Hunting Humanity XI

BY : greenwizard
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The three men entered the bunker looking exhausted and disheveled, but happy. “Back to back. That was one for the books,” Dean smiled as walked up to the library.


“Yeah,” Sam nodded in agreement. “No, don't...” he said just as Dean was about to sit down..




“Dean, you're covered in ghoul, man, and wraith. You have a piece of siren in your hair.”


Dean grabbed the chunk of wraith and examined it with a disgusted look before chuckling and tossing across the room. “Gross.”


“Yeah. Dude, why don’t you take a shower and change your clothes. You’ve been wearing the same pair of boxers for four days.”


“Okay, one, weird that you know how much underwear I packed,” Dean responded.


“That’s what’s weird about this?” Sam raised an eyebrow.


“And B, it’s two and two. Doesn’t count if you flip them inside out.”


Liam shook his head. “That's disgusting. You wanna touch me again, you're bathing first.”


Dean rolled his eyes. “Neat freak.”


“Nothing wrong with being clean.”


Sam got a text and he pulled his phone out to look at it. “Got another case.”


“Really? Already? How’d you do that?” Dean wondered.


Sam stiffened a little. “Same as the others. I made a computer algorithm that scrapes data from police scanners, emergency calls, uh, local news sites, and then it puts everything through a...” Dean gave him an annoyed glare. “The computer told me.”


Dean laughed and shook his head. “Computers. Monsters, porn. Is there anything they can't do? Alright. Well, let's get to it, then,” he stood up.


“Aren't you forgetting something?” Liam pointed toward the bathroom.


“I got baby wipes in the car,” Dean argued.


“I am not riding in a car with you when you look and smell like that,” the blond stood his ground. “Shower and clean clothes.”


“I second that,” Sam said.


“Fine,” Dean gave in.


“And pack more than just two pairs of clean underwear,” Liam called after him.


“Bite me!” Dean shouted back.


“When you're clean I will!” Liam got the last word.


When they pulled up to the crime scene Sam was talking to Mary, and Dean was talking to Castiel. “Mom just finished working a haunting in Akron,” Sam filled them in when he hung up.


“The Brits?” Dean asked.


“Yeah,” Sam confirmed.


“Great. Who you gonna call? Douchebusters.”


“What about you?”


“That was Cas. He's in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Someone's killing angels. Again.”


“Then he's on the right track,” Liam said. “I'm sure the angels are hunting Kelly as well. They always seem to know.”


“Yeah, but what's killing them?” Dean seemed just a little bit worried.


“Cas has been around long enough to learn how to look after himself, or call us if he needs us.”


The scene was a camping spot in the woods. The sheriff showed them around. “You ask me, a bear got him. Maybe a cougar. Found a fair amount of blood over here and some there, but no body. Figure whatever did this dragged him off. So unless you guys are looking to make a federal case on some critters...”


“Sir, you said there was a survivor,” Sam mentioned.


“Yeah, Gwen Hernandez. Uh, but she’s pretty shaken up, saying all sorts of strange things.”


“Like what?”


“Like that they were attacked by a wolf; an invisible wolf,” he chuckled at that. “Girl says that, you know, it came outta nowhere and that it's coming after her next.”


“Right,” Dean nodded. “Sheriff, thank you.” They walked back toward the car. “Invisible dog, huh? Sounds like a hellhound to me,” Dean said he he got back into the car.


“I agree,” Sam nodded. “But we should probably go talk to the witness.”


Dean didn't like the idea, but he drove to the girl's house and they approached her door. “This is dumb. It’s a dumb idea,” he voiced his displeasure again.


“Listen, Gwen saw something kill her boyfriend, and she thinks it’s coming for her next. We just gotta tell her...” Sam wasn't quite sure how to finish that sentence.


“Tell her what? No, seriously, Sam, what are you gonna say? Hi, my name is Sam Winchester. This is my much handsomer brother Dean. We hunt monsters. Oh, and that guy you were banging? We're pretty sure he made a deal with a demon, so a hellhound came and dragged his soul to hell. But you? You're cool. And since there's nothing around for us to kill, peace out.”


Sam rolled his eyes. “You done? Yeah, we don’t say that, Dean. We’ll say something that’ll give her peace. You know, help her sleep at night.”


“Oh, so we lie?”


Sam cleared his throat and nodded. “Yeah. A lot,” he said as he rang the doorbell.


