Hunting Humanity XI

BY : greenwizard
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Mary looked at her sons, her eyes pleading for them to hear what she was saying. “Dean What the British Men of Letters are doing, what we're doing, it's a better way. They...” she let out a deep sigh. “Look, I'm not blind to who they are or what they've done, but-”


“Wait, you said Liam figured you out after the lake house,” Sam interrupted her. “That was an errand for them, wasn't it?”


Mary hung her head in shame. “It wasn't Wally. They brought me that case.”


Dean shook his head in disbelief. “You were running an errand for the Brits, and you kept it from us. Cas and Liam almost died.”


“A hunter got killed,” Sam added.


“You think I don't know?” Mary snapped back. “I'm the one who burned his body. I'm the one who told his wife. I watch him die every night.”


“Good,” Dean scoffed at her.


“And you think sending hunters into a death trap is a better way?” Liam asked.


“They didn't know,” Mary argued. “Mr. Ketch swore to me they didn't know. And bringing in Wally was my idea. It was a bad one.”


“You think?” Dean's tone was condescending.


“Do any of you really think I would have risked your lives if I had any idea?”


“Maybe you wouldn't, but the Brits...” Sam spoke softly.


“They either lied to you, or their research isn't nearly as good as they claim,” Liam pointed out.


Mary sighed in frustration. “I'm doing this for you. I'm playing three decades of catch up here.”


“And we're not?” Dean snapped. “How do you think this has been for us? We're your sons, and you've been gone. Our whole lives, you've been gone. You said that you needed time. No, you said you need space. So we gave you your space. But you didn't need just space. No, you needed space from us.”


“That's not true. Dean, I'm trying.”


“How about for once you just try to be a mom?”


“I am your mother, but I am not 'just a mom'. And you are not a child.”


“I never was. So between us and them...”


“It's not like that.”


“Yeah, Mary, it is. And you made your choice. So there's the door,” Dean growled as he stormed away.


“I warned you,” was all Liam said before chasing after Dean.


“Sam?” Mary turned to her younger son, hoping he would understand.


Sam lowered his gaze and swallowed hard. “You should go.”


Liam followed Dean into the bedroom. “I'm sorry,” he mumbled.


Dean flopped on the bed. “You didn't do it.”


“So you're not mad at me?” Liam lowered himself onto his side of the bed.


“Oh, I'm a little mad at you, but I... Why was she even brought back here? I did not need this.”


The blond shrugged. “Maybe you did. I mean, you're getting to see her as she really is. You were a little kid when she died, so you only got to see the mom of a little boy.”


“I don't know. What I do know is I need a beer. Will you go get me one?”


Liam sighed as he stood. “I don't usually like to encourage your drinking, but in the case, maybe I'll join you.”


In the morning Sam and Liam were having breakfast when Dean came out with his tablet. “Dead guy in Akron. Body found two days ago. Throat ripped out, ear to ear.”


“Well, good morning to you, too,” Sam looked up at his brother.


“Read it,” Dean all but pushed the tablet with the article into Sam's hands.


Sam sighed as he read it. “The guy was a known drug dealer with enemies. His throat wasn't ripped out. It was slit with a knife. I'm not really sure this is our kind of thing.”


“We don't know that. His blood could've been drained,” Dean argued.


“It could've been?” Liam raised an eyebrow.


Dean shook his head as he sat down. “You know what? Someone find us a case because I need to hit something. Now.”


“You wanna talk about it?” Sam asked.


“Not really. What was she thinking, man?”


“I don't know. Maybe we should ask her.”




“Look I'm pissed, and frustrated, and confused, too. But we've frozen her out for days.”


“She lied to us, Sam. For months.”


“I know, but it's Mom! I mean, whatever she was doing, she must've had a good reason.”


“A good reason?” Dean scoffed at that. “A good reason for working with those ass clowns?”


“Look, I hear you, alright? But at the end of the day, she's family. We owe it to her to at least-”


“Alright, you know what? Screw it. I need a drink.”


“It's not even noon, no you don't,” Liam argued. “Maybe spar with me instead.”


“Right now I don't think that's a good idea. And, Sam, this whole peacemaker shtick that you've been running, first with Cass, now with Mom, it's getting old, man.”


“What's that supposed to mean?” Sam got a little defensive.


