Hunting Humanity XI

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Since they hadn't heard from Castiel regarding Kelly Kline, both Sam and Dean decided it might be a good idea to get other hunters they knew involved. Sam had contacted Eileen from the banshee case, and they soon received word that she had found something. They got into the Impala and headed for the bunker, Sam doing a video chat with Eileen while Dean drove. “So, uh, after we talked, you went back to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho?”


She nodded. “Right. The last place anybody saw Kelly Kline go. I figured I'd take a look. And turns out, right after she left, somebody burned down an old warehouse. I did some digging. Check your phone.”


“Okay,” Sam minimized the video for a second and looked for a new message. It was a picture from a surveillance camera. “What are those? Security shots? Oh, yeah. There's Kelly going in.”


“Nice work, Eileen,” Dean took a quick glance at the picture.


“Thank you.”


“So this chick with her, that, uh, Pat Benatar wannabe?”


“It must be Dagon, I guess,” Sam said as he minimized the picture.


“Awesome,” Dean was happy they were making progress. “So Kelly and Dagon go crash this place, and then it gets torched. Coincidence?”


“Hell no,” Eileen answered.


“Did you find anything else? What are we looking at?”


“Working on it.”


“Go get her.”


“That's the plan. Bye, Sam,” she gave him a little smile.


“Bye,” he smiled back as she hung up.


“That's cute,” Dean teased.


“Dean, I...” Sam looked irritated.


Dean rolled his eyes. “You're married, not dead. I'm not gonna judge you for having a little crush.”


“Then I won't judge you either when it happens to you. However, the sleeping blond in the backseat will probably kill you in a very painful manner.”


“You leave him to me, and let's go back to the subject of Kelly.”


“Just saying, Dean, even with Cas and every hunter we know working this, we still got basically nothing. At least, you know, maybe Crowley...” Sam was arguing his point a little later as they walked into the bunker.


“No, dude, we're not calling Crowley,” Dean shot down the idea.


“Hello, boys. Do come and have a drink.” Mick was sitting by himself at the table.


“Did you break into our house?” Sam asked.


“Our house. Men of Letters. Did you know your key opens every chapter house in the world?” he grabbed the drink in his hand and moved over to where the guys were standing.


Liam crossed his arms with a little smirk. “Good to know.”


“So it wasn't you,” Mick took a drink and set the glass down.


“What wasn't us?” Dean asked.


“Kendrick's was broken into. From what I hear quite a mess was made. The higher ups aren't at all happy, but there's no evidence to tell us who the responsible party is.”


“Interesting place,” Liam said as he sat on the edge of the table. “The information in your file explains a lot.”


Mick's eyes narrowed. “It was you. How? The magical defenses that have stood for hundreds of years were shattered like brittle glass.”


Dean's gaze turned to Liam. “Did you run off to England without telling me? Are you Superman?”


Liam shrugged. “A person can't go for a little stroll in the astral plane? And by the way, you call those defenses?”


Mick stuffed his hands in his pockets. “This is bad.”


Liam approached Mick until their bodies were pressed together. His fingertip lightly brushed the underside of Mick's chin as their lips only had a crack of light between them. “No one outside this room ever has to know.”


Dean pulled his husband back. “What are you doing? What did you do?”


“You name it, he did it,” Mick answered the question, the blush in his cheeks and the tent in his pants starting to recede as he pulled himself back together. “It'll take the staff weeks to clean up the mess.”


“Longer than that,” Liam looked rather pleased with himself. “I left a few surprises they probably still haven't found.”


“You...” Mick took a few deep breaths. “Alright. In the spirit of working together I'll keep your little adventure to myself.”


“Did you come here just to accuse us of wrecking your school, or...?” Sam asked.


“Well, there is another urgent matter I wanted to talk to you about. Some time ago the home office recorded some sort of cosmic shock wave. Very rare. And after a few months of-”


“Nephilim,” Sam interrupted him.


“You knew?” Mick was surprised.


“Yeah, we knew,” Dean confirmed.




“Sort of a long story,” Sam said.


