Hunting Humanity XI

BY : greenwizard
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On their way home the boys realized they'd be passing by Jody. They hadn't heard from her in a while, and they quickly decided to pay her an unannounced visit. They parked in her driveway and Dean knocked on her door. “Wow, you look terrible. What’s wrong?” Jody asked when she answered the door.


“Sure, we’d love to come in,” Dean said as he gave her a hug and stepped inside.


“Hey,” Sam kissed her cheek. “We just finished a hunt.”


“And you couldn’t take a shower first?” she wrinkled her nose a little.


“Where would be the fun in that,” Liam chuckled as he hugged her. “We figured we’d stop by on the way home and see you, Claire, and Alex. A shower does sound like a good idea though.”


“Unfortunately the girls are in Omaha for the weekend being angsty at a Radiohead concert. But I can feed you. And you can take that shower.”


“He'll use up all your hot water,” Dean warned their friend. “But food sounds good.”


When Liam came out of the bathroom in green plaid pajama pants everyone was gathered around the TV eating pizza. “What'd I miss?” he asked as he grabbed a slice.


“Not much,” Dean said. “Apparently Jody here is a rom com girl, like you.”


“Don't make me throw something at your head,” Liam grumbled as he took a seat on the couch beside Sam. “Instead of mocking you should pay close attention.”


“Not bad advice,” Jody chuckled just before the phone rang. She got up to answer, and came back a few minutes later looking upset.


“Jody?” Sam was concerned. “What's wrong?”


“A friend of mine died,” she answered, her voice cracking.




“Asa Fox.”


“Asa Fox. Why does that name sound familiar?” Dean wondered out loud.


“Isn’t he the guy that Ellen used to tell stories about back at the Roadhouse?” Sam remembered.


“Yeah. Supposedly he killed like five wendigos in a night.”


“Yeah, he was a hunter,” Jody nodded. “He rolled into town a few months back, tried to convince me he was FBI Agent Fox Mulder. He was chasing a pack of ghouls and I helped. He’d pass through every once in a while after that, and we’d grab coffee or something,” her voice cracked as she spoke. “Oh, he was a good man. The wake’s tonight, and, um, they’re gonna salt and burn the body tomorrow. I can’t believe I just said that like it’s something normal.”


“Well, we’re gonna come with you,” Dean offered.


“You don’t have to. I’ll be fine.”


“We know you’ll be fine, but you know, we never go to hunter gatherings outside of bars. Dad always said they were trouble, so...”


“And I've only been around these two since I acquired a pulse,” Liam said. “Well, unless you count that one couple... But it would be nice to socialize a little and not have to worry about keeping my secret this time.”


“This time?” Jody was curious.


“Oh, a while back I used to tend bar at a place hunters frequented. It was a few years after my first hunter boyfriend died. I don't know why I did it really. It was dangerous, but I guess being near hunters and hearing their stories kept Jason alive for me in a way. I was really good at hiding the fact I was a vampire, but a few figured it out and I had to kill them.”


“I wouldn't mention that at the wake,” Dean cautioned.


“How stupid do you think I am?”


Jody gave them a small smile. “You’re gonna have to get cleaned up before we spend five hours in the car together.”


“Five hours? Where we going?” Dean asked.




“Oh. There any hot water left?” Dean turned to Liam.


“Maybe,” Liam answered. “You could always clean up with a wash rag and change clothes.”


Dean sighed. “What did I tell you?” he gave Jody a look before going out to the car to get some clean clothes.


They made the drive and arrived at a very impressive home. “That is a big house,” Sam commented when he got out of the car.


“Family home. Asa was just a guy,” Jody said as they headed in.


An older woman greeted them at the door. “Oh, Jody, thanks for coming,” the woman hugged her.


“Loraine, of course. How you holding up?”


“Well, it’s a house full of loud drunk hunters, and my son’s dead body is in the parlor. But I haven’t slit my wrists yet. Small victories.”


“We’re very sorry for your loss,” Sam gave his condolences.


“I know. Everyone’s sorry,” Loraine said before she wandered off.


“So, this is gonna be fun,” Jody sighed.


Dean and Liam wandered into the kitchen where there was a cooler full of beer. Dean picked up a bottle. “No label. Well, that’s a red flag.”


