Hunting Humanity XI

BY : greenwizard
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Sam was sitting in the Library looking through some books when Dean came in, phone in hand and looking irritated. “Still haven't been able to locate Cas?” Sam asked his brother.


Dean sighed and sat down. “I've been trying, Sam. The GPS on his phone is turned off, and there's nothing in the system about some weird guy in a trench coat getting arrested or turning up dead.”


Sam didn't seem as concerned. “Dean, it's Cas. I mean, this isn't the first time he's dropped off the map, you know? And whatever's happening, he'll be fine. He always is.”


“Yeah,” Dean agreed, picking his gun up and starting to clean it. “What about you? You got anything there, reading rainbow?”


“I stayed up all night going through every book we have on demons, and it turns out we have a lot of books on demons.”


“Anything on Dagon?”


“Mentions here and there, but nothing we can use. I guess the, uh, Princes of Hell are pretty good at staying off the radar.”


“Well, yeah, isn't that kind of their thing?”


Sam's laptop made a little dinging noise and he checked it. “Just got an email from Mick. It's a case.”


“That email isn't from me,” Mick walked in with Liam.


“What?” Dean put his gun back together and sat up. “What's going on here?” he glared at Mick.


Mick put his hands up in a defensive gesture. “Sorry, I would have called, but I didn't want them tracing it. I also had to make sure I wasn't being followed.”


“What's going on?” Sam sensed something was very wrong.


“While the three of you have successfully persuaded me to see things your way, the higher ups are beginning to agree with Lady Bevell.”


“And you came in person to warn us,” Dean obviously didn't like how close Mick was standing to Liam. “How thoughtful.”


Mick took the hint and a step away from Liam. “I've been terminated from the Men of Letters for defending you. Since they're using my email to communicate with you, they obviously don't want you to know that. They want to capitalize on what little ground I managed to gain with you.”


“They just let you walk away?” Sam was surprised by that.


“No,” Mick answered as his eyes glowed a bright aqua for a split second. “Ketch tried to shoot me in the back of the head, not knowing I was protected.”


Dean's glare turned to Liam. “You shared your powers with him? You'll give them to that limey bastard without hesitation, but not me?” He seemed rather hurt. “Do I look that stupid to you?”


“No,” Liam shook his head as he approached Dean until they were face to face. “One, I only remembered how to share in the spur of the moment.” His hand moved to rest on Dean's chest. “Two, I like you just as you are. You don't need my supernatural protection, you can take care of yourself. And three, there could be some unpleasant side effects, and I don't want to risk your well being. Sam's either.”


“But you'll risk my life?” it was Mick's turn to be a little hurt.


Liam shrugged. “It was a gamble. Would you rather have had your brains blown out by your supposed friend and be dead right now?”


Mick thought about it a second. “I suppose not. So the fatigue and headaches, they're side effects? Are they permanent?”


“No. Your body is adjusting to the upgrade. The power will either settle in soon, or you'll use them one day and explode.”


Mick swallowed hard and took a seat. “Good to know.”


Dean sat back in his chair. “So they tried to kill you for breaking the code. What is their plan for us?”


“I don't know exactly. Dr. Hess said hunters are dogs. They obey command. You three aren't obeying, and that can't be tolerated.”


“So this case could be a trap?” Sam motioned to his laptop. “What do we do?”


“Nothing,” Liam answered the question.


“You want us to pretend to be totally in the dark?” Dean raised an eyebrow at that plan.


“Yes. At least now we know what their game is, sort of. If we change our behavior then they'll know we know. They'll come up with some other plan that we won't see coming. But if we pretend to be as dumb as they think we are, then we can keep a watch on them.”


“Very clever,” Mick seemed impressed. He noticed how Dean seemed to lean closer to Liam in almost a possessive manner. “Dean, let's just get things out in the open right now. I admit that I want what you have, but I'm not a fool. I see the way he looks at you. Even I can tell how much he loves you, and I would never interfere in that.”


“So you're gay?” Sam tried to clarify.


