Hunting Humanity XI

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As soon as Ketch left Sam, Dean, and Liam were trying to think of any possible way to get out of the bunker. Dean tried the circuit box, but it was as dead as everything else. He punched the wall in frustration. “Alright. The garage?”


Toni shook her head. “Doors are warded and the walls are reinforced steel.”


“Okay. Um, you know, maybe we could get out through the air vents,” Sam suggested.


Toni scoffed at that. “You wouldn't get far. There are choke points in the duct system not even I could squeeze through.”


“Why are we listening to her?” Liam posed the question. “She's one of them.”


“Excuse me!” she crossed her arms in offense. “I'm trapped in here, same as you.”


“I say we kill her,” Dean grumbled. “I mean, you heard Ketch. Said we had about three days of air left. So if we ice her, maybe that buys us an extra day.”


She took a step back. “I assure you, Dean, I'm an extraordinarily shallow breather. If we ever get out of here, I am the one who programmed your mother, which means that I am the only one who can undo it. And since I assume you want Mummy back, you need me.”


“You believe her?” Dean looked to Sam.


Sam shook his head. “I don't know. Look, if she's lying, sure, we take her out. But Mom is still out there, brainwashed. If she's telling the truth, then we do need her.”


“And you?” Dean turned to Liam.


“I think she's telling the truth about programming your mother. I could-”


“No,” Dean cut him off. “Let's deal with the most serious problem first. How do we get out of here?”


“The only way out is to pull the manual override,” Toni answered.


“Is that a thing?” Sam asked.


“Oh, it is,” she assured them. “But it's outside the bunker, where we can't reach it.”


“Wait a second, guys,” Sam suddenly had a thought. “We're in a giant vault loaded down with occult books and lore. There's gotta be something somewhere in here, an item or a spell, some hoodoo that can reverse the lockdown.”


“I can't, but you can,” Liam sighed. “Okay then.”


“Liam,” Dean gave him a sharp glare. “You are already physically ill from straining yourself.”


“Yes, breaking through with blunt force would kill my earthly vessel, but then you'd get out and survive.”


Dean took his husband's hand. “We've already seen how I handle that, so let's try Sam's idea before doing anything completely crazy. I know that's a foreign concept to you, but try it for me.”


Liam rolled his eyes, but followed Sam to the library. “He really cares for you,” Toni made the observation.


Dean nodded. “Yeah, he does. And I'd sell my soul for him. I did sell my soul for him, long story. Too bad you can't understand that kind of feeling.”


They poured through books for nearly two hours. “I think I got something,” Sam announced. “When the Romani people were forced to assimilate in Europe, the, uh, the Romani used a spell, the Abrogation ritual, as an act of rebellion against their persecutors. The Devla turns back complex mechanical processes, resets equipment, machinery.”


“What's it take?” Dean asked.


“Seems like pretty basic ingredients. Nothing we don't already have. Oh. The mechanisms must be anointed with the blood of virgins.”


Dean shot a sideways glance at Toni with a raised eyebrow. “Not even close,” she answered the question he was thinking.


Dean sighed. “Alright, well, then, I guess we keep looking.”


“Or we fake it,” Sam was getting an idea.


“Excuse me?” Toni raised an eyebrow.


“We fake it. I mean, I've read half a dozen purification rituals in the last hour. If we used one of those on our blood...”


“Then what? Re-virginize it?” even Dean thought it sounded crazy.


“So we purify the blood, then do the spell,” Toni actually started thinking about it. Two step, hybrid magic.”


“It's worth a shot,” Liam said as he rubbed his eyes.


They gathered the ingredients and then Sam held his hand over a bowl and sliced his palm while saying the incantation. Dean and Toni did the same. When Liam was going to grab the knife Dean pulled it away. “No offense, but you're probably way past purification.” Liam glared daggers at his husband, but took a step back.


“Alright, that's step one,” Sam said as he moved the bowl to a table. “Step two, you're up,” he looked to Toni.


Toni sprinkled some herbs into the bowl and started reading a different incantation. There was a rumble, and the lights started flickering on. “It's working!” Liam was impressed.


But then everything shut back off. “No,” Sam whined in frustration. “What happened?”


“Ketch! He knew we'd...” Toni started to grumble. “He must've put some kind of mystical dampener on the bunker's lockdown. Magic won't work.”


“Slightly smarter than I gave him credit for,” Liam sighed as he got up and headed into the kitchen.


