Hunting Humanity XI

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Dean leaned over top of Liam who was lying face down on the bed. Dean planted a light little kiss right on his husband's lower back, then he worked his way up to the blond's shoulders, nibbling with just enough pressure to cause a tiny bit of pain. Liam was breathing hard into the pillow, and his hips grinding into the mattress. A low moan escaped his lips when Dean's slicked up cock started to burrow inside of him.


Dean's eyes closed as he took in the sensations, and then his lips started to nibble a very sensitive spot on Liam's neck. “You're everything I need and then some,” Dean whispered softly into his lover's ear before gently biting the lobe as his hips started rocking at a quick pace.


Liam's hand gripped the bed sheets tightly as he pushed back against his partner. He couldn't help the seductive groan that came out of him when Dean's fingertips lightly brushed down his side. Dean brushed his partner's hair aside and concentrated his attention to the back of Liam's neck, his own breath coming in short pants while sweat started to pool on his hot skin.


“Right there,” Liam gasped as Dean hit a sweet spot. Dean continued thrusting at that angle until Liam had to bite the pillow to keep from screaming out as he climaxed.


Dean was not far behind, closing his eyes and biting his lip as he made a few last hard and quick thrusts. He pulled out and wrapped his arm around Liam to pull his lover so that they were both lying on their sides. “I needed that,” Dean said as he was trying to catch his breath.


“I think we both did,” Liam agreed. “And you...” he tried to find the words for what he was thinking. “You've been a little different the past few days.” The blond rolled over to face Dean.


Dean shrugged. “I've almost lost you many times, but in that barn, I think that's the closest its ever come.”


Liam nodded in understanding. “You usually do get more affectionate and considerate after I've had a near death experience. Then after a while you go back to normal,” he seemed a little frustrated with the second part.


Dean kissed his tenderly. “I know I take you for granted sometimes. I take Sam for granted, too, I just can't talk to him the way I do with you. But yeah, when I'm pretty sure I'm gonna lose you, and then I don't, I appreciate you a lot more for a little while. But no matter what, I love you, Liam.”


Liam gave his husband a small smile and placed a hand on his cheek. “Some days I don't know why, but I love you to.”


Dean pulled himself up so that he was leaning against the headboard. “I still think it's odd that mom called us to help her with a demon, and it ended up being a Prince of Hell. I don't mean to put you on the spot, but since you're starting to remember things when your alter ego takes over, do you know anything about that?”


Liam's eyes narrowed. “Did you seduce me just so I'd relax and spill everything I know?”


Dean scoffed at that. “No. Just now I was thinking, and I thought maybe...”


Liam sighed. “You have more contact with your mother than I do. Now I'm hungry. I want an egg sandwich. Want one?”


Dean shook his head. “No, I think I'm just gonna go to sleep. You wore me out. Enjoy your sandwich.”


Liam kissed Dean's cheek before reaching for a pair of boxer shorts. “See you in the morning I guess. Sleep well.”


Sam was sitting at the kitchen table working on his laptop the next day when Dean walked in, talking on the phone. “Okay, well, stay on it. You get any leads, you let us know, and we'll keep working it from our end. Thanks, Cas.” Dean hung up and sat next to his brother. “So Kelly Kline is in the wind. No trace.”


Sam sighed at that. “Great.”


“No idea when Lucifer's kid is gonna pop, if it hasn't already.”


“So basically, we got nothing. Alright. Well, we do have this other thing.”


“What other thing?” Dean got curious and tried to peak at Sam's screen.


Sam turned his laptop so his brother could see better. “Check it out. Museum in Des Moines, Iowa. A guy's body was found in the parking lot. A teacher. His tongue had been ripped out.”


“Well, that didn't kill him.”


“No, but having his internal organs crushed did. Uh, no obvious damage to the torso, no point of entry.”


“You thinking witch?”


“Maybe. I mean, he was seen alive just a couple hours earlier, leading a student tour of the museum.”


“Haven't seen Mom in a while. Maybe she'll wanna work with us on this. I'll round up Liam and give her a call.”