“You're always playing the middle, Sam. For once, why don't you pick a side? And now I'm gonna go drink because that is what I do.”


A little while later Liam was in the library looking through a book when Sam came in. “You up for a little trip?” Sam asked.


“You found us a case?” Liam looked up from his book.


“Not exactly. You know how Mom has been texting both me and Dean the last few days?”


“Yeah, Dean nearly smashed his phone a few times.”


“I was looking at the texts and thinking a moment ago. And the last text she sent me asked for me to come see her. She said it's urgent. I really think I should go.”


“And you're asking me to come with you?” Liam was confused.


“Well, I know Dean won't go, and while I trust my mom, I don't wanna show up there alone for obvious reasons.”


Liam closed the book. “I see your point. You think it's safe leaving Dean to his own devices?”


“I think he just needs some time to cool down. I'll leave him a note, and I'll tell him... I'll figure something out.”


Liam sighed as he stood. “Okay. Let's go I guess.”


Mary was waiting for them when Sam drove up to the entrance of the compound. “Thanks for coming,” she greeted them.


“What's so urgent?” Sam asked.


“Sam, I messed up. I know I messed up. But what the British Men of Letters are doing, this is bigger than us, Sam. We've got a real shot here.”


“A shot at what?”


“A world without monsters. A world where you and Dean don't have to hunt, where you can have normal lives.”


“I chose this life.”


“I know. But you were going to school, to college. And I get why you gave it up. But what if you didn't have to? What if there was a different future for you, for us? What about those kids of yours?”


“Don't bring them into this. You haven't even seen them since I took you to the house.”


“Look, Sam, I tried to keep you boys away from this life, but that didn't work out. I... As strange as it is thinking of myself as a grandmother, I don't want them to end up in this life for the same reasons. What about you?”


“I...” Sam wasn't really sure what to say. “I haven't thought about it much since they were little, but no, hunting wouldn't be my first choice for them.”


“That's why I'm doing this. That is what I'm fighting for. I am not trying to recruit you, but you need to know. Things are changing. Please. Just let me show you.” She started walking through the gate. “It's, uh, just in here.”


“Wow,” Sam mumbled as Mary led them through an impressive set up.


“Believe it or not, this is just their temporary base. The Brits talk like they're roughing it.”


They entered what seemed like the command center, and Mick greeted them. “Sam Winchester and Liam Quinn. You didn't tell me your son and uh.. that they stopping by,” he said to Mary.


“Didn't know I had to,” Mary answered him.


“Anyway, welcome,” Mick gave them a small smile.


“And uh...?” Liam seemed a bit offended. “That's what I am to you? Rude.”


Mick chuckled a little at that. “Mary certainly described you accurately. Didn't mean to offend, I'm just not sure of your relation.”


“If you want to use the technical term, I'm her son-in-law.”


“I see,” Mick looked back and forth between Sam and Liam.


“No...” Sam corrected his assumption quickly. “Dean. Not that...”


Liam sighed. “Just pull your giant foot out of your mouth and let's go.”


“Yeah, um, you know, I really dig the whole low budget Mission Impossible vibe, but he's right. We should head back.”


“You sure? You're just in time for the briefing,” Mick teased.


“Mick,” Mary warned.


“I mean, that is, if you wanna hear how we're gonna exterminate every last vampire in America.”


“I guess I switched sides just in time,” Liam half joked.


“Yes, I'd be fascinated to hear how you pulled that off,” Mick said. “I found something else interesting while I was looking into you.”


“What's that?”


“One of our early founders was an Irish chap also named Liam Quinn. There's a painted portrait in the archives, and there is quite a bit of resemblance.”


“Well, he was my grandfather, so...”


“So this is in your blood. All the more reason for you to join our briefing as an honored guest.”


“When you put it like that...” the blond's tone was sarcastic.


“I don't know, Liam, I am a little bit curious now. No harm in listening to their plan.”


“Alright,” Liam gave in. “You have ten minutes to impress me,” he said to Mick.


Mick led them into a well lit room with a big table and computers along one wall. “Where's Ketch?” he said to one woman.


She shrugged. “I don't know. He wasn't in his room and isn't answering his mobile. Should we wait?”