Mick shrugged. “I didn't used to think so, but Liam is quite charismatic. No shame in admitting that.”


Dean tilted his head at Liam. “Then it's not me. It's you.”


Liam got on his tip toes and wrapped his arms around Dean's neck. “Have I been making you happy?”


“Well yeah, but...”


“No buts.” He tenderly kissed Dean's lips. “I love you, and you love me. Don't overthink. Enjoy.”


“So what do we do about this case?” Sam brought them back on track. “Do we accept it and prepare for an ambush?”


“As Liam said, act as if you believe you're communicating with me,” Mick instructed. “I doubt they'll try to kill you just yet. It's not their style. They'll want to gather info on your skills and habits first. This case is probably just to lure you away to do recon.”


Dean's features scrunched a little. “I don't want them digging through my stuff.”


“I don't like it either, but as I said, they can't know we know,” Liam said. “Just pack the Colt so they don't steal that back. And you should probably disappear for a little while,” he looked to Mick.


“Right,” Mick nodded. “I don't really know how to do that.”


“You two discuss and prepare for the case,” the blond motioned to the brothers. “I'll teach him how to stay below the radar.”


Sam started reading through the email, but noticed how irritated his brother looked. “Dean, you heard Mick. He's not going to try and steal Liam from you. And Liam wants you, so...”


“Just tell me what we got,” Dean grumbled.


“Looks like a guy named Jarrod Hayes disappeared in Tomahawk, Wisconsin a week ago. No witnesses. No body. But this email says this place has a history.”




“Well, it means a lot of people go missing in Tomahawk. One a year, every year, from 1898 to 1997, and then nothing until now.”


“So twenty years?”


“Yeah. So maybe they're starting up again? Maybe it's a cycle of some sort?”


“Well, one way to find out. Tell the pretend Mick we're on our way.”


Their first stop was Sheriff Bishop's office. He was messing with a taxidermy animal and didn't seem very interested in the reason for their visit. “I'm sorry, but why the feds interested in Jarrod Hayes?” he asked, not taking his eyes off his project.


“Just following orders,” Dean answered.


“So what can you tell us about the case?” Sam asked.


“Nothing much to tell. Jarrod and his friends were hanging out at Weathertop. This make out spot the kids use out at the woods. And then he ditched his pals to hoof it home. Never made it.”


“And this doesn't concern you? At all?” Liam was surprised by the apathy the sheriff was showing.


“You ask me, he just bailed.”


“And why would he do that?” Dean asked.


“Jarrod's had it rough. Mom left years ago. And his dad...Well, let's just say Jarrod fell down the stairs a lot, if you know what I mean.”


Sam raised an eyebrow. “Wait. If you knew he was being abused, why didn't you...?”


“We tried. Trying to take a child from his parents, even if they're the worst people in the world, not easy.”


“Did you talk to his old man?” Dean asked.


“Can't. Not really. Guy stroked out a couple years ago. Breathes through a tube. Guess who gets to take care of him? Can you imagine having to spoon feed the guy that wailed on you for all those years? Everybody's got a breaking point. If Jarrod did blow town, I wouldn't blame him.”


“He could've just rolled his father into a lake,” Liam mumbled his thought out loud. “What?” he said when he saw Dean giving him a funny look.


The sheriff looked up from his project. “You know a little something about what he was going through.”


“I do,” Liam nodded.


“You said that Jarrod was with friends the night he went missing,” Dean turned the topic back to the case. “Did any of them say anything?”


“Nothing worth repeating.”


“Any idea where we can find these friends?”




They found Jarrod's best friend sitting on a park bench smoking marijuana. “Daryn Boston? FBI.” Sam said as they approached him.


“Hell,” he groaned and threw what he was smoking on the ground.


“It's cool,” Dean said as he knelt down to pick it up and hand it back. “Medicinal purposes, right?”


“Uh, yeah...”


“We just wanted to talk about the night Jarrod Hayes went missing,” Sam said.


“What about it?”


