Hunting Humanity XI

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“You coming to bed?” Dean grumbled at Liam as he climbed into the bed and tried to get comfortable.


Liam was sitting by the desk. “Maybe if you tell me why you've been acting like I pissed in your Cheerios since your mom left.”


Dean sat up a little. “Asked and answered. You helped her leave.”


The blond sighed and moved to the edge of his side of the bed. “Dean, she felt like she needed some alone time. Did you want me to tie her up and throw her in the basement?”


“No, of course not.”


“Then was I supposed to just toss her into the street with nothing?”




“Then what's the fucking problem? I did nothing wrong. In fact, I was trying to get closer to her, like you wanted me to.”


“I had her back, and now she's gone. And I haven't heard from her.”


Liam scooted a little closer. “I know that upsets you. But don't be an ass with me unless you want me gone too. Again, I didn't do anything wrong.”


Dean sighed and reached to pull his husband closer. “I know you didn't, and I'm sorry. I was just so happy to have her back, and...”


Liam put his hand on Dean's thigh. “I know. But she hasn't been on this planet in over thirty years, and a lot has changed. You know, personally, I would have thought you needed your dad back more than your mom. Not that I need him here, but I'm a little confused about Amara's reasoning on this.”


Dean shrugged. “I don't know. I mean, I lost her at a young age, and kids need their moms. Wouldn't you want your mom brought back if you had the chance?”




“You've got to be kidding me.”


“I would love the chance to get to know my mom. From everything my brother told me, she was something special. That being said, if she were to just appear back on earth with her last memory being the day she died, well, the world is much too different. She wouldn't be able to handle it. Your mom gets tripped up on the internet. Mine would think electricity was some sort of sorcery.”


“I guess you have a point there. Hey, I am sorry for how I've been toward you. You did right by my mom, and I guess I should be thanking you.”


“You should.”


Dean kissed his husband tenderly and pulled him in close. “You make a good living teddy bear.”


In the morning Liam and Dean sat at the kitchen table finishing breakfast while Sam started to clean up. “You guys up for another case?” Sam asked.


“You'd be okay with that?” Dean was a little surprised.


“Yeah,” Sam returned to the table. “I mean, you said now that the Darkness was dealt with things could return to normal. I was able to give my daughter a bath and put her to bed last night. Thank god Natalie kept pictures of me around and Rayna knows who I am. And I packed the boys' lunches and gave them hugs before they went to school. Besides, Natalie and I were talking, and she doesn't think we should stop doing what we've been doing. I mean, she wants to see me a little more than a few times a year, but she's always respected what we do.”


“Well that's good,” Dean said. “Did you find a case?”


“Yeah, I did last night. In Mason City, Iowa, a woman walked into a church all bloody. Witnesses say she was speaking in tongues while being beaten with an invisible force before she died. Strange enough for you?”


“That ain't normal,” Dean said as he got up and put his plate in the sink. “I'm guessing that since you found this case last night that it's already been cleared with your other half.”


“Yeah. It intrigued her too.”


“Okay then. I guess we go.”


They decided to visit the church first, and they dressed as priests. “This feels very uncomfortable,” Liam commented as they got out of the car. “Like really wrong.”


“Yeah, because of your dad,” Dean patted him on the shoulder. “But just breathe and tell yourself it's for the case.”


They went inside and up the aisle to the front to talk to the priest who had witnessed everything. “Father Valdecantos?” Sam addressed him. “I'm Father Penn of the Dubuque Archdiocese. This is Father DeNiro, and Father Murphy. We're here to talk about Olivia Sanchez.”


“I'm not talking about that anymore,” Father Valdecantos turned to walk away from them.


“You sure were chatty with the press and the cops,” Dean said. “Priest claims demons walk among us. Boy, that's quite the headline grabber.”


The priest turned back toward them. “I said I'm not talking about-”


“No, we heard you. Don't care.”


