Strength through Libido

BY : Rocket_Jock
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Harper knew he had been vamped.

But he had to admit he liked building women more than lubricating pumps.

His task was eased by the fact that he still had the specifications for both avatars.

Much time was saved by automating sub-assembly.

But he did the final assembly by hand. These droids had to be perfect.

When activation time came the whole family was there.

Two women were strapped to the activation slabs and covered with antistat sheets.

“The toss came up Romy, so we’re going to activate her first.”

“Ship Romy could take both at once, but we have plenty of time."

Harper flipped up the red hood on a toggle switch

“Activating Romy” he said as he flipped it.

New Romy’s eyes snapped open.

Harper was following her brain function his indicator.

She was downloading avatar Romy’s core programming from ship Romy.

“Loaded” he announced. Now she’s synching.”

“Harper” she said “ I’m alive”

And, she pushed up on her elbows “ and it’s been a while.”

She found the story in her new memory.

“You must be Royal” she said “ Pleased to meet you.”

It was all for the benefit of the humans of course. They had been electronically introduced during the synch up.

“We’re glad to meet you too sister.”

Then it was Doyle’s turn.

She came on line just as efficiently as her sister.

And once it was established that she was operational Ship Romy spoke up.

“You know what’s next Mr. Harper.”

Two Doyle voices and two Romy voices harmonized “Wet test.”

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