A short while later they were loading up the car to leave. “Mom gonna meet us?” Sam asked as he got into the car.


“No,” Dean shook his head. “She uh, said she just wants to relax a little after Ramiel.”


“Well, that definitely wasn't a win for any of us,” Sam didn't seemed as bothered by it as Dean was.


“Like I told you twenty minutes ago, don't take it personally,” Liam chimed in from the backseat. “She's figuring things out.”


“Right,” Dean mumbled as he pulled out of the driveway.


Sam spent the ride trying to gather as much information as he could. “Get this. It looks like there was another murder. It's just like the one we're checking up on.”


“In Iowa?” Dean asked.


Sam shook his head. “No, Andover, Massachusetts. Six months ago. A woman. Body was found in the same condition. Looks like she was a teacher, too.”


“Well, witches move around, right?” Liam thought out loud. “So that theory is making more and more sense.”


When they got to Des Moines they discovered that a second murder had occurred that morning. It was a scout leader who had also been to the museum shortly before his death, so the museum seemed like the best place to start. They put on their FBI suits and headed there to speak to the staff.


“So thank you you again for meeting with us, Dr. Ochoa,” Sam said to the woman who was showing them around.


“Of course, Agent. We've had two murders in two days. The police have no idea what's going on,” she seemed very troubled by that.


“Well, that's why we're here,” Dean tried to assure her.


“Now you said victim number two brought some Timber Troopers through here, right?” Sam asked.


Dr. Ochoa nodded. “Sixteen hours ago they were standing right where you are.”


“Is there anything new to the museum?” Liam asked.


“Well, here in the lab three traveling exhibits have been un crated. One's already on display. The other two are being prepped.”


“Dr. Ochoa?” a man approached them.


“Excuse me,” she left to go speak with him.


The three of them started looking around for anything that seemed out of place. “Okay, so, including the Massachusetts victim, that is two teachers and one scout leader,” Dean summed everything up.


“People who supervise kids,” Sam added.


Dean pulled out his EMF detector, and when he turned it on it went crazy. “Whoa. There's a lot of action in here. Okay, well, I'm switching my vote from witch to ghost.”


Sam didn't seemed as convinced. “I don't know. EMF isn't that surprising at a museum. They're always filled with ADHD spirits and their tethers, you know?”


“Also, if our killer is a chain rattler, how are we gonna figure out which one it is?” Liam pointed out.


Dean sighed and looked around. “This might be a tough one.”


“But the first killing was in Massachusetts,” Sam reminded them. “That's our clue. We need to find something that was there before it was here.”


They spread out and started looking at all the artifacts on display. Dean picked up an Aztec dagger. “Aztecs were pretty serious about their killings. Aztec ghost. Yeah, I like that.”


Liam came up behind him. “But was that blade ever in Andover, Massachusetts?”


“No,” Dean answered.


“Then there's your answer.”


They both walked over to Sam who was checking out the old figurehead of a ship. “What you got?” Dean asked his brother.


Sam was reading the plaque beside it. “It's from a ship, a brigantine called The Star. Sunk in a storm off the New England coast. Currently on loan from the Maritime Museum in, wait for it, Andover, Massachusetts.”


“Really?” Dean perked up a bit.


“Yeah. Sunk in a storm in 1723.”


Dean's eyes narrowed a bit. “Wait a minute. I know something about this ship.”


“Um, it was headed to the New World. Weighed anchor in Leith, Scotland,” Sam kept reading.


A light went off in Dean's eyes. “Leith. Yes. Gavin MacLeod. This was his ship.”


“Crowley's kid?” Sam was surprised.


“Yep,” Dean nodded. “So what we need to do is talk to Gavin, find out everything he knows about the people who were on the ship.”


“But Crowley hid him from us so we couldn't send him back,” Liam pointed out.


“I know, I was there,” Dean said as he pulled his phone out of his pocket. “Which means I'm gonna have to do something that none of us likes.” He dialed Crowley's number.


