Hunting Humanity XI

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“You're seeing this, right?” Dean looked back and forth between Liam and his mother.


“Yeah, I see her,” Liam confirmed.


Dean stepped closer and reached out to touch her cautiously. She grabbed him and threw him down, putting her foot on his neck. “Where am I? Who the hell are you?” she demanded.


Liam stepped in and pulled her off, holding her arms behind her back while she struggled. “Please calm down,” Dean got up off the ground. “I'm Dean. Winchester. I'm your son.”


“No. My Dean is four years old,” she insisted.


“I was when you died.” She relaxed a little and something in her eyes suggested she was remembering something. “Let her go,” Dean said to Liam, who released her and stepped back. “Mom. Listen to me. Your name is Mary Sandra Campbell, okay? You were born December 5, 1954, to Samuel and Deanna Campbell. Your father, he bounced around a lot for, uh, work, and you bounced right along with him, and you ended up in Lawrence, Kansas.”


“How do you know all that?” she was still a little confused.


“Dad told me. March 23, 1972, you walked out of a movie theater, 'Slaughterhouse-Five'. You loved it, and you bumped into a big Marine and you knocked him flat on his ass. You were embarrassed, and he laughed it off, said you could make it up to him with a cup of coffee. So, you went to, uh, Mulroney's and you talked, and he was cute and he knew the words to every Zeppelin song, so when he asked you for your number, you gave it to him, even though you knew your dad would be pissed. That was the night that you met-”


“John Winchester.”


“August 19, 1975, you were married in Reno. Your idea. A few years later, I came along, then Sammy.”


“And then I burned. How long have I been gone?”


“Thirty three years.”


She moved toward him and placed a hand on his cheek. “Dean.” She smiled and pulled him into a hug. “Who is your friend?” she asked when she pulled back.


“Oh boy...” Dean sighed and looked at the ground. “Never thought I'd have to do this again.”


“Do what?” she was confused.


“Dean...” there was a warning in Liam's tone.


“Uh, Mom, this is Liam, my husband.”


“Your husband?” Mary gave Liam a strange look. “You're...?”


Dean ran his fingers through his hair. “Honestly, I don't know what I am. I won't lie. I thought I knew, I thought I was straight. It drives him crazy because he's always known what he is. But me, I loved women, and then I met him, and then everything turned upside down.”


“Oh,” Mary took it all in. “Are you happy?”


“Mostly, yes,” Dean answered. “As with any relationship, there are challenges, but he's been good for me.”


“What about Sam?”


“He married a very good woman named Natalie. I guess we all have Liam to thank for it, since we met her on his case.”


“His case?” Mary didn't like the sound of that.


“Yeah, uh, we're hunters, and we know your dad was too, so...”


“I just had this pesky little being a vampire problem,” Liam said like it wasn't a big deal. “Natalie's father had the spell to fix me.”


“You were a vampire, but you're not now?” Mary tried to let that sink in.


“He was,” Dean nodded. “You can check him for a pulse if you're worried about it. But yeah, your son fell in love with a vampire. Not a normal vampire, not a normal anything really.”


“Dean, I know this is all...” Liam was too tired to find the right words. “I need to at least sit down.”


“Right,” Dean nodded. “Let's go find a bench.”


They all sat down on the nearest bench, and while Liam quickly fell asleep, Dean talked to his mother until dawn trying to fill her in on everything she had missed. “How did he die?” Mary asked when Dean told her John was no longer with them.


“Killing the thing that killed you. Well, it's a bit complicated. Yellow Eyes possessed dad, and Liam had this demon killing blade that he inherited from another hunter he knew who tried to cure him. He did what Sammy and I wouldn't have been able to do, and he used that blade on dad, killing them both.”


“I see. And he was a hunter? And he raised you and Sam to...”


“Yeah, he did.”


“And you said we've met before, in heaven.”




“And I saw you when I was a ghost, which I don't remember either. And God's sister brought me back to life?”


“Pretty much. It's a lot. And I know it's a lot. And I'll explain everything. I will. But right now we need to get home, or the place we've been calling home anyway.” He gently shook Liam awake. “Come on, babe, let's get you something to eat, and then we gotta get back to Sam and Cas.”


Once they got to the nearest town the first thing they did was get Mary some clothes. Then they had breakfast and got a ride back to the bunker. “You live here?” Mary seemed impressed as they walked inside.


“Yeah, when we're involved in something and not on the road. It's an old Men of Letters bunker.”


“Men of Letters? They're a myth. An old hunter's story.”


“Not so much. We also live in Natalie's house when Sam wants to be with his family and we can.”


“Family? You said Sam had a wife, but you didn't say anything about...”


“Uh, yeah, you're a grandmother, three times over. Sam and Natalie have two sons and a daughter. Well, the middle one, Nathan, he's the product of a crazy... New duds look good,” Dean quickly changed the subject.