“You'll think I'm lying, like my bishop, like everyone. But I knew Olivia. She was a good person. I watched her get flayed alive by some invisible force. That was the devil's work. I've been told the church doesn't want us talking like that anymore, too old fashioned. But I know what I saw.”


“You see any black smoke?”




“We don't think you're lying,” Sam jumped in. “We just wanna ask you a few questions, that's all.”


“Some of us still believe that demons really exist,” Liam added.


The priest shook his head. “Um, no. No smoke.”


“What about sulfur? Did you smell, uh, rotten eggs?” Sam asked.




“You told people that she was speaking in tongues?”


“Yes. It sounded like Hebrew.” He repeated the saying.


“Save me, oh God,” popped out of Liam's mouth. “Not Hebrew, Aramaic.”


“What kind of priests are you?” Father Valdecantos was getting a little suspicious.


“The really dedicated kind,” Liam said before he quickly turned and walked away.


“Thanks,” Sam said before the brothers followed him.


“So no sulfur means no demon,” Dean said when they were outside. “You think the padre's right? We talking about Lucifer here?”


Sam shook his head. “Little small time for him. I don't know. Maybe a rogue angel? Who else can speak Aramaic? Besides the freaky little hobbit, I mean.”


Liam shot him a glare. “I don't know where this stuff comes from.”


“Yeah, but it's very helpful.”


Dean pulled out his phone. “I'll call Cas, see what he thinks.” He dialed the number and talked to the angel. “Wait, what? Are you serious? Yes, Cas, that's weird. It's really weird. Alright, yeah. Um, thanks for the heads up.” When Dean hung up the phone he quickly sent a text and watched a minute for a reply. “Now I'm a thirteen year old girl,” he mumbled.


Sam came back with coffee. “Hey. So what's the word? Cas have anything?”


“Yeah. Well, good news, uh, there's nothing on angel radio, and heaven's still on lock down, so rogue angel is out.”


“Bad news?”


“Cas is chumming it up with Crowley.”




“They're hunting Lucifer together. That's right, one's an angel, one's a demon, and apparently, they solve crimes.”


“Are they having any luck?”


“Kind of. So Lucifer, the Lord of Evil, Angel of Light, is now the Master of Butt Rock. He jumped into Vince Vincente.”


“The rock star?”


“The douchebag. Guy used to roll with purple hair down to his butt and a spiked codpiece.”


Sam shrugged. “It was the eighties.”


“What, are you defending him?”


“No, I'm not. I mean, his third album was kind of not horrible.”


Dean shook his head at that. “I hate you so much right now.”


“Anyway, he's the devil now?”


“Well, I mean, he was always kind of the devil, but, yeah, now it's official.”


“Where is he?”


“Rowena blasted him to the bottom of the ocean.”




“I don't know. Why do you love Vince Vincente?”


“I don't... Anyway, I took a moment to check Liam's translation.”


Liam raised an eyebrow. “You don't trust my random weirdness?”


Sam sighed. “It never hurts to double check. But you were right.”


“What did she need saved from?” Dean wondered out loud.


They went to the morgue in their FBI suits to look at the body. The coroner led them in. “Body's right there, Agents. I can get her prepped to your-”


“That's great, Carl. We'll take it from here,” Dean interrupted him.


“Okay. Um, but it's a weird one. If you guys need anything at all, I'm-”


“We won't. Thank you,” Dean ushered him out of the room.


“Little, uh, tough on Carl, don't you think?” Sam commented.


“Ah, he's a big boy. He can take it.”


“You okay?”




“No, you're not,” Liam argued.


“Look, I told you I was sorry for being snappy with you. What more do you want?”


“Ever since Mom left, you've been a little, uh, cranky,” Sam pointed out. “And not with just him. I mean, to the priest, to Carl. Heck, on the way here you hardly made any pit stops.”


“So now your tiny bladder is my problem?” Dean got a little defensive.


“I'm just saying.”