“What do you want?” Crowley answered, sounding irritated.


“We need a little favor,” Dean said.


“You? Turns out that behind that whole moron facade, you and your brother are in fact, morons! You let Lucifer's love child live.”


“How do you even know about that?” Dean was surprised.


“I don't owe you an explanation.”


“Okay, so I'm guessing this isn't the best time to ask you to get in touch with Gavin so we can talk to him?” Sam asked.


“Are you out of your minds?”


“You know what, Crowley? When you set Gavin free to live in our time and possibly screw up the rest of human history, we didn't hunt him down, okay? So I think you owe us,” Dean argued.


“You and Bullwinkle fix this mess before it hatches. Then, maybe then, we'll talk about my son,” Crowley growled before he hung up.


Dean sighed. “I guess that means we have to hunt Gavin down.”


“But how?” Sam asked. “We really don't have anything to go on, and probably not a lot of time before this ghost kills again.”


“Rowena,” Liam suggested. “She may be Crowley's mother, but she has no real loyalty to him. That, and she's a witch who happens to be Gavin's grandmother. She could easily track down her own blood.”


“Not a bad idea,” Dean said as he looked for Rowena's number on his phone.


A little while later Rowena was sitting with them in their motel room listening to their story about their current predicament. “Your little story's fascinating, but you said there was something in this for me?”


“If the killer is a ghost, it may be tethered to something on the ship. So we need intel on the vessel,” Sam explained.


“Get a library card. You three still owe me for helping you in Arkansas.”


She started to leave, but Sam grabbed her by the arm. “Sit down. We know of a guy who has firsthand knowledge of The Star.”




“So, if you find him, we actually do have something that you'll like,” Dean said.


“Who is this eyewitness?” Rowena was suddenly curious.


“Your grandson,” Liam came out with it.


“My what?” Rowena sank back down into the chair.


Liam sat down near her. “To try and make a long story short, your son, who we now know as Crowley, had a son when he was still Fergus. That boy's name was Gavin. He was originally on the ship that went down. But then some things happened and Gavin was brought to our time before he got on the ship. When Crowley found out what was supposed to happen, he got a little soft and kept Gavin here rather than send him back as he should have.”


“Fergus has a son, and he cares about him?” that made Rowena chuckle softly.


“Yeah, that was a little out of character,” Dean admitted. “And we were hoping that since he's a blood relative of yours, you could track him down for us. And then you get to meet your grandson.”


Rowena thought about it for a minute. “You've talked me into it.”


Rowena found Gavin easily enough. Then they had to reach out to him and convince him to come see them. The next afternoon they were waiting at a bus station. “There he is,” Dean spotted him getting off.


They walked up to him and Sam put a hand on his shoulder. “Hey, Gavin. Good to see you. How's life in the twenty first century treating you?”


“Oh, fine. Where's my father, then?” Gavin asked.


“Walk with us, Gav,” Dean motioned for him to follow them back to the car.


“How sick is he?”


“About that. We might've exaggerated a little bit,” Sam confessed.


“We lied,” Dean got straight to it.


“We knew you wouldn't come if it was just us,” Sam added. “We need your help, Gavin.”


“Help!” Gavin cried out to a man who was walking past them.


“Nah, we're fine,” Sam gave the gentleman a soft smile and ushered Gavin back to the car. “Um, just hear us out, please.”


“How did you find...? What are you going to do to me?” Gavin was frightened.


“Just wanna ask you a few questions,” Dean tried to calm him down. He showed Gavin a picture of the ship on his phone.


Gavin recognized it immediately. “Dear God, that's The Star. That's my ship!”


“Well, it should've been,” Sam said.


Dean nodded. “Yeah, we know all about her. We figured there's someone you'd wanna meet.”


Rowena stepped out of the back of the car and looked him over with a very faint smile. “Hello, Gavin. You look just like my father when he was young.”


Sam motioned toward Rowena. “Gavin, meet Rowena, your grandmother.”


“My grandmother?” Gavin's eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “She can't be alive.”


