Hunting Humanity XI

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When they returned home after leaving Max, Dean had checked his phone and found two voicemails from Mary. The first put a little smile on his lips that disappeared when he heard the second message. Mary said they had a problem. That had him so worried that he didn't even notice Liam curling up on the bed and passing out. He tried to call his mother back, but she never answered.


He shared his concern with Sam in the morning, and they tried to track her down. The first stop was the motel where she last was as far as they knew. Dean got the door to the room opened and stepped inside. “Mom?” he looked around. No one was there. “Well, looks like she hasn't been here for a while.”


Sam sighed. “Yeah. All her stuff is gone. Did she say she was moving on or...?”


“No, I told you what she said. She said, Dean, call me. We have a problem. And then that was it. She didn't sound happy.”


“Okay, well, when she's not here, she's been bunking with the Brits.”


“And they haven't exactly been friendly since Mick came to us saying they tried to kill him for not putting us in our place.” Dean grabbed his phone to call Ketch. “Ketch, calling to see if my Mom's with you. It's Dean. Winchester. Because I'd like to speak to her, that's why. No, I'm not being terse. Look, if you haven't seen her, do you know where she is? No, I'm not being curt either. Look, I don't have time for Manners 101 from you, okay? If she's with you, I wanna know about it. Fine.” Ketch hung up. “Such a dick.”


“And?” Sam wanted to know if Dean had learned anything.


“He says he hasn't seen Mom in over a week.”


“But Mom called two days ago, said she was working a case with him.”


“Which means he's lying.”


“The Brits are probably the problem she was trying to warn you about,” Liam said as he came into the room and started looking around.


“What are you doing out of the car?” Dean sounded irritated. “I don't need to be worried about my mom and you at the same time.”


“I have a cold,” Liam was a little dismissive as he grabbed a tissue and blew his nose.


“Right after we dealt with the witch you had a fever.”


Sam's phone started ringing and he motioned for Dean and Liam to be quiet while he answered it. “Jody, hey. No, what? No. Uh No, we hadn't heard.”


“Mom? Dean was worried.


Sam shook his head. “Um, when? What the hell happened? Oh, no. No, thanks for letting me know. Bye.”


“Who?” Dean asked when Sam hung up.






“She was, uh, mauled by a wild animal in a wooded area that doesn't have animals that do that, in South Carolina.”


Dean was confused. “But I thought she was in Ireland.”


“Dean, that's the second hunter death we've heard about in two weeks.”


“I know. But two doesn't mean a pattern.”


“Still smells fishy to me,” Liam commented. “Or it would if I could smell anything.”


Dean sighed. “You probably have a point. You almost always do. We should check this out.”


They drove to South Carolina to check out Eileen's body. Sam stood over her, clearly shaken by what he was looking at. “People who do what we do, you know there are gonna be deaths, but...”


Dean was probing her injuries. “These wounds. I mean, we've only seen something this bad a few times.”


“Hellhound?” Sam guessed.


“Yeah. But it doesn't make any sense. Why would a demon sic a hellhound on her? Why did she leave Ireland?”


“I don't know, Dean.”


Liam gave the body a few quick sniffs. “I don't know if a demon was involved, but pretty sure a hellhound was.”


Dean sighed and shook his head. “Alright, well, counting Eileen, that makes seven hunters in three weeks.”


“Yeah, and those are the ones we know about,” Sam pointed out.


“Seven monster related deaths. I mean, what, did all the things out there suddenly start working together?”


“Dean, monsters and demons don't team up. Seven hunters are gone. We can't grab a signal from Mom's phone. Cas has Kelly Kline who knows where. Ketch is lying to us. I wanna punch something in the face.”


“Good. Hold on to that because it looks like we got a hellhound to deal with. Which means... Unless you know something helpful,” Dean said as he looked to Liam. “Not that I'm pushing for you to do anything.”


The blond gave his husband a blank stare for a moment. “I'm out of Nyquil.”


