Hunting Humanity XI

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Sam came out to the living room where Dean was sitting on the couch with his tablet. “You okay?” Sam asked his brother. “You didn't eat much at dinner, and you didn't touch the pie.”


“Why does everyone keep asking me that?”


“Because you're not acting quite like yourself. I know mom leaving-”


“I said I got it, okay?”


Sam sat down. “That's what you keep saying, but we don't believe it.”


“Well, my story isn't changing, so...”


“Where's Liam?”


“In our bedroom reading I think. I...”




“He's driving me a little crazy lately. Well, a little more than usual.”


“How so?”


“It's like he doesn't trust me. He sticks his nose into everything.”


“Can you blame him?”


“What?” Dean blinked at his brother.


“Think about it. One, you intended to sleep with a bar maid. Only reason you didn't was because an Egyptian god kidnapped you.”


Dean scoffed. “That was years ago! Do either of you really expect me to pay for that for the rest of my life? And you cheated on Natalie. Does she go through your text messages?”


“No, but there's a difference. I came clean and told her. You got caught.”


“I might have told him. Never really got that chance.”


“And there's more to it. You weren't honest about how the Mark of Cain was affecting you. Bad things happened. He was afraid of you. As a demon you damn near beat him to death. When you hide things then bad things happen.”


“But I'm not hiding anything. There are just things that I don't want to discuss right now. What do I do? I'm not a relationship person, so I'm lost here.”


“My opinion? Put up with his insanity while continuing to reassure him. Don't fight with him. You're his weak spot, and while he loves you, he doesn't like having a weak spot.”


“I will take that into advisement. But right now I'd like to focus on the case I found for us.” He showed Sam the article on his tablet. “Happened last night.”


“Killed in mystery fire,” Sam read the headline.


“Yeah, the kind that doesn't burn anything but the bodies.”


“So spontaneous combustion. What are you thinking? Uh, witch? Dragon?”


“Maybe. Check it out. The old lady? Loaded. I'm talking Scrooge McDuck swimming in pools of money. So what's a lady like that doing at some crap store at three in the morning?”


“Well, it says it was an antique shop.”




“Uh, rich people like antiquing. I don't know.”


“I say we check it out.”


“Alright. Just don't use this case as a distraction from your relationship issue.”


“That's kind of my thing.”


“And it's not working well for you. Seriously, if you don't want him to walk away give him a little attention. And I don't mean sex. Relationships take work. My marriage hasn't been a smooth ride.”


Dean sighed. “Okay. I can try, but if you hear screaming from our room later, you only have yourself to blame.”


Dean entered the bedroom and found Liam propped up on pillows with a book. “Good read?”


“Not bad as books go,” Liam answered without looking up.


“Put that down for a minute please,” Dean asked as he sat on the bed. Liam marked his page and set the book on his nightstand, giving Dean his attention. “I still think you're psycho, especially lately,” Dean started.


The blond raised an eyebrow with a sharp glare. “You interrupted me for that?”


“Not exactly, let me finish. I was talking to Sam about all of this, and he made some good points.”


“Such as?”


“Well, I haven't exactly always been trustworthy. Being corrupted by the Mark of Cain was hard for me, but I hid it from you, and then when I turned demon, well, that was really hard on you. I hurt you, and I've already said I'm sorry six dozen times, but I still put you through something.”


“Yeah, you did. And now you find the need to hide text messages from your mother from me.”


“Babe, this isn't the same thing as the mark. Before you argue, because I know you will, this is just something really personal for me. I mean, yeah, I share more with you than I do with anyone else. But this... It's not something that's gonna make me come at you with a hammer. It's just regular human emotion that I have to deal with, and I'm not good with emotions.”


Liam put his hand on his husband's. “I know, and I want to help you.”


“I know you do. What you do for me is amazing. And if and when I feel ready to come to you, I will. Until then, please give me some space. I showed you the text message, and it was from Mom, not Beth. You've been watching my phone, and I've had no contact with Beth. Believe me, if you ease up, I am not going to go running to Beth.”


Liam sighed. “I wish I could stop the nagging in my gut. It would help if your eyes didn't bug out like a cartoon character every time you saw an attractive woman.”


“Hey, I'm married, not dead.” Dean reached out and started rubbing Liam's shoulders. “I married you because that was what you wanted.”


Liam leaned into his partner's hands a little. “But it wasn't what you wanted.”


“I never did picture myself married. But it should mean something that I went through with it for the sole purpose of making you happy. I want you to be happy because I really do love you.” He leaned in to softly kiss the side of the blond's neck.


“Not tonight,” Liam started to pull away.