“Well, technically, dude, neither can you,” Dean pointed out.


“We don't have a lot of time,” Liam said as he grabbed Gavin's wrist and led him to the car. “As usual, we'll explain on the way.”


Dean drove back to the museum and they returned to the display of the ship. Gavin took it all in. “Amazing. Father told me she'd gone down in the storm and that was the end of her.”


“The end of you, too, if you'd been aboard,” Rowena said.


“Gavin, what can you tell us about the other passengers who were supposed to make the crossing?” Sam asked.


Gavin shrugged. “Ordinary folk. Storekeepers, farmers, a doctor, a teacher.”


“A teacher?” that caught Sam's attention.


“Aye. Mistress Allaway. She taught most of us in the village. This everything they found aboard?” Gavin asked as he picked up the list of artifacts on display.


Dean nodded. “Yes. Let us know if you recognize anything.”


Gavin started to look through everything. “Oh, there's Mr. MacCallum's hook. Had no hand, you see.” He stopped at one picture and his eyes went wide. “No. Oh, sweet lord. It's the locket.”


“What locket?” Liam leaned in a little closer to see.


“I bought it myself. It was a gift for my Fiona.”


“Darling, you had a wee girlfriend?” Rowena brightened up a little at that.


Dean pointed to the information about the locket. “Look at this. Added to the exhibit six months ago.”


“Fiona Duncan, the love of my life. When she found out I was going to America, nothing would do but I take her with me. I told her it was too dangerous,” Gavin started to explain.


“How did it get here? If you didn't board the ship, then she wouldn't have either, right?” Sam wondered.


Gavin shook his head. “I don't know. That terrible night... I was packing, ready to leave. Fiona said she was going to come see me, beg me one more time to take her along. Obviously, I never made it to the ship.”


“Yeah, demon interference,” Liam sighed.


“If Fiona came that night, I was gone. She would've thought that I left without her. Dear god, she must've smuggled herself aboard.”


“Would she really have done something like that?” Liam asked.


“Iron will, that one. She'd have stayed hidden until they were at sea and there was no turning back.”


Dean eyed Liam. “I've had that trick played on me before. She would've died pissed as hell and heartbroken.”


Sam nodded. “Yeah, unfinished business. We got a ghost probably tethered to the locket.”


“A ghost? My Fiona's a ghost?” Gavin found it hard to believe.


“It makes sense,” Liam said. “Except for the part where she's going after teachers. Okay, where is this locket?”


Dean looked at the list. “Alright. Item 121.” They started looking for it, and Dean found a stand with the right item number, but there was nothing there. “Okay, it should be right here, but it's gone.”


“Maybe it was removed for cleaning?” Liam suggested. “Or some other museum related thing.”


“One way to find out,” Dean said as he headed for Dr. Ochoa's office.


Sam knocked on her door, and when she called for them to enter, Sam, Dean, and Liam stepped inside her office. “Sorry to interrupt, Dr. Ochoa. We've been looking through the shipwreck exhibit in connection with the murders,” Sam began to explain. “There seems to be an item missing. It's right here. It's a locket.”


Her eyes narrowed and she got up from her desk to look at the list. “That's not possible. It's in a sealed case.”


“We know, ma'am, but we've looked everywhere. It's definitely gone.”


“Have one of those, um, student tours been through here the last couple of days, the ones led by the teachers?” Dean asked.


She nodded. “Yes, there was one yesterday.”


“And where are they from?”


“The Pembroke Day School for Girls. You don't think one of them somehow stole the locket?”


“Probably not,” Liam answered the question. “But, you know, no stone un turned and all that. Thank you for your time.”


The three of them went back out into the lobby where Gavin and Rowena were waiting. “We need to get to that school,” Dean said as he reached in his pocket for the car keys on the way out the door.


“What school?” Gavin asked.


“It looks like your girlfriend decided to take a little side trip,” Liam said as he followed Dean out.


