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Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever, make any money off of this story. I do not own NCIS or the Avengers. I do not own in anyway any person that is in this story.

Title: Forcing a Change

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 9

Characters: Tony, Gibbs

Word Count: 1456

Warnings: Language

AN: There is one last chapter after this one so I’ll be posting that one not next week but the week after. Depending on where I am with somethings, will depend on how the Friday posts go for a few weeks.




The end of his first year and Tony was relaxing in bed, Gibbs snorting at his lover as the man groaned into the pillow.


“Long day?” he asked.


“Long, long week,” Tony groaned in return. “I am so damn glad that we’re going on vacation. I can spend two weeks amusing a pre-teen girl who thinks I’m the best thing since sliced cheese and getting laid between laying in sun,” he said.


Gibbs chuckled and put the last of his paperwork into his briefcase next to the bed, having taken the early night as a time to finish it off. “And spend tomorrow making sure every little thing that we’ll need for the beach house for two weeks is packed up and ready to load into the car. And pick up some of the trip food.”


Tony groaned again. “Had to ruin my thoughts of something easy and fun right?” he pouted as he lifted his head. “I don’t want to have to deal with all of that.”


Gibbs snorted and patted his lover on his ass. “Calm down, Tony. You’ll be fine. Kelly will be doing her last day of school from eight to three. She’ll be taking the bus one last time with her friend and should be home around three-thirty. I’ll bring dinner home and should be home around five to help pack the car. All I need you to do is make sure everything that we need is packed and that the fridge is empty of things that will go dead while we’re gone.”


Tony hummed. “We have enough eggs for omelets in the morning. And Kelly’s cup of soy milk to. Not enough for cereal since it’s the chocolate milk but still a cup of milk. Toast to. And lunch for the two of you. Fruit to go with. Anything else I’ll send over to Mrs. Lily. Her grandkids are coming for a visit with their parents and love fresh fruit so that’ll help both of us.”


“Sounds good,” Gibbs hummed before shifting. “I have a contract for you. The review from your group leader came through and he sent it to the NCIS lawyer pool,” he said, pulling out a somewhat thick contract. “They want to offer you a paid intern position to run along-side your classes for the next three years. And as long as you keep up the good work, they’ll be giving you a more permanent position as a civilian contracted lawyer.”


Tony pushed himself up and took the contract, blinking several times before flipping to the first page. Frowning, he adjusted the light next to his bed to read better, and slips on his reading glasses, Giles pulling out some more of his paperwork. He was planning on finishing everything off at work the next day, his team taking the break with him outside of his hacker.


“Remind me that I need a new team eventually,” Gibbs drawled as he filled out a part of the paper in front of him.


“McGee is looking to applying to NCIS and the FBI for their computer shit,” Tony replied absently as he hunted down a pad of paper and pen in his bedside table. Writing down a note on it, he looked to his lover. “I’m not supposed to be giving them an answer just yet am I?” he asked.


“Officially the offers go out in two weeks. Unofficially there are only two, you and another, who are being offered two slots out of the six that we’re opening up,” Gibbs told him.


“Good.” Turning back to the contract, he continued to make notes on things that he would send an e-mail about the next day between getting everything. An hour later, contract and notes put to the side, and Gibbs done with the work that he had brought with him, they were in bed with alarms set. The next morning, Tony got up with a groan as his alarm went off, Kelly’s alarm going off in her room.


“I hate that alarm. Why did you buy it for her?” Gibbs grumbled into his pillow. Tony chuckled and found his night shirt, pulling it on over his night pants.


“Because she loves it. You would have bought it for her, I just got to it first,” Tony drawled, patting his lover’s back before leaving their room as Kelly stumbled into her bathroom with a whine. “Get ready for the day, kiddo. I’m going to make breakfast. Omelets today. With sausage patties and bacon,” he called.


“What? No cereal?” she called back.


“No milk.” Tony smirked at the complaining noise that came from her, highly amused by the pre-teen as he walked down to start breakfast and set up the lunches. He flipped the coffee pot on, letting it run through the making of fresh, hot coffee, pulling down two mugs. He also pulled down a mug covered in butterflies and the matching glass, putting them both on the breakfast bar.


With that done, while Gibbs and Kelly got ready for their days, he pulled out eggs, the rest of the cheese, some spinach, bell-peppers and meat out. Putting the griddle pan down onto the stove, he turned on the burners and let it heat slightly as he pulled the bacon and sausage apart, putting it down. With that started, he started to heat a small pan and set about making the omelets.


Gibbs walked down, looking freshly shaven and dressed, ready for the day. Tony smiled over his shoulder as he cooked the vegetables down slightly before pouring the first batch of eggs over them. “Smells good,” he said as he poured coffee for himself.


“Of course. I had to learn how to cook sometime after all,” Tony teased as he watched the eggs, carefully flipping the omelet and added cheese to the top.


Letting it melt, he flipped the sausages and bacon around while Gibbs put bread into the toaster, setting it to go. With that set up, he put the plates down next to Tony who was remove the meat from the griddle.


“Kelly! Come get it!” Tony called out, hearing the pre-teen thump across the ceiling and down the stairs. “Can you press the kettle button to start it?” he asked, getting a kiss from his lover.


Gibbs smirked and did that for him as Kelly bounded in, all blond hair and brown eyes, putting her bag and shoes by her seat. Grabbing the step stool, she put it in front of the counter under the tea cabinet and stepped up, reaching up to open the cabinet. Finding the tea that she wanted, she pulled out a bag, closed the container, put it back and closed the cabinet.


“Morning, dad. Morning, Tony,” she greeted, smiling brightly as she put her tea bag into her cup.


“Morning,” Tony greeted, flipping out the omelet and patting the done meat with a paper towel. “Can you get the butter?” he asked. Kelly bounced over to the fridge and pulled out the small thing of butter and apple butter that was in a small container, putting the butter onto the counter. She took the apple butter and her tea to the table as Gibbs poured her milk for her.


“Morning, munchkin,” Gibbs finally said, finally not quite as distracted by the first four pieces of toast that had popped up. Putting in four more slices, he slathered the first four with butter and put two onto the first plate along with the meat as Tony worked on doing the next two omelets.


“Are we really going to leave for Hawaii tomorrow?” Kelly asked, bouncing in her seat in excitement as her father put her food down.


“Yes. We are. So when you get home, I need you to make sure you’re all packed and ready, got it?” Gibbs said, Kelly nodding and taking the fork that was offered her. “Good girl. Eat up. Then I’ll walk you out.”


“Okay.” Tony and Gibbs were soon joining her with their own breakfast, the used pans in the sink to soak. After Gibbs came back from walking her to the bus stop, he found Tony sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and his offered contract.


“So?” Gibbs asked. Tony smiled at his lover and tapped it with a finger.


“As long as I like the answers and offered fixes for a few parts of this contract, I’ll say yes,” Tony told him. Gibbs chuckled and kissed his partner.


“I’ll make sure that the fixes are good. I want you as one of my personal liaisons for my team.”


Tony smirked. “Only as long as you remember to keep our personal life away from our business life.”




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