Dean moved to look at the body. “Olivia Sanchez. The body was found. It had deep cuts on her back as though she'd been whipped. Holes punctured through her hands and her feet, and pinprick wounds around the top of her skull. What's that sound like to you?”


“Stigmata,” Sam answered as he looked at the hole in her hand.


“Bingo. Gets weirder.”


“How?” Dean handed his brother the autopsy report to read. “The victim's skull was filled with a goopy mush.”


“That Carl paints quite a picture, doesn't he? Alright. What can do all that?”


“I got nothing,” Sam said as he put the report down.


“Angels, but we ruled that out,” Liam sighed.


“I don't have anything either,” Dean said. “So maybe we should focus more on the case and less on the Dr. Phil crap.”


Their next stop was the child protective services building where Olivia worked. A woman led them to her office. “It's just over here. This is... Was Olivia's office.”


“So what is it now?” Sam asked.


“Kinda mine.”


Dean noticed a lit candle with a pentagram on it. “So is that yours?”


“It's for positive energy. I'm a Wiccan.”


“So how well did you know Olivia?” Sam asked.


“She was my boss. Is it true what they're saying, that she, you know, killed herself?”


“Well, we're working on that. Um, now the day she died, was Olivia acting strange?”


“Not really. I mean she was getting headaches. Bad ones, like super migraines. But we all knew she was working too hard.”


“She have any enemies?” Dean asked. “Somebody who held a grudge, maybe wanted to do her harm?”


“Yeah. I mean, Olivia was great, but this is Child Protective Services. We get threats all the time.”


“From who?” Sam asked.


“Everyone. You don't make a lot of friends when sometimes what's best for a family is to split them up.”


“Right. Um, yeah, can we see Olivia's case files?”


“Well, that was easy,” Dean said when they left the office. “The Wicca'd Witch of the West in there. Little miss positive energy wanted a bigger office, did a little hoodoo... Boom. I say we put a witch killing cap in her ass, call it a day.”


“Yeah, but we checked the church and Olivia's house. We didn't exactly find any hex bags,” Sam argued.


“So she covered her tracks.”


“But we're not looking at a witch. I'm not saying it's not Beth. I'm just saying we need proof. And look, if it's her, I'll shoot her myself.”


“No, I'm definitely shooting her.”


“You just didn't like what she said about families,” Liam commented.


Dean grumbled. “I thought we were gonna cut that crap out.”


“Maybe if you stop letting it affect your judgment.”


They soon heard about another similar death, this time a grocery delivery boy, and they went to check it out. Dean went to talk to the authorities while Sam did some research. “Coroner says signs of stigmata with a side of scrambled brains, just like Olivia,” Dean told his companions when he finished the interview. “Did you find anything?” he asked Sam.


“Maybe. Kid delivered groceries all over town, so I checked his route against Olivia's case files.”




“Got a match.”


Dean called Beth on speaker phone to find out more on the family. “Tell us about the Petersons.”


“They're weird.”


“How weird?”


“All the way. That family, they're like, off the charts religious. Old Testament. I'm talking no cars, no electricity, no nothing. Kids are home schooled. Family like that, we try to keep an eye on them, but...”


“But what, Beth?” Sam asked.


“Their oldest, Magda, a few years ago she got pneumonia, and the family wouldn't let a doctor treat her. They said whatever happened was God's will.”


“What happened?”


“She died.”


“Alright. Um, thank you.” Dean hung up.


“So?” Sam looked to his brother.


“Weird, creepy, off the grid, 'Children of the Corn' people? Yeah, I'm in.”


“Deaths with a religious theme, very religious people, makes sense,” Liam said as he got into the car.


They dressed as social workers and headed out to visit the family. The road up to their house was gated. “Guess we're walking from here,” Dean said as he got out of the car. They went around the gate and up the driveway. Dean saw a pole for a power line lying on the ground. “Whoa. When they cut the cord, they really cut the cord.”


“Yeah, no kidding,” Sam commented.


“Almost makes me feel like I'm back in my own time,” Liam said as he looked around.


