Hunting Humanity XI

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Dean took Liam and Mary back to the bunker with him to try and find Sam with their attacker's phone. He sent Castiel to Missouri so he could poke around. The next day Dean called Castiel to check on his progress. “I haven't found anything on these surveillance cameras. I mean, it's like they just disappeared. How about you? Any of the local beat cops see anybody that shouldn't be there?”


“It's pretty rural. Not a lot of beat cops. I've checked all the motels, abandoned buildings. No sign of Sam,” Castiel reported back.


“Alright. I don't know. You know, check real estate offices. See if anybody bought a place or rented a place. I mean, these people had a freaking plane. Maybe they do things legit.”


“Okay, I understand. I'll call you in the morning.”


“Cas, hey. So, here's the thing. It's been kind of weird here with, you know, Mom being back. It's like we don't know how to act around each other, so we just kind of make this small talk and act normal, but it's so not normal. And I want her and Liam to like each other, but they aren't talking much either, and it's just...”


“I'm not sure. What has she said to you?”


“Well, nothing. That's the whole point.”


“Okay, what have you said to her?”


“Well, nothing. I don't know what to say to her, you know? It's like it's all just too much, and I don't want to overwhelm her.”


“Don't make things needlessly complicated, as you humans tend to do. I'll call you.” Castiel hung up.


Dean sighed and put his phone down. “Yeah. Great. That's helpful. Thanks.”


Mary walked in wearing one of the robes. “Any news on Sam?”


“Somewhere outside of Aldrich, Missouri. Cas is going through it with a fine toothed comb, and I've cracked every database I could.”


“Every what?”


“Right. No Internet your first time around.”


“Our house didn't have an electric typewriter. So, are you really afraid of overwhelming me?”


“You were listening? How much did you hear?”


“You want Liam and I to like each other. Of course, I could already tell that by how much you're trying to get us to interact.”


“Yeah, well, important people in my life. Mom, look, I am thrilled that you're back. I mean, I'm so damn happy, I can't even stand it.”


“It's just gonna take me a second to catch up, you know?”


“Yeah, no. Look, take all the time you need, all right? It is what it is.”


“Is is,” she agreed. “And if it will ease your mind any, I think Liam is quite a character, in a good way. He speaks his mind, and he certainly handled that woman, so he can take care of himself. I'm still adjusting to the fact that he's a he, but I see the way you are with each other. I know love when I see it, and you could've done a lot worse.”


“That's what Sam said when we first got together. Now the two are like adopted brothers.”


“Yeah, Sam,” Mary looked a little sad then. “When we find him, how am I gonna face him?”


“What do you mean?”


“That yellow eyed thing would never have come for him that night if I... I started all of this.”


“He's not gonna care about any of that,” Liam said as he came in and sat beside Dean. “That demon tricked you for one. And he never really got to know you before because he was so young when you died. He'll be as thrilled as Dean is, if not more so. He was happy to meet your dad.”


“My dad?” Mary turned to Dean. “You didn't tell me anything about him showing up.”


“That was a while ago,” Dean explained. “No one knows how or why, but he appeared after the whole Apocalypse thing was stopped. Sam was more eager to get to know him than I was. And then he died again when a job went really south.”


“You tried to kill me too,” Liam grumbled.


“No, I had to kill that thing inside you. Luckily you're a tough son of a bitch, and Sam brought you back.”


“Did Cas find anything about where Sam might be?”


“No, but I have him looking into rented properties now. I mean, they did fly in on their own plane.”


“Okay. I'm gonna make some garlic bread.”


“Put the antacids by the bed then so you're not waking me up in the middle of the night.” When Liam went to the kitchen Dean turned back to his mom. “A vampire for over three hundred years, and he loves garlic. I mean, you don't wanna try his garlic bread unless a thick coating of garlic powder is your thing.”


Mary laughed. “You said you fell in love with him because he wasn't normal.”


The next morning Dean was back on his laptop in the kitchen when Mary came in for some coffee. “Hey, how'd you sleep?” he asked.


“I had dreams all night.”


“Good dreams?”


“Stuff I'd forgotten about. Funny stuff your dad did. He was a great father.”


“We talking about the same man who threatened my life?” Liam came in.


“He didn't take very kindly to me shacking up with a vampire,” Dean explained to Mary.


“I probably wouldn't either,” Mary said. “He was only doing what he thought was best I'm sure.”


The conversation was interrupted by Dean's phone ringing. “Hey, Cas, what do you got?” he answered.


