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Title: Run Around Date

Fandom: NCIS

Characters: Tony/Gibbs

For: CutsyCat

Word count: 1905

Warnings: Nothing

AN: Okay so this was supposed to be posted on Friday but I posted the chapter of Jim Kirk that was supposed to be posted today. So I'm sorry about that. Due to the fact that I was still drugged, really, really drugged due to a headache, you get two oneshots. Just enjoy and reviews are nice.


I'll see you on Friday with the start of a 3 part story. Fun times. Enjoy.


I almost missed posting this. Whoops.




“I can’t believe that I’ve been dragged into this,” Gibbs grumped as he fixed his tie so that it looked good but didn’t strangle him. Tony simply smiled and batted his hands away, smoothing it down for him.


“You’re doing it because it’s Valentine's Day, we have been dating for the last year, and you want to spoil me,” Tony said, pressing his lips against Gibbs’ before pulling away. “Come on. Our reservations won’t wait for us,” he chuckled. Making sure that his tie was straight, Tony grabbed his jacket and tugged it on, Gibbs smiling slightly as he pulled on his own jacket, along with his keys and wallet.


Making sure that he had his own wallet, Tony followed after his lover, bouncing happily as he slid into the passenger side door. He and Gibbs had been dating for nearly a year, after having come together after some idiot had dared to kidnap him and McGee. Gibbs had gotten rather pissed off, hunting down the idiots and made them tell him where they had stashed him and McGee.


Seeing as he had ended up with broken ribs while McGee had a concussion, they had to be watched over for the following two weeks. McGee had gone home with Abby while Tony had been dragged to Gibbs home. It had taken a week of the two of them being forced to live together for Gibbs to break and kiss him. After a long talk over some whiskey, or in the case of Tony, soda, they had decided to try dating, but kept their relationship hidden.


They still worked for the Navy and despite Don’t Ask Don’t Tell had been overturned, there were still idiots in the military. It also didn’t help that the director would have thrown a fit and tried to move them to separate areas.


Tried but failed. But they really didn’t want that for the moment, it was a private relationship and one that they wanted to keep as such for the moment.

Smiling at Gibbs, Tony hummed happily and watched the scenery pass them by as he shifted in his seat, crossing his legs. He had suggested a rather nice restaurant that was an old classic, one that had plenty of booths to hide away in and to have a private date with each other. Tony himself often went there when he was with friends, few as he had with his hectic schedule, and wanted to share it with his lover.


Gibbs chuckled softly and reached over, stroking a hand over one thigh as he pulled into the parking lot, finding a dark corner to park. “You in there, Tony?” he asked, Tony groaning softly.


“I rue the day that I coaxed out that teasing side of yours out,” Tony huffed, smiling back at his lover. “Come on, let’s get in.” Poking Gibbs in the side, the two sharing a soft, quick kiss, he opened the door and slid out as Gibbs did the same on his side. Looking around, they both made sure that their wallets were in pockets and keys were tucked away before heading in, their sides brushing.


They were seated at their chosen table quickly by a smiling waitress who was well used to Tony bringing people in. She took their drink orders, a beer for Gibbs and a glass of sweeter wine for Tony before leaving them with their menus and a promise of coffee along with their water and ordered drinks.


“I think I like her,” Gibbs drawled, Tony chuckling as he nodded, knowing that she would be there rather quickly with their drinks.


“Marilin here knows that I like coffee even if I’m drinking something alcoholic and that water is always welcomed. They don’t do just tap here, they filter it to high heaven so that it’s just water. Makes their coffees and teas taste better without any after tastes,” he explained, Marilin smiling as she walked up with a small tray with their drinks on one hand.


“Exactly, Agent Gibbs. We pride ourselves on good drinks,” she chirped, placing the drinks down in neat rows before the two of them. “Agent DiNozzo here has talked about you quite a bit, so I feel as I know at least your drink preferences,” she explained.


“I keep trying to get her to call me Tony but she insists on calling me that,” Tony chuckled softly, shaking his head with a fond expression.


“Once an army brat, always an army brat. My mama raised me right,” she teased before leaving them to pursue their menus.


“I really do like her,” Gibbs drawled. Tony snickered and tasted his coffee sighing in pleasure before shoving the sugar bowl over from the middle of the table. “Sugar cubes?” he asked when he had lifted the top.


“It’s easier and tastes better. Use the little tongs that go with the bowl,” Tony explained, pointing to the tongs that were hanging on the side of the bowl. Gibbs shook his head, sweetened his tea just slightly, pleased that the cubes were half the size of normal sugar cubes before turning to the menu. “I love their hamburgers and pork dishes.”


