Dress Uniform.

He had been reluctant to promote himself.

But Bekka had pointed out quite correctly that he was the Admiral of the fleet.

And Andromeda was quite proud of being flagship.

On each arm were escorts that had had flash bulbs popping .

Rommie wore skintight green latex with portholes over all three front cleavages.

Doyle sported blue latex with one port showing a massive four way cleavage

Breasts ruled on Mamoulian.

They were everywhere in art and architecture.

The assembly met under the Double Domes.

One of their official advisors was selected for having the finest mamms in the land.

Until the moment Mamoulian got a look at Rommie and Doyle’s unique racks the paradyne had been “the bigger the better.”

“Tonight” Royal, said, ‘We’ve run video advertisements for our clinic.”

“They’ll figure out how to add extra tits now that they know it can be done.”

“Before they get operational Trance should have raked in five billion stellars.”

"Trance and her assistants “ corrected Trance. “Mister Harper and Miss Valentine.”

“I think you could use some breasts Harper.”  Trance said. “I can hook you up.”

Harper shook his head. “No thanks Trance, I’ll get mine on the side.”

Trance smiled.” Maybe later.”

Bekka and Harper brought up passengers in the Maru six at a time.

They were the crème of Mamoulian Society,

“The richest have crowded to the front of the line.” Royal said,  “Our target customers.”

They ranged in age from 22 to 48. Many of them sported impressive bosoms.

But they had paid ten million a head for additional boobs.

“No ma’am” Trance said to one” they’re not implants.”

Trance showed her a green glass jar full of the latest hormone cream.

“I’ll massage this into the site of the new breast. She said.

“How long will it take?” They all asked that.

“You’ll have them in minutes.” Trance Said.

She had them strip to the waist and recline on her Freud couch.

She confirmed that each had consumed a liter of specialized nutrients on the way up.

It was to bolster the new breast’s growth.

Trance carefully sized up the client then rubbed in her special ointment.

The areas reddened as aureole formed then began to swell.

Clients reported that it felt odd, but not painful.

In a few minutes Trance was caressing a new pair of breasts, using small amounts of cream to tweak the breast’s final size.

She told them not to slouch and sent them to the Maru.

Within an hour the Commonwealth made 60 million stellars.

“We won’t have to pay for further advertising” Royal said. “We have the interviews of Dylan, Rommie, and Doyle. Given the appearance of your customers, we’ll get full exposure.”

“Maru away.” Bekka reported

Dylan’s heart pounded at the sight of the Maxi Mamm.

She was almost a fourth branch of government.

She had a daily talk show plus electronic and print columns.

Many households kept a photo of her in their sitting rooms.

She wore six inch heels on black knee boots and a pair of black elbow length gloves.

Painted across her body was a gleaming black fabric mini rather like elastic silk.

She was just short of six feet tall and 48 inches in a DD cup.

Conversations stopped when she arrived.

“Hi everybody” she said “Who does a girl have to grope around here to get a drink?”

Harper, Dylan and Bekka answered at the same time.”

“A hip crowd.” she said, turning to Bekka “Surprise me.”

“That sounds like a plan. “she smiled, passing over a fruitbat.

Maxi was the center of attention.

After an hour she got to it.

“I’m ready to Double my Domes.” she said, “Let’s get started,”

“Well” Trance said, looking over her breasts, ‘We can duplicate them.”

“May I “ she asked then ran her hands along Maxi’s back

“Your knockers are already putting a strain on your back.”

She confessed to occasional aches.”

“It’s the price.”, she said.

“We’ll need to plate on some extra muscle there too.” Trance said.

“It won’t make me look chunky will it?” She asked.

“No” Trance said. “Here are some images of the last girl I reinforced.”

“That’s Dyana Domes.” Maxi said.

Trance shifted the image to several views of the same woman with four breasts.

“She’s double domed now.” Trance said. “Note the back and angle views “.

“She looks tightened up”

“That’s been a popular option.”

“Let’s do it.” she said.

Maxi had consumed her dose of nutrients. So Trance got right to work.

From the taut muscle of her abdomen rose a new pair of Grand Tetons.

Trance was visibly getting into the massage.

“Aww. ”she finally said” I’m finished.”

She stood. “Maxi, your new knockers are ready.”

She gaped at herself in the mirror.

“Incredible” she said. “ I can feel the new muscles working too.”

“Glad to be of service” Trance said.

Bekka had been against comping the Maxi’s augmentation.

“She’s already got monster knockers” Bekka said, “She’ll be all right.”

“And besides” she said, “She can afford it.”

“I want to purchase her loyalty.” Dylan said.

“We help her into the age of mammary multiplication at the top and

she’ll help us sell the Commonwealth."

“Yeah” Bekka had agreed “ I guess you’re right.”