“Nah, fully safe. I home brewed it myself,” one of the guys said. He took the bottle and opened it for Dean. “Here. Not a twist off. Oh, hope you like strong beer, buddy.”


Dean took a taste. “Oh, that's good.” He offered the bottle to Liam. “Try it.”


The blond looked a little wary, but took the bottle and tried a sip. He started choking and handed the bottle back. “If you wanted me dead there are more humane ways.”


“Dean Winchester and Liam Quinn,” Dean introduced them to the other hunters.


One guy at the table chuckled. “No freaking way. Aren’t you dead? Like, four times?”


“Yeah. It, uh, didn't take.”


“I'm Bucky Sims,” the guy with the beer offered Dean his hand.


“Hey,” Dean shook his hand.


“Randy. Randy Bull.” He mimicked bull horns with his fingers. “Watch out for the horns, right?”


“Uh, you two hunters?”


“Yes sir,” Randy nodded. “Did you know Asa?”


“No. I never met him. But, uh, heard some crazy stories.”


“Yeah, like what?”


“Well, I mean come on. Nobody can take out five wendigos in a night.”


“Hey! Our famous friend said the magic word. Drink, everybody,” Bucky said.


Everybody took a drink and Dean was a little confused. “Wendigo? Is that, uh...?”


“Do it again.”


After another drink Randy put his beer down. “Stop saying that or we’re not gonna make it to morning.”


“Didn’t know the rules.”


“You think the stories about Asa are crazy, you should hear what they say about you,” Bucky started.


“Oh?” Dean didn't look like he was enjoying himself anymore.


“I mean, are you two really...?” Bucky motioned to Liam.


“If you're implying what I think you are, then yes,” Dean didn't hesitate.


“And he was possessed by Lucifer, but kicked him out?”


“So I'm told,” Liam answered for himself. “I don't really remember. There's a bunch of stuff I don't remember.”


“He has gifts,” Dean added quickly. “Very useful gifts.”


“But you don't like me using them,” Liam mumbled.


“Only because they've been taking a physical toll on you.”


Randy tried to charge Liam, and the blond quickly countered the attack, pulled Randy's arm behind him, and slammed his face on the table. “What the fuck was that for?” Liam growled.


“Just testing you,” Randy groaned as he was let up.


“I wouldn't,” Dean warned. “I mean, he's gay, and he's a little on the small side, but pissing him off is a very bad idea.”


Dean and Liam wandered away from the guys to explore the house. “I kinda forgot how hunters can be,” Liam commented when they entered a study.


“What, testing you?” Dean moved over to the desk where an angel blade lay in an ornate box. He picked it up. “Didn't surprise me much.”


“I noticed you didn't hesitate to confirm that we were together.”


“I'm not ashamed. Maybe I was a little at first, as well as very confused, but I got over it.”


“I'm glad,” Liam moved to kiss his husband when Sam walked in.


“Hey,” Sam greeted them.


Dean motioned to the blade in his hand. “This is a real angel blade. I mean, this guy was legit.”


“Did you know people tell stories about us?” Sam asked his brother.


Dean nodded. “Yeah. Apparently we’re a little bit legendary.”


“Yeah, but, I mean, so was Asa. Then a hunt went bad, and he ended up hanging from a tree, alone in the woods.”


“He died on the job. No better way to go.”


“You really believe that?”


Liam crossed his arms. “Of course he does.”


“What, you two don’t? I mean, come on, it's not like we're in the live till you're ninety, die in your sleep business. This? This only ends one way.”


“I thought my presence made you more optimistic,” Liam sighed.


“Oh, it does. But I'm still realistic. How many times have you gotten hurt and almost died?”


“Key word being almost.”


Dean put the blade down. “While I don't like to think about it, there will be a time where it won't be almost.”


“We should get back,” Sam said to change the subject.


Dean took Liam's hand. “Yeah. Oh, uh, don’t say wendigo to anyone.”


As the evening went on people left, and the few still there gathered in the living room to tell stories. “And Asa made us go roller skating. And right after these ghouls almost got us. So there’s the three of us, all banged up, with a ton of ironic teenagers skating under these neon lights. You remember this, Jody?” Bucky looked over at Jody. “Oh, it was classic. I mean, you know, until the two of you snuck off for some sweet, sweet time alone.”