“I think I may have found Sam's location. It's a farm. It appears empty, but it was rented two weeks ago to a woman with an English accent.”


“Did you have a look inside?”


“No, it's powerfully warded.”


“Powerfully warded? Okay, see, buddy, that was your headline right there.”


“Are we still discussing the same thing?”


“Where are you?”


“I'll text you the address.”


“Okay, got it. I'm on my way.”


“I'll get my coat,” Mary said when Dean hung up.


“Uh, why don't Liam and I take this one ourselves. We don't know what we're walking into here.”


“We never know. We're hunters,” she argued.


“Good point,” Liam agreed with her.


Dean shot his husband a dirty glare. “Right. Okay, I can't do my job if I'm worried about you.”


“Dean. You won't have to be. I can handle myself. Okay? Alright, good talk,” she headed for the car.


Liam shook his head. “I guess some things really are inherited,” he said before following her.


Dean drove down the dark streets without saying anything for a while. “I can't believe I let you talk me into this,” he grumbled after a bit.


“I'm your mother,” Mary said from the backseat. “You have to do what I say. Look. They targeted the bunker. They obviously know a lot about you, Liam, and Sam. They'll be expecting you. I'm the last person they'd expect.”


“Yet again she has a point,” Liam said. “She's supposed to be dead, and yet isn't anymore.”


“You're supposed to back me up,” Dean huffed.


“I do when I agree with you. Look, you tried to do the same thing with me at first. The very first case you took me on you wanted me to never leave the hotel room.”


“You were getting used to human limitations, and I didn't want you getting hurt. Not that you listened to me. Not that you ever listen to me like you promised you would.”


“I listen sometimes, but that's not the point. When you care about someone you get all overly protective.”


“Can you blame me? Think of all the people we've lost.”


“I know, but that's the job. You haven't lost me. Sure, I had a slow start, but I caught up, and I kick ass.”


Dean shook his head, but didn't say anything for a moment. “You were good at this, weren't you?” he looked at Mary.


“Very,” she nodded. “The thing is, hunters, no matter how good they are, they all end up the same way.”


“Not all,” Liam argued. “My first hunter boyfriend died of a heart attack.”


Dean sighed. “You know when you died, it changed Dad. I mean, he was hellbent on finding out what happened. The hunter life, it just took him over. I guess I was the same. But Sammy, he was different. He wanted out. He went to school. He went to Stanford.”


“Sam had a chance to get out? And he came back?” Mary was surprised.


“When Dad disappeared, Sam and I looked around, and something became very clear. That the only thing we had in this world, the only thing, aside from this car, was each other.”


“And now you have me,” Liam patted Dean's thigh.


“Yeah, we do. But the point is, I think it's the bond that keeps Sam in this. He was out when I came back from purgatory, but jumped back in to help me with Kevin. And even after that he said he wanted to leave, but I don't think he can leave us.”


“He did leave us. Or you left him. It's so hard to keep track. But then you both started on Garth's case, and fences were mended.”


“Yeah, we didn't really want to be without each other. I wasn't alone, you insisted on following me, but Sammy is my brother. I've known him his whole life.”


“I know. I had a brother once myself if you remember. I don't stand in the way of your relationship with him.” He turned back toward Mary. “There's really a lot you missed, but you should get caught up eventually.”


Mary sighed. “Maybe eventually.”


Sometime in the morning they pulled up to the farmhouse. Castiel was waiting outside for them. “Where's all this warding you mentioned?” Dean asked his friend while he was looking the house over.


“It's cloaked. It's very powerful. You brought your mother?”


“Hello, Castiel,” Mary greeted the angel. “Yes, he did.”


“You sure there's anyone inside?” Dean asked.


“No. The agent said the lease was handled long distance, but someone warded the house.”


“I'm gonna go have a closer look,” Dean started toward the house, and Mary started to follow him. “Mom, I got this.”


“You can keep me from driving, Dean. Not from hunting.”


“I'm locked out by the warding. I could use the company,” Castiel tried to get her to stay with him.


“Thanks,” Dean gave a little nod to his friend. When he started back toward the house Liam followed. “Can I ever go anywhere alone?”


“You said you liked having me nearby. Having back up is good. Cas is an angel, so your mother is pretty safe with him. And the final point, as if you could stop me.”


Dean grumbled under his breath, but motioned for the blond to come along quickly. There didn't seem to be any signs of life at first, but they heard a loud noise that drew them to the cellar door. It was locked. And then suddenly a sigil of some kind glowed on the ground where they were standing. “Son of a bitch,” Dean growled.