Dean saw their buggy. “How fast you think their buggy goes? Like, top speed?”


“Hey, about yesterday...” Sam's expression got serious.


“Oh, all right. Next time you gotta take a leak, I'll pull over.”


“I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about you and Mom.”


“What about her? What, she took some cash, she took a cellphone she doesn't answer, and she bailed on us.”


“I mean, think about what she's going through. After everything, she probably just needs some space. We've been there. We've both had times where we needed time apart.”


“And we both came back.”


“You don't think she's going to?”


“I don't know. She hates the way that we were raised. She hates the fact that we're hunters. Maybe she starts walking and she doesn't stop. You know, she obviously has zero interest in keeping this family together.”


“Well, you know, sometimes families do better after a little time apart.”


“Yeah, who? The Mansons?”


“Dean, she's just a little overwhelmed right now,” Liam entered the conversation. “When I left you it was probably a good thing that it took you a little while to find me. The time away from you gave me time to think. And then I took you back.”


“Yeah, you did, but this is different. I didn't do anything to piss her off, at least I don't think I did.”


“I don't think you did. The point is some alone time makes it easier to put things in perspective.”


Dean mumbled something under his breath and knocked on the door. A man soon answered. “Can I help you?”


“Uh, Abraham Peterson?” Sam addressed him. “I'm James Morrison. These are my associates, Ray Manzarek and David O'Malley. Uh, we're your new case workers with Child Protective Services.”


“Pleasure to meet you.”


“Yeah, thought you'd be, uh, you know, long beard, suspenders, big hat,” Dean commented.


Abraham chuckled at that. “We're not that kind of religious.”


He invited them in and they sat in the living room with Abraham and his wife Gail. “Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, we're here because your previous case worker, Olivia Sanchez, has passed away,” Sam told them.


They both crossed themselves. “What happened?” Abraham asked.


“We're not sure yet,” Dean answered. “How often did she visit?”


“Every few months,” Abraham answered.


“We liked her better than the other one, that Beth,” Gail said.


“And what was wrong with Beth?” Sam asked.


“She hated us because of our faith. Olivia Sanchez was a Papist, but at least she believed in God.”


“Do you know God, gentlemen?” Abraham asked them.


“Very well,” Liam answered. “My father was a minister, so... I went to church every Sunday until the day he died.”


“You stopped going?”


“Well, I uh... It was hard to see someone else take over his flock”


Their son Elijah came in and whispered into his father's ear. Abraham turned to them. “Okay. I'm a little embarrassed to ask, but do you think one of you boys might help me with something?”


Dean volunteered, and when they left Gail went to the kitchen to get Liam and Sam something to drink. They started looking around while she was gone, and Sam came across some family pictures. “We're out of coffee. Hope lemonade's all right,” Gail said when she came back with two glasses.


“Oh, yeah. Great. Thank you,” Sam gave her a small smile as he took a glass. “Happy family,” he motioned toward the pictures.


“No, they weren't. The father was working eighty hours a week to barely pay the mortgage. And what little time he did spend at home, he spent in a bottle. Children were on four different kinds of behavior enhancing medication and barely spoke. Could text up a storm though. And the mother, she was the worst. She was so pilled up, she could barely think straight.”


“So what happened?” Liam asked.


“God showed them a better way. I was in a car accident. Almost died. Nerves in the lower half of my body are damaged. I saw doctors. No one could stop the pain. Best they could do was give me drugs, which helped for a while. But the more I took, the more I needed. And when I didn't get them... And then one night, when things were at their worst, I was lying in a puddle of my own sick. I heard a voice. It was God's voice. And he said go, live a life of simplicity and humility, and all your pain will be taken away.”


“So has the pain gone away?” Sam asked.


“I get by, with His grace.”


“Mrs. Peterson, um, what can you tell me about Ricky Copeland?”


“The delivery boy? Comes by once a week, brings us things we can't grow ourselves. Why?”


“He's dead too.”


“I see.”


