Hunting Humanity XI

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None of them said much during what seemed like a very long ride in the back of the armored vehicle. They didn't know exactly what they were getting into, but it didn't seem good. Once they arrived at wherever they were being taken, the guards ushered them into some official looking compound. They went down a long flight of stairs and into a narrow hallway. Then they were sorted into separate very small cells.


Liam wasn't sure how long he sat in that cell a little confused and scared before an older gentleman came into the room with a friendly expression. “Hi. How you doing? Can I get you coffee? Water? Or you hungry?”


“I'm fine,” the blond answered, determined not to show any emotion to this man.


“We know a lot about your friends, but not you. I don't even know what to call you. What's your name?”


“Pick one. Does it matter?”


“Of course it matters. We like to know who we have in custody. All we know about you is that you showed up with the Winchesters several years ago, and have used a few aliases. Before that there's nothing but your fingerprints at a sixty five year old crime scene. That intrigues me because you only look about thirty to me.”


Liam just shrugged. “I'd tell you, but you wouldn't believe me, so let's go with I'm a very odd case of repeating fingerprints.”


“Oh, you'll talk to me, and you'll tell me the truth.”


“Good luck with that.”


“Don't worry, I don’t believe in torture. Doesn’t work.”


“Just as well. I don't think you could come up with anything my own father didn't do to me daily for kicks anyhow. There's a little piece for your puzzle.”


“If that's true, then I'm sorry. It would explain a lot.”


“You know what, for the time being, call me Frank.”


“I guess we can go with that for now. See, Frank, what I am going to do is leave you in this cell all by yourself with nothing. Like I told your friends, it may take some time, but you'll talk. After what you three did we got all the time in the world.”


“And what exactly did we do?”


“You know the answer to that.”


“No, I really don't. Part of it for me is a memory problem, but I do kind of remember being found with the president's unconscious body.”


“That's right.”


“But how is that a crime? The Secret Service did not have their eyes on him for several minutes, plenty of time to kill him if that was indeed our intent. But he was just unconscious. No injuries of any kind. Tell me, if the plan was to kill him, why didn't we?”


“That's one of the things you'll tell me after you've had a long time to think about it.”


“We'll see.”


The next morning when a guard came in to do rounds he found Liam calmly sitting at the guard's desk with a pair of nail clippers, giving himself a manicure. “How did you get out?” the guard shouted.


The blond put the nail clippers down and smirked. “My little secret. Run, run, as fast as you can!” he chuckled before suddenly taking off down the hall.


The guard gave chase and alerted all other guards as well. It took them twenty minutes to finally tackle Liam to the ground, giving him a few good punches. Camp, the man in charge, was then called and told that the situation was handled. Camp entered the cell after Liam was dragged back. “Oh, Frank,” he was shaking his head. “This is a maximum security facility, so I don't know you got out, but we'll have to find a way to fix that.”


“You can try, but I'm an escape artist.”


“And you didn't leave your friends.”


“Love and loyalty mean something to me.”


The lock on the door was checked and rechecked, and yet in the morning Liam was in the guard's break room, leading to yet another lengthy chase. The cycle repeated itself every night for a week. They even tried chaining Liam to the bed, but he was always somewhere else in the compound in the morning.


“What are we going to do with you?” Camp asked one morning after the guards had been particularly rough out of frustration.


Liam just shrugged. “Hey, you give me nothing, I have to entertain myself somehow.”


“You call getting chased and beaten every morning entertainment?”


“Okay, so I'm ten kinds of screwed up.”


“Well, now we have to take you to medical to make sure your ribs aren't broken. Can you behave for that?”


“They are, and no. I don't know how to behave.”


“I guess we'll have to teach you. Since nothing we've done to you seems to have any impact, maybe we'll punish your friends.”


Liam's eyes narrowed. “Oh, I really wouldn't go there were I you.”


“So now you're threatening me?”


“Not exactly.”


The next morning Liam was actually still in his cell, but the guard who had been sent to rough the brothers up was found dead in the hallway. “You killed my guard?” Camp was angry. “Our doctor says his neck was snapped.”


