Strength through Libido

BY : Rocket_Jock
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Harper had been in hog heaven since they arrived at the droid world.

He had scored three or four times a day with assorted female droids.

It was considered the height of rude behavior to refuse an offer of sexual coupling. And Dylan had put him on his best behavior

His regular robot girls were getting jealous. But they also were getting plenty of action from local droids.

He had enjoyed some serious variety.

There had been fantasy fucks with women made of polished chrome. There had been some achingly beautiful artificial women. This morning it had been Heather 122, a muscle girl whose chassis was originally designed to be a Commonwealth Marine.

Many of them had extra sonic transducers mounted in their vaginas that further amped up the experience. They could all modulate their body temperature for Harper’s pleasure.

Today was different. For today he was to meet Primax, mistress of the entire planet.

Harper was beside himself.

She was stunningly humanoid, built like a national monument, and had soft blue skin and 255 white hair.. Her eyes glowed in colors that reflected her mood.

“Warmest Greetings, Mister Harper” she said in a smooth upper class Commonwealth accent. “Let me welcome you to our world.”

With that she planted a kiss. Primax was running her lips 10 degrees hotter than Harpers. His response revealed it to have been a good setting.

The session with Primax started with a pleasant walking tour of her Command Post. They strolled arm in arm.

Harper suspected she was pumping pheromones as he had encountered that regularly. It seemed that all of the droids could do it, but there weren’t any humans to do it to. And they all seemed to like seeing its effect.

Harper didn’t mind. They hept him hard far beyond the endurance of  mortal men.

Besides, he would have need of that stiffie shortly.

He started with an examination.

She stripped her metallic robe to reveal a perfect android body.

Her proportions, it was said, were lifted from the Vedran Beauty database as absolutely ideal for a human female. She was satisfyingly round, but not oversized anywhere.

Her systems were in perfect condition. Harper was impressed with her processor. It was original Old Commonwealth gear, actually made on Tarn Vedra.

Her vagina had all the extras, and was in perfect working order.

Ah” she purred at the end of the exam, “ I’ll have my wet test, Seamus.”

It was an epic encounter. She put Seamus through the Vedran kattas, always making allowance for his personal mobility.

She enhanced the experience by plugging into harpers neck jack and mind fucking him in parallel.

When she finished him off for the eighth time he sank into a deeply satisfied sleep.

“Primax smiled. “I’ve still got it.” She said, and transmitted special android production orders.

Then she contacted Andromeda regarding a special request her new friend ship had made.

Harper woke up.

He was a little uncomfortable. Indeed he was standing.

He couldn’t move his hands. Check, he couldn’t move at all.

It was dark, and he got the feeling he was naked.

He started to speak, but there seemed to be something in his mouth.

The light snapped on.

There were Rommy, Doyle, Maggie, and Royal, all wearing shiny bustiers.

Hi Harper! The all cried in unison. Surprise!’

Royal pressed close, grinding her breasts into harpers nude chest. “Did you have a good time fucking your way across droid world?”

“He nodded yes and struggled an um hmm around what he realized was a ball gag.

‘Well” Romie said, ”we’re glad to hear it.”

But,” Doyle said, taking his erection in hand “You’re our slut now, mister.”

Royal went South, working a slow bicephelous blow job. Romy and Doyle worked his nipples, attaching steel clips to them as they did so.

And Maggie marathon kissed him around the ball gag.

On the bridge Dylan smiled at the image.

Andromeda had reserved several hours of the engineer’s time for what they called “ special maintenance.” Romy said they planned to overdrive his pleasure center.

While Harper experienced android bondage on the left side of the screen, the beautiful features of the Primax filled the right.

“That looks like fun.” She said. “Did you receive the package?”

“We did.” Dylan said. “I can’t adequately express my gratitude.”

“Just return often.” She said. “And please convey my file to Mr Harper.”
”I will” Dylan said. “And we will. Be well, Primax, until next time.”

Harper was now blindfolded and the girls each had their own Wartenberg wheel.

Apparently it was good to be the Harper.

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