“Cas did say the place was heavily warded.”


They were prevented from leaving the spot until a blond woman appeared with a chilling smile. “You found me,” she said as she pointed a gun at them. “I suppose that isn't too surprising. And you've made my job easier for me. Come along.”


“Or I kill you just like your friend,” Liam said in a cocky tone.


“You really think your fast enough?” she chuckled. “You do live up to your reputation, but are you willing to bet Dean's life on it?”


“If I go quietly you're just gonna kill us anyway.”


“Like I've been telling Sam, all I want to do is talk.”


“Fine,” Liam sighed. “I'm great at talking, but it probably won't be what you want to hear.”


She led them down into the cellar. Sam was tied to a chair looking bloody and beaten up. “Screw yourself,” he said as he saw the woman. Then Dean and Liam entered. “Dean?” Sam could hardly believe his eyes. “Liam.”


“I'm as happy to see them as you are, because while you may be able to withstand my snapping apart your body joint by joint, can you watch it happen to them?” the woman asked Sam as she forced the two over to the center of the room. She cuffed Dean to the ceiling, keeping her gun on him the entire time. Then she cuffed Liam to the wall. “What are you laughing at?” she asked when Dean chuckled.


“I know something you don't.”


“Really? And what is that?”


“If you haven't figured that out already, I'm not telling you.”


“You will in time.” She went over to a table with torture instruments. She picked up brass knuckles and used them to punch Dean in the face. “Passcodes, Sam. Not yet? Anything to add?” she looked to the other two.


“No, I just came by for some tea and a beating,” Dean said.


She put the knuckles down and picked up a cup of tea. “Really? See, I thought you might be on for a little chat about your mate, Benjamin Lafitte. I'm sorry. You called him Benny. You know, the vampire whom you released from purgatory and befriended. I see. Well, the English are nothing if not patient.”


She left them and Sam turned to Dean. “I thought you were dead.”


“I'm not sure that I'm not. I'll tell you. I'll tell you everything, okay? First off, who's Angry Spice?”


“She, uh, Men of Letters. Uh, British Men of Letters.”


“Is that a thing? What the hell? Aren't we supposed to be on the same team?”


The woman came back. “Gentlemen. So, to recap, you live in the Men of Letters bunker, awash in the world's greatest collection of occult knowledge, and yet you know nothing.”


“Who says we don't know anything?” Liam said with a bit of a smirk. “I thought smart people didn't jump to conclusions.”


“We don't. We've been studying you gentleman for years. If you knew anything you wouldn't have caused the messes that you have.”


“Right. What a waste,” Dean was sarcastic.


“It seems you apes have never read a single book. The Men of Letters has a long tradition of intellectual excellence. In London we've undertaken exhaustive studies of even the most arcane topics.” She picked up an ice pick and headed back over to Dean. “For example, parts of the body most sensitive to intense pain.” She grabbed his face. “The ear drum. Decaying tooth. Below the belt, of course. And my favorite, under the eyelid.” She moved the tip of the pick toward his eye.


“And a few others that you probably don't know about,” Liam said just before he punched her in the face and smashed her nose. She stumbled back in surprise, wiping the blood from her face. “I could have just shoved your nose bone into your brain and killed you instantly, but where would be the fun in that?”


The woman went to reach for her gun, but instead found Mary holding it and pointing it at her. “Get away from my boys.”


“Mom?” Sam was in shock.


“Yeah, we have a lot to catch up on,” Liam said as he grabbed the keys from the woman and moved to free Sam and Dean.


While Liam's back was turned the woman knocked the gun out of Mary's hand and punched her. The two fought, and Liam grabbed the gun quickly. Suddenly Mary was choking and the woman had an evil smirk. “Shoot me, and she has no chance.”


“Have it your way.” Liam raised his hand and suddenly it was the woman who couldn't breathe. Her eyes bugged out as she clutched at her own throat. “So I don't know anything, huh?” he laughed.


“What's he doing?” Mary asked Dean.


Dean shrugged. “She was using a Chinese mind control trick on you. I don't know what he's doing. I've learned not to ask.”


Liam watched as the blond woman grew weaker and sank to her knees looking terrified.


“There will be no need for that,” a well dressed man appeared at the bottom of the stairs with Castiel right behind him. “One death is enough, I think.”


Liam didn't take his eyes off the struggling woman. “After what she did, you don't think I have cause?”