“You don't seem very upset by that,” Liam observed.


“God has a plan for us all.”


“So what happened to your daughter, was that God's plan?” Sam was getting a little upset.




“She didn't have to die. She was sick. If you had taken her to a doctor...”


“God does-”


“God doesn't care what kind of life you live. Trust me. And God didn't kill your daughter. You did.”


“Think you boys should go,” Abraham's voice came from the doorway. He had come back with his son and Dean.


They left and headed back to the car. “Alright. We're clear on what we gotta do, right?” Dean said as he opened the trunk of the car.


Sam nodded. “Yeah, track down Magda's ghost.”


“No, we go after Beth, the witch,” Dean argued.


“Dean, this isn't a witch.”


“Well, it's not a ghost.”


“Those people let their daughter die. She's angry and wants revenge.”


“Yeah, but they're alive. Besides, how is she getting around town, huh? Ghosts are tied to one place.”


“Or to a person or to a thing.”


“Oh, you're reaching.”


“And you're not? Beth didn't even know the delivery boy.”


“Maybe, maybe not, but I'm gonna find out.”


“Look, you didn't spend time with that woman. She is disturbed.”


“Sam has a point,” Liam chimed in.


Dean shook his head. “The family's weird, but they're good people. Look, Beth wanted the better job, she killed to get it. End of story.”


“Just because she's into Wicca doesn't make her an evil witch,” Liam pointed out. “And like I said earlier, you just want it to be her for personal reasons.”


“Oh, so you agree with Sam?”


“Sort of. I mean, I don't think it's a ghost, but I do think it has something to do with this family. The deaths both had a seriously religious theme, and this family is religious to the point of being a little crazy.”


“And this whole religion theme, that doesn't make this personal for you?”


“No, this has nothing to do with my father except for the fact that I have first hand experience that people can take faith too far.”


Dean sighed. “Fine, go with Sam, check out the family. I'll check out Beth. Then we'll see who is right.”


“It's always gonna be me,” Liam said with a little smirk.


Later that night Sam and Liam returned to the property. They entered the barn first, and Sam pulled out his EMF detector. “I know you don't think it's a ghost, but I want to be sure.”


When they heard a creak and footsteps they ducked into one of the stalls to hide. Abraham came in along with Elijah. “Elijah? What's wrong?” Abraham asked his son.


“Mom's with Magda.”


“Your mother's doing God's work.”


“She's hurting her.”


“Son, the devil's a deceiver. Don't let him sow doubt in you. If anyone found out about Magda, they'd come for her.” He hung a feed bucket in the stall they were hiding in but he didn't see them. “And if that happened, I love your sister, but you know what she can do. Magda's our cross to bear.”


Abraham and Elijah left the barn and Liam and Sam looked at each other. “Not a ghost,” Sam pulled his phone out to call Dean, but he had no reception. “Oh, come on.”


They crept closer to the house and peeked into a little window that looked down into the basement. Gail was down there, along with a girl in rags. They were both speaking Aramaic while the girl whipped herself. Sam's phone buzzed and they got away from the window so he could answer it. “Beth is not a witch. You were right about the whole ghost thing,” Dean said when Sam answered.


“Listen, Magda is still alive.”


“Wait, what?”


“Yeah, guess who was right again. Magda's not dead. She's alive.” They heard a shotgun cock and turned around to see Elijah. Sam had to hang up the phone. “Okay, listen to me. We can help your sister, okay? We just need you to trust us here.”


Abraham came up behind them and knocked Sam out with a large piece of wood. “I wouldn't suggest you try anything stupid,” he said to Liam with the gun pointed at him.


“You do know there's another one of us that's not here, and he'll send the authorities to come get us if we don't come back,” Liam pointed out.


“Just get up and don't cause trouble.”


Elijah kept the gun on Liam and Abraham picked Sam up and they were taken to the basement and locked in there with Magda. She was humming until Sam woke up. “Magda Peterson?”


“That's not my name. I'm not Magda. I'm the devil.”