“You sensing something?” Dean asked Liam while the blond looked around like there might be something there.


“I don't know,” the blond shrugged it off. “Odd feeling that I can't put my finger on.”


The woman opened the door. “Gwen Hernandez? Uh, Agents Baker, Kelly, and Clapton. FBI. May we come in?” Dean greeted her.


“I don’t want any...” she stared to push them away.


“We just wanna talk. That’s all. About Marcus,” Sam tried to assure her.


She sighed, but motioned for them to come in. “Uh, you can have a seat.”


They took a seat on her couch and Sam cleared his throat. “Right. Gwen, uh, we're here today because we know what you told the police, that you feel like something supernatural is after you. But we've concluded our investigation, and the thing that killed your boyfriend-”


“Was a bear,” Dean finished the sentence.


“Was a bear. Now, we found it and put it down. So you’re no longer in any kind of danger, okay?”


She shook her head like she didn't believe them. “I know what I saw.”


Sam gave her a friendly little smile to put her at ease. “Gwen, when you go through a traumatic experience, sometimes your mind can make things up.”


“Get out!” she shouted.


“Okay, calm down. We're just trying to help,” Dean tried to diffuse the situation.


“I don’t need your help. I know what I saw,” she was starting to get hysterical. “Get out!” she shouted again.


Liam was staring at the spot over by the staircase when the three men got up and left. Dean gave his brother an I told you so look. “Oh, yeah. She’s gonna sleep like a baby.”


Liam's eyes flashed red. “No, she's not.” Seconds later they heard the scream. Liam ran back in, the brothers not far behind. They found her cowering in a corner in a bedroom, scratch marks near her on the wooden floor. “No!” the half angel shouted so forcefully the room shook a little. He threw a lightning bolt at the hellhound and it howled and jumped out the window.


Sam rushed over to Gwen. “It’s okay. You’re gonna be okay.”


“You're not FBI,” Gwen couldn't take her eyes off Astiratu.


“No, we're not,” Sam confirmed as he helped her to her feet. “And that thing our friend chased off was a hellhound.”


“A what?” she was a little confused.


“Hellhound,” Dean repeated. “Kind of hard to explain. Uh, basically, giant, invisible hounds from hell. Huh. Wasn't hard at all.”


“So who are you?” she asked.


“My name is Sam. That's my brother Dean. That's, I guess Astiratu for the moment. And we hunt monsters.”


“And we've tangled with hellhounds in the past,” Dean added. “Goofer dust'll keep them out. A demon knife or an angel blade, that'll kill them.”


“Wait, so why did you tell me that Marcus got killed by a bear?” she asked.


Dean shrugged. “Make you feel better. It was his idea,” he motioned to Sam.


Sam sighed. “Listen, I know this sounds insane...”


“It does,” Gwen nodded. “But like I said, I know what I saw. And what I saw was insane.”


“Right. Now this is awkward, but, um, hellhounds only come after people who sold their souls to a demon.”


“So about ten years ago, did you really want something? Like, I don’t know, a Hello Kitty backpack or the death of an enemy?” Dean asked.


“No,” she shook her head.


“Great. So what the hell?” Dean looked to his companions.


“Call Crowley,” Astiratu said. “I think this might be something he wants to know about.”


“Are we sharing with the class?” Dean asked as he reached for his phone.


“In a minute. Just call him.”


Dean dialed Crowley's number. “What the hell do you want?” Crowley growled as he answered.


“Alright, peaches, I get that you’re still upset about the whole, uh...” Dean replied.


“Upset? No. I’m totally over how you and your little band of misfits sent my son back in time to die!”


“Okay, look, that was totally Gavin’s call. All right? You know what? We have a situation here.”


“Oh, well, in that case... Bye.”


“Before you hang up, you may want to ask your minions why Ramsey is running around causing random carnage,” Astiratu spoke up.


“Ramsey?” Crowley's voice was full of surprise and a touch of fear. “Not possible.”


“You sure about that?”


They heard Crowley lower the phone and start speaking to two others. Then he appeared in the room. “You miss me?”


“Not particularly,” Astiratu answered.


“Okay, so, is one of you going to explain what's going on to the rest of us?” Dean asked. “Why did the name of one particular hellhound catch your attention like that?”


Crowley sighed. “You have to understand, this isn’t just a hellhound, this is the hellhound.”


“That means what?” Sam asked.