“Where are you going?” Dean called after him. A few minutes later the blond returned with all the beer that was in the fridge. “What are you doing with that?”


“Making a mess, it's fun,” Liam answered as he put a giant bowl on the table, shook one of the beer bottles, then popped it open, letting the foam explode out.


“Have you completely lost it!”


“The bubbles!” Sam figured it out.


“The what?” Dean gave his brother a funny look.


“What are bubbles made of?” Liam asked Dean like it was a stupid question, mostly because it was.


“Air,” Dean suddenly got it, and moved to help with the process. “I hate to do it, but it will buy us some time.”


“You're a little smarter than we gave you credit for,” Toni complimented Liam.


“Tell me something I don't know,” Liam smirked, but on the inside he was worried.


Dean pulled out the blueprints to the bunker again. “Okay, we have exhausted brains, so I saw we try brawn.”


“How?” Sam asked.


“Walls. Now the garage, the Crow's Nest, these are all reinforced steel walls, right? But right here, that's nothing but concrete,” he pointed to one wall. “And right there, that's an old sewer pipe, goes straight up to the surface, to the override.”


“So wait a second. We're just gonna...?”


“Straight Shawshank this bitch.” He looked to Liam. “There's a whole room full of potion ingredients. You think you can buy us a little more oxygen?”


The blond shrugged. “I can try, but no miracle promises.”


The brothers went at the wall with pickaxes, and after an hour had made very little progress. Dean slid down to sit on the floor. “We earned a break.”


“Yeah,” Sam nodded and sat down beside him.


“We'll get there,” Dean was trying to stay positive.


“No we won't. We're not gonna hit dirt for three days. Two if we're lucky. I know you feel it; the air, it's thin. And it's getting thinner. How did this happen?”


“What part?”


“All of it.”


“You know, it wasn't long ago, I thought we had it made. We found people we love. We saved the world. We got Cas back. We had Mom back. I mean, it wasn't perfect, but still, we had them. And now...”


“Now they're all gone,” Sam finished the sentence. “And Mom, what they did to her... I just fell for their company line. Man, I... I saw what they were doing, and I thought hunters on that scale, working together; how much good we can do. And once I was in, I just followed because it was easy.”


“Easier than what?” Dean asked.


“Easier than leading.”


“Once again the crazy blond was the voice of reason. He was willing to cooperate as it suited, but there was something about them he didn't trust.”


Sam snorted at that. “Now we know. Is this how you pictured it? The end?”


“Oh, you know it's not. I always thought we'd go out like... Butch and Sundance style. Blaze of glory. Son of a bitch.”




“I know how to get us out.”


Dean went and found the grenade launcher, and then he filled Toni in. “You're lunatics,” she shook her head. “This is a colossally stupid idea.”


“Those are the plans that usually work the best. I've had this thing for so long. Been waiting for the perfect moment to use it.”


“The explosion could kill us all. You could bring the whole bloody place crashing down.”


“Maybe,” Dean shrugged.


“You're lunatics. Action movie loving, cheeseburger eating, moronic American lunatics.”


Sam ushered Toni into the hallway. “Okay, beautiful,” Dean got ready to fire. There was a loud explosion as debris flew everywhere.


“Dean?” Sam poked his head out when the dust settled. There was a hole in the wall, exposing the ladder, but Dean was nowhere to be seen. “Dean!” Sam was starting to get worried, and it was getting harder to breathe.


Suddenly the bunker powered on, and Dean came in through the door, his knee bloodied and torn up. “Hey, lunatic,” he smiled at his brother. “Liam should've poked his head out by now,” Dean was suddenly worried.


Sam handcuffed Toni to the table and they went looking for Liam. Sam tried to open the lab door. “It's locked.”


“That's not good,” Dean said as he tried to kick the door open, but only hurt himself more. Sam got it open and Liam was lying unconscious on the floor. “Don't be dead,” Dean's chest was tight.


Sam rushed to kneel beside him. “No pulse.” Sam tried CPR and after about a minute Liam started coughing and his eyes fluttered open.


“My head,” the blond groaned. “What happened to you?” he asked when he saw Dean.


“Long story,” Dean answered as he helped Sam pick the blond up. “Just breathe. We're back in business and we've got some damage control to do.”


They went outside to the car so they could contact every hunter they knew and warn them. “Uh, dead,” Sam shook his head at the box of burner phones they kept.