“I'll take that as either a no, or you don't want to tell us something. Either way, let's get you taken care of.”


Once Liam was settled in the back of the car Dean called Crowley to see what he knew. “I'm telling you, I don't know anything about it. The name Eileen Leahy means nothing to me,” Crowlwy argued, sounding very irritated.


“Crowley, only a demon can control a hellhound, which means that one of your people was involved,” Sam argued back.


“If that were the case, I would know about it. There are no missing hellhounds. I was cuddling with them just last night.”


“I don't think that was a hellhound you were cuddling last night,” Liam said with a hint of a threat in his tone.


“And what would you know about it?” Dean raised an eyebrow in suspicion.


“I uh, need a nap,” Liam suddenly turned and retreated into the car.


Sam shook his head. “What is going on here? And you know nothing else of the other hunters who are dying?” he turned his attention back to Crowley.


“Not only don't I know, I don't care,” Crowley answered before he hung up.


Sam and Dean decided to go to a post office they had been using in Kansas for years for a lot of their mail. Dean went inside to get what was there, and Sam made a few phone calls. He had just hung up the phone when Dean came out. “So I've been calling around about all of the hunters that died. Um, every one of them had years of experience.”


Dean held up one of the envelopes. “We got a letter from Eileen. She sent it four days ago. It went snail mail because she thought that her phone and her computer were both hacked. She left Ireland because she was scared.”


“Scared of what?” Sam wondered out loud.


“Well, after she accidentally killed that Brit douche Renny, she thought that the British Men of Letters were on her.”


Sam took the letter from Dean's hand and started reading it out loud. “I know they're following me, watching me. They tapped my phone. I found a microphone in my room. I hate to be all girly, but I could bunk with you guys for a days until I sort this out?”


“You think the Brits were watching her?” Dean posed the question.


“Probably,” Liam answered when he poked his head through the car window. “And they probably killed her for killing one of them. Maybe that's why your mom called you and said there was a problem.”


Dean thought about that for a moment and seemed shaken. “Since I haven't been able to get a hold of her, thinking that maybe she knew too much doesn't make me feel better.”


“Me either,” Sam echoed. “But it would explain a lot. You think when we were lured away with that one case after Mick warned us that they bugged us too?”


Liam sighed. “Again, probably. They have a major issue with needing to control everything and everyone. Mick was one of them, and Ketch tried to shoot him in the head just for disobeying one order.”


Dean shook his head. “I really don't wanna think about that ordeal again. Let's just go back and look for bugs.”


They went back to the bunker and started searching the entire place. Liam checked under the control room table and found a microphone taped to the underside. “I could really go for a hot fudge sundae,” he said to get the others' attention while he pointed to the microphone.


Without saying anything more they went back out to the car to discuss. “What now?” Dean asked. “I don't like being spied on either.”


“They're trying to play games with us, let's play right back,” Liam suggested. “We set a trap and see what slithers in.”


Dean shook his head. “You've been planning something since we read Eileen's letter, haven't you?”


“Are you going to lecture me, or would you like to hear the plan?”


Several minutes later they were back inside sitting at the bugged map table. “Those hunters you were talking to, is one of them Terry Marsh?” Dean asked his brother.


“Yeah, Terry Marsh in Missouri,” Sam replied, though it was clear he felt a little nervous about what they were doing. “I talked to him. He, uh, he's also thinking it's not monsters doing the real killing.”


“Okay, well, I got a text from him. He's been nosing around, says he's got a fair idea of what's going on.”


“And?” Sam was trying to make the conversation sound natural.


“He doesn't feel safe talking about it on the phone. He wants to meet. The old iron works off the interstate. Tomorrow night at 9:00. He says park off the road by the warehouse.”


They drove to the warehouse and noticed a black car already there. “Looks like we caught something,” Liam patted Dean's shoulder.


“Yep,” Dean nodded. “Everyone know what to do? Liam, you get everything set up?”