Sam raised an eyebrow. “You, Jody? You didn’t tell us you were in a relationship with Asa.”


Jody blushed. “Oh, it was just a casual thing.” She glanced to Asa's mother. “Sorry, Loraine.”


Loraine seemed to shrug it off. “Asa was always popular with the ladies.”


“Our mom loved him. She used to talk about him all the time,” a guy named Max said.


“And, you know, I do have a life when you guys aren’t around,” Jody said to Sam.


“Beer anyone?” Randy offered as he got up for another.


“I'm good,” Sam said.


“And, uh. Here’s a news flash. Dating is hard,” Jody continued. “It’s not like I just turn into a boring, small town sheriff when you guys are gone. I do stuff. You shouldn’t be surprised that I’d enjoy the company of a ruggedly hot man.”


“Amen to that,” Alicia said as she came back with two beers in her hand.


“Yeah....” Liam grinned with a far away look in his eye.


“Hey!” Dean smacked the blond in the leg. “I know that look. You and your double standards.”


Liam glared at Dean. “One, the guy is kinda dead. Sorry to be insensitive, but it's true. Two, he was apparently straight. So what is in my head is pure fantasy.”


“Are you two gonna bicker?” Bucky seemed a little irritated.


“No,” Dean shook his head. “Have your fantasies, just don't make them into a reality.”


“You're not the one who has to worry about that.”


They heard someone come in, but they stood by the door. “Come on in, don’t hover,” Loriaine called out.


Mary walked in. “Sorry, I knocked,” she gave them a small smile as she awkwardly came in.


“Hi,” Dean greeted his mother.


Mary, Dean, and Sam stepped into the hall together for a private conversation. Liam and Jody followed. “What are you doing here?” Mary asked them.


“What are you doing here?” Dean repeated the question.


“Asa was a friend of a friend. Uh, friend of Jody’s,” Sam explained. “Jody, Mary. Mom, this is Jody Mills.”


“Mom?” Jody blinked at the word. “You're Mom? I thought you were...”


“I was,” Mary said.


“We should've mentioned this earlier,” Liam said. “Welcome to our lives.”


“Wow,” Jody tried to take it all in. “It is so nice to meet you. I'm gonna give you guys some, um, some family time,” Jody said as she sensed some tension and went back into the living room.


“Where have you been?” Dean asked his mother.


“All over. I went back to Lawrence for a few days. And then, um, I’ve been using John’s journal to retrace a few things. Try to catch up on what I’ve missed.”


“You could’ve just asked us, you know.”


“Dean, come on,” Sam tried to get his brother to lighten up.


Mary put a hand on Sam's shoulder. “It’s okay. He’s right. But this is something I needed to do alone. I… Listen, most of the people I knew are dead. And then I remembered Asa. He was so young when I met him, I thought he must still be around. And then I saw an article about his death, and, uh...”


“So you’ll text us once a week, maybe, but you’ll drive all the way to Canada to see some dead guy?” Dean was upset. “Well, that’s awesome. I’m gonna get some air.”


“Dean, wait...” Mary called after him as he stormed off.


“This isn't easy for any of us,” Liam said before he went after Dean.


When the blond caught up with Dean he was by the door with Jody. “So uh, on the ride up here you tell me all about fighting Nazis and killing Hitler, but you didn't mention your mom was back,” Jody said to Dean.


“Yeah, no big deal,” Dean brushed it off.


“That's a lie.”




“Look, maybe this isn't my place, and this is epic stuff, but, you know, if I could have my son and my husband back? I mean really back? I would give anything, absolutely anything to have that. And it would scare the hell out of me.”


“Yeah?” Dean was surprised by that.


“Yeah. Because what if I’ve changed. What if they changed? What if it just didn’t work out the way I wanted? If you wanna talk about anything, absolutely anything, I’m here.”


“Thanks, Jody,” he gave her a small smile as she went back to the living room.


“You know I'm here too,” Liam reminded his husband.


“I know,” Dean said before kissing him on the cheek. “And I know you wish I was more open with you about this. Just let me sort it out, okay? I'm gonna go out for some air. Why don't you go listen to more stories?”