“No, you're not. You're really not,” Sam tried to assure her.


“He's inside me. I can hear him whispering. He lets me hear what people are thinking. He lets me do things.”


“What kind of things? Magda, I'm here to help you. Show me. Please.” With her mind she made the cross on the wall hover in the air for a few seconds. “Magda, you're not the devil. You're just psychic. There are others out there like you, like me. I have powers too. I'd get these visions sometimes and I could move things with my mind.”


“You can do that?”


“Well, no, not anymore, I don't think. But that didn't make me the devil. It just made me who I am.”


“Then you are evil. Mother says I'm evil, because I hurt people.”


“Who did you hurt?”


“I didn't mean it. She was pretty, and she always smiled. And I thought that maybe she could help me. I couldn't talk to her, but I could hear her thoughts. And I thought maybe I could make her hear mine. So I prayed. And I reached out to her, but she never came. And I did it again with the delivery boy. Mother says I killed them.”


“Magda, that wasn't your fault. You are not the devil. You're not evil. And it's scary. I know it's scary. But you can learn how to control it. You don't ever have to hurt anyone ever again.”


“He's right,” Liam joined the conversation. “I can do things too. All kinds of things. I've only ever killed demons, but... Here, let me show you.” He got up to move toward her and she shied away a bit. “It's all right. I'm not gonna hurt you.” He put her hands on her back and the wounds from whipping herself healed. “Feel better?”


She looked surprised. “You heal just like Jesus.”


“Among other things. It's weird, it's like things pop in my head and I just do them. You ever read Harry Potter?”




“Well, an important character in that book series said that it's not what power you have that defines you. It's how you use it.”


“And I killed those people.”


“You said yourself you didn't mean to. You just wanted help. If you learned to control your gift, then maybe you could do good things for people with it.”


Elijah then came down with the shotgun. “It's time for supper.”


They were all taken upstairs and Sam and Liam were tied to chairs. “I know I'm excellent company, but your hospitality could use a little work,” Liam commented.


“Who's hungry?” Gail asked as she brought out a big pot of stew.


“Abraham, your daughter needs help,” Sam said in a frustrated tone.


“What do you think we've been doing all these years?” Abraham got defensive as his wife started dishing out the food.


“Uh, being ignorant jackasses for a thousand, Alex,” Liam said sarcastically.


“You're not helping,” Sam grumbled.


“You talk about knowing God, but we know the devil,” Gail said. “We've been wrestling with her for years. You have any idea what she's done?”


“Those people, but... That wasn't her fault,” Sam argued.


“You think they're the first? Tell him.”


Magda bowed her head in shame. “Before we came here, I wanted a new cellphone, but my mom wouldn't buy me one.”


“We were driving home, and she screamed at me to pull over. And I felt the devil at my hands. I yanked that wheel right into oncoming traffic. She did this to me. She did this to us. She has taken lives. Don't you understand that by keeping her here we're protecting you?”


“By doing what? Beating the hell out of her?”


“Pain purges sin.”


“No, it doesn't,” Liam argued. “Jesus suffered and died on the cross so that no one else would have to suffer. Kind of the whole point of the whole damned religion that people seem to forget about until it's convenient.”


“It's time,” Gail bowed her head.


The rest of the family followed suit. “We thank you for these bountiful gifts. May they nourish our body and soul. And look after each one of us, now and until our dying day. Amen,” Abraham prayed and took a bite of stew.


“Dig in, everyone,” Gail smiled.


Abraham dropped his spoon and started choke. After a minute or so he fell dead. “Dad?” Elijah was concerned.


“What did you do?” Sam looked at Gail accusingly.


“Eat,” Gail urged Elijah. “This is how we will stay together. We will enter heaven as a family. Eat!”


Liam turned to Sam. “See, this is what I mean when I say religion can turn people into total nut jobs.”


Elijah picked up a spoonful, but just stared at it. “Mom?”


“Elijah, do not do it,” Sam urged.