“Well, I've got time.”


Dean sat at the table. “Well, Lucifer jacked the president, and then knocked up his girlfriend. And now, she is on the run with Dagon, who is a Prince of Hell.”


Mick let it all sink in. “I see. And you didn't tell me this because...?”


“It's kind of a need to know thing.”


Mick started getting riled up again, but for a different reason. “The Devil is having a child. It seems like something we'd need to know. Where is this woman now?”


Sam shrugged. “Not sure. We had her. Tried to help her, but, she, uh...”


“I'm sorry. You had her? And you let her live?”


It was Dean's turn to get a little agitated. “Look, it's not Kelly's fault, okay? She didn't know Lucifer was her boyfriend.”


Mick shook his head. “Oh, sure, yeah. It could happen to anyone.”


“You wouldn't be saying that if you actually knew Lucifer,” Liam commented.


“And you do?”


“Yes. Not to mention there was the whole being arrested and sent to a secret detention center for trying to assassinate the president. You sort of helped us get out of that, and I won't say I'm not grateful, but ease up.”


“Plus, she'd agreed to end the pregnancy. And I guess she changed her mind. Even with everything Kelly knew, it was still her kid. She couldn't,” Sam added.


“Then you should have! You should've shot her between the eyes immediately,” Mick argued.


“Why? Because that's what you would've done?” Dean crossed his arms. “Kind of like you killed that werewolf? Because from what I remember, that really messed you up.”


“I'm not saying it was gonna be easy, but the code demands it.”


Liam rolled his eyes. “I am getting so sick of this code. What goes on at that place you call a school is exactly why I broke it.”


Mick was getting very flustered. “This is not some werewolf. Do you have any idea what will happen if this abomination is born?”


“This exact situation has never happened before, so not exactly.”


“Mick, we're handling it, all right?” Sam assured him. “We'll find her. We were just speaking to a friend who has a lead. She'll call us the minute she finds out more.”


“Until then, why don't I get you settled in one of the bedrooms?” Liam grabbed Micks arm and pulled him down the hall with Dean watching them go.


When they were alone Mick sat on the bed. “I don't quite understand. I thought you didn't like me much.”


The blond sat next to him. “Your file was very illuminating. I know what you did, and what was drilled into your head. If you want my opinion, the British Men of Letters is a cult.” He moved to start massaging Mick's shoulders.


Mick moaned very softly at the touch. “If you really read my file then you know I didn't really have a better option.”


“True, but you have options now.” He stopped the massage and gave Mick a peck on the cheek. “So take some time and think about them.”


When Liam exited the room Dean was waiting for him. “What are you doing? Because I don't like it.”


Liam led his husband back down the hall. “I'm doing what I do best,” he answered when he was sure Mick wouldn't hear.


“And that is?”


“Deprogramming cult members. Dean, the British Men of Letters is everything we feared. What they did to Mick at a young age, it sickens me.”


Dean took a swig of the beer in his hand. “Coming from you, that's a little disturbing. So now you have a soft spot for him?”


“I'm trying to bring him over to our side.” He cupped Dean's hand in his cheek. “You're going to have to trust me here. Also, I'm not dead,” he teased as he walked away.


“You heard that, huh?” Dean said as he followed.


In the morning Sam came into the kitchen to get some coffee. Dean and Liam were already having breakfast. “Hey, you talk to Mom lately?” Sam asked his brother.


Mick came in before Dean could answer. “Oh, shouldn't worry about your mum. Her and Ketch make quite the team.”


“Would you want your mom working with him?” Dean raised the question.


Mick only shrugged. “Well, I can't say. I never really knew my mum. Or my dad. I was on the streets till the Men of Letters found me.”


“How did they find you?” Sam asked.


“He picked the wrong pocket,” Liam answered for him between bites of waffle.


“He what?”


Mick sighed. “You really did read my file. I was just after a couple of quid, but I got a cursed coin from ancient Babylon instead.”


“Yeah, sure. That could happen to anyone,” Dean said sarcastically.


“The Men of Letters decided I showed promised and signed me up. They gave me a life. They, um...”