“That wasn't what I had in mind. But if you take your shirt off and lay on your stomach I'll give you a back rub, and maybe a tickle.”


Liam turned to give Dean a quick peck on the lips. “I love it when you're good to me,” he said as he shed all of his clothing and got into position on his stomach.


The next evening they arrived at the antique shop. No one was around as they ducked under the police tape and entered the store. “Alright, I'm guessing that's the first victim,” Sam pointed to a pile of ash by the door.


“Scrooge McDuck lady?” Dean guessed.




“Which makes this the antiques dealer,” Dean looked at a second pile of ash.


“Yeah. Name was Marvin Brickle. Widower. Owned the shop for decades.”


“No sulfur.”


Sam pulled out an EMF detector, and it was silent. “Ditto EMF.”


“Maybe hex bags?”


“Yeah, or, uh, you know, antique shop, full of old stuff. Maybe the guy got his hands on a cursed object and it went haywire, started killing everybody.”


“Yeah, wouldn't be the first time.” Dean started walking around looking at all of the objects in the store.


Liam grabbed Dean's wrists. “Maybe you shouldn't touch anything in case said cursed object is still here.”


“Fine.” Dean kept walking around but keeping his hands to himself until he found a door toward the back of the store. “Sam, I think I found something.”


Sam was looking at the store owner's computer. “It looks like the victims were meeting about an antique pocket watch the night they died.”


“A pocket watch?”


“Yeah, according to Marv's email, at least.”


“Uh, Sam...” Dean entered the room to find it filled with Nazi memorabilia.


“Yeah, hold up. Get this, I hacked into Marv's hard drive. It looks like he was conducting an entire underground business, uh, catering to, uh...”


“Nazi nut jobs.”


“Yeah. How'd you know that?”


“Might wanna take a look at this,” Liam called out.


Sam came back and entered the room. “That's... Wow.”


“Yeah. Looks like Scrooge McDuck lady got her rocks off by collecting Nazi crap,” Dean said.


Sam took it all in. “Yeah, guess so. Uh, according to Marv's ledger, the watch belonged to a member of Hitler's inner circle.”


“So where is it now?”


“I don't know. The police didn't report finding it. And I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that it's probably not out there and probably not in here. I mean, Nazi connection? The immolation MO? Sound like anybody we know?”


Dean sighed. “The Thule.”


“Maybe they crashed the party, took the watch, and torched the bystanders.”


“Nazis. I hate these guys.”


“You and me both,” Liam sighed. “I wish I could just...” Instead of finishing the sentence he closed his eyes and shook his head.


“Last time we found out he was the real ring leader,” Dean whispered to his brother so Liam couldn't hear. “And I have a feeling this might get ugly.”


“So do I,” Sam whispered back.


They headed to a diner for a bit to eat, and to get in touch with Aaron, the guy with the golem. They sat at a table with him on speaker phone. “We're halfway through the ledger. I nailed six, and the golem got the rest. It feels good, you know, finishing what the Judah Initiative started.”


“Your grandfather would be proud,” Sam told him.


“Yeah, well, dropping out of college to wipe out Nazi corpse-bags wasn't exactly my mother's dream, but what are you gonna do?”


“Hey, uh, you hear about any Thule activity in our neck of the woods?” Dean asked.


“Not lately. These Deutsch-nozzles have been sticking to the Fatherland.”


“Lately?” Sam wondered what that meant.


“Yeah. They're closing ranks. All jumpy.”


“Any idea what's cooking?”


“Whatever it is, it's big. We got our hands on a few of their documents. Code named the mission 'Das Blut' The Blood.”


“Wow, that sounds nice and ominous.”


“Right? I mean, we're talking the whole enchilada, the Thule High Command all in one place.”


“Probably cooking up something really stupid,” Liam mumbled. “I mean, they aren't exactly the brightest bulbs in the shed.”


Dean gave his brother a look, but ignored the comment. “Hey, does this pocket watch mean anything to you, Nazi relic wise?”


“No, sorry.”


A notification popped up on Sam's computer. “Hey, another body just dropped.”


“Aaron, we're gonna have to call you back, bud,” Dean said as he hung up.


They dressed up in their suits and headed to the apartment where the strange death happened. When they got there a bag of ash was being rolled away. They pulled a medic aside to talk to him. “By the time we got there, he was ash and bone. What does that to a human being?”


“You find anything else?” Dean asked.


“Just the body. The other victim was lucky. She got away, ran to her neighbor's, and called for help.”


“So where's the survivor now?” Sam asked.


They were told she was outside in a police car. They went out to interview her, but what they saw was a young man getting into the driver's seat with the girl handcuffed in the back crying out for help. “You see that?” Dean turned to his companions.