“Well, the sheriff says you were with him.”


“Yeah, well, the sheriff is a jackass, all right? Look, he thinks Jarrod just skipped town.”


“And you don't?”


“I know he didn't.”


“Did you tell that to the cops?” Dean asked.


“Man, sheriff Bishop's not gonna believe me. We got history. Any time something happens in this town, he brings me in for questioning.”


“Why is that?”


Daryn looked at what was back in his hand. “Why do you think?”


“Well, look, if you won't tell the sheriff what you saw, how about you tell us?”


Daryn seemed a little distressed as he thought about it again. “Look, I ran to save Jarrod, okay? But... The monster, it got him.”


“The monster?”


“Black Bill.”


“What is a Black Bill?” Liam asked.


Daryn shrugged. “Just some old town legend I heard when I was a kid. I guess you guys don't believe me either.”


Liam patted him on the shoulder. “We believe you saw something. If we have any more questions we'll be in touch.”


They went to a diner to grab something to eat. Sam pulled out his laptop to do some research. “Black Bill is a local urban legend, dates back more than a hundred years. A folklore story from 1907 that mentions that back then he was called Black William. He lives in the woods, so he's like a local Jersey devil. And apparently, he has the head of a goat.”


“A goat?” Dean raised an eyebrow. “Well, maybe that's what Daryn saw.”


“Unless you think he was lying.”


“Very few people are that good at faking being traumatized,” Liam said as he munched on some fries.


“I agree,” Dean said as he grabbed a fry. “So we got a goat dude with a name like a pirate, which is a little insane, even for us. And that bar is super high. So if it is real, what the hell is it?”


Sam shrugged. “I’m not sure. I mean, there's tons of human-animal hybrid lore dating back all the way to ancient Egypt.”


“I think I already figured out a way to kill it.”


“How? You don't even know what it is.”


“If you remember, Liam told me to pack the Colt. Dusts anything. Work smarter, Sammy, not harder. Let's meet back here in the morning for breakfast.”


“Calling it a day already? What are you going to do?”


Dean looked at Liam. “What I spend a lot of time doing. Working on my relationship.”


“Do I have to be present for that?” Liam didn't look thrilled.


Dean nodded. “Takes two to tango. You were the one who wanted to do the therapy crap so we weren't always fighting.”


“Yeah, I don't like it when we fight.”


“Me either. So let's go back to our room where I can express myself while not in public.”


Liam grabbed one last french fry and stuffed it into his mouth. “Fine.”


They returned to their room and Liam sat on the bed, waiting for Dean to say whatever it was he wanted to say. “Don't watch me like you're waiting for some speech,” Dean felt a little awkward as he hung up his jacket.


“You said you wanted to talk, and I'm waiting to hear what's on your mind. Would you like me to close my eyes?”


“No...” Dean sighed as he joined his husband on the bed. “It's no secret I'm not happy about the whole Mick thing.”


Liam sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “I thought we already went over this. I was bringing him to the dark side, which apparently I was successful at. He's kind of cute in his own way, but I only have eyes for you.”


“I just feel like there's a double standard here.”


“How so?”


“You'd give me hell for flirting with a woman, even if it was only to get information out of her. But you kissed Mick to seal a deal, and it's no big thing.”


The blond shrugged. “To me it isn't.”


“To me it is. I hated the way watching that made me feel.”


“So this isn't a double standard conversation. For once the shoe was on the other foot and you can't stand it.”


“I... You...” Dean pointed his finger at his partner while he tried to gather his thoughts. “Is that really what it feels like for you when I flirt with women?”


“Yes. And you did express your displeasure in your own way. Then I told you to trust me, much like you want me to trust you, even though you did once get caught in the act of trying to cheat, and I never have.”


Dean's eyebrows narrowed as he put everything together in his mind. “Was teaching me some kind of lesson all part of your master plan?”


Liam shook his head. “No, actually, this was a happy accident. I never really thought much about it because even if I took Mick into a closet and blew his mind, it would mean nothing to me, and I'd spend the night in your arms. Interesting switch of perspective.”