“No,” Mick answered. “Before we get started, we've got a few new faces. This is Pierce Moncrieff, a hunter out of Baton Rouge. Pierce meet Alton Morehead, our head of R&D; weapons development, spell work, that sort of thing. And Serena Colman, our Head of Security and Surveillance. And, of course, you know Mary Winchester and her son. Sam. Sam brought Liam Quinn. Please, plenty of seats,” he motioned to the table.


“I'm fine,” Sam remained standing.


“All right, then. Let's begin,” Mick motioned to Serena.


Serena stood to address them. “As most of you know, Phase One of Project V is nearly complete. Over the past months, we've focused our efforts on the MWR.”


“Midwest Region,” Mary whispered to Sam and Liam.


“When we started our operation, there were two hundred and forty one vampires active across twelve states. We've killed all but eleven.”


“Seriously? How?” Sam was a little impressed.


“You American hunters tend to see vampires as criminals, rogues. One gets out of line, you show up, lop off its head, and leave town. We treat them more like terrorists,” Serena explained.


Alton cleared his throat to speak. “Uh, vampires may typically hunt alone or in small nests. But scratch the surface, and they're all connected, from the lowest drone all the way up the chain to the top.”


“No shit, Sherlock,” Liam mumbled.


Sam nodded. “Liam already told us they all have some connection to the alpha. The normal ones anyhow.”


“When we find a nest, we don't just charge in a la John Wayne, guns blazing,” Mick explained. “We wait, we watch.”


“We determine the size of the nest, its relationships to other vampire groups,” Serena took over the explanation. “They tend to trade among themselves; information, victims. We're constantly expanding and refining our intelligence. And when we've learned all we can, we go, we assemble a team-”


“And wipe them out,” Mary finished her sentence.


Serena pointed to her computer. “Now all the remaining MWR vampires have hunkered up in an abandoned building near Wichita; the More Rest Hotel. They think they're safe.”


“No they don't,” Liam interrupted.


“Excuse me?” she raised an eyebrow at him.


Mick crossed his arms. “Go on.”


“First of all, you're not impressing me because you're not giving me any information I didn't already know.”


“It can be argued that you know more than most American hunters only because you spent time in a nest as part of their community,” Mick retorted.


“I suppose it can. But I don't think one has to be a former vampire to know that they aren't mindless beasts. If you've killed that many in such a short time, they know there's a massive threat lurking somewhere. After all, as your girl just said herself, they communicate with each other. They could've called for reinforcements.”


“But they haven't,” Serena said confidently.


“You sure about that?”


“Yes. We're monitoring them closely.”


“Even if they have, we've got the AVD locked and loaded,” Mary said.


“Anti-Vamp Device,” Alton explained.


“Tomorrow, we ship out, raid the compound, terminate the colony, and, uh, complete Phase One,” Mick seemed pleased with himself.


“And then we move on to the rest of the country. By the time we're done, there won't be a single bloodsucker left in America,” Mary seemed happy at the thought.


“I'll believe it when I see it,” Liam was skeptical.


“Why?” Mary asked.


“Same reason it was incredibly stupid of Japan to attack the US during World War II.”


“What does that mean?” Mick asked.


The blond sighed. “Look, England is well... England. It's an island, and not a very big one at that. You can do things the way you do them for the very same reason that no foreign power has ever been able to successfully invade England. Now you're dealing with a lot more territory, and a lot more monsters. You don't know how they communicate, because as you said yourself, you keep England monster free. No way for you to study how things evolve in different populations.”


“Sam, do you agree with your um, brother-in-law about our operation?”


“In my experience it's a really good idea to listen to him,” Sam answered.


“Really?” Mick was a bit intrigued. “And why is that?”


“Well, he's extremely smart, for one. He has a bit of a gift for seeing things other people don't.”


“Do tell. I'll take that into advisement. I suppose his arguments are somewhat valid.”


“I'm sitting right here,” Liam shot Mick a glare. “And they're more than somewhat valid.”


“Pierce? Mary? A question,” Alton called the two hunters over to him.


Sam motioned over to Pierce. “You know he calls himself The Hunter King of Baton Rouge?”


Mick sighed at that. “I do. Unfortunately.”


“A buddy of mine knew him. They worked together. Once.”


“Right, you see, truth is, your mother excepted, we've struggled to attract the, uh, top shelf of American Hunters. Like the two of you.”


“Hence you inviting us to this little briefing, hoping to get us to join your cause and attract better hunters,” Liam surmised.


