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Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever, make any money off of this story. I do not own NCIS or the Avengers. I do not own in anyway any person that is in this story.

Title: Forcing a Change

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 8

Characters: Tony, Gibbs

Word Count: 1341

Warnings: Language

AN: I’m so tired. It’s been insane and I’ve been feeling like absolute shit the last few weeks.




Watching Gibbs groan and flop back on his seat, having just put Kelly to bed, Tony smiled and finished cleaning the dishes up. It was coming up December, Gibbs was planning for Christmas and dealing with idiots while Tony was dealing with the end of the trail that he had been picked to help with and finals. The two men had been busy but had made sure that they kept in touch, especially since Kelly seemed to love Tony.


Especially after he had given her the charm bracelet.


“Tired?” Tony asked as he walked out after having loaded the dishwasher. Gibbs sighed and leaned into him when his partner sat down next to him.


“Yeah, just a bit,” he replied, wrapping an arm around Tony’s waist, tugging him closer. “What about you? How did the case go?” he asked.


“We won,” Tony hummed. “Four life sentences to be run back to back,” he said. “We nailed the bastard to the wall so hard any children he has out there is feeling it.”


“Still not sure if he has kids of his own yet?” Gibbs asked. Tony shook his head. “With his history I have no doubt that any kids that were attached to him were hidden away to be kept away.”


“No doubt,” Tony hummed, slowly stretching with a groan. He returned to his position against Gibbs with a sigh. “I’m just glad that it went through before my finals really kicked up,” he said.


“You start tomorrow right?” Gibbs asked. Tony nodding his head. “You’ll do fine. You’ve been studying for this for the last two months, reviewing and renewing things.”


Tony chuckled. “Yeah and the teachers have been working us hard for the last few weeks to make sure we know everything. I’m just glad that McGee was willing to quiz me as often as we did. And you helped to. Kellyis a little genius with flashcards,” he snorted.


“She’s talking law school now,” Gibbs groaned, dropping his head back onto the couch with a sigh. “She doesn’t know if she wants to go into law enforcement like I did, or if she wants to work in some side branch. I told her she had to get good grades from now on and work hard. Maybe find some extra curricular activities to add to her future college resume,” he said. “She wants to take karate.”


“I know a good dojo that’ll help her.” Tony shifted to look up at his partner with a smile. “She’s a good girl. A smart one. She’ll go far no matter what she does. We both know this.”


Gibbs sighed. “She’s just growing up so fast. Especially after what happened to her mom,” he said, Tony smiling in sympathy and stroking a hand over his thigh.


“Maybe she’ll go into something that has to do with kids?” Tony suggested. “Family court if she goes for the law side of things. Or maybe she’ll find her joy in pediatrics. There’s always a need for good nurses and I can see her with a soft touch. She’ll find her way. All you need to do is be there for her, make sure she grows up right, and keep going forward,” he continued.


Gibbs snorted and tilted his head up to kiss him lightly, rubbing their noses together to see Tony wrinkle his nose. “Yeah, you’re right. Are you gonna stay the night?” he asked.


“I think I want to stay out of the house right now. McGee has a study group over for a couple of his classes. If I want sleep, I’m staying here since two of the guys has snores that rock the condo and I’m all out of earplugs.” Gibbs snorted as Tony stood and stretched. “Let me start the dishwasher and figure out what I can make for the kid in the morning. Don’t think I didn’t see how low you were on the shit that you had me buy. We’ll go shopping tomorrow after you get off work. Your desk bound for a couple of days at least right?”


“After the last case, yeah,” Gibbs said, standing to follow Tony into the kitchen. He had been surprised at how well Tony fit into his life, but loved every moment of it, including the fact that his kid loved the guy. “My team gets to write out our full reports for the various people and our own files. Get some back work done.”


“Go over some cold cases to see if you can’t figure out a new angle?” Tony drawled teasingly. Gibbs snorted. “Don’t think I didn’t notice that you were going through an old case box of yours. Did something come up that made you think of it?”


“The last case was really close to that case,” Gibbs admitted, Tony humming.


“Copycat?” Tony asked as he loaded the last of the plates into the dishwasher.


“Turns out to be the son of the original guy, who died about ten years ago. Son decided to pick up where his dad left off, but instead of civilian contracted women, he went after navel women,” he said. “We’ve started to use your ideas that you gave me. Makes our prosecutors a lot happier.”


“I bet.” Smiling at his lover, getting a quick kiss from him, Tony dried his hands and found the pad of paper and pen that Gibbs kept in the kitchen. Opening the fridge, he started to poke around in it. Gibbs was good at very basic things like eggs, various breakfast meats as long as they were pre-formed, oatmeal, sandwiches, and grilling. He could grill with the best of them as Tony had learned during the start of their relationship and there was a rare warm day during the autumn months.


But anything more complicated and there were issues.


Tony had taken over cooking things that could be frozen and heated when needed, including mini quiche pies with various fillings that Kellyloved with toast that was covered in apple butter. After the first time, Gibbs just let him buy what he needed to make and let him take over the kitchen for a few hours, sometimes Kellyjoining him.


She apparently could make a crust like nothing else.


Smiling at how easily Tony had slotted into his life, knowing that even if they didn’t make it long term, the man could be a close friend, Gibbs reached out and snagged him on his trek to the cabinets. Pulling the amused man into a kiss, Gibbs hummed and tasted his partner, feeling the light chuckle vibrate against his lips before slowly pulling away.


“That was nice,” Tony hummed, Gibbs raising an eyebrow. “Stop distracting me though. I need to finish this before I can do the naughty, naughty things that I’ve been wanting to do all day,” he drawled, tapping Gibbs’ nose with the top of the pen and pulled away.


Gibbs snickered but let him do so, also wanting Tony to do naughty, naughty things to him. Once the list was written out, a few new things put down along with the things that they had seen, the two headed upstairs, Tony peeking in on Kellyand snorting at the fact that she had starfished on her bed. Shaking his head, he spread her blankets and sheets back over her, turned on a different night light and joined his lover, getting a soft look.


“What?” Tony hissed as they closed the door mostly behind him.


“Nothing. Just glad to have you in my life.”


“Despite the fact that it was idiots who brought me into it?” Tony asked teasingly. Gibbs growled, his partner snickering and pushing the door open to their room, dragging him into it. “Now…what am I to do to you tonight? I do have to get up at a decent hour to make your kid food. I doubt she wants oatmeal again.”


Gibbs smirked and allowed himself to be pushed against the door once it was closed, hand coming to rest on Tony’s hips. “Whatever you want.”


“Sounds promising.”


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