Strength through Libido

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The Droid World was on Harper’s list.

But they hadn’t ever been close enough to investigate.

Dylan was surprised to see a number of his telemetry devices come to life.

Andromeda reported that she was in communication with machines at an operational Commonwealth repair base.

It didn’t seem likely until more information came in.

The Entire world was populated by Androids.

And they still referred to it as Outpost 505.

“They seem to have maintained Commonwealth civilization.” Andromeda added.

When they orbited the planet a courier ship was quickly there to meet them.

The Droid World’s emissary stepped out of the lock.

Hugo was two meters tall and patterned on the male. He gave the effect of wearing a skintight shell of flexible chrome.

Trance was annoyed that there was no bulge of sexual apparatus.

“Permission to come aboard?” he asked

“Granted” said Dylan “Welcome to Andromeda.”

“I thank you” Hugo said.

He stepped up to Dylan and extended a Hand “Hugo 40” he said. “We are pleased to meet you.”

“We are happy to meet you as well.” Dylan replied, shaking the mechanical hand.

He hadn’t winced, but he did fear a hydraulic vice grip.  The droid had proved strong but didn’t seek to crush him.

“Long have we waited for communication with the Commonwealth.”

“I’m pleased to hear that Hugo.” Dylan said, “We can make up for lost time.”

“Yes.” Hugo said, “We will start with a parade.”

Dylan smiled. He didn’t expect that. “We’ll be happy to join your parade.”

“Excellent.” replied Hugo. “I’m sending landing coordinates. “

“Please be there in one hour.”

“We will. Will you ride down with us?” Dylan asked.

“No thank you.” He replied “I only have the ship for the next thirty minutes.”

“There’s no escape from red tape” Dylan recited the ancient rhyme.

“It is true “ Hugo replied. “I will meet you in one hour.”

Hugo turned and stepped back into the airlock.

Trance though the rear view was better than the front. His lean silver behind would also rate further investigation.

Trance had only enjoyed sex with female robots so far. This one would be interesting.

Becka, Royal, and Trance were minding the store.

Bekka trusted her robot sisters aboard the Andromeda. But other droids were suspect.

She was running combat simulations with simulated Tier against a simulated Droid threat.

They could scrap a mountain of droids and wreck their world. But the landing party hadn’t been recovered yet in a single sim.

Dylan would ride in the parade with Rommie, Harper, and Maggie.

The latter could function as another of Andromeda’s avatars in an emergency.

But she was strongly buffered.

Andromeda didn’t hold it against the fragment of her late sister, but she would never forget what a hash had once been made of Maggie’s deep logic.

Dylan wore his dress uniform.  Harper was in a trim gray “Nehru” jacket and fedora hat.

The girls were a bit more flamboyant.

Maggie, on Dylan’s arm, was dressed in a white micro dress with cleavage port and matching opera gloves.

Rommie, on Harper’s arm, flattered her lean figure with a close fit mini dress and knee length leather jacket.

On the way down, Dylan tried to learn everything he could.

“Andromeda has been sent some history files. I’ll hit the high points.” Rommy said.

“This was once a Commonwealth Deep Field repair base.” Rommy said. “It was equipped to repair fighters and small craft.”

“They were isolated during the war.”

“They were a mixed crew of Men, Women, and Droids.”

“But there were no children. In accordance with standard procedure their fertility had been neutralized for the duration of the mission.”

Dylan nodded “ And they wouldn’t have the antidote.”

“Yes” Rommie said, “Without the counter treatment they couldn’t reproduce sexually.”

It was obvious that eventually druids would bear the full responsibility of operating the base. So they started building new droids.”

“Eventually they were fully integrated into the little civilization of the Base."

"When the time the last of the human staff died an observer never would have known it. For there were several thousand industrious droids in the form of the human staff carried on business."

"With the passing centuries their code grew more sophisticated. Using the only model they knew, they spread across this world."

"They’ve developed a high level of civilization."

"And in many respects it looks like human civilization, right down to the existence of petty crime."

"They never did do children. So we won’t see any."

 "They did do sex. We will see a lot of it."

She brought up an image. It was a crowd of droid citizens at the Rodent Races.

Most of the human racial types were represented. And there was a smattering of others, ranging from silver skinned humans to compound eyes and a speaker grille on steel.

But they wore the same clothing and seemed to behave in a similar matter.

“Apparently when two droids merge their operating systems they can choose the form of the replacements. “

A row of androids appeared on the screen, ranging from common looking human to a polished chrome droid with a glowing slit for vision. "These are the most common types.”

Dylan thought some of the human analogs looked pretty convincing. Although none of them matched the bombshell on his arm.

He wouldn’t be interested in the mechanical looking models, though he guessed Harper would.

“They pulled themselves up by their electric bootstraps.” Harper said.

 “ Do we have the complete specs on them, Rommy?”

She smiled knowingly and said ‘Yes, they sent complete files.”

By the time the blue lawns of the Droid capital were visible they had a picture.

In many ways, right down to sex, this was similar to many human societies.

Andromeda had attributed it to the fact that their society had grown out of a human one.

They were interested in returning to the Commonwealth.

Dylan was always ready to admit another planet.

This one was particularly desirable. These droids were champing at the bit to lend their considerable industrial strength to the cause.

They were also hot to see what a real Commonwealth man could do sexually.

Dylan had actually blushed when the planet's mistress, beautiful humanoid droid Primax asked him directly. He wanted a Commonwealth, so he stepped up.

In front of a television audience of millions, performed the Vedran pleasure Kattas with Sabrina 42.

He convinced himself that it wasn’t really exhibitionism if they were machines.

Dylan set a ratings record.  The next night Royal exceeded it.

Nine tenths of the population of the Droid World was wired in.

Royal generated tremendous interest.

A feature length Docu Drama about her origin had been seen across the Droid World,

Shortly thereafter the Council had invited her to meet Sabrina 42 in the erotic arena.

Dylan was riding the bridge with Maggie and Trance.

The rest of the crew was at the Carnal Coliseum.

In the dressing rooms, Harper gave Royal a final check.

“You’re better every time I look” Harper said. “Have you had a man in?”

Both heads giggled. We’re self repairing.” she reminded him “And we keep the beautiful body you built us in good shape.”

Harper blushed, which brought more smiles from Royal

“Besides” Royal said, “With the attention you’ve been getting from the natives, I’m surprised you had time for me.”

Harper too was in demand. Some long days had gone in to individual check ups and consultations from local droids.

He was considered the ultimate second opinion.

Dylan had asked that he see as many as he could.

:I’d like to promote the opinion that Humans are useful to them.”

Royal and Sabrina got to it.

Harper actually winced at some of the geometries.

He shook his head. “ Her parts are centuries old”, he said. “I never tested for that.”

Dylan was supportive. “ She’ll make it Harper. Just think of the ratings.”

Harper made a non committal sound.

Dylan had of necessity become something of a bread head.

Good intentions went farther when backed with a mountain of cash.

It went on for two hours.

No human woman would have been able to endure the pace.

Some activities involved their transponders and sonar arrays.

Romy informed him from the ship that their cut of the evenings advertising revenue would be thirty million local credits.


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