Hunting Humanity XI

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Liam walked into the dark kitchen and reached into the fridge to grab the pitcher of iced tea. The light from the refrigerator fell on Mary sitting at the island counter reading John's journal. “You still up?” Liam asked as he poured himself a little bit of tea and went over to her.


“Yeah, couldn't sleep,” she answered.


“Yeah, been quite a hectic few days for you I guess.” Liam sat on a stool beside her.


Mary chuckled softly. “You could say that. Before you and Dean found me in that graveyard, my last memory of Sam was from when he was a baby. And then a few days ago I met his kids, my grandchildren. John looks so much like him. When Sam was showing me the baby pictures I could've sworn it was Sam when he was that age.”


“Yeah, John is a mini Sam. It amazes me how much they've all grown, so I can only imagine how you feel.”


Mary let out a little sigh. “I mean, I'm happy. They're wonderful kids who live a pretty normal life here in this great house with their mother, and step mother respectively. The story Sam told me about Becky...”


“At least we haven't had to deal with her in a while. The fantasy died, so she probably just moved onto another one. She's not a well woman.”


“No, didn't sound like it.”


“So why can't you sleep?”


“Liam, can I ask you something?”


“Sure, I'm an open book.”


“You were born in a completely different century. You were here, so you kept up with the times and everything, but the way things are now isn't anywhere near how they were when you grew up and were living your life. What I'm trying to get at here is, how long was it until you felt like you really belonged?”


“Ah.” Liam took a drink of tea and thought about his answer. “You know, I'm not sure. Things were strange at first. I had a whole new identity, I wasn't a vampire anymore. And it didn't help that Dean was doing his protective thing. But after a little while he backed off and began to trust me, and I just sort of assimilated. The pair became a trio.”


“I see. So it just took a little time.”


“I'm sure it's weird for you. Sam meant well by introducing you to his wife and kids so soon.”


“Yeah, no, I know that. I'm glad he wanted to share this part of his life with me.”


“Hasn't been much of a part lately. For the last few years we've hardly been here. The kids think their dad got an office job in Kansas. Sam hates it, feels like he's failing as a father. Dean and I keep telling him he's not a failure because he does his best. Circumstances are what they are, and at least he keeps in touch with video calls between visits.”


“I really didn't want this for my boys.”


“I know. And none of us want Sam's kids to live like this. They might though. It seems to be the family destiny.”


“Seems so.”


“Why don't you try and get some sleep? The beds are much more comfy here. And I really should get back, Dean might wake up and miss me.”


“Yeah, get back to him. Thanks for listening. You're all right.”


Liam laughed softly. “Thanks for the high praise. Dean will be happy to hear that you like me.”


“I'm sure he will. All I care is that you make him happy.”


“He seems to really like having me around. Well, night.” Liam got up and put his glass in the sink.


“Night.” Mary closed the journal and also went back to bed.


When Liam woke up Dean was already downstairs. The blond followed and found Sam and Dean in the kitchen having breakfast. “Morning,” he greeted them. “I smell bacon, did you leave me any?” he looked to Dean.


Dean shook his head. “Of course I did.” He slid the plate of bacon over when Liam sat at the table. “You were gone for a bit last night. Something going on?”


“I got up for a drink, but I found your mom in here reading your dad's journal.”


“Yeah, I gave it to her,” Sam got up to start clearing the dishes. “I thought it might help her. What time did you come down?”


“It was a little after three.”


Sam paused a moment. “You think bringing her here was a mistake? I mean, she seems so withdrawn. I'm worried.”


“I'm sure she just needs a minute,” Dean said. “She hasn't been on this planet since Jane Fonda was wearing leg warmers. What she needs is a little quiet family time, and that's what she'll get here.”


Sam sighed. “But maybe it should've just been us for a while. The kids might be overwhelming. Liam, did she say anything last night?”


Liam was munching on the bacon. “Late night talks with me are confidential. But if you want my opinion, it might've been too soon to add on the rugrats, much as I love them.”


Mary came in with a smile. “Morning.”


“Morning,” Dean greeted her.


“Oh, bacon,” she saw the plate and grabbed a piece.


“Wow. We are so related,” Dean chuckled.


“Did you cut your hair?” Sam noticed it was shorter.


“I'm gonna keep it short if I'm gonna go out on a hunt, you know? Why give the bad guys the advantage of long pullable hair right? Liam, you should think about cutting yours.”


Liam ran a hand through his hair. “I like it as is. Hair pulling is not something any bad guy has ever tried.”


“Did you say, uh, going out on a hunt?” Sam was surprised.


“I found a case.”