“Took in a stray they knew would be grateful, and thus very obedient,” Liam finished the sentence.


“Was that a direct quote?” Mick frowned at that.


“Maybe. Maybe you should even read for yourself,” the blond tossed a file at him.


Mick caught it and looked down at the Men of Letters symbol with a far away look in his eyes. “How did you get this here?”


“I have my tricky ways.”


“Do you have any tea?”


“Of course I do,” Liam smirked and opened up a large cabinet that was dedicated entirely to loose leaf tea. “Last I counted fifty eight different flavors. Take your pick.”


Dean just shook his head. “You are out of control.”


“I'm beginning to see that,” Mick mumbled as he started looking through all the tea.


Eileen came to the bunker to tell the guys everything she knew. Dean dialed Castiel's number again, but only got voicemail. “This is my voicemail. Make your voice a mail.”


“Come on, Cass. I've called you three times now. Will you call me back? We've got a line on Dagon. We need your help,” Dean left yet another message.


Sam was sitting at the table with Eileen. “So you ran the plates of every car that drove past that warehouse in Idaho just before it burned down?”


She nodded as Dean and Liam joined them. “Yeah. Most of them were local, but one wasn't. It came up registered to Dermott Culp.”


“So...?” Sam didn't understand the significance of that.


“So he went missing a year ago. I tracked his car to Iowa. Found him coming out of a building carrying a dead body. He's a demon now.”


“Uh, one of Crowley's?” Sam asked.


“Works for Dagon. Covers her tracks.”


“So do you know where Kelly is now?”


“No, but before Dermott got stabbed in the heart, he gave me her phone number.” She handed Sam a piece of paper.


“Nice,” Sam took it and looked at the number.


Dean leaned over toward Liam. “What you thinking?”


Liam shrugged. “Nothing really.”


Dean shook his head. “I know that look in your eye too well, and it's safer for everyone if you share.”


“Not this time.”


“Well, I can't say I liked watching you get so friendly with Mick with no heads up.”


Liam planted a little peck on Dean's cheek. “Learn to trust me and all will be fine.”


Eileen looked to Sam for some explanation. “Long story,” was all Sam said. “If we can lure Kelly back to that doctor's office, we'll have her.”


“Might as well call Mick in on this,” Dean didn't seem happy about it. “He still has the Colt, and since we're dealing with a Prince of Hell again...”


When they reached the town Kelly had last been seen Sam called her. “Ms. Kline?” he tried to disguise his voice when she answered.




“This is Oliver in Dr. Turner's office. He'd like to see you in the office today.”


“I was just in there. He said everything was fine,” she sounded worried.


“Right, well, he looked back through your test results and there are some things he'd like to discuss. Does 5:00 pm work for you?”


“I don't think I can get away.”


“Well, he said it's very important. 5:00 pm?”


“Uh... Sure,” she finally gave in.


“Good, see you then.”


“Got her,” Dean smiled.


Just then Mick's car pulled up and he had another man with him. “I thought you'd be coming alone,” Sam said as he eyed the stranger.


“Well, I thought we'd gotten past our trust issues. Look, if Dagon shows, we're gonna need all the help we can get. This is Renny Rawlings. New man,” Mick introduced them.


“I see,” Liam looked Renny over.


“This is Eileen Leahy,” Sam introduced their friend.


“Ah, the banshee girl,” Renny nodded. “We have a file. From what Mick tells me, none of you have any formal training. Fascinating. I was top of my class at Kendricks.”


“Yay for you,” Liam said sarcastically and Eileen laughed.


Mick reached into his pocket. “I, uh, brought the Colt just like you asked. But it's gotta go back to HQ.”


“Gee, Mick, I thought we'd gotten past the trust issues,” Sam said as he reached out to take it.


Dean and Liam went to snatch Kelly. They parked in alley and waited for her to show up. When they saw her Liam got out and casually moved up beside her and firmly grabbed her arm. “Hi. We're going this way now.”


He led her back to the car. “Dean? Liam?” she seemed to remember them.