Mick smiled a little. “You are either as perceptive as you claim, or I was being a little too obvious.”


“A little of both,” Sam answered the question.


“Guys,” Mary motioned for them to follow her. “Sam, this is why I asked you to come. Even if you want no part of it, you needed to know,” she explained as they walked down the hall.


“So it wasn't a sales pitch? Because it was a good one,” Sam mused.


“Mick was doing a sales pitch. I uh... I'd like you boys to do this with me, but I understand if you don't want to.”


A woman's scream sent them running back to the control room, Serena staring at a surveillance camera horrified. “What's happening?” Mick asked.


Mary looked at the dead sentry on the screen. “It's the More Rest vampires. They're here.”


“We gotta lock this place down, ASAP,” Sam said.


Mary got on the intercom. “Fall back,” she gave the order.


“Lock this place down now!” Sam cried as he and Liam ran to face the vampires trying to get in.


“Fall back. Secure all exits. Do not engage. Fall back now,” Mary repeated before being right behind them.


There were a handful prowling the outside perimeter. Sam launched at one of them from around a corner, and as the others came to help, Mary and Liam took care of them. Mary seemed like a natural as she beheaded one that tried to attack Sam. “Nice,” Sam was a little impressed.


They didn't see any more, but then Liam was suddenly grabbed from behind. Mary moved to help, but Liam quickly had him flipped, on the ground face down and pinned. “That was nice, too,” Mary said before raising her blade to decapitate the last one.


“Wait,” Sam held out a hand to stop her. “We need to find out what's going on here.”


They took the captured vampire back into the command center and Sam tied him up. “Doors locked?” Pierce asked.


“For now,” Mary nodded.


Alton was watching the camera feeds. “The rest, they're spreading out, surrounding the building.”


“How'd they find us? How'd they even know who we are?” Mick was in a little bit of shock.


The captive laughed. “He told us. He's back to save us all. Our father.”


“Your father?” Sam was a bit confused. “The Alpha,” he realized quickly.


Serena shook her head. “No, that's impossible. Our intel has him in Morocco. He's been there for at least a decade.”


Liam started laughing. “You need to fire whoever gathered that intel.”


“Why?” Mick asked.


“We met him five years ago in Hoople, North Dakota,” Sam answered the question.


“You're dead. You're all dead,” the vampire started laughing.


Liam grabbed a silver knife out of his pocket and pressed it to the vampire's throat, causing him to scream while his flesh sizzled. “I don't recall giving you permission to speak.”


“Silver burns vampires?” Mick found that interesting.


“One of the many things I know that you don't,” Liam said before stabbing the vampire in the heart with the blade and killing him. “Along with that.”


Sam's eyes narrowed. “Wait, you were shot with silver bullets, and...”


“Fortunately none of them pierced my heart.”


“Were you ever going to share this piece of information with us?”


“If it ever became relevant. Given the current situation, I'm guessing it's relevant now.”


“Yeah, about that,” Sam turned to Mick. “Your extermination plan, did it have any contingencies for this?”


“No,” Mick admitted.


Liam waved the bloody knife at him. “You know, this is one of those times I hate being right.”


“Comm's still out. What about a scrying spell? If we can get a message to England...” Serena suggested.


“Does one of your special toys teleport people?” Liam asked her.


“No,” she answered.


“Then what good would that do us now?”


“He's right,” Mary agreed. “This place was not built for defense, and those doors will not hold long. Okay. Who here has ever killed anything?” Only Liam raised his hand. “Great,” she sighed.


Sam bit his lip and thought for a moment. “Alright, we gotta arm up. Everybody, weapons on the table. Blades, guns, spells...”


Liam put down the silver knife, a longer knife concealed at his waist, a small pistol that was strapped to his ankle, and the machete he'd grabbed to fight the first wave of vampires. “You'll find I have a few things in common with the Boy Scouts,” he mumbled when both Sam and Mary seemed a little surprised at how armed he was.


Sam and Mary put down their machetes. Nobody else had anything. Mary frowned as she looked at the table. “That's not enough.”


“Most of our weapons are in the Armory, including the AVD,” Mick pointed out.


Marry nodded at that. “We could set it off in the vents. Maximize coverage, use the gas like the bug bomb.”


Mick turned to Liam. “Will that kill the Alpha?”