“Very,” Dean agreed. “Are you at least going to tell me what you were trying to do with Lucifer's love child?”


“If it works.”


Dean smiled a little. “Only you could spice up a hunter's life.”


Liam smirked back. “And you love every second of it.” He leaned in to give Dean a heated kiss. Dean returned it, but pulled back long enough to take his shirt off.


Liam shed his shirt as well, and Dean let his fingertips lightly brush over the exposed skin. “I still vividly remember that first night,” Dean got a far away look in his eye.


“So do I.” Liam pulled himself up so he could run his fingers down Dean's back, digging his nails in about half way down.


Dean hissed in pleasure and pushed his husband back down on the bed to kiss him deeply. “We've been so caught up in everything else lately,” he said when he pulled back again. “Did you...?”


“Of course. It's been a while, but I'm always hoping.”


They went back to the diner to meet Sam in the morning, and Dean slid into the booth with a smile on his face. “Good night?” Sam asked, noticing his brother's mood.


“Awesome,” Dean answered. “You gonna eat that?” he reached to take Sam's omelet.


Liam smacked Dean's hand away. “If you're hungry flirt with the waitress and get your own food.”


“I thought you guys had an awesome night,” Sam was a little confused.


Dean shrugged. “I guess we're a slightly dysfunctional but passionate couple. How was your night?”


“Busy. A different kind of a busy, but good.”


“Right. Books. Anything on goat dude?”


“Yeah, little bit. I have some idea what we're dealing with. Look at this. It's a satyr; half man, half goat from Greek mythology,” Sam showed them a picture of Pan.


Dean looked at the picture. “Oh, come on. This guy's adorable. He plays a freaking flute.”


“That's Pan. It's his flute.”


“He could be fun,” Liam blurted out.


Sam shook his head. “I don't... So listen, satyrs are creatures of uncontrollable lust. They would lead people to the woods for massive orgies.”


“Nice,” Dean smiled at that.


“And when the fun was over, the satyr would feast upon the flesh of his victims until his belly was full to bursting with their moist, slippery meat.”


Dean's features scrunched up a little at that. “That's descriptive. Alright, what do we do?”


“Well, I was thinking that maybe we could go talk to Daryn, see if this is indeed what he saw. But his mom told me Daryn never made it home from work last night.”


“So maybe we need to go poke around the plant,” Liam suggested.


Sam nodded. “That's what I was thinking.”


They drove to the plant and found the manager. “Excuse me, sir. Hi. Agents Stark and Martell, and Byrne, FBI. Uh, we're looking for Daryn Boston,” Dean approached him.


“Daryn? Is he in trouble?”


“No. We spoke with him yesterday. Just wanna ask a few follow up questions. I don't suppose he's around.”


“No, Daryn didn't show up for work today.”


“So when was the last time you saw him?”


“Oh, last night. Closed up. Talked about our big day today.”


“What big day?” Liam asked.


“You see that walking clipboard over there?” Pete pointed to a guy walking around.




“That's a health inspector. He's trying to shut us down.”


Sam raised an eyebrow at that. “How come? This place is spotless.”


“It cleans up pretty nice, but our equipment, it's a little out of date.”


“Can't you upgrade?” Dean asked.


“We would if we could. Business isn't exactly booming. We had to shut down half the plant three months back. Meanwhile, our owner would rather play sheriff than actually take care of business.”


“Wait a second. You're telling me that Sheriff Bishop owns this place?” Sam was surprised to hear that.


“Yeah. Barrett Bishop, Jr. Heir to the Bishop meat empire. His family, they've owned this plant for forever. Barry's inside. He's hoping to sweet talk the inspector. You ask me, it's too little, way too late.”


“Mr. Garfinkle,” the inspector called Pete over.


“Excuse me,” Pete went to see what the problem was.


Dean turned to his companions. “So we roll into town, look into a case, talk to the local badge...”