“I thought you were still struggling with even the idea of the internet.”


“I picked up the newspaper.”


“You were looking for a case?” Dean was just as surprised.


“I wasn't. I just found one. Minnesota. Two dead, locked room. Victims had put in a call about a crying baby. But the place was empty. The only thing at the scene was their bodies. Been five days, and the coroner still hasn't put out a cause of death. Seemed fishy. It's probably nothing. I just thought I might get out there, stretch my legs.”


“I thought you weren't down to hunt in the first place,” Sam was trying to wrap his mind around everything.


“Well things change, right?” Dean didn't seem quite as bothered. “Family hunting trip.”


“Sure,” Mary gave them a small smile.


“Alright. Meet at the car in ten,” Dean said.


When Mary left the room Sam looked to his brother. “What happened to quiet family time?”


“Look, man, Cas healed your s'mores foot, all right? I got Baby back to mint. We're road ready. And if mom wants to hunt, I say we hunt.”


Sam sighed. “Fine, I'll clean up and text Natalie. I won't blame her if she never wants to see me again the way we're just here and gone in a flash.”


Dean rolled his eyes. “She knew what she signed up for, and we'll be back when we're done. No Mark of Cain, or Darkness, or any of that. Things can go back to more like what they used to be.”


“If I can remember what that was,” Sam mumbled as he started loading the dishwasher.


Before they got on the road they stopped at a gas station. Sam got out and put gas in the car while Dean went inside the store for snacks. He came out with a bag and got in the driver's seat. Mary was in the passenger seat. “There's a lot of things that have gone to seed since you were here, but the variety in snack food flavors is not one of them. We got your teriyaki jerky, we got your sriracha, and we got your chili lime, which is my personal favorite.”


“I want the teriyaki,” Liam reached up from the backseat. Dean gave him the bag.


“Let's give chili lime a whirl,” Mary reached for a piece. Dean gave her a piece and she took a bite. “It's good. Artificial, kinda tingly.”


“That's how you know it's working.”


Sam got in back with Liam when he finished filling the gas tank and Dean started the engine. “I can't stretch out back here anymore,” Liam complained.


“Deal with it,” Dean said.


“Easy for you to say, you're not crammed in with the jolly green giant.”


“Like I wanna share space with a hobbit,” Sam seemed slightly offended. “Hey!” he cried when Liam put his legs on Sam's lap.


“Deal with it,” Liam said as he leaned back. “You know you love me.”


“There gonna be a problem back there?” Dean looked back.


Sam sighed. “No, I guess not.”


“Good, throw in a foot rub while you're at it,” Liam smirked.


Sam raised an eyebrow at that. “Uh, no. You want a foot rub ask Dean later.”


Dean looked over at Mary. “This is what I deal with.”


When they reached their destination their first stop was the coroner's office to see the bodies. Mary took the lead with her new badge that Dean had made for her. “Agent Shirley Partridge, out of the Minneapolis field office. These are my partners.”


The coroner raised an eyebrow at them. “This is a local case. Why would the FBI be interested-”


“They're new. Wanted their first case to have training wheels. We wanted to have a look at the bodies.”


“Now you haven't filed a report. Has there been any problem determining the cause of death?” Sam asked.


“Problem? No. I figured out the cause. Just doesn't make any damn sense.”


While the coroner was talking Dean took a peek at one of the bodies and noticed a hand shaped mark on the woman's arm. “Is this a burn?”


“Frostbite. Yeah. Both victims died of acute hypothermia in a sixty five degree room. When I opened them up their hearts were literally, and I mean literally, frozen. Wanna tell me how to present that to the public? Or to their families? So much for training wheels huh?”


“So then this isn't a boring local case,” Liam pointed out. “Which would explain our interest.”


They decided that their second stop would be at the abandoned house where it happened. Both Dean and Mary had EMF detectors that were going crazy. “You sure you go the swing of that thing?” Dean asked his mother.


“For the third time, yes. Dean, it's analog. I'm good.”


They started going through the house, and Mary turned down a hall. Liam followed her, but the brothers went another direction. In the room at the end of the hall was a crib. There was a light above it that was flickering, and something was wrapped up inside. Mary reached in to pull aside the blanket and they saw it was an old doll. “Well that isn't creepy,” Liam said sarcastically.


“Mom, we got something over here,” Dean called out from the room they were in.


The two turned to leave the room, but the door slammed shut. Both Liam and Mary tried to open it, but it wouldn't budge. “We've got a little problem here!” Liam cried out.


“Hold on! We're coming!” Dean yelled back. A minute later the guys were on the other side of the door pounding on it. “Get away from the door.”