“Wait, I got one,” Dean found one with a little juice left. He dialed. “Garth? Hey. Oh, man. It's good to hear your voice. Listen, uh, those Brits I told you about, they've got a hit out on American hunters. I'm guessing that goes double for werewolf hunters, so... No, I don't have time to explain. You and Bess need to get someplace safe.”


Sam had found another and tried to call Jody. “She's not picking up,” he seemed very concerned.


“We do keep in contact with her more than Garth,” Liam pointed out.


“Not helping,” Dean said as he rushed to get in the car.


They raced to Jody's house and prepared themselves as they went in. “Jody. Alex,” Sam called out as they looked around and found blood on the floor.


Jody was sitting in a chair with an ice pack on her face, and Alex stood next to her. “Hey,” Alex greeted them.


“Hey. Where is she?” Sam asked, assuming that Mary had been there from the way things looked.


Jody pointed to a chair across the room where Mary was tied up. “Hello, boys,” she greeted them with very little emotion.


“I find that a little creepy,” Liam commented.


Alex saw that Dean's leg was injured, so she helped him to a chair to bandage him up while Sam filled them in. Jody shook her head. “When she clocked me out of the blue, I thought she was a demon. I had no idea that brainwashing could be so thorough.”


“Jody, she...” Dean sighed. “I'm so sorry.”


“It's not your fault. Fortunately, Alex came home.”


“All I did was buy you time. You knocked her out,” Alex said when she finished bandaging Dean up. “I'll get you something for the pain.”


“Make it a double,” Dean said as she left.


Jody put a hand on Dean's shoulder. “Aw. You wanna play mother to my son?” Mary's tone was taunting. “He's all yours.”


“Dean, that's not your mom,” Jody reminded him.


“What's the matter, Dean? Am I too different from the Mary you know? Or too much the same?”


“You have her face, but they sucked all the humanity out of you,” Liam answered for Dean. “Just like they do to everyone they control. I may not be entirely human, but at least I have free will and feelings. Can't say the same for you anymore.”


Sam had gone out to the car to get Toni. They had left her handcuffed in the back seat. “Here she is. Do your thing,” Sam sat her down by Mary.


“Alright, you said you could fix her, so fix her,” Dean insisted.


“I um...” Toni hesitated.


“She lied,” Mary answered for her.


“What?” Sam was suddenly angry.


Toni swallowed hard. “Mary's programming. It's permanent.”


But you said...” Dean growled.


“You were going to kill me. The Mary that you know, the good Mary, she's hiding behind impenetrable psychic walls. And I'm afraid these walls... Well, they can't be torn down with grenades. Your mother can't be saved.”


Dean stood and cocked his gun. “Alright lady. We only kept you alive for one reason.”


“What exactly were you expecting to happen when we got out?” Liam asked. “Ketch probably told your employers that we killed you, and your file has probably already been burned and your desk cleaned out.”


“He's probably right,” Mary found that amusing.


“Speaking of Ketch,” Sam looked over at Mary's phone vibrating on the coffee table. “Ketch keeps calling Mom's phone.”


“I'll get it,” Mary said.


“Let it go to voicemail,” Dean grumbled. “Let's take a nice little short walk to the backyard,” he shoved Toni.


“This is not going to stop,” Toni tried to stall. “Soon enough, they'll find out you're alive, and then... Well, if you want my advice, run.”


“We're not you, sweetheart,” Liam patted her on the head.


“You think you could get some information out of her?” Sam asked suddenly.


“One way or another, why?” Liam asked.


“Because I say we take this fight to them.”


“Oh, like the vampires. I like it. So you want inside intel.”


“You'll never get anything out of me,” Toni smirked. “I was trained to resist torture by the best.”


Liam laughed. “Honey, that wasn't training. That was ass clown amateur hour. Does she have to be one piece when I'm done?”


“Throw her into a wood chipper for all I care,” Dean said as he handed her over.


“Do you have one of those?” the blond asked Jodi.


“In the back shed,” she answered.


“Awesome. Leg first, or arm? So hard to decide.” Toni looked genuinely terrified as Liam dragged her off to the shed.


Dean laughed as he watched. “I'm head over heels in love with that psycho.”


A few hours later Jody's living room was full of every hunter they would get a hold of. “Feet off the table, Jerry,” she said as she handed out beers. There was another knock at the door. “That should be the last one.”