“Okay,” Liam nodded and went back in.


Bucky was full of stories. “And Asa loved that Jeep. Fuses were shorted, fuel line was busted. Ah, he didn’t care. He’d just roll up his sleeves, he’d get right to work.”


Sam and Mary came in. “Guys, we need to leave. Now,” Sam said with a serious look.


“Sam?” Jody looked to him.


“Randy's dead.”


“What happened?”


“Someone gutted him and roped him to the ceiling. That’s what happened,” Mary said.


A guy named Elvis entered the room. “Anyone know why the water’s shut off? God, what’s that smell?”


“Sulfur,” the twins Max and Alicia said in unison.


Just then the lights flickered. “It's a demon,” Mary realized.


“It's him,” Bucky seemed a little on edge.


“Who?” Sam asked.


“Jael. He’s a crossroads demon. And he hangs people. It’s his thing. Snaps their neck, slits their throat. He’s a real piece of work.”


“Hanging? Like with Asa?”


“He’s the one that killed him.” Bucky got up and tried to leave, but the door wouldn't open.


Liam went over to the door and touched it. Sigils glowed red on the wall near the ceiling. “This must be some demon. We're trapped.”


“Can you...?” Sam asked.


“I can try.” Liam closed his eyes and a faint glow enveloped the door. But then he was flung back to the floor and he shook his head. “He's been here a while. The warding is deep and all through the house. If I had a few hours and could take a gentle approach...”


“I don't think that'll work.”


“You mean he actually has powers?” Bucky was surprised.


“He does,” Sam nodded. “And no, he's not a witch.”


“Not all witches are bad,” Alicia said.


“I know, you told me. Bucky, tell us more about this Jael.”


“Look, back in ‘97, Asa was working on this case in Yellow Knife, all right? A possession of a First Nations girl. Got real bad, real bloody. Asa exorcised him, but not before Jael killed the girl. He made her tie a noose around her neck and he made Asa watch.”


“And exorcism isn't permanent,” Liam sighed, crossing his arms.


“Right, so five years later, Jael, he came back, and he came for Asa.”


“How so?” Jody asked.


“Asa was seeing this woman, right? She had a kid.”


“Marlene,” Loraine remembered her name.


“Yeah,” Bucky nodded. “Jael got into her. It didn’t matter that he was killing people, he wanted Asa to know it was personal. He gets off on it.”


Sam shook his head. “Yeah, and now he’s here. Possessing someone.”


“Yeah, but who?” Mary posed the question.


“Alicia wasn’t in the room when Randy died. The rest of us were,” Elvis remembered.


“I was getting a drink,” Alicia answered defensively.


“Dean wasn’t in the room either,” Max pointed out.


“Anti-possession tattoo,” Liam pulled down his shirt collar and showed it off. “All three of us have it, so it isn't Dean.”


“That's actually smart,” Mary commented.


“Dean's idea after we had a bad run in.” The blond's head tilted sideways as he stared at Alicia.


“Throw some holy water on me, see what happens,” Alicia kept denying it.


“Anybody have any?” Sam asked. No one answered.


“We can just make more,” Elvis said.


“Uh, no we can’t. The water’s off,” Mary pointed out.


Liam took a step toward Alicia, but Sam pulled him back. “Sorry, hobbit, but if she is possessed we don't want to kill her.”


“I kill demons, not people,” Liam argued.


“Yeah, but I've never seen any of the people they were in survive.”


“There could be other reasons for that.”


“Not the time and place to experiment.”


Alicia's eyes turned red. “I guess I can't hide from you,” Jael side. “At least not this time. Oh, you’re a fun group. We’re gonna have a good time tonight.” The demon smoked out of Alicia and into a vent.


“It's gone,” Elvis seemed relieved.


“Alicia, are you...?” Max was concerned for his twin.


“It’s not gone. It’s just not in Alicia anymore,” Sam said. “Lorraine, is there anyone else in the house?”


Loraine just shrugged. “I don’t know. People have been coming and going all day.”


“Okay, we’re gonna pair off, we’re gonna search the house, for people, not for demons,” Jody ordered. “If you find the demon, yell. We’ll find you. And if your partner gets possessed, run.”