“Right after God said let there be light, he made a whole bunch of things; posies, koalas, hellhounds. He wanted The creator's best friend, but the hounds were too vicious. So he planned on having them all put down, until along came our favorite fallen angel. He rescued one of the hounds, a pregnant bitch named Ramsey.”


“Okay, so go find her and tell her to heel,” Dean said.


“I can't control her. No one can. She's loyal only to Lucifer.”


“And me,” Astiratu reminded Crowley. “Sort of...”


“What do you mean by sort of?” Dean asked the half angel.


“Well, you know, when you're dating a person and they have a pet, that pet gets used to you and will sort of listen to you as well after a while.”


Dean shook his head. “Alright, so where is Fido now?”


“Well, if I had to hazard a guess, I would say huddled up in some nice, warm den,” Crowley answered the question.


“Well, why is she after Gwen?”


“Ask her.”


“I don't, um...” Gwen seemed confused. “When it attacked us, I did hit it. With an ax.”


“Yeah, that would do it,” Astiratu nodded.


Crowley clapped his hands together. “So, we either kill Ramsey, or the hound eats her. Fun.”


“Wait a second. We?” Sam raised an eyebrow.


“Pup like that out and about is not good for business. Makes it look like I’m not in control. But that mutt’s head mounted on my wall? Good for the brand. So, yes, Moose. For now, we.”


Dean sighed. “Great. So we have a hellhound who's gunning for revenge, and it's personal. Ah. Just when I thought this gig couldn't get any weirder...”


Crowley chuckled at that. “Oh, it can always get weirder.”


“Indeed,” Astiratu shared a look with Crowley.


“Okay, well, she's probably back in those woods, so let's start looking there,” Dean suggested. “And you wanna come with us,” he said to Gwen.


“Why would I wanna go looking for that thing with you?” she didn't like that idea.


“We can keep you safe,” Sam assured her. “But if we leave you and she comes back...”


“I'll get my coat.”


They drove out to the woods and Dean started digging through the trunk. “So hellhounds are invisible to humans, unless you sold your soul, and they're after you,” Dean was explaining to Gwen.


“Or, uh, you're wearing a pair of these,” Sam held up a pair of glasses. “They're glasses treated with holy fire.”


“I guess it's a good thing you kept those,” Astiratu said as both Sam and Dean put the glasses on.


“Alright, Crowley and I are gonna hit the woods, see if we can't track down Cujo. You stick with Sam and Astiratu. They'll keep you safe,” Dean ordered. “Take care of her,” he looked to his younger brother.


Sam nodded. “Of course. Dean, look, even if Ramsey circles back, as long as we keep moving, Gwen's gonna be just...” he paused and shook his head. “You're talking about the car.”


“You tend to ride the brakes.”


“Dean, I know how to drive.”


“I'm just saying. Okay, just imagine she's beautiful woman. Or a gorgeous man,” Dean added quickly when he felt the half angel glaring daggers at him.


Sam rolled his eyes. “Let's go,” he ushered Gwen back to the car.


As Sam drove down the road Gwen seemed very anxious. “I'm sorry,” she said suddenly.


“About what?” Sam asked.


“This. It's all my fault.”


“Gwen, this is not your fault,” Sam assured her.


“Yes, it is. What happened to Marcus... Pull over. Please.” Sam pulled over quickly and she ran to the side of the road to throw up.


“You okay?” Sam asked her when she got back in the car.


“I don't think I even know what okay means anymore. Marcus.. Going camping was my idea. I took him out there even though I knew. I knew it was over. I liked Marcus. He was sweet and kind. And he loved me. More than I ever loved him. If I'd just told him... Why couldn't I just tell him the truth?”


“You didn't want to hurt him,” Astiratu said. “You couldn't have known about the hellhound. We didn't know until she, uh...”


“I'm sorry, we should go,” Gwen wiped the tears from her face.


Sam was about to start the car when both men stared out in front of the car. “We were followed,” the half angel frowned.


“Apparently,” Sam said as he thought of what to do. “So, how much control do you have exactly?”


They all jumped when the hound landed on the hood, denting it and cracking the windshield. “Considering how badly she seems to want Gwen, probably not enough.”


“What do we do?” Gwen was terrified.


“Stay calm,” Sam answered while taking a deep breath. “And you stay in the car no matter what.”


Both men got out, angel blades ready in their hands. “No!” Astiratu shouted at the hound, not taking his eyes off her. She started trying to break through the windshield to get at Gwen, and the half angel shocked her, making her retreat a little bit. “I said no, bitch.”


