Hunting Humanity XI

BY : greenwizard
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Dean moaned softly as his lips brushed Liam's, his breathing labored. The blond mumbled something incoherent before biting the side of Dean's throat. “Fuck!” Dean hissed and picked up the pace of his thrusting.


“Right there,” Liam panted as his eyes rolled back in his head. Dean claimed his mouth again and let out a deep moan as he climaxed. As Dean rolled over onto his side trying to catch his breath, Liam raised an eyebrow at him. “Um, I'm not finished, “ he pointed to his own erection.


Dean chuckled with a little smile. “I think I can remedy that.” He re positioned himself on the bed and took his husband's cock into his mouth, gently sucking on it. Liam's eyes closed and his mouth opened as he inhaled sharply. Then he let out a little high pitched whimper when Dean reached to very lightly run his fingertips down his side.


It wasn't long before the blond was breathing heavily and his body stiffened. “Here it comes,” he warned before he bit his lip and blew his load. Dean did not move, but let it squirt into his mouth and he swallowed. “You've never done that before,” Liam was a little surprised.


Dean shrugged and moved back to kiss his other half and let him taste himself. “I like to try new things once in a while. Wasn't as bad as I imagined.”


Liam rolled his eyes. “Ever the romantic.”


“Just being honest,” Dean chuckled and pressed his body into Liam's while placing a little kiss just behind his ear.


“Hey, don't try to get me started again. I'm tired.”


Dean settled onto his side, their bodies still touching. “Hey, I wanted you to rest, but you were the one with other ideas. You pressed my buttons.”


“We had some catching up to do. That awful place didn't exactly give us conjugal visits. And my newest scar is pretty well healed, so...”


“Yeah, I didn't like being kept from you.” Dean stroked his hair, and then his hand wandered down his lover's neck and chest. “And I was worried about you because, you know...”


Liam sighed. “I've learned to take that in stride. It's not like I can stop it. Besides, I'm starting to have some memories. The important stuff I guess.”


“Like you see yourself doing it?”


“Not exactly. It's like it was told to me, you know what I mean?”


“I think so. But we should get some sleep. We're going back to the bunker in the morning.”


“Will our lives ever be even remotely normal?”


“Probably not.”


A few days later Dean came out to the war room with a cup of coffee. Sam was already at the table. Dean took a look at the board Castiel was using to track Kelly Kline's movements. “Yeah, I was looking at that earlier. Cas has been busy,” Sam said.


“Yeah, busy not finding Kelly Kline or her Rosemary's baby. I mean, how's a chick like this just drop off the map?”


“Well, I think that's what he's trying to figure out. Hey, you, uh, hear from Mom yet?”


“Yeah, she called last night, said she's got a line on a shapeshifter in Atlanta. I said we could come help, and she said don't bother. Apparently, she's got it.”


“Then she's got it. Mom's good.”


“I just think she jumped back into this a little quick, don't you?”


“I don't think we have the kind of mom who's gonna stay home and make us chicken soup for dinner, you know?”


“Oh no, I know that. I just...”


“You what?” Sam leaned in a little closer.


“It's nothing. Liam wants a bacon and egg sandwich, I should go make that for him.”


“He's pretty well healed up, right?”


“Yeah,” Dean nodded. “The, uh, Brits did a pretty good patch job, and the little bit of healing from Cas really helped. Can I make a confession?”


“Uh, yeah, sure,” Sam was a little surprised.


“Even with everything I see you go through, I think I would like to have a kid with Liam.”


Sam didn't quite know what to say for a minute. “That's... But you know that's not possible. I mean, you could do the surrogate thing, but...”


“But that's not what I want. I want a kid that's half me and half him. And I know it isn't biologically possible, and he'd get upset over me saying this, so don't tell him, okay?”


“Okay. My lips are sealed.”


Castiel appeared headed for the stairs. “I have to go,” he mumbled to the brothers.


“Got a lead on Kelly?” Sam asked.


“No. This is personal.”


“Meaning what?” Dean asked.


“Another angel. An old friend. He called out for help.”


Dean nodded. “Oh. Good old reliable angel radio.”


“He was begging for help and then he just stopped. I need to know if he's still alive.”


“Yeah, alright. Well we'll come with you,” Sam offered.


“Let me go get Liam on his feet,” Dean started back toward the bedroom. “He'll throw a fit if we leave without him.”


They had to stop for breakfast, but once they got going again Sam looked at Castiel in the backseat. “Cas, is there anything specific we should know about your friend?”