Nothing more was really said until they drove back to the junkyard where everyone was waiting. “Sorry to have to do things like this,” Sam said as he helped her out of the car. “Listen, we all know you're in a really difficult situation, and we just... We wanna help.”


“You call this helping?” Kelly was upset.


“Considering the alternatives, yes,” Liam said.


Dean sighed as he got out of the car. “Look, Kelly, that kid, it's... Lucifer's.”


“Yeah, I know. You think I wanted this to happen? He used me. But I love this child.”


“You will mean absolutely nothing to that child. That child will kill us all,” Mick said.


“Not helping,” Liam growled at him. “It seems Kendrick's doesn't teach people skills. They teach... Well, I'll deal with that at some point.”


“Can we focus here?” Dean interrupted.


“We'll figure something out,” Sam tried to calm Kelly.


“This is absurd,” Renny reached for his weapon, but was thrown into a brick wall.


“Your friend is an idiot,” Liam said as he slowly approached Kelly and knelt down in front of her. He touched her swollen belly and started whispering to it in an old dead language.


“What is he doing?” Kelly was wary, especially when her belly started to glow.


“No idea,” was all Dean could say. “It's usually better to not ask.”


“It looks as if he's communicating with the child,” Mick stared in awe. “And the child understands.”


Suddenly there was a strong gust of cold wind. “She's here,” Kelly seemed a little afraid.


A bolt of lightning flashed in the sky and Dagon appeared. “Hey.” She thrust her hand in the air and everyone but Kelly and Liam went flying back. “Get away from her,” Dagon demanded.


The blond slowly got to his feet. “Make me,” he replied defiantly.


She tried again to fling him away, but he threw her instead, and had her pinned against the opposite wall. It only lasted for a minute, then he doubled over from a pain in his stomach and a drop of blood dripped from his nose. “Your tough, I'll give you that, but you have a little bit of a problem,” Dagon smirked as she approached Kelly and started leading her away.


Eileen saw the Colt where Sam had dropped it and she quickly grabbed it. She aimed and fired at Dagon when Renny did the same. Dagon faded into thin air just before the bullet hit her, and it hit Renny in the chest. Eileen watched in horror as Renny fell dead. She quickly put the gun down. “I didn't mean to. I was shooting at the demon. I'm...”


“It was an accident. It's all right,” Sam tried to comfort her.


Mick pulled out a gun and advanced on Eileen. Dean put up a hand to stop him. “Whoa. What are you doing?”


“She killed a Man of Letters. She has to die.” Mick's hand was shaking a bit and he seemed torn.


“It was an accident!” Sam cried.


“It doesn't matter! The Code.”


“Yeah, it's only okay if it's not an accident, right?” Liam took a few steps toward Mick with a confident smirk.


“Get out of my head!” Mick shouted and turned the gun on the blond. “I knew up from down before I met you.”


“And the chaos makes life more interesting, doesn't it?” Liam kept advancing, showing no fear. “You don't want to hurt me. You've never really wanted to hurt anyone. That's why you rushed over here to stop that psycho woman.”


“I...” Mick seemed very confused as he lowered the weapon. “I still have to-”


“Who says you have to do anything?” Liam was right I front of him. “You're not a child anymore, Mick. You're a man, and what you choose to do in moments such as these speaks volumes about who you really are.”


Mick was practically shaking with emotion. “It isn't so simple for me.”


Liam took Mick's hand in his and lightly brushed the back of it. “It can be if you want.” His gaze moved up to hold Mick's. “You can't serve two masters. Pick one.”


Mick tried to look away, but he couldn't. “You don't play fair.”


Liam seemed proud of himself. “That would be why I always win. So, them or me?”


Mick paused a moment, his chest heaving. “You,” he finally answered.


A wide grin appeared on Liam's lips. “As you wish. But do deliver a message to Mistress Hess for me. Tell her to go fuck herself with something sharp.” He pulled Mick closer and planted a heated kiss on his lips. There was a crackle in the air before Mick passed out and fell to the ground.


“What the hell was that?” Dean was a little irritated. “You'd rip out my spleen for kissing someone else.”