She lunged at Astiratu, biting his arm. He knocked her back to where Sam was waiting, and Sam stabbed her with the blade. There was a loud whimper before the hound went still.


“You okay?” Sam moved to inspect Astiratu's arm.


“Better than your brother's car,” the half angel looked over at the Impala.


“That was a hellhound, not my driving.”


“Still, you better call him and let him know we got her.”


Sam called Dean, and he and Crowley were there in an instant. Dean looked pained when he saw his car. “This is why you don’t drive.”


“And I'm mostly fine,” Astiratu drew his attention while Sam had gotten the first aid kit and started cleaning the wound.


Dean came over to take a look. “That looks like it hurts.”


“It does.”


“Is it over?” Gwen finally got out of the car and looked around.


“It's over,” Crowley assured her.


“Thank you!” she cried, and threw herself at Crowley to hug him.


The demon tensed, and pulled away as soon as he could. “Yeah. Ah, dog dead. Must be going.” He quickly disappeared.


“He seems nice,” Gwen said.


“Uh, yeah, sure,” Astiratu mused as Sam finished bandaging him up.


Dean turned his attention back to the car. “Let’s get in. Hopefully it still runs.”


“And you'll fix her up,” the half angel sighed as he got into the backseat. “The car will be fine. I'll have scars.”


“Scars add character to a person,” Dean argued.


A little while later Astiratu appeared in Crowley's throne room. Lucifer was no longer chained up, but on the floor. “What I thought,” he mumbled to himself.


“You,” Lucifer glared up at him with hatred. “I wondered how. You're the only one who could.”


“Yes, I warded your vessel. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.”


“Don't think I won't pay you back for this.”


“He thinks he's smarter than us,” Crowley joined the conversation.


“When it comes to me he should know better,” Astiratu smirked while kicking Lucifer in the stomach. “I still prefer you in your cage, but this will do. And I knew letting Ramsey loose was a distraction. Your bitch bit me, by the way.”


“Good,” Lucifer spat. “Just so you know, it wasn't me who orchestrated the distraction. How could I?”


The half angel shrugged. “Well, I'm not trying to rule hell, so really not my problem. I do have humans to return to.”


“Wake up, sleeping beauty,” Dean shook Liam awake when they returned to the bunker. “Have a nice nap?”


The blond yawned and slowly sat up. “You could say that. I miss anything?”


“Cas has a small lead on Kelly. She's with Dagon,”


“Ramiel did say Dagon was interested, but this isn't good.”


“One more thing for us to figure out.” Sam's phone buzzed, but he pretty quickly dismissed it. “Is that your computer talking to you again?” Dean asked his brother.


Sam looked rather guilty. “No, uh... It's Mick Davies,” he confessed.


“What?” Dean raised an eyebrow at that.


“Dean, I don't have a computer program feeding me cases. I, uh... Gwen? Every job we've worked in the last two weeks? They've come from the British Men of Letters.”


“Really?” Dean let that sink in. “Did you know?” he turned to Liam.


“A little,” the blond admitted. “But you never asked where the cases were coming from, so I wasn't lying to you... technically...”


“We didn't tell you because we know how much you hate them,” Sam explained.


“No, we hate them. Us. Together,” Dean corrected his brother.


“I get that. I do. But, Dean, because of Mick and his guys, the Alpha Vampire is dead. They get results. I don't like them either, but if we can save people, then it... Either way, we shouldn't have lied to you. And I'm sorry, man.”


“Once again, I didn't lie,” Liam clarified. “You did. And a lot of what Sam said. I'm not itching to be best buddies with them, but another set of eyes and ears, you know....”


“Okay,” Dean shrugged.


“Okay?” Sam was expecting much more of a reaction.


“What do you want me to say? Do I like it? No. Do I trust them? Hell, no. But you're right. We work with people we don't trust all the time. I mean, hell, I just Liam Neeson'd it up with Crowley. So if you wanna give this a shot, then fine. But the minute, and I mean the second something feels off, we bail.”


“Yeah. Of course. Deal,” Sam agreed. His phone started buzzing again. “It's Mick.”


“Pick it up.”


“This is Sam,” Sam answered the phone.


Dean turned to Liam. “You know, you're supposed to be my partner, but you keep collaborating with my brother.”


“Mostly for your own good,” Liam answered back. “And I collaborate with you in other ways.”

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