“Mom,” Sam motioned for Mary to join him and Liam.


They were searching the house when they heard a commotion in the living room. They went back there to see what was going on and found Loraine and Dean by the door, and Elvis on the floor with a broken neck. “Dean. We thought you were outside,” Mary was happy to see him.


“Yeah, I got back in.”


“How?” Sam asked.


“It was a one time deal. Won’t happen again.” He looked around at everyone. “Is this everybody?”


“Except for Elvis,” Jody answered.


“Yeah, demon got him.”


The lights suddenly went out and everyone pulled out a flashlight. “Well, at least we’re all prepared,” Alicia commented.


“Not prepared enough,” Liam sighed.


“I am,” Dean pulled out the demon blade. “Demon blade. Kills them dead.”


Liam looked at Sam. “You wanna break the news to him?”


“What?” Dean was confused.


Sam sighed. “I wouldn't let Liam use his mojo when Jael was in Alicia because I didn't want him to kill Alicia too.”


“I think we're past that.”


“Noted,” Liam nodded.


“We gotta light some candles,” Bucky said as he started searching for some.


“And a devil's trap,” Dean said.


“On it,” Sam nodded as they started moving furniture to make room.


“Alright, uh, but how are we gonna lure it inside?” Mary asked.


“We're not,” Dean answered. “We get in. Everybody’s in, everybody’s clean. If someone won’t get in...”


“They're the demon,” Mary caught on. “Smart.” Mary then slipped off to Asa's office to grab his angel blade.


Max knelt down beside Sam while he started drawing the devil's trap with ashes. “What kind of devil’s trap?” Max asked.


“Standard pentagram. Nothing fancy.”


“I like a Fifth Pentacle of Mars. It’s got more character.”


“Because character is really what matters right now,” Alicia said sarcastically.


Jody noticed when Mary returned, and she leaned in to speak in Sam's ear. “Sam. This is awkward, I’m owning that. But the demon, I think it’s in your mom.”


Sam looked up at his mother. “She looks okay to me.”


“I may not know much, but I know people don’t look possessed. No, I saw her sneak out of the room when you started talking about the devil’s trap. Where did she go? I mean, I know she’s family, but, Sam...”


Dean and Liam noticed something happening and joined the two. “What’s going on?” Dean asked.


“Jody thinks that mom-” Sam started to explain.


“No, I don’t think, I know. I know she’s a demon,” Jody yelled. Bucky grabbed his knife and the brothers just looked at each other, unsure of what to do. “Go on, do your thing,” Jody encouraged Liam. “Wouldn't be the first time you did what was right when they couldn't.”


Liam's eyes narrowed at that. “Jody never knew about John.” He flung her across the room, and Jody looked up, her eyes red. “Can’t blame a girl for trying. I was so hopping you'd kill their mommy. Wouldn’t that be a riot?”


“Yeah, super fun,” Dean was sarcastic.


Mary charged with the angel blade, and managed to scratch Jody's arm before Sam grabbed her and pulled her back. “Mom, no!”


“What are you doing? She’s a demon. We kill demons,” Mary didn't understand.


“But she's Jody,” Sam argued.


“Boring,” Jael clapped his hands and everyone fell to the floor. He kicked the blade away. “Oh, I have heard so many stories about you Winchesters. And I desperately want the Lucifer thing to be true.” He moved to stand over Liam. “The idea that he left a meat suit alive is just so deliciously weak. And it being occupied by someone he loves, who hates him just makes it that much better. As for the rest of you, I have been inside your heads. I know all about you. For example, the twins. Too frightened to tell anyone that they actually came to say goodbye to their daddy. Or the grieving mother who hated the fact that her son was a hunter so much she’d hide his gear, she’d sabotage his Jeep, anything to keep him from hunting. Not that it worked. Could’ve tried harder, huh? And this meat suit you all seem to care so much about. She actually fantasized about a life with Asa. Can you believe that? Like that worthless man-”


“Shut your filthy mouth!” Bucky shouted.


