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Title: What is Mine

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 8


Word Count:

For: CutsyCat

Warnings: whoops

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Looking around the new scene, Gibbs frowned while McGee stood next to him with his head tilted to the side, a thoughtful look on his face. “He’s planning something, isn’t he, boss?” McGee finally asked.


“He is and I don’t like it,” Gibbs said, shaking his head and looking to the two agents, Ducky and Palmer moving around the body, checking it out. “Start working. McGee, take pictures of the body. Ziva, start with the pictures of the rest of the room. Ducky, what can you tell me?” he asked, walking over to the man.


“He was methodical but rushed,” Ducky said, moving the victim’s head to the side as McGee took pictures, making him narrow his eyes. The marks in the neck were red and slightly raw looking, which was usually an indication of a new vampire, or a vampire in a rush. “He did the usual. He wasn’t able to take the young man sexually and he was able to fight back for a short time,” he continued, picking up one hand where blood was seen under the nails. Bruising that looked paled but stark against the bloodless skin of the man’s wrists told the tale well enough.


“It looks like he was after setting something up and didn’t really have very long to set this one up,” McGee said, already using his phone to look up the victim’s name from his ID. “Yeah, his relationship status changed just about three months before. It seems as if he noticed that his partner was acting off and was worried he had landed in a bad relationship.”


“It looks as if he was right,” Palmer sighed as he went to get the medical gurney from the back of their truck along with a new body bag. He shuddered as he stood outside, hands resting on the handholds of the gurney, trying not to lose his lunch. He was used to dead bodies, had been since he had tried for his medical degree before turning towards the dead, wanting to give them a voice that they didn’t have any more.


But he always hated those who were bruised in certain ways. The ones you could tell that had been held down and used. Abused. It brought up memories that he wanted to forget he had ever remembered.


“You okay, Palmer?” Gibbs asked, walking up to him and patting him on the back. He knew the young man’s history and that his online presence was nearly nil compared to the rest of them. Even Ducky had more online profiles than Palmer, but he did also know that he was hiding from a past partner.


“Yeah. Just...scarily familiar outside of the vampiric aspect,” Palmer sighed, pulling the gurney out and dropping the wheels. Unlike the gurney’s that EMT’s used for their ambulances, the one that he was pulling off was very thinly padded, just enough to not damage the bodies. “I’ll be fine. I’ll call my therapist and then I’ll call my contact and make sure that he’s still not near me.”


“Good. Text me and tell me what you learn, got it?” Gibbs asked, Palmer nodding and watching as he moved to grab a small zippered SDcard holder from the van that McGee had driven over. He followed after the man with the gurney and moved around the scowling Ziva as she lifted a print that was most likely not going to go back to Smith.


“Ah, wonderful timing, Mr. Palmer,” Ducky said, nodding his head and helping the younger man to lay out the body bag next to the body. Palmer dropped the gurney down and helped Ducky move the body as McGee once more took pictures of them doing so. Zipping up the body bag, they moved it to the gurney as Gibbs scowled at the scene some more.


“Something isn’t right,” Gibbs grunted as Palmer and McGee lifted the gurney up into position. “Where’s DiNozzo?” he asked, looking outside. “He would have called already if he was going to take much longer.”


“Um, Gibbs! I think we have a problem!” Ziva called from the bathroom, eyes wide as she stared at the note that had been carefully taped to the mirror.


Gibbs walked in and read the note, eyes narrowing before he snarled. “McGee! Call Marson! I have a feeling we’re going to need their help hunting down DiNozzo. The fucker thinks that he’s my mate and he’s out to hurt me,” he said, stalking out of the hotel room. McGee followed after, already on the phone. “I’m headed back to the office. Finish up here, lock it down, and meet me there. If you get a pin on him, prepare for an assault,” he instructed.


“Yes, boss,” McGee said, nodding and watching as he roared out of the hotel parking lot, lights going. Sighing, he turned back to his conversation as Ducky and Palmer loaded the gurney. He walked back in to finish collecting evidence, knowing that even if the vampire was killed, they would need the evidence to nail the coffin shut.


Gibbs growled the entire way to the NCIS headquarters, sliding into the parking spot for the van that he was driving and jumping out, door slamming behind him. He took the stairs two at a time to the bullpen, and snarled when he didn’t find Tony there. A smallish female agent ran up to him, her blue eyes wide as she waved a piece of paper in an evidence bag.


“Agent Gibbs! Sir!” she called as he turned to the woman, barely holding on to his anger. “I think this is for you,” she squeaked, sliding up to him and almost falling over as she waved the bag. Snatching it out of her hands, Gibbs twitched at the mocking letter before yanking out his phone.


“McGee, get here and fast. Check in the evidence, have Abby run it. Is Marson coming?” he asked, voice tight as he stalked to where the female agent’s team leader was rubbing at his face.


Yes, boss. He should be there any minute now,” McGee stated. “I take it that Tony was grabbed like the letter said he had done?”


“He has. Carter’s team found the letter in his car. We’re going to regroup here and figure out where Smith disappeared off to so we can find him,” Gibbs grunted, nodding to Carter. “Are you two on the way?” he asked.


Yes, boss. ETA is ten to fifteen minutes. We’re detoring around a small accident,” McGee said. “Turn my computer on so it’s ready for me to log in and start the search on my end please?”


“I can do that,” Gibbs said, closing the phone and looking at Carter. “What happened?” he demanded.


Carter sighed. “All I know is that my agent here saw Agent DiNozzo’s car door hanging open and the letter on the seat. It was found just about five minutes before. I called you but you didn’t answer. My guess is that you were ignoring me or didn’t hear the call, but luckily you came up here.”


“Fine. Thank you for finding this. I know who took him and we’re hunting him down. It’s one of our cases,” he said, stalking back to their area, turning McGee’s computer on as promised. Making sure all of the towers were waking up, he walked to his own desk and sat down. Reading over the letter as his own computer was booting up, he twitched and bit back the snarl, feeling his denial of Tony being his mate crumble under the onslaught of murderous rage at Smith for daring to touch what was his.


The look that Marson gave him as he walked in was full of understanding. The vampire sat in McGee’s chair and pulled out his own computer, logging into the system and starting his own search. The moment that McGee arrived, Marson moved and showed him what he had found, the computer tech using the information to start his own search off of.


It took McGee all of another half hour and actually snapping at Ziva to find where Smith had hidden himself away. It was a rather lovely house from what the pictures on the real estate site showed them. And on the outskirts of the city on over an acre of land. It was being sold by the owner, who had used it as a vacation home.


It was the perfect place to hide away a kidnapped victim for an insane created vampire. The group gathered all they needed, including a warrant to invade and/or search the house as needed, and were gone thirty minutes after finding the house.

Gibbs snarling the entire time.

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