“Of course I did. I have a cold, I'm not an invalid.”


Dean reached back to lovingly stroke his cheek. “But as we agreed, no straining yourself. I really wanna get these bastards, but your health is my top priority.”


Liam kissed his husband's hand. “I'll try to behave, but that's not easy for me.”


They all got out of the car and acted like they were going into the warehouse, but they ducked into an alley quickly. As they anticipated, two men were following them and walked right inside thinking that's where they had gone. Liam moved to quickly lock them inside.


Sam and Dean moved quickly to the suspicious car. None other than Toni Bevell sat inside waiting. It didn't take long for her to realize something wasn't right. Dean smashed in her car window, and then ducked when she started shooting at him. Sam had moved behind her and shot her with a few rubber bullets to stun her. Dean was then able to drag her out and cuff her. “We gotta stop meeting like this.”


Liam was already in the backseat when Dean threw Toni in with him. She was still a little out of it when Liam gave her a little smirk. “I do hope you weren't too attached to those colleagues you sent to spy on us.”


“They taken care of?” Dean asked.


The blond nodded. “Not quite as satisfying as doing it the old fashioned way, but yes.”


Sam and Dean got in the car and they took off back toward the bunker. “Why you spying on us? Oh, and what do you know about Eileen Leahy?” Sam couldn't wait to start asking questions.


“Who?” Toni didn't seem all that bothered by the situation.


“Your people, did they kill her?” Dean rephrased the question.


“Probably. Rule of thumb; if you think we killed someone, then we probably did. Speaking of, you do realize that by attacking me, you invite the retribution of the entire British Men of Letters Investigation, no trial. Just punishment and ruin. Possibly at the hands of Mary Winchester.”


“The hell is that supposed to mean?” Dean was bothered by that.


“Your mother, she's our permanent guest.”


“She's your prisoner? Why?” Sam was starting to get upset.


“Prisoner? Who said anything about prisoner? No, Mary's joined the team. Even has her own super secret decoder ring.”


“You're lying.”


“You're right. There is no ring. Oh, boys and their mums. See, you see her as Mummy. We see her as one of our best killers.”


“You do realize she's just trying to rile you up, get you to let your guard down,” Liam interrupted the conversation.


Toni turned to look at Liam with amusement. “Maybe I am, and maybe I'm just making sure you know the score.”


Liam moved to be on top of her, his legs straddling her hips as he leaned in close, their noses almost touching. An evil smirk graced his lips when he sensed her fear. “Sweetheart, I know the score better than you do. I don't doubt you're playing Mary. What, you put some kind of subliminal machine under her pillow?”


“Much more than that,” she continued to try and act brave.


“Liam, what are you doing?” Dean was trying to watch the road, but also keep an eye on what was going on in the backseat.


“With her?” Liam chuckled. “Haven't decided yet. I could beat her. I could have my way with her. Hell, I could just rip her throat out my teeth,” his words were soft as he leaned down and nipped at the side of her throat, causing her to gasp in fear.


She swallowed hard and took in a deep breath. “You're just trying to scare me into telling you everything I know. It won't work.”


Liam started running his fingers through her hair. “The telling part, maybe not, but I know you're scared. You and I both know that protocol and the end goal always comes first. If that means letting us torture you to death, no one will care. They know you won't talk, they have you trained well. They'll have a nice ten minute memorial for you to say some nice things, and then it'll business as usual. See, that's where you and I are different.”


“I read all about what you did to Mick. You're not going to do that to me.”


“Never crossed my mind. I saved Mick because there was still a part of him deep down that knew your way was wrong. He belongs on my side. I knew it the second I saw the emotion in his eyes over the loss of a colleague. But you, you're dead inside. All you're good for is taking out some frustration.”


“They'll come for me. You'll see, and you'll regret ever picking this fight.”


“Oh, Ketch is already at the bunker, but not for you.”