Dean floored it all the way to the school. He loaded a shot gun with rock salt and they entered the school just in time to hear a woman screaming. When they found her she was running into a room with the ghost chasing her. Of course a locked door couldn't stop a ghost, so Dean had to kick in the door and shoot the spirit, making her disappear. “Is it dead?” the frightened woman stared at them with wide eyes.


Sam moved to help her up. “Yeah. Has been for a long time.”


“What?” she seemed confused.


“It was a ghost,” Dean explained bluntly. “The rock salt only slowed it down. Alright, we gotta figure out if this was Fiona. So, show time,” he turned to Gavin.


Rowena set up a little table with two lit red candles. Gavin sat down and read from a piece of paper. “O restless spirit, make thy presence known to me.” There was a slight breeze that moved through the room. “Fiona? It is I, Gavin. Your Gavin. I must speak with you.” The wind grew stronger and the spirit appeared. She changed from a grotesque looking dead thing to her original form and lowered her hood. “Fiona,” Gavin gasped.


“Gavin. You abandoned me,” she accused angrily. “You... Where were you? I came to your room. I-”


“It wasn't my fault. I was sent somewhere else,” Gavin tried to explain.


“I hid myself aboard The Star, and you weren't there to protect me. The crew, they came to scorn me and mock me, and worse. Use me in a way no woman should be used.” Her pain reflected sharply in her eyes.


“The other passengers... Did no one help you?” Gavin couldn't believe it.


“All did nothing. And Mistress Allaway, our teacher? She said I deserved it for throwing myself at you. Teachers, they claim to love children, and then they betray them. I couldn't punish her, but others will pay her debt!” she cried as she vanished.


Gavin took a minute to collect his thoughts. “Her life aboard that ship was so unbearable, she felt death would be a relief. But the sweet maid I knew is now a spirit bent on revenge.”


“So we agree Fiona has to be stopped,” Sam said.


“We can't burn her bones. They're at the bottom of the Atlantic,” Dean pointed out.


Sam sighed at that. “Could destroy the locket. Then again, she might also be tethered to something else on the ship.”


“Either way, nothing can bring back the poor people she killed,” Gavin seemed distraught about that.


The brothers exchanged a look. “Actually, there might be a way to fix pretty much everything,” Sam said.


“What?” Gavin asked.


“Keep Fiona from going Casper in the first place,” Dean answered.


“Yeah. There's no reason for her to be a ghost if she's not angry and alone on the ship,” Liam agreed.


“You don't intend to tamper with the flow of time do you?” Rowena asked, seeming a little concerned.


“It has already been tampered with,” Liam pointed out. “Gavin technically shouldn't be here. He was supposed to be on that ship.”


“Look, we're looking for a fix here, okay? This is it. We get him aboard that ship, he travels with Fiona, keeps her safe,” Dean explained.


“And go to his death. That's your solution?” Rowena seemed concerned about that.


“I didn't say it was the fun one, okay? Just the one, and you know it. And it would keep history intact.”


“I was thinking the same thing,” Gavin spoke up. “I loved her. She loved me. That's the only reason any of this happened. I can spare her the nightmare she's trapped in. I can't say I ever fit here. Here, I'm alone. Fiona and me, we'll spend eternity together.”


“Never gonna happen,” Crowley appeared in the corner and stepped into the light. “Just because Dim and Dimmer here can't keep their own family all in the same dimension, doesn't mean they can mess with mine!”


“Father, I want to do this,” Gavin argued.


“What you want is a gym membership, happy hour at Hooters, and Cubs tickets; none of which are available anywhere else but here.”


“I've made up my mind.”


“Then why did you call me?”


“You called him?” Dean raised an eyebrow at that.


“To say goodbye,” Gavin explained.


“You could've written him a note,” Liam mumbled.


“Let him go, Fergus,” Rowena spoke up.


“Butt out,” Crowley growled at her.


“Fergus, he's not like us. He believes in things. Let him do what he believes is right.”


Gavin got up to leave and Crowley moved to grab him, but Rowena uttered a spell that froze him in place. “Mother, damn you...” Crowley growled as Gavin left with Sam, Dean, and Liam.