“What do you wanna know?”


“You said when you heard Benjamin, he was screaming.”


“Look, Benjamin wouldn't call for help lightly. And he wouldn't put himself in harm's way if he could help it. Benjamin is always very careful. Long ago, he found a powerfully devout vessel in Madrid, and her faith, it... she gave him everything, her trust and her body.”


“Wait. So Benjamin's a woman,” Dean was caught off guard by that.


“Benjamin is an angel. His vessel is a woman. But it's more than that. She's not just his vessel. Benjamin would never put her in unnecessary danger.”


“Okay, well, if this Benjamin is so careful, then what happened?”


“I don't know. That's what I need to find out.”


Castiel led them to the general area where Benjamin was when he called for help. It didn't take them long to find a crime scene. They went into the bar and Sam went to speak to the detectives. “The police report is calling it a stabbing,” he said when he came back.


“Sure, yeah. That's the official story,” said the man who found the body. “I mean, I was outside, and then dead woman? No blood? Come on. And these crazy burn marks?” he gestured to the image of black angel wings on the wall. “It's a cult thing, right? That's why the FBI's-”


“Get out,” Castiel growled.


“He means we can take it from here,” Dean said quickly. “Thanks. We'll call you when we're done.”


“Dude. You all right?” Sam asked their friend.


“No, Benjamin and I, we fought together. He was a gifted soldier. I don't know how this could've happened.”


Dean noticed something under one of the game machines. He bent down to see what it was, and found an angel blade. “Got something. Looks like we had a little angel on angel action.”


“I thought all that was done with,” Liam commented.


Castiel took the blade and looked at it. “This isn't Benjamin's blade.” Then he paused for a moment like he heard something.


“What?” Sam asked.


“We have to go. Now.”


“Indeed we do,” Astiratu said, his gaze on the blade. “And I don't think we want to take that with us.”


“You heard that?” Castiel asked.


“I did.”


“Any idea what we're dealing with?” Sam asked.


“Trouble,” the half angel answered as he turned to go back to the car.


A little while later they stood outside of a diner. “Alright, who we meeting?” Sam asked Castiel.


“His name is Ishim. Before I, uh, commanded my own flight of angels, my own battalion, I served under him with Benjamin.”


“And you think he knows what's going on?” Dean asked.


“We'll find out. You wait here.”


“Whoa, wait. Excuse me?”


“Ishim said to come alone. He doesn't like humans. And he really doesn't like you,” Castiel looked to Astiratu.


Astiratu pointed to his face. “Is there anything about my expression that tells you I care?”




“Besides, maybe it slipped your mind, but I remember why Ishim lost his battalion.”


Castiel sighed. “I remember. It's how I met you.”


“Care to share with the class?” Dean looked back and forth between the two.


“No,” Astiratu answered as he turned to go in, Castiel right behind him. The half angel walked right up to a table with two angels and took a seat across from them. “Hi there.”


“Castiel, what is the meaning of this?” Ishim looked to Castiel as he joined the table. “I said come alone.”


Castiel frowned. “I tried to, but...”


“What concerns him concerns me,” Astiratu said in a forceful tone. “Some believe that when you save a life you are responsible for it. Whether or not that's true, don't know, don't care. I'm here. Deal with it.”


The female angel sighed. “We've been waiting. I suppose it does take longer to get places now without our wings. You had a hand in that, correct?”


Ishim turned to her. “Now, Mirabel, some angels think of Castiel as a hero. After he left us, he had his own flight to command. Balthazar, Uriel. Great soldiers. Both dead now, of course. You had a hand in that too. So is he a hero? Is he a spanner in the works? I don't know.”


“I'm not a hero, but sometimes doing the right thing requires sacrifices,” Castiel tried to defend himself.


“True, but it just always seems that it's other angels sacrificing for your good deeds. Their wings, their lives.”


“Are you here to insult me or talk about Benjamin?”


“Can't we do both?”


“No, you can't,” Astiratu shot Ishim a glare. “I'm sorry you're jealous, but start telling us about Benjamin, or learn to enjoy being cockroaches.”


“Word has it you're weakened as of late,” Mirabel looked a little smug. “So you're threats are empty.”


The half angel looked her straight in the eye. “You really wanna test that theory?”


She looked away. “In the years since we lost our wings, two others from our flight have been murdered, like Benjamin.”


“We're all that's left,” Ishim added.


“Why didn't I know about this?” Castiel was surprised and upset.