“Yeah,” Sam nodded as the car took off.


“We gotta follow that car. Oh, I've always wanted to say that,” Dean said as they all jumped into the Impala and sped off after the girl.


They followed the car into a parking garage. The young man got out of the driver's seat and pulled out his phone. “Father. Yes, I have her. I'm here now. It's all locked. That is not fair. You know, I try with you. I really do. But you expect me to be a mind reader, and it's exhausting.” Dean cocked his gun behind the kid. “Father, I gotta go.”


The kid turned to Dean who smirked at him. “Well, family drama's a bitch, ain't it? Move.”


They got Ellie out of the back of the car and tied the kid to a chair they found in an abandoned office building. “So if you're not cops, then what are you?” Ellie asked, a little afraid.


“There are things out there that shouldn't exist. Bad things. We kill them. It's kind of our job,” Sam explained.


“Yeah, so your safest place is with us right now,” Dean added.


“Uh huh. Safe from Nazi zombies.”


“Necromancers,” Sam corrected her. “They use blood magic to make themselves almost immortal.”




“Well, you shoot them in the head, set them on fire, that usually does the trick,” Dean said.


“This is completely insane.”


“Ellie, you saw what they did to your friend,” Sam reminded her.


“Okay, but why would they kill Nick? And why kidnap me?”


Dean turned to their captive. “Those are great questions. What do you tools want with the watch? And what does it have to do with her?”


“You're gonna have to kill me,” the kid decided to be stubborn.


Dean just shrugged. “Alright. Want to, uh....” he motioned to Sam.


Sam nodded in understanding. “Yep. Alright, let's go for a walk.”


“Wait. No. You can't just shoot him,” Ellie was horrified at the thought.


“Oh, no, sure I can.” Dean cocked his gun. “See, I do it all the time.”


“You don't wanna watch this,” Sam tried to get Ellie to go with him.


“Or you could all give me some alone time with him,” Liam offered as he lightly stroked the kid's cheek from behind. “I'd say like three minutes.”


“Alright!” the kid sighed. “It belongs to my father. Commandant Nauhaus, Thule High Command? Ranking officer?”


Dean patted him on the shoulder. “See, that wasn't so hard, now was it? Carry on.”


“You don't understand. He'll kill me.”


“What do you think this is, a tickle party?”


“It started at the end of the war. The Soviets had surrounded the Fuhrerbunker. Everyone knew it was over, everyone except my father.”


“Alright, skip the foreplay. What did your dad do to Hitler?”


“He saved his life. Well, he saved his soul. Like, literally. The watch, it's like a horcrux.”


“Harry Potter thing,” Liam explained to Dean.


“Oh, you would know that,” Dean sighed.


“Anyways, so the watch holds Hitler's soul?” Sam asked with intrigue.


Ellie scoffed. “Right. You trapped Hitler's soul in a pocket watch? Why is that? For safekeeping?”


“No. To bring him back. It sounded bonkers to me the first time I heard it too.”


“The first time you heard it? Weren't you there?” Sam asked.


“What? No. Man, I was born in Buffalo in '94. Listen, this whole let's bring Hitler back is more of an OG Thule plan. All they do is yap about it.”


Liam picked up another chair and hurled it through a window. Dean went over and put his hands on his shoulders. “Breathe. That's it.”


“What's his problem?” the kid asked.


“Long story that you don't want to know,” Sam answered. “Short version, your father is trying to bring back the wrong person. And the right person just wants your father's guts on a stick.”




“Like I said, long story.”


Dean guided Liam over to a chair to sit down. “Okay. Let's just back up to the part where your dad is going to resurrect Adolph Hitler.”


“After the bunker, the Thule agents who were smuggling Hitler's soul out got whacked by Soviets.”


“So you lost the watch,” Sam guessed.


“Hey, I didn't lose it. It ended up with some Russian family. Then the Thule tracked it to China, and then to Peru. Then it wound up in that antique shop. So now they're all hyped to get their Fuhrer resurrection on.”


“This isn't a joke. Oh, my god,” Ellie was starting to freak.


“How do they plan on bringing him back?” Dean asked.


“The soul of Hitler can only inhabit the body of somebody who possesses his blood.”


“His blood. Das blut,” Sam put it all together. “So let me get this straight. The Thule want to upload Hitler into the body of one of his relatives? Do they even exist anymore?”


“He didn't have any children,” Liam mumbled. “Thank god.”


“Well, there's one right there,” the kid looked at Ellie.


“Wait. You think I'm related to Hitler? Okay, that is just hilarious,” she was getting a little hysterical.