“Well, thanks. It's better than walking around in that nightgown the rest-” They all stopped when they saw smears of blood on the floor. “That's blood.”


“Very perceptive,” Liam mumbled.


Dean pulled out his gun and checked the immediate area. He saw an angel banishing sigil on the library wall and he grabbed a gun tucked under the table and handed it to Liam. “Watch her,” he said as he went to check the rest of the place out.


Mary moved to check out the library herself, and Liam followed her. “I think he meant for us to stay put.”


Mary was checking out the books when they heard someone enter. They both hid behind a pillar until the person came closer, and Liam jumped out with the gun drawn. He took a breath and lowered it when he saw it was Castiel. “Oh, it's you.”


Dean came into the library and Castiel was stunned to see him. “Dean!” he pulled his friend into a hug. “You're alive?”




“What about the bomb and the Darkness? What happened?”


“I'll tell you everything. Where is Sam?”


“He's not here.”


“Are you a hunter?” Mary asked Castiel.


Castiel shook his head. “No, I'm an angel.”


“Come again?”


“An angel, with a capital A. You know, wings, harp,” Dean tried to explain.


“No, I don't have a harp.”


“This is Castiel. Cas, this is Mary Winchester.”


“Your mother,” Castiel realized what was going on.


“Yeah. So, wait, uh, where is Sam? He's not answering his phone, there's blood on the floor. What's going on?”


“I don't know. We came back here, there was a woman waiting for us. She blasted me away. I don't know who she was. I don't know what happened to Sam.”


“I don't understand. What happened?” Mary asked.


Dean sighed. “Okay, well, the bunker's empty, so they've obviously left here. You said woman, not an angel, not a demon, a human.”


“She was human,” Castiel confirmed.


“When did this go down?” Dean asked as he headed over to his laptop on the table.


“It was 2:12 am.”


“Is that a computer?” Mary was a little wide eyed.


“Yes,” Castiel nodded. “I don't trust them.”


“Things have changed a lot in thirty years,” Liam commented. “I mean, they've changed a lot since the 1600's, but the last century or so, it's been hard to keep up.”


“Got something,” Dean said as he pulled up a video. “An SUV. ran a red light a few blocks from here at 2:21 am. And there wasn't another car for forty minutes.”


“How did you do that?” Mary was impressed.


“I hacked the traffic cams. Welcome to the future.”


“You think it's them?” Castiel asked.


Dean sighed. “It's worth a shot.”


“Nothing else to go on,” Liam said. “I think you two are gonna be the death of me.”


“You don't have to come with,” Dean looked a little worried.


“It's Sam, of course I do,” Liam argued as he headed toward the garage.


The Impala was sitting in the garage where they usually left it. Mary inhaled sharply when she saw it, and she moved to run her hand over the hood. “This was John's car. Oh, she's still beautiful.”


“Hell, yeah, she is,” Dean agreed.


“Hi, sweetheart. Remember me?”


“Okay, so being overly attached to a car runs in the family,” Liam sighed.


“Shut up,” Dean grumbled as his mother took a moment with the car, looking inside. Her eyes lingered on the backseat for a moment, and then she looked up at Dean and smiled. “Oh,” Dean was suddenly uncomfortable.


“I'm the one who sits back there,” Liam was looking a bit grossed out too.


“We should go,” Dean moved to get into the driver's seat.


They found the SUV. It was in a garage and a guy was working on it. “Jamie Ross?” Castiel approached him.


“Who's asking?” Jaime looked up.


“The blond woman that you drove yesterday, what was her name?”


“Blonde? Sorry, mate, you got the wrong-” Castiel head butted him hard.


“Cas!” Dean called out.


“That's an angel?” Mary mumbled to Dean.


“Blonde. Name. Now,” Castiel demanded.


“I don't know her name.”


“What do you know?”


The driver didn't seem to know much. They decided to stop for something to eat and to try to find something else to go on. Mary and Liam sat at a table at an outdoor cafe. Mary was watching the other people when Castiel brought a few cups of coffee over. “This must be difficult for you. I remember my first moments on Earth. It was jarring.”


“One word for it. I grew up with hunters. I've heard of people coming back from the dead before. But to actually do it after thirty years. A lot's changed. A lot.”


Dean came over to sit down. “Find anything?” Castiel asked.


“Yeah, ran the, uh, tail number that what's his face gave us. The plane that Evil Elsa flew in on has diplomatic registry.”


“Which means?” Mary was a little worried.


“Which means its flight plans are sealed unless you want to hack the State Department.”


“Haven't we done that before?” Liam asked.


“No, not even Sam is that good.”


Mary shook her head. “Who are these people?”


“Dead when we find them,” Liam mumbled.


“Dean...” Castiel drew his attention to a car driving down a road past a sign for a vet clinic.


“That guy said they took Sam to a vet,” Dean was on his feet quickly, and the others followed. When they caught up to the vet he was unloading things from the back of his SUV. Dean sneaked up behind him and pressed the barrel of a gun to the back of his neck. “Dr. Marion, how about you let us in?”