Mirabel shrugged. “We didn't think you'd care.”


“Of course I care.”


“Does he?” Ishim motioned to Astiratu.


“I'll let you know when I've decided,” the half angel answered.


“Of course he does,” Castiel insisted. “He cares because I do. I know he hasn't exactly been friendly to our kind, but we haven't been very friendly to him either. I've seen the softer side, especially with-”


Before Castiel could finish Dean came in and headed right over to the table. “Hey. Feel a little left out over there. Scoot over.” Sam was right behind him.


“These are my friends,” Castiel said. “My friends who don't listen very well.”


“How you doing? I'm-” Sam started to introduce himself.


“We know who you are,” Mirabel interrupted him.


“Check outside to see if there are others,” Ishim directed his companion.


“I only brought these three,” Castiel insisted as Mirabel got up to go outside and look as requested.


“As far as you know.”


“We weren't followed,” Astiratu seemed very confident of that. “Unless the...”


“Unless what?” Ishim raised an eyebrow.


“We're talking about your dead friends here. You have to share with me. I'll share with you if I think it's relevant.”


“Well, who wants some pie?” Dean tried to cut the tension while Ishim poured two packets of sugar into his coffee.


Ishim started staring at Dean. “You know, when I knew Castiel, he was a soldier. He was a warrior. He was an angel's angel. Now look how far he's fallen. No wings, no home. Just a ratty old coat and poorly trained monkeys.”


Astiratu leaned back in the seat and crossed his arms. “You really wanna start this, why don't I tell my monkeys all about your screw up. Oh, it was spectacular. Would have cost Castiel his life if not for yours truly. And the only thing better than witnessing the fail was the lecture and the stripping of title that came after.”


“Azy, don't,” Castiel stopped his friend. “This isn't about me. It's about Benjamin.”


“Now that is refreshingly accurate,” Ishim nodded. “But since you brought a couple of extra people to our little chitchat, we should go somewhere more private. I have a safe house nearby.”


“You thought of that all by yourself?” the half angel's tone was condescending.


“I'll go get Mirabel. So nice to see you, old friend. Have some pie,” Ishim said as he threw some money on the table before leaving.


“Wow,” Sam shook his head. “Hell of a friend, Cas.”


“Why do you let him talk to you like that?” Dean asked.


“If Ishim can help me find whoever killed Benjamin, then I have to,” Castiel answered.


“No, you don't,” Astiratu argued. “Cooperation and verbal abuse don't have to go together. Unless you're me, then, well...”


Castiel sighed. “The angels that I served with are being killed. So I will put up with Ishim, I will put up with everything else, and so will you. I have to go.”


Astiratu, Dean, and Sam followed Castiel outside, and when they heard a commotion in the alley they ran to see what was happening. Ishim and Castiel were fighting with a woman wearing an eye patch. Mirabel was dead on the ground. “Hey!” Dean shouted as he pulled out his gun and aimed at her.


She turned toward him. “I don't wanna hurt you. I don't want to hurt any human. Just let me finish what I started.”


“Yeah, not gonna happen, Patches.”


She raised her hand and the area was flooded with blinding light. “Yeah, no,” Astiratu raised his hand in the same fashion and diffused the light. The woman had been fleeing toward a car, and she paused only a second in shock before jumping in the car and speeding off.


“Did you get a plate?” Dean asked his brother.


“Yeah, I got it,” Sam nodded.


“Who the hell was that?”


“The person who put a tracking spell on her angel blade,” Astiratu answered. “And likely our killer.”


“You knew about a tracking spell and didn't say anything?” Ishim was angry.


“I said I would share if and when it became relevant. It just became relevant. Just don't touch anything and let's go to this safe house of yours before she comes back.”


They all went to an abandoned church. Ishim sat on a ratty old couch with a slice in his side from the fight. “Ishim, let me tend to your wound,” Castiel insisted.


“I'm fine,” Ishim snapped.


“Ishim, how is she still alive?”


“Wait a second. You know her?” that caught Sam's attention.


“Yes,” Castiel confirmed.


“You don't owe them an explanation,” Ishim tried to keep his fellow angel from saying anything.


“Okay, hang on now,” Dean was getting irritated. “Uh, One Eyed Willy back there wasn't trying to kill us. She was after you. So talk before she kicks in the damn door.”


“Before the Apocalypse, angels, um, well, we rarely came to earth,” Castiel started to explain.


“Yeah, uh, basically never, right?” Sam said.