“And then our one witness goes missing,” Sam finished the thought. “Last place he was seen owned by the sheriff. Sound like a coincidence?”


“No,” Liam shook his head.


They started looking around for anything suspicious, and ran into the sheriff. “Excuse me, sheriff,” Sam tried to catch his attention.


Sheriff Bishop was surprised to see them. “Agents. What are you guys doing here?”


“Well, we could ask you the same thing, except... Oh, right. You run the joint,” Dean came right out with it.


“Well, my name's on the paperwork. Pete handles the day to day. Are you still trying to chase down Jarrod Hayes?”


“Yeah, and now Daryn Boston. Seems to have gone missing, too.”


“First I've heard of it.”


“Yeah. So tell us, what have you heard about Black Bill?” Sam asked.


The sheriff seemed to do a double take. “I'm sorry?”


“Black Bill. Daryn told us he saw Black Bill attack Jarrod Hayes. He didn't wanna tell you because he didn't think you'd believe him.”


“Yeah. He's right. Look, around here parents tell their kids not to go into the woods or Black Bill will get them. He's the bogeyman. Everyone knows that the bogeyman ain't real.”


“Sure about that?” Dean pressed a little. “Seems like a lot of people go missing in this town. Yeah, one a year every year up until '97.”


“Yeah. Okay. I mean, people come to town, they work in the plant for a while, then they get bored and restless, and they, you know, move on. You know, maybe Daryn thinks he saw Black Bill, but let's be honest. Kid was drunk, high, or both. And I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts Daryn's just holed up, sleeping one off. Hell, he's probably waking up right now, safe and sound.”


“Right,” Liam didn't seem convinced.


“I don't mean to be rude, but I need to try and keep this plant open.”


“Well, sheriff's not acting suspicious at all,” Dean said sarcastically as they started to leave. “But how is he connected to goat dude?”


“Ritual sacrifice?” Liam threw the idea out there.


“Maybe,” Dean agreed.


They decided to split up and do a little more poking around. A little while later Sam entered the diner again, and joined Dean and Liam. “You guys find anything?” he asked.


“Yeah, kind of,” Dean answered. “So we cross-checked all the names of the people who went missing with the employee roster at Billhook Meats.”


“Any more of the victims work at the plant?”


“All of them,” Liam said as he took a sip of his soda. “Just as I thought.”


Sam's eyebrows raised in surprise. “Seriously? So I guess that means, safe to say that, uh, Black Bill is definitely connected to the plant?”


Dean nodded as he munched on his burger. “Yeah. Or the family that runs it. Or both. Well, maybe they just run an evil petting zoo on the side.”


“So I, uh, spent some time at the hall of records. The Bishops founded Tomahawk. Everything. This is a company town. If you lived here, you worked at the plant. The Bishops owned all the houses, all the businesses. Or they did until a few years ago. Looks like the sheriff has been selling off all of their family property. Uh, everything, really. The plant and the family estate.”


“Wow. So who lives at the Adams family house?”


Sam's phone beeped and he checked to see who it was. “Oh look, a text from Mick.”


Dean shook his head. “The real Mick said they would probably snoop on us. Tell whoever we're cool.”


“So creepy house?” Sam said as he sent a text back.


“Creepy house,” Dean nodded.


They drove out to the family estate, and it looked completely abandoned. “Looks empty,” Sam said as they walked up to the porch.


“Well, why don't we check inside? Maybe we'll get lucky,” Dean said as he started picking the lock.


The place was definitely deserted. There was nothing there but a few pieces of old furniture covered over with cloth. The three men spread out and looked around. Sam found a hidden and locked basement door. “Dean, I'd say we just got lucky.”


Dean picked the lock and when they went downstairs they found what looked like some sort of horror movie set. Dean whistled. “Wow. Hello? Goat dude? Why is it always the rich ones? I mean, what, are they like, croquet's all right. But you know what'd be great? Murder.”


They heard someone else come in. They hid against the back wall and waited, not at all surprised when Sheriff Bishop entered the room. Dean put the barrel of his gun to the back of the sheriff's head, and Liam stepped in front of him. “Hi there.”