Dr. Marion led them inside his clinic where they questioned him about what happened. “So, you dug the bullet out of his leg, no questions asked?” Liam was leaning against the desk while he listened.


“She offered me a hundred grand.”


“And you took it,” Mary couldn't believe what she was hearing.


“Student loans were a bitch, okay?”


Castiel started to lunge at the man, but Dean pulled him back. “Cas! Don't hurt him. Not yet.”


“Alright, look, she didn't give me her name. When we were done the driver bailed, I got paid, and then some other chick shows up, and they all drive away.”


“And that's everything you know?” Mary asked him.




“Hurt him.”


Castiel wasted no time in grabbing the man by the throat. “I have her phone number!” he shouted quickly. “Okay? Look, I don't know where they are, but she called me a couple hours ago asking about the sedative I gave the guy. So I've got her phone number.”


Dean pulled the guy's phone from his pocket and handed it out. “Then why don't you give her a call for us.”


The guy nodded and started to dial. “Dr. Marion,” a British woman answered after a few rings.


“Yeah, I'm just calling, you know, to, uh, check on the patient.”


“Is everything all right, doctor?”


“Yeah, sure. Definitely.”


“I'm hanging up now.”


Dean quickly snatched the phone. “Listen, bitch. I don't care who you are, I don't care what you want. You have my brother.”


“Dean Winchester. I heard you were dead.”


“Well, you heard wrong. Now, I'm gonna give you one chance, just one, to hand Sam back.”


“Sorry. Not possible.”


“Oh, you think you can run from me? Try it. Because when I find you, and I will find you, if he is not in one piece, I will take you apart. You understand me?” The woman hung up, and Dean growled, snapping the phone in half.


“Okay, now what?” Liam asked.


“Well, we got her number. Let's head back to the bunker, and we'll put a trace on it,” Dean headed for the car.


They were driving back and going across an intersection when a silver SUV slammed into them. The side windows shattered and the car spun off the road. “Liam?” Dean looked to the blond in the passenger seat who was bleeding from the side of his head.


“I'm alive,” Liam answered. “My shoulder is now killing me, but I'll be okay.”


Dean turned his attention to the backseat where Mary was also bleeding and slumped over. “Mom?”


“She's unconscious, but there's no serious damage,” Castiel put him at ease.


“Help them,” Dean ordered as he got out of the car.


A woman with her hair in a tight bun came from the car that hit them. “Dean Winchester, I presume. You should be more careful with your location services on your phone.”


“Are you one of them?” Dean demanded.


“I'm one of them.”


“You tell me where my brother is, and I might take it easy on you.”


“Oh, please don't.” Dean attacked her, but she quickly threw him to the ground. Castiel tried with the same result. Dean had had enough and reached for his gun, but it wasn't there. The woman held it in her hand. “Looking for this? So, round two? Anyone?”


“I'll take a go,” Liam got out of the car. “You injured my shoulder, so you'll even have the upper hand.” He threw a punch and she grabbed him by the arm, hitting him in the gut a few times. She seemed to be winning until he lunged up and grabbed her by the chin, snapping her neck in a sickening crack. “That's how it's done,” he smirked as her limp body fell to the road.


“I think boundaries are beginning to blur,” Castiel whispered to Dean. “I've seen that technique before.”


“My mess isn't gonna clean itself,” Liam looked expectantly to Dean and Castiel.


“Oh, you can deal with the body,” Dean said. “Cas and I will take care of the vehicle.”


“But I'm injured,” the blond protested with a bit of a whine.


“Not too injured to kill her, so...”


Liam huffed. “I don't think we were going to get anything out of her anyhow.”


While Liam dragged the body off into the woods, Dean and Castiel rolled her vehicle far off the road and started covering it with branches. Then Dean went over to Mary, who was sitting on the edge of the backseat of the car. “Found her cellphone in the car. Last phone call was made from Aldrich, Missouri. We're guessing Sam's probably around there.”


“Good. That's great.”


“You okay?”


She shook her head. “No. I'm sorry. I just... I spent my life running from this, from hunting. And I got out. I never wanted this for you and Sam.”


Dean put a hand on her knee. “I get it, I do. We sure as hell don't want Sam's kids following in our footsteps. We try to shield them as much as we can. But Sam and me, saving people and hunting things, this is our life. I think we make the world a better place. I know that we do.”


“So you don't keep this up for Liam?”


“Him?” Dean chuckled at that. “Is that what you thought? No. I mean, I think sometimes he enjoys getting a little pent up aggression out by killing something, but if he had things his way I'd have a boring weekday job, and I'd take him out on a date every Friday night.”


Liam came out of the woods. “Did the best I could considering we're in a time crunch.”


“Okay,” Dean nodded. “Everybody back in the car. We are gonna find Sam.”

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