“Because you'd be doing it for pleasure,” Liam answered as he headed back to the car. “I was making a deal.”


Mick returned to the Men of Letters bunker, and was summoned to the meeting room. Mr. Ketch was waiting. “Why'd you call me here?”


“Oh, I didn't,” Ketch answered.


Dr. Hess appeared from the shadows. “I did.”


“I didn't think you left London.”


“I don't. But I have been tasked by the other elders to fix this rapidly deteriorating situation.”


Mick couldn't help but chuckle at that. “That's not the term I'd use.”


“You think this is funny? Two days ago, according to your own report, you let a Prince of Hell escape and the mother of Lucifer's child. And one of my best men was murdered by an American hunter, whom you allowed to live.”


“You weren't there,” Mick argued.


“These hunters are out of control. The brothers Winchester, in particular, which Lady Bevell has exhaustively documented.”


“Ma'am, if you could just listen...”


“To what? More excuses? I don't think I will. Hunters are dogs, Mr. Davies. You give them an order, and they obey. That's how it works. So tell me, do they? Do they obey you?”


“When I came here I believed as you do because that's what you taught me to believe. But now... This is not a fight you really want to pick.”


It was Dr. Hess' turn to be amused. “You're suddenly afraid of a disorganized band of under educated hunters?”


“Not at all. It's what they have on their side.”


“Are you speaking of Dean Winchster's lover?” Mr. Ketch asked. “Mary has told me a few things, and he does have some gifts that would come in handy, but I don't see anything to fear.”


“That's because you haven't spent a great deal of time in his presence or felt his influence. That Kendrick's break in. That was him having a bit of fun.”


Dr. Hess raised an eyebrow. “And you're just now telling me this? Make him fix it. The school is still in absolute chaos. Students are shouting out random obscenities, the walls keep changing color...”


Mick just shrugged. “Could be worse. I'm not foolish enough to get on his bad side. You've read my reports. He fixed the lycanthrope blood therapy formula. He turned sandalwood oil into holy oil. And then two days ago he pinned a Prince of Hell against a wall for a minute or so until his physical human body started to give. I looked into what Mary told me. I found bits and pieces about an extremely powerful and one of a kind entity. All of it said the same thing. Whatever you do, don't piss him off.”


“You seem rather taken with this man,” Ketch observed.


“Oh, I'm completely in love with him. I don't know how he did it, but his hooks are in me, and I'd swim back to England if that's what he wanted.” Dr. Hess gave a slight nod to Ketch, who moved to shoot Mick in the back of the head, but just before the bullet hit it stopped mid air and fell to floor. Mick turned around to stare at the bullet. “I kind of expected that.”


“How did you...?” Ketch was very surprised.


“Oh, he shared some of his power with me. I'm still learning to control it. I'll tell you this, he doesn't really seem to give a toss about the average American hunter, but upset or harm the Winchester brothers and the deepest and darkest depths of hell will seem like a pleasant vacation spot when he's done with you. And he wanted me to tell you to go fuck yourself with something sharp.” With that Mick left the room.


In the bunker Sam was having breakfast when Dean came in. “Hey, you uh, hear anything from Cas yet?”


Dean shook his head as he poured himself a cup of coffee. “No. Still MIA.”


“You think he's all right?”


“I don't know. Where's Eileen?”


“She took off. Uh, said she's heading back to Ireland for a while. Just needs some time I guess.”


“Yeah, I get that.”


“Where's Liam?”


“In the shower.”


“Good, because I wanted to talk to you about him.”


“You noticed it too?”


“That the line between the human Liam and Astiratu is starting to blur? Hard to miss. What do you think it means?”


Dean could only shrug. “Cas could give us some answers if he'd call us back. It was freaky how he spoke to Lucifer's love child and got a response. But whatever is going on in that head of his, he isn't sharing.”


“I hate to say it, but he knows Lucifer, and is probably the best person to handle this.”


“I hate it too, but you're probably right. As usual though, I'm just afraid he'll take things too far.”


“You're not the only one.”

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