“They've been keeping tabs on you your whole life. The Thule track all of Hitler's descendants. You just happen to be in the same state as the watch. Go figure.”


“No way. Okay, my mom, she tracked our family all the way back to the Mayflower. She said-”


“You're adopted.”


“You don't know anything about me.”


“You're from Wheaton, Illinois. All-state cross country all four years.”


“Wow, way to use the internet.”


“You trained to become a doctor, but you dropped out at the sight of your first stiff.”


“I am taking a sabbatical.”


“You skipped town two days before your wedding.”


“He was banging our caterer! You...” She sighed and shook her head in frustration.


“It seems as though this running is a thing for you.”


“I...” She ran out of the room.




“Yeah, I got her,” Sam went after her.


“We gotta move,” Dean said.


“Yeah, already been here too long,” Liam agreed.


“You've told us everything else, you might as well tell us your name,” Dean said while they waited for Sam to come back with Ellie.




After a few minutes Dean got impatient and followed after Sam. “Alright, meltdown time's over. Listen, you need to face this now. Believe it or not, we actually have the upper hand here. According to uh, you know, Junior Jackass in there, the Thule want you. Now we can use that. We can set a trap.”


“Oh, now you wanna use me as bait?” that seemed to upset Ellie more.


“We don't want to use you as bait, Ellie, but we have the opportunity to take out the entire Thule High Command in one shot,” Sam explained.


“Now does that sound scary? Yeah, you bet. But there are times when you run and there are times when you stand and fight. Now is one of those times when you fight. Now we promise that we will keep you safe,” Dean promised.


“Oh my god,” she gasped when she saw some men come in.


Dean groaned. “You gotta be kidding me.”


“Get down,” Sam pulled Ellie to the ground with him to hide.


“They're in there,” a man said with a German accent.


Sam and Dean ran out of the room to attack the men. Two of them got on Sam so Liam came out of his hiding place to pull one off. They fought until one of the men yelled, “Verstanden? Ruckzug! Sie ist auf der Flucht!” Then the men ran out of the building.


“Oh, she ran again,” Liam sighed as he picked himself up off the floor.


“Are there any languages you don't speak?” Sam asked.


“Probably,” Liam gave Sam a dirty look. “But it's not like there's nothing weird about you.”


Sam looked into the room. “Yep, she went out the window.”


“Told you,” Liam sighed as he took off his jacket.


They all changed out of their suits and Sam kept trying to call Ellie. “She's still not picking up.”


“Awesome,” Dean slammed the trunk of the car closed.


“Maybe she got spooked.”


“Well, isn't running a whole thing with her?”


They went to a nearby diner and got on their laptops. “They had to be tracking her somehow,” Liam sighed as he picked at his sandwich.


“That means she can be tracked,” Dean was hopeful about that.


“Yeah, maybe if we had something to track,” Sam wasn't as optimistic.


“Well, guess we hack every traffic light in the city until we find her.”


“Or look for a Thule connection,” Liam suggested.


“How are we supposed to do that?” Dean asked. “They're being careful.”


Just then Christoph slided in the booth beside Sam. “Hi.” Dean pulled his gun under the table. “If you wanna find Ellie you have to protect me.”


Dean raised an eyebrow at that. “Protect you? Why should we believe anything you say?”


Christoph sighed. “Don't look now. Across the street, there's a Thule agent right beside the dumpster outside. Is that enough? I just killed one of my dad's guys.”


Sam exchanged a look with his brother. “Could be a trap.”


“It's not. Do you know what it was like to have a Nazi necromancer for a father? It sucked. Christmas was a joke. Career Day at school was a nightmare. All I do is try to make him proud and I'll never be good enough. He asked a guy named Fritz to kill me.”


“Okay, well, there's that,” Dean put the gun away.


“We'll hear you out. Where is she?” Sam asked.


“I can take you to her.”


“What do you think?” Dean turned to Liam.


“I think his father ordered to have him killed. You know the saying, takes one to know one.”


“Alright, let's go,” Dean shut his laptop.


Christoph led them to an old airplane hanger. When they parked Sam handcuffed Christoph to the steering wheel. “Hey, what are you doing?” Christoph protested. “Wait, you're just gonna leave me here?”


“Yeah, pretty much,” Sam nodded.


Dean was checking things out with binoculars. “Alright, we got two outside and who knows how many inside.”


“Great,” Sam sighed as he reached into the trunk for a weapon.


“Oh,” Dean picked up the grenade launcher.


“No,” Sam shook his head.




“Dean, we need to be stealth, do this quietly. We'll get a chance. It's okay.”