Liam looked up at him innocently. “I didn't get out last night, so where is your proof?”


Just then another guard came in. “Security cameras were out all night.”


Camp sighed in frustration. “Any footage of Frank leaving his cell again at least?”


“Nope. Sorry.”


“See, I was a good boy,” Liam looked happy with himself. “So uh, no need to threaten my boys, okay?”


Quite some time passed, and Liam continued to drive them all crazy. One morning Liam approached Dean's cell, and all he had to do to get it to open was touch it. Dean was asleep, but the sound of the door opening woke him. “How did you...?” Dean blinked in confusion while Liam handed him a cup of hot chocolate.


“I missed you, but please don't ask too many questions. My only regret is not visiting you sooner, but I've been busy.”


“Doing what?”


“Trying to figure out where we are.”


“Have you figured it out?”


“I have some ideas.”


Dean pulled him into a hug and gently kissed his cheek. “You look like hell. Are you okay?”


“I will be when we can get out of here. They don't take kindly to me wandering around at night.”


Dean sighed and shook his head. “I've been worried about you because I know you. Seems I wasn't worrying for nothing.”


“It's nothing I can't handle,” Liam assured his lover as he nuzzled close.


“Well, I see you can open the doors. Are you gonna get us out?”


“Tomorrow night.”


“Are you gonna let Sam know to be ready?”


“I should, shouldn't I? Be right back.” Liam was only gone a few minutes. “You gotta admit, my freaky side comes in handy.”


Dean gladly pulled his husband back into his arms. “I never said it didn't. I just don't like you straining yourself because of how it drains you. Now you look beat up, but otherwise fine.”


The guard discovered them snuggled together and asleep in the morning. “Hey! Am I gonna have to chase both of you now?”


“No, I'll go quietly this time,” Liam got up.


Another guard came in. “Hey, did you take the van somewhere last night?”


“No, why?” the first guard asked.


“Looks like somebody did. When Matt went to go get the doc the keys weren't where he keeps them, and it was parked in a weird place.”


“Sounds like you've got quite a mystery on your hands,” Liam was amused.


“Did you check the GPS?” the first guard asked.


“Yeah, it went to the nearest gas station and back shortly after midnight.”


Dean glanced at the empty hot chocolate cups in the corner and smiled to himself. “I guess somebody had a late night craving.”


The next evening couldn't come soon enough. Liam opened his door as usual, but he froze when he saw an armed guard in the hallway, the gun pointed right at him. “You weren't part of the plan.”


“Bosses know you're up to something,” the guard said calmly. “Now back in your cell, or I have permission to shoot you.”


“Um, can't do that,” Liam backed away and then turned to run. The guard fired just as he was about to turn the corner and he was hit in his lower side. He didn't let it slow him down though because they had to escape, now or never.


A little dangerous game of cat and mouse, and Liam was able to lure the guard into a room and tackle him from behind to put him in a sleeper hold. Once the guard was out cold Liam took the guard's gun and cell phone.


He went back and opened the doors to Sam and Dean's cells. “I heard a gunshot,” Dean was concerned, and then saw the blood. “Okay, you can't run like that.”


“I'm gonna have to,” Liam argued and urged them to move. “We only have a few minutes before the other guards come to see why their buddy didn't report in, and I don't think they're gonna take me to a hospital.”


“He's right,” Sam agreed. “We stick to the plan, contact Cas as soon as we can.”


Dean sighed, but didn't argue because he also knew Liam was right. “Lead the way.”


They made their way outside. “Clear,” Sam said as he took a look around. “Now where are we?”


“Rocky Mountain National Park,” Liam answered as he handed the phone to Dean. “Call Cas.”


Sam eyed a van parked nearby. “Should we take it?”


“Lojacked,” Liam and Dean said in unison.


“Just keep following me,” Liam said, holding his side and wincing.


Dean dialed Castiel. The angel didn't pick up the first time, but he did when Dean tried again. “Dean?” Castiel sounded very surprised.


“Hey, buddy. Long time.”


“What happened? Where are you?”


“Long story. I'm told we're in Colorado.”


“We're headed north to State Route 34,” Liam said.