“Good?” Gibbs asked, eyeing the offerings, finding a rather simple mix of American and Italian dishes offered. It made for an easy browsing, especially since everything on their menu was offered all day long, allowing for any kind of cravings to be fulfilled.


“Very good. They do their own butchering at their offsite ranch,” Tony admitted, flipping his menu to the very back and tapping the story. “The guy who runs it likes to feed people and it just turns out to be cheaper in the long run to have really good cuts. Any parts that aren’t used here are sold to various places so he makes a nice profit,” he said, looking around before blanching. “Ah, fuck.”


Gibbs looked up and scanned the restaurant, finding what had set his lover off. “Fuck,” he cursed, the two men shifting so that the rounded booth hid them a bit more while still allowing them to see Abby and McGee talking with the hostess. “What are they doing here?” he hissed, Tony shrugging.


They pulled their menus up to cover their faces as the couple followed the hostess to a booth out of sight, their voices carrying. “We were told about this place by one of our co-workers actually. Tony keeps talking about how good it is and how private it can be so we decided to give it a try when we found out that our other choice had rats,” McGee was saying sheepishly.


“Oh, I heard about Mallardons little rat problem. That’s what you get for leaving doors open and not having pest control come in at least twice a month in this business,” the hostess sniffed, seating them in a booth far away from the two.


Tony sighed and shook his head, smiling slightly at his lover. “Give it about ten minutes. People are starting to arrive and it’s going to get noisy enough to hide our voices,” he promised, hushed even as another three couples arrived and were seated just as quickly.


“I know,” Gibbs said, smiling slightly before stroking along Tony’s jaw. They continued to pursue their menu, watching for Abby and McGee, not wanting to be outed in such a way. They ordered their appetizer, sharing a testing tray, and their dinners, both going for a kind of entree testing tray, and dessert. They kept shifting and ducking each time that either McGee or Abby walked past, the two seemingly going for the bathroom quite often.


“What are they doing in that bathroom?” Tony growled, shaking his head once Abby had, once more, walked past to the bathroom, finishing off his entree.


“I don’t think that I want to know what they’re doing in there,” Gibbs stated, wiping his lips. “You were right, the food is good. Really good. We’ll have to come back sometime,” he said.


Tony smiled and leant over slightly, stealing a kiss from his lover before sitting back. “I asked for dessert to be boxed up for us so we can take it home,” he said, a teasing look on his face. “Ah, shit, probie heading our way,” he hissed, looking around before sliding down under the table. Gibbs joined him with a smirked, watching as McGee came to a stop before the table.


“I could have sworn I saw Tony and Gibbs,” McGee muttered just loud enough for the two lovers to hear him. “Maybe I’m going crazy…” he said before his feet turned and headed for the bathroom. Mirilin bent over with a bag and their check in hand, smiling softly.


“Check, Agent DiNozzo, and dessert. I can just run your card that’s on file if you want it,” she said, Tony nodding. “Alright, I’ll do that and call you with the receipt number in a few,” she promised, allowing the two to slide out from under the table.


Taking the bag, Gibbs nodded before drawing his lover out of the restaurant, just in time for Abby and McGee to come back from the bathrooms, looking just a bit mussed. Mirilin smiled as she walked over to their table, asking if they were ready for their desserts, both of them nodding and smiling.


“Hey, can you tell me if a man with silver-gray hair in a buzz cut was here?” Abby asked, bouncing in her seat.


“Oh, yes, he was, with his date,” Mirilin said, smiling brightly. She highly dated that the two were going to be able to connect the pieces.


“So I was right, he was here,” McGee hummed, looking to the waitress with a smile. “Was Tony here to? I know he said that he had reservations for him and his date today.”


“He just left with his date himself,” Mirilin stated, smiling. “I’ll be right back with your desserts.”


Uncaring of the conversation in the restaurant, just wanting to go home and have dessert, watch a movie, and just relax for the rest of the night, Tony and Gibbs left the parking lot. The next day Tony walked in first, humming happily as he dropped into his chair and booted up his computer. Sipping at his tea, having gone for something gentler in regards to caffeine, he smirked at Ziva as she walked out of the elevator.


“You look happy today, Tony,” she said in greeting. Tony just shrugged and put his cup to the side before logging into his computer. “Date go well?”


“Date went very well,” he drawled as the elevator dinged again and allowed McGee and Gibbs out onto the floor.


“I thought I saw you while you were at the restaurant, Tony,” McGee said in greeting as he sat down in his own seat and loading up his computer. Gibbs just raised an eyebrow in amusement.


“Probably missed each other, Probie,” Tony drawled, sharing a knowing look with Gibbs. Valentine's day had been a good day for he and his lover, and he was glad that they had been able to hide away from McGee and Abby. It would have been an unhappy night if they had been caught out on a romantic date after all.


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