“Right, except this once. Many years ago, there was an anomaly.”


“They wouldn't understand,” Ishim growled.


“I think they might surprise you,” Astiratu argued. “Unless you're trying to hide something.”


“Don't be ridiculous.”


“Cas, what's going on?” Dean demanded.


Castiel began telling them of how they were sent to deal with an angel who had taken a human wife and produced a child. Both the angel and the child had to be killed. The brothers let that sink in. “Cas, you um...” Sam didn't quite know what to say.


“We completed a mission,” Castiel said in a matter of fact tone.


“Some mission,” Dean shook his head.


“It was horrific, but it was necessary. It was right.”


“So says your angel programming,” Astiratu pointed out. “Which I was kind enough to corrupt, by the way.”


“You call that a kindness?” Ishim growled.


“And the woman?” Sam asked quickly to prevent any more bickering.


“Lily Sunder. She was a professor of Apocalyptic Literature. Studied angels, speaks fluent Enochian. I took mercy on her by letting her live,” Ishim answered.


“And now she wants revenge,” Dean sighed.


“I mean, she's gotta be what, a hundred years old?” Sam found that hard to believe.


“More,” Castiel said.


“Yeah, but somehow, she's still kicking ass,” Dean pointed out.


“No. Not somehow. I know what she's up to,” Ishim said. “She made some kind of demonic pact. Keeps her young, keeps her strong. Keeps her immune from our powers.”


“Not demonic,” Astiratu argued.


“How would you know?” Ishim got defensive.


“It's my job to know demonic. One, demons only make deals to collect souls, and only a seriously incompetent demon would make a deal and then let the subject live longer than the standard ten years. Two, when she threw off that bright light to get away, that was an angelic spell.”


“He's right,” Castiel agreed, and seemed troubled by the fact.


“Aren't I always?”


“Annoyingly so,” Dean nodded. “But either way, you, me, and Sam are going to go find her.”


“No, Dean,” Castiel protested.


“Cas, she doesn't care about us, okay? She's gunning for you guys.”


“Yeah, maybe we can reason with her,” Sam added.


“Uh, four dead angels indicate that perhaps she is not reasonable,” Castiel argued. “And even though her power doesn't seem to be dark, if she feels like you are getting in her way it could be dangerous.”


“Maybe, maybe not,” Astiratu argued back. “But she's not a demon or a monster, so we need to give it a try. Her family was murdered. I mean, I know you were just following orders, but...”


“Maybe if we find her, we can explain to her that you're different now, you know?” Sam tried to explain.


“Are you saying that those angels deserved to die?” Castiel got a little angry.


Astiratu rolled his eyes. “Don't make me smack you.”


Dean sighed. “No, that's not what we're saying. Just let us try to talk her down. If it'll make you feel better I'll put duct tape on Astiratu's mouth.”


“Dean, that won't work. She won't quit. Think about it. Would you?” Castiel shot the idea down.


“Castiel is right,” Ishim agreed.


“Well, you're at a bit of a disadvantage here, and we're not asking,” Dean said as he left, and Sam and Astiratu followed.


Sam used the license plate he'd seen outside the diner to find Lily. “You sure about this address?” Dean asked his brother while they rode up to the right floor in the elevator.


“Well, Lily's car was a rental, so I called the company. I told them she was wanted for questioning by the FBI. They pinged the LoJack.”


“Okay, you could've just said yes.”


“Yes. So what's the plan?”


“Well, we knock on her door and ask her nicely not to kill anymore angels.”


“And if she says no?”


“Then we burn that bridge when we come to it.”


They turned the corner and ran right into Lily coming out of her room. She recognized them and pulled out her angel blades. Sam raised a hand. “Whoa! Give us a second.”


“How did you find me?” she demanded.


“We're here to talk, that's it. We come in peace. Just hear us out. We heard what happened to your family.”


“How am I supposed to trust you when you brought one of them?” she eyed Astiratu.


The half angel shook his head. “I come to speak to you in a civil manner and you insult me by calling me an angel.”


She took a step back looking wary. “I don't understand.”


“He's not an angel,” Dean started to explain. “Well, he is partially, it's kind of hard to explain. He's a one of a kind being. Anyway, we're here to talk about Castiel. See, Cas is our family, so we can't let you hurt him.”


“Let me?”


“We don't wanna kill you.”


“I don't wanna kill you.”


“Okay, good,” Sam nodded. “Look, there we go. Agreed. Listen, it's not Cas' fault that heaven has these crazy rules about nephilim. Your daughter.”