“Did you get that?” Dean asked Castiel.




“Alright, meet us there. Just drive along the road and you’ll see us. And, Cas, we’re kinda on the clock here.” Dean tossed the phone into a bush after he hung up. “Babe, you doing okay?”


“No, but we can't slow down because I wasn't quick enough.”


“How bad are you bleeding?”


“I might live long enough to get you two out of here.”


“Please don't talk like that. Cas is on his way.”


They moved as fast as they could through the woods. “Not looking so good, hobbit,” Sam looked concerned. Liam's jumpsuit was soaked with blood. The he picked the blond up and threw him over his shoulder.


“Hey!” Liam tried to protest and squirm, but he didn't have the strength. “You don't even know where we're going.”


“You said we're going north,” Sam said. “We got you.”


“Carrying me will slow you down.”


“You're not that heavy. An upside of being short.”


“Don't argue,” Dean joined the conversation. “We're not leaving you, and we're not letting you run yourself to death.”


It wasn't too much longer before they heard someone right behind them. They ducked behind a big tree and saw a guard walk past, someone trying to reach him on his radio. “This is Norton. I’m on the-”


While the guard was distracted Dean grabbed him from behind and choked him into unconsciousness. “Norton? Norton, this is Sanchez, do you copy?” the voice on the other end of the radio kept talking.


Dean picked up the radio. “Norton has gone nite-nite.”




“This is the man in charge?”


“That's right.”


“Well, let me tell you how this is gonna go. You’re gonna call your boys, and you’re gonna turn around, and nobody’s gonna get hurt.”


“No. This is how it’s gonna go. I take my highly trained soldiers, track your ass down, and you get hurt. A lot. You can’t run forever. You’re trapped out here.”


“Well, what we have here is a failure to communicate. Because we’re not trapped out here with you. You’re trapped out here with us.”


“What do we do?” Sam asked as Dean tossed the radio.


“We're gonna have to fight back,” Liam said. “Or you will. They won't stop.”


“Leave that to us,” Sam said. “You focus on not dying.”


It wasn't long before they came across a cabin. “That'll work,” Dean looked a little relieved. They went inside and Sam gently put Liam on the floor so they could start looking around. Sam found matches and an oil lamp to give them some light. Dean found a first aid kit and tossed it to his brother. “Fix him up as best you can. I'm gonna set up a few surprises for our friends.”


“That bear trap might come in handy,” Liam pointed to one that was on the floor not far from him.


“Yeah, I think it will,” Dean agreed and grabbed it.


Sam took stock of what was in the kit. “We don't have any alcohol, and I'm gonna have to try and get that bullet out with my fingers.”


“Do what you need to do,” Liam braced himself for the worst.


Dean came back a few minutes later. “We good on what we need to do?”


“Yeah,” Sam nodded. “I got the bullet and patched him the best I could.”


“We'll do what we always do, get him to a hospital as soon as we meet up with Cas.”


“We're escaping from federal custody,” Liam pointed out. “That's not an option.”


“We'll figure it out,” Dean insisted. “You're gonna be okay.”


They heard movement outside and the brothers took their places outside the cabin. Liam remained on the floor with the gun he'd taken from the guard at the compound. Every time a soldier came inside Liam shot him. Outside the cabin the brothers used distraction to surprise and knock soldiers out until the only man left was the leader. “Hey!” Dean shouted to grab his attention. The guy raised his gun and stepped forward, right into the bear trap. He screamed and dropped his gun. Dean moved in to kick it away. “I told you. You’re trapped.”


The guy looked behind Dean to Camp sneaking up behind him. “Camp. Shoot him!”


But Sam came up behind Camp and held a gun to his head. “Don’t. Hand me the gun.” Camp handed over his gun and Dean went inside for Liam. “You want the truth? The president was possessed by the devil. We saved his life. That’s the truth.”


Dean came back out carrying Liam. “Now you can take that and do what you want with it. But if you come after us, you know what’ll happen.”


“Who are you?” Camp asked as they started to walk away.


“We’re the guys that save the world,” Sam shouted back.