Suddenly a little blond boy appeared beside Mary and grabbed her arm. Just then Dean broke through the door and made the boy disappear with a swing of an iron crowbar. “Mom, you're hurt,” Sam was concerned when he saw the mark on her arm.


Dean took a look at it. “Let's go. Come on.”


The next morning Mary entered Dean and Liam's hotel room with her arm bandaged. “Okay, ready to head out? Go knock on some doors?”


“Doors?” Dean looked up from his laptop.


“Yeah. Talk to the neighbors, hit up the Hall of Records, work the case? We still do that right?”


“Sometimes. But the, uh, internet has made a lot of that legwork obsolete.”


Sam nodded from behind his laptop beside Dean. “I mean, I'm already in the St. Paul Police Department database.”


“Anything?” Dean asked.


“Yeah, a lot. I got police reports filed form 2004...uh, '91, '89. '85, '78. All deaths. All kids. Looks like it started with this girl here. Elizabeth Moriarty.” He showed everyone the entry.


“You got all that from...?” Mary backed up and lowered herself onto the bed, looking overwhelmed.


“Yeah. Mom, don't worry about it. We'll teach you how to do this.”


“Or you can sit with me and we can be bored together,” Liam said while he sat on the bed playing with his phone. “I can teach you to play Bejeweled. It's kind of a puzzle game.”


“You don't get on the computer too?” Mary asked.


Liam shrugged. “I mean, I could, but that's more their thing. I sit and look pretty until they figure out what we're dealing with.”


“I guess I can sit and look pretty with you.”


The guys kept searching the lore trying to figure out what was going on. “Mylings?” Dean looked over at Sam's screen after a while.


“Yeah, from Scandinavian lore. Uh, children's spirits, vengeful ones. Their cries for help lure adults to their death.”


“Anything about frozen hearts?” Mary asked.


“Uh, no, not yet. But this is just from old, incomplete folk accounts. We all know the lore isn't always one hundred percent.”


“Maybe, but all I know is, that little boy who grabbed me, he didn't wanna hurt me. He was scared.”


“Yeah, um, it must've felt that way, but, mom, the victims were all lured to their death by a baby's cry. Uh, the spirit marked Natalia right before she was killed, the same way the spirit marked you. I mean, if we hadn't gotten there in time...”


“Excuse me, but I was in the room too,” Liam spoke up. “And I know a scared kid when I see one. Your mom knows what she's talking about. And what killed all those kids before it started happening to adults?”


“What we've got here makes the most sense,” Dean argued.


Liam sighed and shook his his head. “Whatever.”


“Well, look, we know all the kids' names, right? We know that they're all buried locally, so I say we salt and burn them. That’s the safe bet.”


“Agreed,” Sam nodded.


“We don't need four people for this, maybe you two should stay here,” Dean suggested.


“Okay,” Mary agreed, but she didn't look happy.


“Call if you need us,” Dean said on his way out the door with Sam.


When they were gone Mary turned to Liam. “Can you find out who last owned that house, and get the contact information?”


“Uh, yeah, I probably could. I take it you have an idea of your own.”


“Do you really agree with me here?”


“I do. It wouldn't be the first time their original theory was wrong, and they didn't listen to me when I thought the pieces didn't quite fit, and I turned out to be right. It's becoming a pattern. You'd think they'd actually learn.”


Mary laughed softly. “Stubborn like their father.”


“I've noticed,” Liam said as he powered Dean's computer back up.


Liam found the information and Mary called the woman to ask her a few questions. They ended up talking about her son that had died in the house. “Lucas was so cold. I still don’t understand what happened. I checked on him just a minute before I found him. How'd he get so cold so fast? Gosh, sorry for going on like this.”


“Oh, don't apologize. What did Lucas look like?”


“Well, he was so handsome. Blonde hair and these crystal blue eyes.”


“Anything else?”


“He had a scar on his cheek. From the neighbor's dog.”


“Thank you, Cheryl. I'm sorry for dredging all this up again.”


“Oh, it's okay. Actually, it's kinda nice. No one talks on the phone anymore, you know?”


“I've noticed. Thank you again.”


“Her son was the boy we saw, wasn't he?” Liam guessed.


“Yeah. We need to get back to that house. Can you get us a ride?”


“Pick a car, any car. Disobeying orders. I like this plan.”


“I thought you might,” Mary smiled as she picked up the weapons bag and headed out to the parking lot.


Liam hot wired a car and they were back at the house in a few minutes. “Dean is gonna kill me if we're not back before he is,” Liam sighed as they went inside.