Jael moved over to Bucky and grabbed him by the throat. “And you. Bucky. Brave Bucky. I was there that night. Tell these nice, stupid people what you did. Tell them what you took from me. Asa was mine.” Sam started to chant an exorcism. “No!” Jael shouted and threw Sam back to the floor. “Tell them!” he squeezed Bucky harder.


“I killed him! I killed him. I killed Asa,” Bucky confessed.


Liam jumped up and grabbed the back of Jody's neck. There was a flash of red light and a scream before Jody fell to the floor. “What did you do?” Dean shouted.


All eyes turned to Jody again when she groaned and sat up. “That sucked.”


“Well, wrong again,” Liam looked at Sam and crossed his arms. “I mean, I didn't know if it would work for sure, but as you can see, I kill only demons. If the suits don't get back up, it's because they were beyond saving. You're welcome.”


“Lucky for you it worked,” Dean said as he helped Jody up.


Loraine's attention was on Bucky. “Bucky, what did you do?”


All eyes turned to Bucky, demanding an explanation. “Asa, he was just always so stubborn. Look, we were in the woods,” Bucky started to explain. “Jael, he was taunting him. Asa wanted to chase him, but he didn’t have the angel blade. I said let’s go back. He called me a coward, and he shoved me, so I shoved him back, and he fell. He hit his head. I didn’t mean to do it. But it was a mistake. An accident. I’m sorry. I didn’t know what to do. Asa hated that damn demon so much that I just...”


“Oh, you thought people would buy that Jael killed him? So you hung your best friend to cover your own ass,” Dean was glaring at him.


“What are you gonna do to me?” Bucky asked nervously.


“Tell everyone, every hunter we meet,” Alicia said. “They’re gonna know your name, Bucky. Know what you did.”


“You like stories. This is the story everyone’s gonna tell about you. Forever,” Max added.


“Seems fitting,” Liam nodded. “But I'm in need of a power nap, so wake me when it's time.”


“You look like you're getting sick,” Dean was worried.


“I'm fine,” Liam assured his husband. “Just tired after killing a fairly powerful demon.”


When the sun came up the hunters not only built a pyre for Asa, but the others who had died that night. The boys walked over to Mary when everyone started disbanding. “You okay?” Sam asked her.


Billie appeared beside them before Mary could answer. “She's really not.”


“Billie,” Sam was surprised to see her.


“Who's...?” Mary was a little confused.


“She’s a reaper. She’s the one that got me back inside,” Dean explained.


“And now you owe me one,” Billie reminded him before turning her gaze on Mary. “This one right here.”


“What?” Mary didn't understand.


“See, I’m a big believer in what dies, stays dead. Laws of the universe and all that, so...”


“I didn’t ask to come back here,” Mary argued.


“No, you didn’t. And you hate it. The look in your eyes, I’ve seen it before. It’s a dead man’s look, eyes that say no matter where you go or what you do, it feels like this world doesn’t fit anymore. Like you’re all alone.”


“Well, she’s not alone,” Dean said, a little upset.


Billie kept her eyes on Mary. “Tell me I’m wrong. I’m not here to hurt you. I’m here to offer you mercy. A one way ticket upstairs, away from all of this.”


“How would it work?” Mary asked. “You just kill me again?”


“Reapers don’t kill people. Rules.”


“Then I guess you’re just gonna have to wait.”


Billie shook her head. “Winchesters. If you change your mind, if any of you change your minds, you know my name,” she said before she disappeared.


“Does this mean you’re coming home?” Sam was hopeful.


Marry nodded. “Yeah. Not quite yet. I just need a little more time.”


“Can we buy you breakfast at least?” Dean asked.




“All the bacon.”


“I would love that.”


They started to head toward the car, but Liam rushed off toward some bushes and threw up. Dean followed. “You are sick,” he frowned.


The blond wiped his mouth with the back of his hand when his stomach finally stopped heaving. “I just need a nice cup of mint tea and some rest is all.”


“Is he all right?” Mary asked when they returned to the car.


“He says he is, but he's full of shit,” Dean answered. “He never had a good immune system to start with, but for the last few years, when he uses his gifts, it takes a physical toll.”


“Nothing I can't handle as long as I don't do anything major,” Liam insisted as he got into the backseat. “You worry too much.”


“And I don't think you worry enough,” Dean argued as he got into the car.

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