The sun was coming up when they finally found the road. Castiel was waiting for them. “Dean,” he sounded glad to see his friend, but then saw Liam being carried. “What happened?”


“Little complication,” Dean answered as he gently lowered Liam to the ground. “But of course a guy with a gun wasn't gonna stop him.”


“Never does.”


That was when Sam spotted Mary standing nearby. “Mom,” he smiled as he went over to hug her. “Mom, how did y’all even find us?”


“They helped,” Mary motioned to Mick and Mr. Ketch standing a little further away. “Hello, lads,” Mick waved.


“They have a thermal imaging satellite that saw you. From space,” Castiel explained.


“Well, we don’t have one. Just borrowed it for a bit. Friends in all the right places,” Mick said.


“Well, I guess this is where we’re supposed to say thank you,” Dean said.


“No need. Happy to be of service. If you like, we can also help your injured friend, if he's still alive. He doesn't look it.”


“He's still breathing,” Dean got a bit agitated at the comment. “But if you can save him, I'll like you a little better.”


“Get the medical kit,” Mick turned to Mr. Ketch.


Dean took Liam's jumpsuit off him while Mr. Ketch brought over a large box and knelt down beside the blond. “Abysmal first aid,” Mr. Ketch frowned when he saw the small blood soaked bandage.


“I did what I could with what I had,” Sam got a little defensive.


“I'm sure you did. Lift his head up a bit.” Dean got down on the ground and pulled his husband into his lap. Mr. Ketch pulled out a little vial with a blue liquid and started lightly smacking Liam's cheek. “Wake up for me.” When Liam groaned and opened his eyes Mr. Ketch poured the liquid down his throat.


“What was that?” Dean asked.


“A blood replenishing potion. Looks like he badly needs it.”


The wound was properly cleaned and bandaged. Sam looked back at the woods a bit nervously. “Okay, then. We should get. The people we left, they’ll call for backup any second.”


Mr. Ketch raised an eyebrow at that. “Uh, you left survivors?”


“They were soldiers, just doing what they were told,” Dean defended the decision.


“Still, a bit unprofessional.”


“We’ll handle it. Let’s get,” Sam insisted.


They grabbed Liam and got in Mary's car. As they drove they caught up a little bit. “So wait, you’re hunting?” Dean was surprised to hear that from his mom.


“A little bit,” she nodded.


“Yeah, I knew you couldn’t stay away,” Sam seemed happy.


“Guys, I don't mean to pry, but from everything you told me about that place... How did you get out?”


Dean looked down to Liam in his lap, then to his brother. “You think he's really still out?”


“He got shot and came very close to bleeding to death. I'd be surprised if he wasn't out cold for a few days.”


“What does that have to do with my question?” Mary wondered.


Dean sighed. “Mom, as I'm sure you guessed from him killing a demon by touch at Asa's funeral, there's something a little unusual about him.”


Dean explained everything, and Mary was quiet for a few minutes. “You're not serious. You're pulling my leg here.”


“I'm not,” Dean insisted. “I know it's a lot to take in. It took us a little while to digest. Hell, sometimes I still get a little freaked out when he does something I didn't expect.”


“And he just magically opened jail cell doors?”


“He did,” Sam nodded. “Like Dean said, it's a lot. I was a little afraid of him for a while, but I'm not anymore. He easily could've left us to rot and saved himself, but he didn't. He wouldn't.”


“And when this being is in the background, he can't know what he is?”


“Nope,” Dean shook his head.


“It has a tendency to make him overly ambitious and a little dangerous,” Castiel explained. “When he was Alexander the Great, an oracle alluded to it, and well...”


“Attempted world domination,” Mary understood what Castiel was trying to say. “Have you known him a long time?”


“A few hundred years, yes,” Castiel nodded. “He saved my life. Whether it was an act of kindness or a random whim, I don't know, but he became a friend.”


“He's good.” Dean assured his mother. “Completely insane, but he loves us, and he would never hurt us.”


“Okay,” Mary nodded as she took it all in. “I'll trust you on that. I mean, he's been really nice to me, so...”


Dean stroked Liam's hair. “I can't wait to get a shower and crawl into bed with him.”

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