Sheriff Bishop held his hands up. “This is not what it looks like.”


“Really?” Dean moved to stand beside Liam. “Because it looks like a straight up murder room to me.”


“Sheriff, what's going on?” Sam asked.


“You won't believe me,” the sheriff replied.


“Try us. We're pretty open minded,” Dean said as he lowered his weapon, but kept alert.


“My family, we got a secret.”


“Never would have guessed that...” Liam said sarcastically as he motioned around the room.


“Is this about Black Bill?” Sam asked.


“No. I mean, yeah, but... He's not real. Black Bill, he's us.”


“Come again?” Dean was a little confused.


“Growing up, my father would tell me stories about a monster. Lived under our house and made our family rich. All we had to do was feed it.”


“Feed it what?” Sam asked.


“Blood. Human blood. My dad, his dad, and all the way back, they'd go out and grab some poor son of a bitch, bring them here, and when they did it they wore a mask. Black Bill. We made him up.”


“Then who's the monster?”


The sheriff let out a deep sigh. “Moloch. God of sacrifice.”


Dean blinked a few times. “What, I'm sorry. You have a god living in your basement?”


“Yeah, one of my people way back, they bound Moloch, locked him away. Starved him. My family, that's what we did. We let the god get so hungry that he'd do anything for blood. Moloch used his power to make us rich. After my father died in '97 I put a stop to all of that. Look, I couldn't... I never killed anybody. I just wanted to help people to make up for all the bad we've done. I wanted to leave a legacy.”


Dean shook his head. “Well, aren't you just a peach?”


“So what happened to Moloch?” Sam asked.


“I kept him locked up. Hoped he'd starve to death.”


“That was a bad idea,” Liam mumbled.


“Locked up where?” Dean asked.


Sheriff Bishop pointed to a little trap door under the big table. Sam knelt down to cautiously take a peek. “It's empty,” he said as he looked back to the sheriff.


“What?” Sheriff Bishop was shocked. “No...”


They heard what sounded like someone or something moving around above them. “Stay here. Keep an eye on him,” Dean ordered as he started back up the stairs.


“What? Dean, there could be a god up there,” Sam argued.


“I'm cool,” Dean said as he pulled the Colt out of his jacket pocket.


A few minutes later they heard Dean cry out, and then nothing. “Dean?” Liam called out and started up the stairs with Sam right behind him, but the door was slammed shut and quickly locked. “Fucking coward!” Liam cried out as he slammed his fist against the door.


Sheriff Bishop was still shaking his head. “Pete must've found Moloch.”


“Pete?” Sam raised an eyebrow. “The plant manager? How?”


“Another family secret. He's my half brother that very few people know about. I knew he wasn't happy about me selling everything off, but...”


“Well, Moloch ain't the only game in town,” Liam said as he hit the door again, and made it go flying with a loud bang. He temporarily lost his balance on the stair and fell backward.


Sam caught him. “I got you. You okay?”


“Yeah,” the blond nodded.


“Whoa. How did you do that?” Sheriff Bishop was very surprised and impressed.


Liam shrugged. “Only the weak need human sacrifices for power.”


“Don't ask,” Sam said as he pulled out his phone and started playing with it.


“What are you doing?” the sheriff asked.


“I'm trying to track Dean's cellphone. Alright, got it. Let's go,” Sam headed for the car.


Sam tracked Dean back to the plant. He drove over there as fast as he could, and the three men started searching for Dean. They moved toward where the freezers were, and as they rounded the corner Liam was hit from behind and fell to the ground with a yelp. Sam and Sheriff Bishop turned to see a man wearing the Black Bill mask. “Pete! You have to stop,” Sheriff Bishop pleaded.


Pete scoffed and took off the mask. “Don't act like you care.”


“I gave you the plant.”


“Aw, because you knew it was failing. What a bunch of crap. That's what I get. I get that my whole life! The crap! Not anymore. I'm saving this town. I'm the hero. And you're dead.”