“Eat,” Gail ordered.


The spoon flew out of Elijah's hand. “That was me, in case anyone was wondering,” Liam admitted.


“Devil!” Gail cried out.


Liam just rolled his eyes. “I've been called that so many times I'm just over it.” Suddenly his hands were free.


The rest of the bowls flew off the table. “That wasn't him,” Magda looked at her mother defiantly.


Gail picked up a knife and lunged at Magda. “No!” Elijah cried and was stabbed instead as he tried to get between them.


Gail pulled the knife out of her son and went for Magda again, only her forward motion was stopped by an invisible force. “I'm not the devil. You are,” Magda said angrily.


The knife started to turn in the air and was pointed at Gail. “Magda, stop! You don't have to do this. You could control it. Magda, nobody else has to die. Please!” Sam pleaded.


The knife point rested against Gail's chest for a moment, but Magda let it drop. Liam grabbed Gail and forced her into the chair that he'd been tied in. “See how you like being tied up, you psycho.”


“Thank you,” Magda smiled at Liam. “You and Sam have been the only ones who understood.”


“Not many will, but you're welcome. Sam is gonna call the authorities, and the official story is your parents thought the devil was in you because you're an unruly teenager, and tonight your mother poisoned your father, stabbed your brother, and tried to stab you too. Basically the truth, but without the unusual stuff.” Gail started praying in Aramaic. “Yeah, that's not gonna help you.”


The police got there just before Dean. The rehearsed story was given and Gail was arrested. “She's the devil! The devil is among us! She must be cleansed! She is the devil! Pray for us!” Gail cried as she was escorted out and put into a patrol car.


Dean stood outside with Sam and Liam. “Sorry I missed all the psycho.”


“Maybe some day you'll learn to listen to me better,” Liam gloated a little.


“Yeah, you got good instincts,” Dean admitted.


They walked over to an ambulance where Magda was being checked out. Beth was with her. “Hey, Magda. Are you holding up?” Sam asked her.


“Beth called my aunt in California. I'm gonna be staying with her,” Magda answered.


“She has a ranch. Lots of wide open country,” Beth told them.


“Well, that's great. You know, sometimes in order to figure things out, a person needs space,” Dean said.


“Agent, can I talk to you?” Beth asked Dean.


“Yeah, sure,” Dean went off with her.


Sam turned to Magda. “Magda, I know it doesn't feel like it right now, but you're gonna be all right. You can do this. You will do this. Just remember, that power, it doesn't control you. You control it.”


“I know,” she nodded.


“It's all about focus,” Liam added. “You have to really visualize what you want.”


Sam gave her his card. “If you ever need anything, call me, okay? I'll be there. Or I can hand the phone to him.”


When everything was sorted out the three men headed back to the car. “Think you made the right call back there, letting her go?” Dean asked his brother.


“I hope so. I mean, Magda didn't know what she was doing. She had no idea. I think she deserves a second chance. What did Beth want?”


“She gave me her number, her personal number.” Liam turned with a nasty glare. “Hey, I can't help it if she is attracted to me.”


“You were gonna shoot her,” Liam grumbled.


“Yeah, I know. Kinda weird. Kinda hot. But simmer down, I told her I wasn't available. I told her I was with you.”




“Yeah, really. I had to tell her that human resources made us jump through flaming hoops to be married and still work together.”


“Well, good,” Liam seemed satisfied as he got in the car.


“Hey, um, did you mean what you said back there?” Sam asked his brother.


“Yeah, you were right. This whole mom thing, it's... I mean, we get her back, and then she leaves. I hate it, but I get it. I do. I guess I'm just still working through some of that crap. I'll try to be less of a dick about it.” Dean's phone dinged and he looked at it and smiled.


“What's that?” Liam asked.




“Do me a favor and show me later?”


Dean rolled his eyes. “Do you trust me or not?”


“Mostly. There's still a little nagging doubt, especially after you...”


“When we get home, okay?”



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