The blond thought about it for a minute. “If this AVD thing was developed to kill an average vampire, I doubt it. You might slow him down. You got anything stronger?”


“Where is it?” Mary asked Mick.


Mick picked up a case and put it on the table to open it. Sam gasped when he recognized the Colt. “Where'd you get this?”


“I stole it. From Ramiel,” Mary confessed.


Liam shook his head. “Now it all makes sense. Can I hit him?” he pointed to Mick.


“We'll talk about it once we've figured out our current situation,” Sam said.


“It doesn't work. We've no bullets,” Mick wasn't optimistic.


“Okay. We make some, then. Got the recipe from my buddy,” Sam said.


“Bobby Singer?” Mary wondered.


“Yep. Alright, Mick, you're gonna need holy oil, sage, and myrrh. Do you have that here?”


“Everything but the holy oil,” Mick answered.


“I can help you with that,” Liam spoke up. “Do you have sandalwood oil?”


“I believe so,” Mick looked a little confused.


“Then I need a bowl of that, and a cup of hot cocoa.”


“Hot cocoa?” Alton raised an eyebrow at that.


“Do you want me to pass out from saving your asses? Get cracking!”


“Don't ask, just do it,” Sam instructed and turned back to Mick. “Anyway, make a tincture, coat a silver bullet. Use this spell. It'll mimic the original etchings.”


“And that'll work?” Mick was slightly skeptical.


“It better. If not, we might have to go nuclear,” Sam looked at Liam. “And then if the Alpha doesn't kill us, Dean will. Where's the Armory?”


“I'll take you,” Mary motioned for her son to follow her.


“I got your back,” Pierce picked up a machete to go with them.


“Get to work. Keep that door locked,” Sam ordered before they left.


Alton brought Liam the requested oil and a cup of hot cocoa. The blond sat on the floor, and after a few sips of cocoa held his hand over the oil and mumbled in a strange language. “There you go,” he said as he stood, nearly falling from being shaky.


“What don't we know?” Mick asked as he took the oil. “How can you bless oil?”


Liam shrugged and took another sip of his beverage. “Sam and Dean know more than I do, I think, but they won't tell me. All I know is that I have gifts. They take a physical toll though. Dean said some angel told him that if I use up too much power, or use it too often, it'll kill me. So he only wants me to use it when there is no other option. Things like blessing oil are minor, but the big stuff...”


“Ah. Well... Let's get this spell going.”


As soon as Mick finished the spell on the bullets there was frantic pounding on the door. “It's me! Open the damn door!” Pierce shouted from the other side.


Serena let him in. “What happened?” Alton asked.


“It's bad out there,” Pierce said just before the Alpha vampire entered with him and stabbed Alton in the back. “Pretty bad in here, too, huh?” he looked a little smug.


“No,” Serena gasped and sprang to her feet. The Alpha grabbed her and drank her dry.


“Pierce! you're a hunter!” Mick cried in shock.


The Alpha smirked. “Yes. My hunter. Pierce and I have an arrangement. He keeps me off the radar, and I pay him very, very well.”


Pierce shrugged. “Alimony's a bitch.”


“So is karma,” Liam growled at him.


The Alpha took a few steps toward Mick. “I'm old. I like living quietly. You've been making my life awfully noisy lately. You've killed so many of my children. I've seen your work. In England, I didn't get involved because, well, it's England. But America, yes. America is my home. And it's time that you get off my lawn. Here's what you're going to do. We will bring your communications back online. You will make a call to your superiors in London. You'll admit defeat. You will tell them to cancel this American incursion. Then they'll watch as I devour you, live, onscreen. Hmm, yes, it's a bit messy, but sometimes one does have to make a point.”


Then Sam and Mary rushed in. Mary hit Pierce and knocked him unconscious. Sam made a grab for the Colt. Liam used the distraction to hit the Alpha hard from behind, but it barely seemed to phase him. He grabbed Liam and held him tightly by the throat. “Let him go!” Sam cried as he aimed the Colt right at the Alpha's forehead.


The Alpha chuckled. “The Colt. Powerful weapon. Sam, you are aware that there are five creatures on this earth that gun cannot kill. I'm one of them.”


“If that were true, I'd be dead already.”


“That gun can't save all of you.”


“Who said I was here to save all of us? My family and I, we kill vamps when they get out of line. And you've let us.”


“I have many children, Sam. What's one, two, here or there?”