“You think...?” Lily's eyes widened in surprise.


Astiratu sighed. “Let me guess. Your daughter was human.”


“You guessed right. All my life, I dreamed about angels. I studied them. I made them my life's work, until finally I learned the spell to summon one; Ishim. When I first saw him, it was like looking into the face of the divine. I thought he was perfect. But he is a monster.”


“Not the word I'd use, but I'm getting where you're going with this.”


“I had a relationship with Ishim first, but it became much too intense. Akobel was protecting me. I had my daughter long before I ever laid eyes on an angel. Ishim killed her to punish me.”


Dean turned to Astiratu. “You seem to know a little about Ishim. Are you buying any of this?”


“Yeah, I am.”


“Okay,” Dean let that sink in. “I'm gonna call Cas.” Dean pulled out his phone and tried to call. “Come on, come on. Yeah, he's not answering.”


“You two go,” Sam insisted. “I'll stay here.”


“Uh...” Dean hesitated a moment.


“I am no threat to him,” Lily assured them.


“Okay, come on,” Dean motioned for Astiratu to follow him back to the car.


When they returned to the church it was Castiel who was on the dingy couch. “Everything good here?” Astiratu asked.


Castiel nodded. “Yeah, I'm fine. And Ishim is fully recovered.”


Dean bit his lip. “Okay. Uh, maybe wish you hadn't had done that just yet.”


“Wait, why?”


“This Lily chick? Says that her daughter was human. I think Ishim is playing you.”


Ishim came back into the room. “You're back. So what's new?”


“Nothing really,” Astiratu answered. “Same shit, different century.”


Castiel seemed distressed as he turned to his fellow angel. “Is it true, Ishim?”


“Is what true?”


“Lily Sunder's daughter, was she human?”


“Who told you that?”


“She did,” Dean answered. “Said you were pretty obsessed.”


There was a hint of panic on Ishim's face for just a brief moment. “Well, she's a liar.”


“Why would she lie?” Castiel asked.


“She's human. It's kinda what they do.”


Dean shrugged. “Well, if she's a liar, she's pretty good at it. You, on the other hand, kind of suck.”


Ishim turned to Castiel. “Who are you gonna believe? Your brother, or some filthy ape who's always talking down to you, always mocking you.”


“And all the cheap shots you've taken at him the past few hours were....?” Astiratu pointed out.


“Learn to keep your nose out of angel business,” Ishim growled.


“Why do their words bother you so much, Ishim?” Castiel was beginning to realize the truth.


“Who are they to question my choices? Who are they to question yours?”


“Well, it seems that some of my choices may need to be questioned. Now tell me. The girl, was she human?”


After a moment of silence Astiratu crossed his arms and smirked. “Well how about that? He doesn't wanna lie, so he just isn't saying anything.”


Ishim sighed. “I used to envy you, Castiel. You believe that? You survived hell. You were chosen by God. But now look at you. You're just sad and pathetically weak.”


“Did you know that when you point a finger at someone, there are three pointing back at you?” Astiratu said.


“What?” Ishim was getting irritated.


“I think you still do envy Castiel. He has actually done things. I mean, he didn't always make the right decisions, but his intentions were good. You on the other hand, you fucked up your gate guard duty. If I recall, Castiel voiced a concern about signs that there was going to be a major gate charge that evening. You dismissed him. And um, turned out Castiel was right. But because of your arrogance, your battalion was seriously under prepared. Things that should never have been allowed out of the bowels of hell escaped. A good chunk of the angels you did have there died.” He turned toward Dean for a moment. “Oh, and you can thank his brilliance for Azazel, and pretty much every bad thing that ever happened to your family.”


“He let Azazel loose?” Dean's eyes narrowed.




“What about you?” Ishim's face was turning red as he got angry.


“What about me?”


“You were there, so how can it be all my fault? Why didn't you stop them?”


“I killed as many as I could. I am one being. A pretty magnificent specimen if I do say so myself... Bitch slapped the high level demon that took out four of your best angels. And then...” his gaze turned to Castiel.


Castiel swallowed hard. “I was gravely injured and surrounded. You killed the demon that was about to kill me, and then you dragged me out of there and tended to my wounds.”


“Indeed I did,” the half angel nodded. “Wouldn't have been necessary if shit for brains over there knew how to properly defend a gate. So I guess technically everything he criticized you for is his fault because if it weren't for his incompetence you would have never gotten to know me and become what you did.”