They returned to the bunker and gathered everything they would need to send Gavin back. “That soup yet?” Dean asked his brother who was brewing the potion.


“Almost,” Sam answered. “You ready?” he looked to Gavin.


“You're positive this will work?” Gavin seemed a little skeptical.


Dean shrugged. “Never done it before. But our granddad did. And Rowena tweaked the spell so that you could use it.”


“Alright, I think that's it,” Sam announced. “You're a good guy, Gavin. Thank you.”


Gavin swallowed hard. “Hopefully this is all for the best.” He kissed the locket and prepared himself.


“Beam him up, Scotty,” Dean motioned for Sam to start the spell.


Sam started saying the words out loud, and the sigil he had drawn on the wall started to glow. Soon Fiona appeared and grabbed Gavin's hand with a smile on her face before they both disappeared in a flash of golden light.


“Makes a person wonder how he descended from Crowley and Rowena,” Liam mused as he stared at the spot where Gavin stood only moments before.


“Yeah, really,” Dean agreed. “Although, you're nothing like your father.”


“No,” Liam shook his head. “Even though I never really knew her, I'm more like my mother.”


“You don't think Rowena helped us because it was the right thing, do you?”


The blond met his husband's gaze. “No.”


“Neither do I,” Dean agreed.


They waited for a while before checking the news sites to make sure everything worked out as planned. “So the teachers at the girls' school are all back to work. It's like nothing ever happened. That's all the victims in Ohio,” Liam said from behind his laptop.


“Well, no mention of the Massachusetts murder either. Uh, no Fiona, no angry ghost. Looks like history is back on track. Thank you, Gavin,” Sam said as he closed his laptop with a small smile.


The bunker door opened and Mary walked in. “Mom,” Dean looked up at her in surprise. “It has been a while. I mean a very long time.”


Sam stood up beside his brother. “He's dramatic, as you know. What he meant to say was, we missed you. Glad you're back.”


“Burgers. Beer,” she handed Dean a six pack of beer and a bag full of burgers.


“Forgiven,” Dean said as he took the food and beer. “So what you been up to?”


She looked at the guys nervously. “Oh. Jogging, tai chi, meditation. Melting rugaru brains.”


Sam's eyebrows raised. “Um, melting rugaru brains?”


“There's no easy way to say it, so I'm just gonna say it. I have sort of been working with the British Men of Letters.”


“You what?” Sam was taken aback. “Mom, we, um, have a history with them.”


“I know, Sam. And it was a hard decision. But they're doing good work. I have helped them save people, a lot of people. We can learn from them.” The brothers looked at each other. “Do not give me the face,” she looked at Dean.


“What face?” he got a little defensive.


“You know the face.”


“There's no face.”


“That's the face.”


“Mom, we have our own tool kit, and it works just fine. And for obvious reasons, like broken ribs and burnt feet, we don't trust the Brits,” Sam argued.


“So where does that leave us?” Dean asked.


Mary shrugged. “Same as always. Family.”


Dean scoffed and turned away. “Told you,” Liam mumbled.


“You knew?” Dean looked betrayed.


“Don't get mad at him,” Mary tried to come to Liam's defense. “I don't really know how his deal works, but after what happened with Ramiel he figured it out, and tried to warn me against it.”


Dean crossed his arms with a huff. “So that was the private conversation you had with her after you sent me and Sam out to the car with Cas. And then you lied to me about it, which I thought you couldn't do.”


“Technically I lied to Sam,” Liam defended himself.


Dean rolled his eyes. “Oh, that makes it so much better. You knew all this time, so you've been lying by omission.”


“It wasn't my secret to tell,” Liam snapped.


“Like I said, don't get mad at him,” Mary repeated. “He told me to stop working them and tell you two the truth, and I didn't do that.”


“Now that we do know, it kind of puts us in a tough spot,” Sam pointed out.


“Just hear me out. Please.”


Dean sighed. “We'll listen, but if we don't like what we hear we still have a problem.”

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