“I don't blame you for being angry, but come on man. I came here to make things right.”


“Liam, she's turning blue,” Castiel tried to get his friend to listen.


The blond sighed. “Fine.” He dropped his hand and released her. She started gasping for air still looking shocked. “Say what you came to say, and if I don't like it... Well...”


“What you were told is basically true. We were keen on knowing about the three of you, seeing as you seem to be partially carrying on the Men of Letters' work here now that the American chapter is defunct.”


Dean scoffed. “So you sic your attack dog on us to what, say hi?”


“Well, part of our group suspect some kind of malfeasance among you American hunters. No argument, Lady Bevell went too far. I deeply apologize. She'll face consequences in London.”


“She was facing the consequences,” Dean gestured to Liam.


“She's ours. We'll take care of her. Now, I'm here to extend an olive branch. We want to work with you.”


“Let me ask you a question. Why would we believe any of this?” Sam asked him.


“Lads, if I wasn't sincere, if I meant you harm, there's a dozen ways I could've come in here and taken you all prisoner instead of being unarmed. Not to mention I powered down all the warding in this shack so your attack dog could come in. I reckon you could finish me off without breaking a sweat. Am I right?” the gentleman looked over at Castiel.


“I don't sweat under any circumstances,” Castiel was a little confused by that.


“That's our attack dog,” Dean pointed to Liam. “And that's why I was laughing,” he looked to Lady Bevell. “You can research him till the cows come home, you'll never fully know what he's capable of. Sam and I live with him, and he constantly surprises us.”


“Well, he's quite good at an attack mirror, as I've just seen.” The man handed Castiel a card. “My number. Take your time, cool down, and just think it over. And what have you got to lose, except your worst nightmares?”


“That remains to be seen,” Liam said as he and Dean helped Sam to his feet. “I take it we're free to go then?”


“Of course.”


They went back to the bunker and while the guys cleaned up Mary got them some take out for dinner. “Oh, that was fantastic. Thank you, Mom,” Dean leaned back in the chair after he was finished eating.


Mary came in from the kitchen carrying a pie. “All I did was point at some stuff on a take out menu. I would've cooked, but I, uh, don't.”


“Well, now, wait. Your meatloaf was amazing.”


“Came from the Piggly Wiggly. Sorry to burst your bubble.”


“I make good meatloaf,” Liam mumbled as he started cleaning up.


“Yes, you do,” Dean nodded. “I love your cooking. Maybe you can teach Mom.”


“I suppose I could.”


“But do you still like pie?” Mary offered him a slice.


Dean couldn't help but chuckle. “I mean...” he eagerly took the slice.


“I think he likes pie better than sex,” Liam commented.


“Sam. You keep looking at me like I'm going to explode,” Mary looked over at him.


“Sorry,” he chuckled softly.


“But what do we think? Are we buying that Brit's whole let's be friends routine?”


“No way,” Sam shook his head.


“They have some kind of ulterior motive,” Liam agreed.


Dean was shoveling pie into his mouth. “Could you eat that any faster?” Mary laughed.


“No, I cannot.”


“Well, we should call the internet and find out as much as we can about these people. Did I say that right?”


“So close,” Liam said. “I'm sure you'll pick everything up quickly.”


Sam stood up. “Well, I need to check in with my wife. Did uh, Dean and Liam tell you anything about...?” he looked to Mary.


“They did. I was happy to hear that I have three grandchildren.”


“Yeah, and I'd like you to meet them. Tonight I'm just gonna tell Natalie what happened and then talk to the kids. But once we figure out what to tell them, we can go visit.”


“Yeah, we told them you were in heaven,” Dean said as he finished his pie. “And you were.”


“But I don't want to expose them to all of this, not just yet anyway, so...” Sam finished.


“You're going to teach them about hunting?” Mary seemed surprised by that.


“Sort of. It's a long story, but something happened a while back that made me decide that they should at least learn what's out there, and how to defend themselves. I mean, both Natalie and I would prefer they all get boring jobs like an accountant, but if someday some monster goes after one of them because of something I did, I don't want them to be sitting ducks. But we're going to wait until they're older. We want them to have a childhood.”


“I guess that makes sense.”


“Want to join me in some tea?” Liam offered.


“Sure,” Mary nodded. “Some tea sounds good.”


“I'm just gonna go to bed,” Dean said. “Been a long couple of days.”


“Okay,” Liam nodded and kissed his cheek. “I'll see you when I get there.”

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