Sam opened the door. “Walt. Roy,” he greeted them.


“Well damn,” Walt looked surprised to see him. “We haven't seen you guys since...”


“Since you killed us,” Dean finished the sentence. “No hard feelings.”


Liam returned with Toni in tow, and she was very much in one piece. “No wood chipper?” Sam mused.


The blond forced Toni into a chair. “Turns out I didn't have to resort to that.”


“You gonna tell us what we're doing here or what?” Walt demanded.


“Of course. Yeah,” Sam nodded. “So my brother and I, we... No, you know what? I called you here because people, our people, are being slaughtered. And we're next. The British Men of Letters, they came here because they thought they could do our job better than we could. And they hooked us with their flashy gear and their tech. Most of you had the good sense to turn them down. I didn't. They said they wanted the same thing we wanted, you know? A world free of monsters. That's not what they really wanted. They want control.”


“I knew that,” Liam spoke up.


“Hobbit, I'm making a point here. They want to live in a world where they can sit in some office and decide who gets to live and who gets to die. And they've killed people. They've killed innocent people just because they got in the way. They think the ends justify the means. But we know better. We know hunting isn't just about killing. It's about doing what's right, even when it's hard.”


“It's a little about killing,” Liam interrupted again.


“Liam...” Sam growled.


“Keeping you on your toes, love. You're on a roll.”


“We play by our own rules, and that scares them. That's why they want us dead, because we're the one thing they can't control.”


“So what do you want from us?” Roy asked.


“I want you to follow me. Take the fight to them. To hit them before they hit us. We go in fast and hard and we fight and we beat them down until they give up or until they're dead. Look, they're well trained and well armed. Some of us might not make it back. But we will win. We will take down the bad guys because that's what we do. They're scared of us. They should be.”


Liam then stood up. “Most of you don't know this, but earlier this year a band of vampires stormed their compound. If it wasn't for Sam and I they'd all be Count Chocula snacks. Seems like only one of them learned a damn thing, and he jumped ship months ago. The rest of them would rather drown in their own arrogance. We can exploit the same weaknesses the vamps did. Not to mention I did a little poking around in Toni's mind. I now need a shower and an antidepressant, but that's besides the point. I know how to get past surveillance and turn the alarm off. Oh, also, Mick stockpiled some weapons just in case, and he sent them over for us.”


“You talked to Mick?” Dean didn't look happy.


“He also knows a few things, and of course the weapons, so yes. Unlike Toni here, he's long given up the desire to receive praise from them.”


“He always did seem a bit weak,” Toni huffed.


“Yeah, most people don't take well to someone trying to shoot them in the back of the head like a coward. Even though Ketch left you for dead with us, if he whistled you'd probably crawl back into his bed like the whore you are.”


Ten minutes later a plain black van pulled up the driveway and Mick got out. Dean insisted on answering the door. “Hi there.”


“The weapons are in the back,” Mick said, not getting close to Dean. “I've already told you you have nothing to worry about from me. I know he's yours.”


“Gear up,” Jody called out. “We roll in ten. You know where we're going?” she asked Sam.


“Yep,” Sam nodded.


Mick handed the keys to the van to Sam. “If you pull this off then I can stop looking over my shoulder.”


“You ready?” Sam put a hand on Dean's shoulder.


“Oh, I'm not going,” Dean said.


“What? Why?” Liam asked.


“My leg busted up the way it is, I'm no good in a fight.”


Sam looked upset by that. “I'll take a jacked up Dean Winchester over any ten other hunters any day.”


Dean looked at his brother with pride. “Yeah. I saw you. You're ready for this. You and the pretty blond wrecking ball, you show those sons of bitches who's boss.”


“What about you? What are you gonna do?”


Dean looked over to where Mary was still tied up. “I'm gonna save Mom. Look, if she's in there, if our real mom is in there somewhere, then I'm gonna try and find her, bring her back.”


Liam ran a hand through Dean's hair. “I understand. Just promise me that you won't do anything crazy.”


“Will you?”


“I wouldn't be me if I didn't do crazy shit. But I know you, and I don't want you to lose yourself. If it helps, picture me running off with Mick if you go off the deep end.”


Dean shook his head. “Oh, that's definitely good motivation there. You two got this.” He pulled both Liam and Sam in for a hug. “And you're both coming back.”


“Promise,” Sam nodded.