“I don't even know why you have that thing,” Liam said as he picked up a gun.


Dean sighed, but put the launcher down and picked up a gun. “Let's go kill some Nazis.”


“That I can get on board with,” Liam smirked as they headed for the building.


They took out the guards and made their way inside. “Should've just brought the grenade launcher. Admit it, though, you're having fun,” Dean whispered to his brother.


“Yeah, so much fun,” Sam's answer was a little sarcastic.


Suddenly they heard guns cock and they were surrounded. They stood before the leader. “Well, if it isn't Father of the Year,” Dean addressed him.


A man smacked Dean. “Address den Fuhrer with respect.”


“Hitler?” Sam couldn't believe it.


“Sam and Dean Winchester. You must be important. He feared you,” Hitler pointed to his head. “Still up here,” he laughed.


“A nice new meat suit. It come with two testicles this time?” Dean asked.


“One of many upgrades I'm enjoying. Like this! It's like having a tiny Goebbels in my pocket! I sold ten million copies of 'Mein Kampf'. What do you think I can do with Twitter?”


Liam's eyes turned red and he said something in German before stepping forward and tenderly kissing Hitler.


Hitler lit up. “My dark angel! I knew you would one day return to me.” The rest of the men fell to their knees.


“I did, because there was something I wanted you to know,” Astiratu was pressed up against him. “I wanted to tell you that you were never anything but my puppet you brainless swine!” The half angel snatched Hitler's throat and lifted him in the air. Volts of electricity surged through him until a blackened corpse was tossed to floor. Then Astiratu turned to the rest of them. “Your great leader couldn't have an original idea if his life depended on it. He was perfect for my needs. An excellent speaker, yet dumber than a lemming. I had my reasons for whispering in his ear, and for teaching you ungrateful worms everything you know. But now I'm done with you.” With that he shot one in the head.


Dean came out of his shock and shot another. They were all so shocked that they never fought back. “I had a feeling you might show up,” Dean said to Astiratu.


The half angel shrugged. “There was a wrong that needed to be made right.”


“You didn't actually enjoy kissing him, did you?”


Astiratu chuckled at that. “I think I threw up in my mouth a little. It always did bring down his guard though. Worst lover I ever had.”


“Did he really only have one testicle?”


“I will neither confirm or deny.” He motioned to Ellie on a gurney with a tube coming out of her arm and looking weak. “Tend to her while I pull myself back together.”


Sam went over to see that she was okay. “What was that?” Ellie asked, motioning to Astiratu who was soon Liam again.


“A soul you really don't want to piss off,” Sam answered as he helped her up.


They took care of the bodies and as they were getting ready to leave the sun was coming up. “We killed Hitler,” Dean seemed happy about that.


“We?” Sam gave his brother a questioning look.


“We were an important part,” Dean argued. “That should entitle us to free drinks for life.”


“If anyone would actually believe us.”


Dean reached into the car to free Christoph. “Alright, let's go.”


“Hold up, you're not gonna kill me?” Christoph seemed surprised.


“No, we had a deal. Besides, you got bigger problems.”


“The Thule that are left are gonna hunt you as a traitor forever. Our advice? Run,” Sam said.


“Why don't you head back to Buffalo? Nobody goes to Buffalo.”


Christoph left without another word, so they went to check on Ellie. “So how you holding up?” Sam asked her.


“Uh, well, we just burned a pile of dead Nazi zombie bodies, so maybe, like, third worst day ever. I've had a rough time lately.”


“Yeah, and then all this happens.”


“I think I'm gonna be okay, though. I should probably call my mom. You can only run for so long, you know? So, uh, what do you think is harder, facing the reincarnation of Hitler or going back to med school?”


“Not sure,” Sam chuckled. “Seems to me like Hitler got a lot more credit than he deserved.”


“Yeah, are you going to tell me how your friend electrocuted Hitler with his hand after kissing him?”


“Like I told you, we deal in strange. But you should be okay now since I don't think they can try and bring Hitler back again. Take care of yourself, okay?”


“I will,” she gave him a small smile before heading off.


The guys got in the car to go home. Dean paused before starting the engine. “You know, I was thinking. We passed a bakery on the way into town. Sign said best pie for a thousand miles.”


“Pie is okay,” Liam said as he leaned into the front of the car. “But even though I don't remember some of what happened, I'm feeling really... I don't know how to explain it, but it's good.” He gently bit Dean's earlobe. “So you've got two choices. Go get some pie, or take advantage of my euphoria.”


“Nearest motel it is,” Sam sighed as he settled into the seat and Dean started the engine and took off down the road.

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