“What are you talking about?” Sam asked as he turned a little in his seat.


Liam turned a little toward Sam, placing his hand on Toni's throat and squeezing to restrict her air intake. “The higher ups are pitting some of their best agents against each other for Mick's administration job. It's what they do. So when we set our trap and Toni here volunteered to spy on us, I have no doubt that Ketch saw an opportunity. If we really are onto them, then we need to be taken out quickly. He doesn't underestimate. Every play they've made in the outside world has failed. We're the most vulnerable in the place we call home.” He turned his attention back toward Toni. “I do my homework too. I bet you Dr. Hess didn't tell you it was me who broke into Kendrick's. And I didn't just read Mick's file. I needed to know exactly who I was dealing with.”


Dean pulled into his usual spot and turned off the car. “Okay, so clearly the psychotic is leading the blind now. We're listening. What do you want us to do?”


Liam rolled off of Toni. “Act naturally. Pretend you don't know what's going on.”


Dean rolled his eyes. “That won't be hard because you haven't told us what's going on.”


“For good reason.”


Dean sighed as he got out of the car. “I know. You tell us what we need to know when you think we need to know it, and not a moment sooner.” He pulled Toni out of the car.


Liam got out and stared Dean in the eye. “Do you trust me?”


Dean paused for a moment. “I trust that you love me, and you always do what you think is best. I just wish-”


“Now is not the time for a relationship discussion.” He pulled out a knife and pressed the tip to Toni's throat. “And you, you little whore, you give away anything and you'll be dead before you know what the hell hit you. We got all nice in cozy in the car, but unlike the boys you're used to dealing with, I won't hesitate even for a split second because you're a good toss. You're not even my type. Too bad so sad for you.”


“You're a total homicidal lunatic, got it,” Toni grumbled.


Liam patted her head before turning to head for the bunker door. “Good girl, you're catching on. Oh,” he turned toward the brothers. “The go word is pin.”


“Good to know,” Sam said as he and Dean escorted Toni inside.


Dean did as instructed and acted as he normally would. “You call Ketch, tell him if he wants to see you alive, he gets his prissy ass over here,” he instructed Toni.


As soon as they reached the bottom of the stairs a handful of men came into view, aiming guns at them. Ketch was one of them. “Interestingly, his prissy ass is already here. Lady Bevell, would you mind disarming them?”


“You think you're pretty clever, don't you?” Liam scoffed as Toni grabbed his gun.


“I'd like to think so,” Ketch seemed pretty pleased with himself. “The three of you seem to do alright for yourselves, but we're much better trained.”


“Oh, stick a pin in it,” Liam said with an eye roll.


The moment Liam said the word, Sam and Dean ducked. A pulse of energy burst through the room, knocking the British men off their feet. Sam grabbed Toni to use as a human shield, and the brothers started firing until only Ketch was left standing. Ketch's gaze fell on Liam. “I'm a little bit impressed. Mary did say you were the one to wary of.”


“Our mom, where is she?” Dean demanded as he kept his gun fixed on Ketch.


Just then Mary stepped into view. “Don't move.” She seemed to also be aiming her weapon at Ketch.


“Perfect timing, Mom,” Sam was relieved to see her.


“That's not your mother,” Liam said as he watched her.


“You sure?” Ketch had a smug grin.


“It's her body, but....”


“What are you talking about?” Dean was both confused and upset.


The blond looked over to his husband. “How often am I wrong?”


“Not often,” Dean admitted, but he was hoping this was one of those rare times.


“Just stay where you are,” Mary ordered, not responding to the conversation.


Ketch moved toward them and reached for Dean's gun. Dean started to pull the trigger, but Mary shot at him, only barely missing. “I really wouldn't move. She will shoot you.”


The second Dean was unarmed Liam tackled Ketch. Mary shot a few rounds at him, but it was only a few seconds before Ketch had him pinned and the barrel of a gun aimed at his forehead. Blood dripped down Liam's cheek where one of the bullets had grazed him. Ketch started laughing. “You really do have a few screws loose.”