They drove to the headquarters, and Liam was able to lead them to a rear entrance used by assets. He opened the gate with Toni's personal code. “They haven't completely erased her yet,” he was surprised when the perimeter gate opened.


“We thought you were dead,” a guard said as he walked over to open the van door.


Before he could react to Toni not being there, Sam shot him. “No, you are.”


“Cover me!” Liam ordered as more guards rushed over and alarm was sounded. He shot one with his pistol when they started to fire, but the other hunters took over so he could make it to the second gate. He entered in the emergency code, and the gate opened.


More guards rushed them when the building door opened, but Sam and Jody were right behind him, firing their high powered rifles until the hallway was clear for the moment.


“Go!” Sam shouted as the hunters infiltrated the building.


The hunters threw grenades into empty rooms, and cleared out hallways with guards with smoke bombs. The blasts shook the foundation and the power went out. Liam led the mob of hunters straight to the control room where a woman was desperately trying to get it back online. “Feel lost without your fancy program?” Liam teased. “I guess that really just sucks for you.” He shot her in the forehead and then fired several rounds into the screens.


Dr. Hess had retreated to a room deep in the compound. Somehow a backup generator had been turned on and when Liam blasted through the door she was talking to a computer, demanding to be rescued. She reached for a gun on the table but Liam reached out and made it come to him.


“Listen, Dean...” her tone was pleading as she looked to Sam.


“It's Sam,” Sam corrected her. “And you must be Hess, I trust. You're in charge of this whole operation? Or, uh, what's left of it.”


“Sam, you might think it in your best interest to kill me, to end all of this here.”


“An arrogant bitch who thinks she controls the world dying like a trapped rat while begging for mercy,” Liam said as he crossed his arms. “Personally, I like it.”


“You shouldn't listen to him, Sam,” Dr. Hess continued to try and change Sam's mind. “He's dangerous. He's poison. He's making you think I'm a threat to you because I'm a threat to him.”


Sam scoffed at that. “He's many things, but he's never killed my friends because they were in his way. He doesn't lie to me very often. He never lies to Dean. And the major difference is he doesn't harm innocent people if he can help it. He's been by my side for twelve years, doing things my way, being my best friend, healing my brother with his love. He's crazy, I can't argue that, but even if this is a choice between him and you, it's the easiest choice I will ever make in my entire life.” He took aim.


“Shooting me now, severing all ties with the British Men of Letters, at this particular moment, that would be a grievous mistake.”


“I doubt it.”


She slowly reached to grab a folder. “There are reasons to reconsider. Things that you don't know.” She opened the folder to reveal a grainy picture of Lucifer.


“What are these?” Sam asked.


“Lucifer is back. Yes, Sam. All thanks to your good friend Crowley. Not that it did him much good. Crowley is dead.”


Liam lowered his head. “Shit!


“Um, is there something you're not sharing?” Sam looked questionably at the blond.


“I'll tell you what you need to know later, after we finish what we're currently doing. Don't let her distract you.”


“You should be distracted. The Devil is out looking for his son, following in its mother's footsteps, tracking her and your friend the angel. If Lucifer gets his hands on that child, they'll be unstoppable. You can't face that alone. You need us.”


“Got it covered,” Liam insisted.


“Listen to her, boy,” a man's voice on the other end of the computer connection said.


“Okay,” Liam sighed. “I want you to listen closely and then think hard about whether or not I'm someone you want to keep screwing with. I know you still haven't completely fixed the damage I did to Kendrick's. You probably never will. I turned Mick into my asset because I could. I burned down that warehouse because I fucking felt like it. And that child you're so worried about? Lucifer may have biologically fathered him, but he's my son, so hands off!” With that he shot the computer, and then Hess in the forehead.


Sam put a hand on Liam's shoulder. “I'm not gonna ask a lot of questions right now, but when we get back to Dean we have to have a serious talk about information sharing.”


They drove back to the bunker and walked inside to find Dean and Mary cleaning up a mess. Sam tensed a little bit. “You don't have to be scared of me,” Mary gave him a soft smile. Sam went to hug her.


“Looks like we missed some action here,” Liam smiled as Dean hobbled over and kissed him.


“And now I have everyone back,” Dean hugged him tight.


Sam turned to Liam. “Yeah, time for that little discussion. We should probably all sit down.”


Dean suddenly looked worried. “Did something bad happen?”


Liam bit his lip. “Depends on your point of view.”

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