“I was thinking about the million credits we won’t collect.”

But she had been exchanging glances with the Maxi Maam all evening.

“On Mamoulian, romantic encounters between women are considered acceptable.”

“It’s inevitable” Trance had added” In the face of universal breast worship.”

Trance knew first hand that Beckka had some experience in this field.

“You may have to take one for the team.”

“I’ll give one for the team”

“She might go for a strap on.” Trance observed.

She produced a large white capsule.

“A Horse Pill?”

“No, Bekka. Before you get started, place this capsule inside your snatch."


“A Harperism.”

Harper possessed an amazing Vulgar dialect of standard English.

Bekka and Maxi were in the large medical Hot Tub.

It had a capacity of six adults, so they had room.

Bekka was in front of Maxxi, resting her head in the center of her new double cleavage. Maxi expertly caressed Bekka under water.

“Mmm “ Bekka said” you’ve done this before.”

Her breasts were tingling overtime. And she was getting some action south of the border.

“Yes, Bekka.”

Maxxi’s hands did something that caused Bekka to instantly orgasm. She hadn’t ever felt anything similar from man, woman, or other.

Maxi’s surprised expression followed by a smile. “You’ve been holding out on me.” she said.

 “Have I?” Bekka blurrily replied.

“It is her first dick.” sounded a familiar voice from the door way “ There’s nothing quite like it.”

Maxxi turned, continuing to work Bekka under water, It looked like a slightly older version of Bekka in a black flight suit.

Bekka (2) closed the door behind her.

She looked at Bekka(1) in the water and smiled. “That was great Maxxi.”

“Bekka” she called “ Say hello.”

Maxxi let go. Bekka(1) focued on Bekka (2) . She had seen her before.

It was her future self.

They had met before. She showed signs of some hard use, an eye patch and a cyberprothstetic. But she made it work.

“Hello Bekka” she said. “ What brings you here?”

“You do, dick girl” she said. “I had to see my own face.”

“Dick girl?” she asked I don’t-“ She looked and felt underwater.

She gasped and stood up.

In her hand was 8 inches of circumcised penis. It rose from the site of her clitoris.

“Wow” said’ Maxi. “That’s a great dick”.

“Trance”. said Bekka(2)

“Bekka?” she asked , sliding nearer Bekka(1) in the water ‘explain it to Bekka while I check this out.”

At close examination it was apparent that Bekka had become a hermaphrodite.

She still had a standard vagina.

She got to work on Bekka's cock, starting with a single priming stoke.

In her mouth it felt as full and firm as any “ natural” crank she had ever so “handled”.

Bekka(2) smiled at the memory of Maxxi”s attention. She hoped to get some more of it.

But her earlier self needed to know something.

“That capsule you vagged was the raw material for your new crank.”

“It’s an advanced prosthetic wired to your clit at its base."

“It will work normally until you next sleep."

Then you’ll reabsorb it.

Bekka(2) knew how little attention Bekka(1) was paying.

But she would have expected the whole truth from herself.

“Sleep” Bekka (1) said, totally distracted by the world class blow job being applied by Maxxi. “Not now.”

“You bet our ass it’s not” Bekka(2) replied.” I’ll join you in a minute.”

“Yeah” blurrily replied Bekka(1).

Bekka(2) smiled. Men learned to deal with the massive sensitivity of their cranks over a lifetime. She had been using vag caps for a decade and she still found it hard to focus on anything but the pleasure of the blow job in front of her.

Bekka(2) destatted her tunic.

As she slipped it off she remembered her purpose.

This encounter with Maxxi was important.

The Commonwealth surged ahead on the cash it made from breast multiplication and vag caps on Mamoulian. Without that cash matter might not have gone so well.

She wanted to make sure.

And the memory of this encounter was so sweet that she just had to have another taste.

After an hour Bekka2 ‘s vag cap had deployed.

While Maxi was visiting the ladies room, Beeca2 snuggled up to Becca1.

As the came into contact she slid her dick along Becca1’s dick.

The younger Bekka moaned with pleasure.

Bekka2 smiled. “Bet you didn’t think you’d ever cross swords with another girl.”

Becca1 ran her hand along the curving line of her own stiffie “ I never thought I would have a sword to cross."

Maxxi retuned

“Oh I needed that” she said. “Now where were we?”

Maxxi assumed the doggie position. She took Bekka1s dick into her mouth as Bekka2 entered her from behind

Becca1 was totally absorbed by the blow job. Bekka2 smiled and said “Classic”.

“MMmm” Maxi said, releasing Bekka1’s dick for a moment ”We should be recording”

Maxxi went back to work on Becca1 as Rommies disembodied voice said “I’ve recorded it all, Maxxi.”

“I’ll prepare a crystal. In Mamoulian format”





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