“Had to try,” was all Liam had to say as Ketch let him up before disarming Sam as well.


Toni pulled herself free and seemed rather smug. “Mummy always was a talented hunter. Just

somewhat confused about obeying orders.”


“What did you do to her?” Sam demanded.


“Lady Bevell cleared up that confusion,” Ketch answered. “And I suspect she told you that the American hunters are a dying breed.” He turned to leave and Toni started to follow. “Oh. For heaven's sake, where do you think you're going?”


“Ketch,” she was suddenly confused.


“Remember at Kendricks, how they taught us that we were all expendable? That wasn't idle chat.”


“What did I tell you?” it was Liam's turn to look smug. “He didn't come here to save you.”


Ketch's eyes narrowed at that. “If you knew I was coming I would have thought you'd been better prepared.”


“Who said I wasn't?”


Ketch seemed a little bothered by that, but he still made his way up the stairs. “Your bunker is an excellent fortress. An even better tomb. So we've rejiggered the locks, we've shut off the water, and once we leave, the pumps that bring in the air shall reverse. Your oxygen should be gone in two days, maybe three. You dying in here, it's almost poetic, hmm? Did you anticipate that?”


Liam sighed. “I'll admit, not exactly what I had hoped for, but at least I'll be taking you and your lot with me.”


Ketch laughed. “And exactly how do you plan to do that?”


Liam pulled his hand out that he had been hiding in his pocket. He was holding an empty syringe. “Is your neck starting to sting a bit?”


“Mary,” Ketch motioned for Mary to inspect his neck.


“Yeah, he got you,” she confirmed. “The tip broke off and is still in your skin.”


Liam smirked. “As I said, who said I wasn't prepared? Go ahead and test it. It's a slow acting poison of my own invention, so only I know what the cure is. I mean, perhaps one of your mates can figure something out, but can they do it in forty eight hours?”


“You're bluffing,” Ketch's cheeks turned bright red with anger.


“I don't do that. Well, sometimes I do, but mostly not. My only regret is I guess I won't be around to watch when the real fun begins.”


“Oh, and what does that entail?”


“Telling you that wouldn't be any fun for me.”


“I'm done playing games!” Ketch growled and he and Mary left, bolting the door behind him.


Liam tossed the syringe on the map table as the whole place powered down as promised. “And so the ant unknowingly takes the poison back to the colony.”


“So you weren't bluffing?” Lady Bevell crossed her arms.


“Nope. The real fun will start in a few hours when it turns into a super virus becomes contagious.”


Dean's nostril's flared. “And you didn't share any of this with us. You wonder why I get so frustrated sometimes.”


“I was going to tell you,” Liam defended himself as he sat down in a chair. “I only came up with the idea a week ago, and finished the potion yesterday. Originally she was going to be the stupid ant,” he motioned to Toni. “But then things changed very quickly and I had to improvise.”


“Mom,” Sam swallowed hard. “She's with them. You knew she was with them,” he started to get angry.


“And if she hadn't been brainwashed and we weren't locked up in here I would have given her the antidote,” Liam snapped back.


“So you actually have an antidote.”


“Of course. Poison brewing lesson number one, always brew the antidote first and keep it handy in case of accidents.”


Ketch and Mary didn't say much as they drove back to headquarters. “I do have to hand it to Lady Bevell. Your treatment's been most successful so far. And so you know, this will become easier.”


“Easier to hurt people I love?” Mary seemed lost in thought.


“Easier to hurt people you don't remember loving. How do you feel?”


“Fine,” she said as her eyes closed. “How do you feel?”


“I'm fine,” Ketch chuckled. “It was rather desperate of the blond to-” His words were cut off as his throat tightened and vision blurred a bit. He turned over to Mary and her eyes were red.


“Tick-tock,” she laughed before returning to normal.

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