“Exactly. So let Liam, my mom and me go. We'll walk away, go back to the way things were, to the way things are supposed to be. Hunters and vampires, cops and robbers, a fair fight.”


“And the Brit?”


Sam looked over to Mick with a very subtle gesture. “You can have him.”


“Sam. What are you doing?” Mary didn't like where the conversation was going.


“Picking a side,” Sam answered.


“You bastard!” Mick cried as he lunged for Sam. The two of them seemed to struggle just long enough for Mick to slip Sam one of the bullets.


The Alpha tightened his grip on Liam, making the blond whimper softly. “I let my former child and betrayer go once before because it was a good cause. I don't have anything to gain this time.”


“Me not killing you,” Sam said as he cocked the now loaded gun. “So let him go.”


“Sam, you and I both know that gun isn't loaded.”


Sam smirked at that. “You sure?”


The Alpha paused for a moment to think, and then laughed. “Clever boy.” Sam fired the gun, hitting the Alpha square in the forehead. His arms fell to his sides and Liam ran over to stand by Sam as the Alpha died.


“You okay?” Sam asked the blond.


Liam was gingerly rubbing the finger marks on his neck. “I'm not dead.”


“I'll go see if there are any more out there,” Mary said as she picked up a machete and left.


Sam seemed a little torn. “Go help her,” Liam urged him.


When Sam was gone Mick offered the blond a glass of water. “I noticed you didn't use any gifts to save yourself.”


“One, they work better on demons and magical things. Two, I trusted Sam to think of something.”


“But you still don't trust me...” Mick seemed disappointed by that.


“I trusted that you didn't want to die any more than we did.”


“I suppose that's a start.”


Mary and Sam came back after a few minutes. “All clear out there. Took out a few stragglers. The rest must've run when we dropped the Alpha. Come on,” Mary motioned for Sam and Liam to follow her out to the parking lot. Mick followed as well.


Just as they stepped outside Mr. Ketch had arrived with Dean right behind him. “Where were you?” Mick asked Mr. Ketch.


“Following orders,” Mr. Ketch answered in a matter of fact way.


“That's not... People died.”


“Yes. Well, I don't know how it is in your ivory tower, but down here in the muck, people die. The old men want the Winchesters, so I made a play for Dean, and it was working until your operation went sideways. Ah, well. Better luck next time,” Mr. Ketch patted Mick's arm and went inside.


Sam, Liam, and Marry approached Dean. “So, went out, back later, huh?” Dean eyes his younger brother.


“Just getting a drink, huh?” Sam responded.


“I was with him when we heard this place was under attack. We drove like a bat out of hell.”


“How come?” Sam wondered. “I mean, you don't care for these guys. You didn't even know we were here.” Dean's gaze fell on Mary and Sam nodded in understanding. “Ah, Right, of course.”


Dean looked at his mother. “When I thought something might've happened to you, nothing else mattered.”


“Dean, the things I said-” Mary started to apologize.


“No, Mom, you were... It's not your job to make my lunch and kiss me good night. We're adults. You're gonna make your own choices, even if I don't like them. Even if I really, really don't like them. That's just something I'm gonna have to get used to. Okay, Mom?”


“Yeah,” she smiled at that.


Pierce was brought out in chains and put in a vehicle. “Where you taking him?” Sam asked Mr. Ketch.


“We have ways of dealing with hunters who go rogue. They aren't pleasant,” he answered.


“Good,” Sam, Mary, and Liam said in unison.


Mick motioned for Sam and Liam to come over. “If the two of you hadn't been here tonight...”


“Yeah, we got the kill. That's what matters,” Sam said.


“Hardly an advertisement for the British Men of Letters, though. Or my leadership. Caught unawares with our proverbial pants down. Believe it or not, Sam, we're not-”


“I'm in. Look, tonight was bad, no doubt, but the Alpha Vampire is dead. You're changing the world, and I wanna be a part of it.”


“And you?” Mick turned toward Liam.


The blond shrugged. “If you admit you should have listened to me, and promise to listen better in the future, I'll consider not disliking you.”


“That's probably the best you're gonna get from him right now,” Sam said.


Mick nodded. “I'll take it then. Yes, your instincts were correct on this one. But what about Dean?”


Sam sighed and looked over at Dean talking to Mary. “Give us some time.”

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