Pete aimed the Colt he'd taken from Dean at his brother, but before he could fire Liam stabbed him in the thigh. He cried out in pain and fell to the floor as blood poured from the open wound like a fountain. He then aimed the gun at Liam, but he was so light headed from blood loss that the blond was easily able to snatch the Colt out of his hand. “Oh, your daddy kept you a secret. Poor you,” his tone was sarcastic.


“We gotta find Dean,” Sam was worried.


“If Pete was here Dean can't be far,” Liam reasoned as he looked around. His gaze fell on the freezer door right when they heard a loud thump. Liam hurried over to the door and ripped it open to find Moloch attacking Dean. He shot the god square in the head, and it soon turned to dust. “Colt. Dusts anything.” he held up the gun when Dean looked over at him.


“What took you so long?” Dean panted as he let himself fall to the floor.


Liam helped Dean out of the freezer, and Sheriff Bishop was standing over Pete's body. “Hey. How you feeling?” Sam asked his brother, looking relieved to see him.


Dean had grabbed a frozen steak and was holding it to the side of his face. “Like I just went twelve rounds with a god. So, you know... Normal.”


“You should go,” Sheriff Bishop said without looking up.


“No, sheriff, uh, we can help clean up,” Sam insisted.


“No,” the sheriff shook his head. “I'll take care of it. It's on me. This? This is my legacy.”


“You can still change it,” Liam patted the guy on the shoulder as they left.


They returned to the bunker, and nothing seemed out of place. The three of them sat at the library table, processing the whole thing. Dean took a long sip of beer and sighed. “Next time you hear me say that our family is messed up, remind me that we could be psycho goat people.”


“Yeah, that's true enough,” Sam agreed.


“You know, I was thinking about what Bishop said. What do you think our legacy's gonna be? When we're gone, I mean. After all the stuff we've done, you think folks will remember us? You know, like, a hundred years from now?”


Liam shrugged. “Maybe some people. Probably not many.”


“Guys like us, we're not exactly the type of people they write about in history books, you know?” Sam added. “But the people we saved, they're our legacy. And they'll remember us. And then I guess we'll eventually fade away, too. That's fine, because we left the world better than we found it, you know.”


Dean looked around. “I wonder what's gonna happen to this place. After we're gone, you think some hunter will move in, keep fighting the fight?”


“Yeah, I hope so.”


“Someday,” Liam said as he took a sip of his drink. “This place sat empty for decades, but then we found it.”


Dean smiled a little and pulled out his pocket knife. “What are you doing?” Sam asked.


“Leaving our mark,” Dean answered as he carved his initials into the table, and then handed the knife to Sam.


After Sam carved his initials he offered the knife to Liam. “No, that's your thing,” the blond shook his head.


“Liam, you're a part of us now,” Sam argued. “Like it or not, you're family.”


Dean watched with a smile as Liam's initials were carved right next to his. “Guess we gotta call Mick, debrief or whatever,” he said with a sigh.


“Right,” Sam nodded and grabbed his phone.


“Hello, Winchester,” Ketch answered the phone.


“Where's Mick?” Sam asked, faking surprise.


“Oh, he didn't tell you? He flew back to London last night. After all the unpleasantness with Dagon and Renny, well... Mick has a lot to answer for. So for the time being, you'll report to me.”


“Seriously?” Dean wasn't happy about it.


“I don't like it any more than you do. I'd much rather be with your mother. Hunting. Chupacabra in Texas. But for now, I'm what you've got. So...Wisconsin?”


“We fought a god and won,” Dean summed it up.


“Well done. We'll be in touch.” Ketch hung up.


Dean shook his head. “So now we're reporting to low-rent Christian Bale? Seriously? I don't like that guy. He creeps me out.”


Liam shrugged. “Could be worse. Why don't we go to bed and I'll give you a nice back massage?”


“Sounds good to me,” Dean said as he finished off his beer and threw the bottle in the trash.

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