Strength through Libido

BY : Rocket_Jock
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Banjack was on Harper’s “sites of interest” list.

A manuscript copy of a commonwealth installation guide listed it as a ship parts cache.

Dylan approached carefully.

From a system away Bekka had flown a quick reconnaissance.

The parts were there.

Long-range imagery indicated the hardened bunker was under several feet of earth.

Remote sensing indicated there were advanced alloys and radioactive metals inside.

The natives were living on the late steam tech level.

Someone was missing “Where’s Royal?” Dylan asked.

“Well” Harper said.

“Um” Becca continued, “She took down the Maru.”

“You sent Royal?” Dylan asked. “What if she’s seen?”

“I didn’t send her. She informed me.”

“Romy”, Dylan asked, “did you know?”

I found out when Becca did. “ Holo Romy shrugged in her screen.

Dylan was horrified., but maintained his cool.

“What’s she going to do?”

"A recon of the area” Romy reported.

Dylan shook his head. She was going to be noticed.

‘What if she’s seen?” He said

“She’ll be the hottest thing on the planet.” Trance offered.

“I’m getting a message from Royal”, Romy said

Royal streamed a digital summary of her situation to her sister in orbit.

She held a katana in each hand. She was surrounded.

“Kill the monster!” yelled a native.    

Both faces reacted to the insult “Monster?” they asked together.

“Have you looked in the mirror lately?”

The speaker wasn’t accustomed to blowback from women. He charged.

Royal didn’t have any more trouble with killing than her ship counterpart.

The leader approached Romy’s side, one of his lieutenants bored in on Doyle’s.

Royal focused on both,.

Doyle disemboweled the lieutenant. Romy’s side decapitated the leader with its first stroke.

They turned, noting that the rank and file didn’t look so eager as their leaders.

Royal sheathed her swords.

“This fight is over. “ she said.

One of them found his tongue. “Err, yes., ma’am – singular?”

Royal smiled. “Yes, we are one. “
”We’re in the local guard and Harry –“he indicated the corpse- “said there was a monster in the woods.”

“Did you find one?” they asked

“No?” It was a question

“Right” said Royal, turning her profile to the man.

Royal could already see the stirrings of an erection.

They resolved across their interior net to thank Harper for the shape.

This poor slob was totally worked up when he got there. Add the sight of that composite body and he would be susceptible to suggestion.

She took a step toward him.

“Why don’t you have your men see to Harry and Tom?” Royal offered.

“We can discuss my mission.”

The men seemed content to put some space between them and the odd creature.

When the others had disappeared Royal put her arm around about his shoulder.

Terry was terrified and turned on at the same time.

The creature next to him was two pretty faces and one great body.

Yet it- they- she?- had cut down Harry and Tom like recruits. He had little enough affection for the fallen non-coms. But they had been reasonably skilled fighters.

He had drawn their attention by speaking.

Now Terry wondered what the cost of that might be.

“Terry” Royal said, Rommie’s face “ we need your help.”

“How do you mean?”

“We’re from a Warship. ”Rommie said.

“We need parts. And you have them.”

Terry felt fear. He knew nothing of ship parts and said so.

“Not your kind of ship, Terry, a Space Ship” they said, “A Commonwealth cruiser.”

“Commonwealth? Like my grandfather’s stories.”


“We don’t have anything like that” he said, “Honest”

He was telling the truth. Royals hand had thermocouples and electrodes that

let it double as a lie detector.

“Actually you do.” Doyle smiled “You just don’t know it.”

“What my better half is trying to say” Rommie’s head said “ Is that there is a

Commonwealth weapons cache buried near your village.

“We’d like to hire some labor to dig it out.” Doyle completed.

“So what do you think ?” they said together.

“It is the slow season.” he said. “You could get some miners,”

“Well maybe not you.”

“Why not me?” they said together.

“Your, er configuration, maam.”

“The others did freak” Rommies head laughed.

“We need someone to tell them what a fun girl we are” Doyle said.

“And its you” they both smiled.

It never occurred to Terry to resist her advance.

The next day he spoke before the village council, recommending that Royal’s offer

be seriously considered.

Dylan and Royal stood on the hilltop looking into the recently excavated pit.

Animal drawn carts pulled loads of standard Commonwealth containers toward the Maru.

It was the ship’s third trip for parts. And there would be a dozen more.

It had been a rich cache.

“Next trip” Royal said “ we’ll need to deploy some lifters from the ship."

“How did you get their cooperation?” Dylan asked

“I sweet talked them.” she said in unison “Appealed to their reason.”

“There was some loose talk in the village.”

Both faces assumed expressions of mock shock.

“Isn’t gossip a dirty habit” said Romme’s head.”

“Yes” Doyle’s agreed “Who would suggest such a thing?”

They both looked at Dylan.

He raised his hands in surrender

“That’s more like it” they said.

Internally they evaluated the chances of an encounter with Dylan.

He was a fine figure of a man, so it had to happen eventually.

He had enjoyed some quality time with Romy, Doyle, and even Maggie, so Royal’s biomechanical nature wasn’t the problem.

Royal agreed internally that he was still carrying the torch for his fiancé.

Eventually it would burn out.

And then Royal would show him something new.




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