It didn't take long for the little boy to appear. “Lucas. That's your name, isn't it? I talked to your mommy. She misses you so much,” Mary spoke to him. He pointed toward the basement door. They pried the door open and went down with flashlights. Lucas appeared again. “Lucas, why did you bring us here?”


“Help us,” Lucas looked toward one of the walls.


He disappeared when Liam's phone rang. “Damn,” Liam sighed when he saw it was Dean. “Hi. I love you,” he answered.


“Where the hell are you?” Dean demanded.


“We're back at the house. Your mom had a hunch, and I agreed with her, so...”


“Yeah, we salted and burned all the remains.”


“Didn't work, like I told you it wouldn't. Do I really have to say it at this point?”


“It would be better if you didn't. Okay, get out of the house and wait for us.”


The call started breaking up. “What? Hello?” The call ended. “Well, that's not a good sign.”


“Dean's mad?” Mary guessed.


“He is, but that's not what I was talking about.”


Lucas reappeared. “What's keeping you here?” Mary asked him.


He pointed to the corner. “Him.”


The house started to shake and they ran back upstairs. The ghost of a man confronted them. “You're the father of that little girl. You killed them,” Mary accused.


The spirit pulled Mary toward him and placed his hand on her chest, starting to freeze her. Liam ran for the bag Mary had left on the floor, and Sam and Dean had just arrived. “Mom!” Dean called out and ran in just as Liam tried to hit the spirit with an iron chain. He disappeared and she fell forward. Dean ran to her to help her up, but she elbowed him in the face.


“She's possessed,” Sam realized when he saw black goo coming from her eye.


Liam moved to try and wrap Mary with the chain, but the spirit threw him back into the wall and he fell to the ground. Then Mary grabbed Dean and started choking him while freezing him. “My house. My children. Forever.”


“Mom? You can fight this,” Sam urged, unsure of what to do.


“Mom?” Dean tried to get through to her.


Mary cried and pulled back, sinking to her knees. “The basement. Go!”


Sam ran down into the basement. Lucas appeared and pointed at the corner of the wall. Sam looked around for tools, and when he found a large hammer he started breaking down the wall. Behind it was skeletal remains. Sam quickly salted and burned the body.


When he ran back up Dean had the chain around Mary, but the ghost was out of her and burning up before he disappeared with a few children around them. Liam opened his eyes just in time to see each child leave in a streak of white light.


No one said much as they drove back to the motel. “Well, you gonna take a shower? Take a nap? You really went through it today,” Dean said to Mary when they walked in the door.


“No, I'm okay,” she insisted.


“And, um, listen, apologies if, uh, me and Sam hijacked or sidelined you in any way. I mean, this was your case, you know? And well, you kicked ass. Again.”


“I kicked ass? You saved me.”


“Yeah, but you were right. You know, those kids were innocent. I mean, hell, we didn't even know what Moriarty's deal was.”


“I do. When he possessed me, I saw, I felt it. All of it. When Hugo lost his child, he went mad. Buried himself alive in his basement and walled himself in and starved to death.”


“Damn,” Dean shook his head.


“But when new families moved in, families with children, he coveted those children. So he took them. Killed them. And somehow that bound their spirits to his. That’s where he got his power. He was so greedy. Twisted.”


“Mom, it's okay. All right? We'll go home and enjoy a little quiet. You'll feel better.”


“No.” Dean was hurt by that. “I miss John. I miss my boys.”


“We're right here, mom,” Sam said.


“I know. In my head. But I'm still mourning them as I knew them. My baby Sam. My little boy Dean. Just feels like yesterday we were together in heaven, and now... John is gone, and they're gone. And every moment I spend with you reminds me every moment I lost with them. And Sam, I know you meant well, but those three kids calling me grandma... I missed being there when they were born. I didn't get to hold them as babies. More that I missed that I shouldn't have. And I thought hunting, working, would clear my head.”


“Mom, what are you trying to say?” Sam was getting a little worried.


“I have to go. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I just need a little time.” She took a step toward Dean but he backed up and looked down at his feet. She then turned to Sam and hugged him. “I love you. I love you both,” she looked back at Dean. Then she went to Liam. “Take care of them, okay? Make them listen to you better.” She hugged him.


“I will,” Liam gave her a little smile. “But at least let me hook you up while you take some time.” She looked a little confused at that. “I mean give you some money, a phone to keep in touch. I'm here if you need me.”


“Oh. Thank you.”


“Let's get you your own room for the night, then I'll set up everything in the morning. Right now I'm tired and I hurt, as usual.” He went with her to the front office, leaving Sam and Dean alone for a few minutes.

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