Ishim screamed in rage and charged at Astiratu with an angel blade. The blade grazed the base of the half angel's neck before he grabbed Ishim by the throat and slammed him hard into the wall. “You wanted him to do that, didn't you?” Dean realized.


Astiratu chuckled. “Glad to see someone has been paying attention. You're the weak one, Ishim. Cas, what do you think I should with him?”


“I... I don't know,” Castiel shook his head.


Ishim slipped out another blade he was hiding and tried to stab Astiratu in the stomach. The half angel caught it, but not before the tip shallowly pierced his skin. Astiratu growled and roughly wrenched the second blade away, dislocating Ishim's shoulder with a loud crack before punching him hard enough to knock him to the ground. “Those things don't work on me the way they do you, you idiot.”


Ishim wiped away the blood on his nose. “Maybe not, but your body is mortal.”


“And when I leave it I will be unrestrained and really angry.” The half angel reached out his hand toward Ishim and made a squeezing motion. Ishim started writhing on the floor in immense pain until Sam and Lily entered the room.


“I thought you were supposed to keep her out of this,” Dean said to his brother.


“Yeah, I changed my mind,” Sam answered.


“Good timing too,” Astiratu looked to Lily. “This started as your mission. What do you think should be done with the little prick?”


“Leave him to me,” Lily answered as she took a steadying breath. “I will never be powerless again.” She lifted up her eye patch to reveal a milky white eye, and with her hand she forced Ishim up against the wall.


“You can't hold me here forever,” Ishim taunted. “Neither of you can.” He started to fight it and managed a few steps forward toward Lily.


“You're right about that,” Astiratu admitted as he moved to stand beside Lily and started helping her hold him. “But teamwork can be a beautiful thing.”


While Ishim was being held, Castiel grabbed a discarded angel blade and stabbed Ishim in the back. Ishim screamed before his lifeless body fell. “I finally decided,” Castiel gave a little nod to his friend.


“And I agree with your decision,” the half angel nodded back.


“Alright, so uh, what now?” Sam asked as Lily moved to stand over Ishim's body.


“He's dead. Are you done?” Dean asked her.


She was quiet for a few moments. “Revenge is all I've had for over a hundred years. It's what I am.”


“Well, you just got your revenge,” Astiratu pointed out. “While I've never really been that fond of angels, what happened to you was Ishim's failing. He lied to his battalion. And now he's been dealt with.”


Castiel approached her with a sullen expression. “I'm sorry. I was wrong. And while it's true that I didn't know we were killing an innocent, ignorance is no excuse. I truly can't imagine the depths of your loss. This was your child. I can't imagine the pain. So if you leave here and you find that you can't forgive me, I'll be waiting.”


“Thank you,” she gave him a small smile.


They headed back to the bunker and when they sat down for dinner Dean handed Castiel a beer. “You earned it.”


“Well, this will do very little for me, but I appreciate the gesture,” Castiel said as he took it.


“You're not weak, Cas. You know that, right?”


“I mean, obviously, you've changed, but it's all been for the better, man,” Sam added.


“And you have been with us every step of this long, crazy thrill ride. And no matter how crazy it got, you never backed down,” Dean pointed out.


“And that takes real strength,” Liam said.


“Thank you,” Castiel was touched.


“So what are you gonna do if you find Kelly and, uh, Lucifer Junior? It is a nephilim, right?” Dean asked.


“Oh, no. It's more than that. An ordinary nephilim is one of the most dangerous beings in all of creation. But one that's fathered by an archangel, the Devil himself? I can't imagine the power.”


Liam got a far away look in his eye. “I can, and I don't like what I see.”


“But, Cas, at the end of the day, it's a mom and her kid. I mean, do you think you'll be able to...?” Sam asked.


“There was a time when I wouldn't have hesitated. But now, I don't know.”


“What are we gonna do?” Dean asked.


“Let's drink, and hope we can find a better way.”


“That works,” Liam nodded as he got up. “You guys can have the beer. I'm getting the rum.”


“When did you get rum?” Dean asked.


“While you were sleeping,” Liam answered as he headed into the kitchen.


“You better be mixing that with Coke,” Dean called after him before following just to make sure.


Castiel let out a little sigh. “Those two really are a perfect match. I'm happy for them.”


“So am I,” Sam agreed. “But who do you think is going to drive who crazy first?”


“They're both already crazy.”


“Can't argue with that,” Sam sighed as he took a sip of beer.

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