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Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever, make any money off of this story. I do not own NCIS or the Avengers. I do not own in anyway any person that is in this story.

Title: What is Mine

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 3

Characters: Gibbs, OC

Word Count: 1,493

For: CutsyCat

Warnings: nothing

AN: Why didn't I post this yesterday? I was spending a good chunk of my day at my doctors office setting up a few things. Joyful joyful. Yes. Really. *sighs*


Anyways, I'm going to post this here and keep the usual schedule.


So I hope you enjoy.




Staring at the ringing phone on his nightstand with blurry eyes, Gibbs groaned as he reached out to grab it, answering the call. “Gibbs,” he grunted.


I hope that you’ve gotten a lot of rest,” came the voice of one of his fellow lead agents from NCIS.


“Gyer. What can I do for you today?” he sighed, shoving his blankets out off of his legs before he sat up and shoved off of his bed.


Gyer sighed as Gibbs headed out of his bedroom and down the stairs, heading for his kitchen. “My team caught a nasty case tonight,” he started.


Gibbs flipped on the kitchen light as he said, “I’m thinking that it’s not a good one.” Gyer groaned, the sound of a car door closing filtering over the line.


No, it’s really not.” Gyer fell silent for a moment as Gibbs turned on his coffee pot. “You’re really not going to be happy with me because with this case, I need to call your team in.”


Gibbs grunted. “Alright. First tell me about the case that you caught,” he said, finding his cup, and a pad of paper and pen, ready to take notes.


The victim is Kyle Drane, age 21. He joined the Navy when he had turned 17, had an IQ of 210. Was scary smart. Had a lover but couldn’t tell who it was until he officially turned 21 for some reason. He turned that age three hours ago. He didn’t tell anyone why he couldn’t tell anyone, not even his CO,” Gyer said. Gibbs could imagine the man rubbing at his face, the sound of skin moving over skin coming to him. “He requested and got a week off to celebrate his birthday and was supposed to check out today. The maid ended up finding him. We got real lucky that these maids have gotten used to checking on the rooms before they start to clean so they know if they need to get more shit. Otherwise the scene would have been fucked.


“Were the locals called first?” Gibbs asked, putting his pen down to pour the fresh coffee. Once the cup was mostly filled, he opened a cabinet and dug around for a specialized sugar that he kept. He found it where he had stuck it the day before, pulling it down and popping the top.


Yeah. They got as far as checking out his name and finding his Naval ID card,” Gyer replied. The sound of a knock on glass came to Gibbs along with the sound of shuffling paper. He grunted. “Yeah, once they found out he was a Navy boy, they told their people and they called us. My team caught the case and we arrived with Ducky and Palmer. We started to go over the scene, doing the usual thing and all that shit. I called you as soon as Ducky told us it was a special case.”


Gibbs grunted again, adding the sugar to his coffee and stirring it, giving the brew a reddish tint. “Did he say why?”


Yeah, something about an old shipmate of yours,” Gyer said. Gibbs went absolutely quiet. “The Liliana before she was renamed I think. He said that it looks as if he’s back. I take it that he’s killed before?”


Gibbs sighed as he continued to stir his coffee. “Yeah. After shit went down, he started to go after his lovers. We found out that he had a thing for guys when we started to dig into his history. Since don’t ask, don’t tell was still in effect at the time, he was discharged, but by then he had disappeared. He’s popped up at least once every couple of years, but he always disappeared again.”


Gyer groaned. “The boyfriend. Alright, yeah. I’ll have my people go and secure our victim’s apartment. It looks like they checked in to get away from the family for a day or two. My people talked with the front desk clerk that checked them in,” he said.


“Secure the scene for us and keep watch over Ducky for me. I’ll have DiNozzo or McGee meet him at his office,” Gibbs instructed. “I’ll be there in 20.”


Will do,” Gyer said, hanging up. Gibbs snarled at his phone, closing his phone before he took a slow breath.


He could still remember the man who he had called his friend at one time, before they had been changed by the experiments. His name had been Reginald Smith, his mother a lover of older names. He had been scary smart himself, but he had been poor at the time so couldn’t afford college even with scholarships. So he had decided that he would take some time and do four to six years in the Navy while doing self study to save up money to live off before he went to get a teaching degree.


Then the experiments had happened and they had been turned into vampiric hybrids in turn. Reg had discovered that he had a few interesting abilities but something had snapped within his mind.


It had been later that Gibbs had found out that his sometimes lover of the time had been one of the men who had broken, and had to be stopped, either by death or by locking his ass up. For the last couple of decades though, it was looking as if they would have to kill him.


At the time that he had disappeared though, no one had known until after they had found the body of his dead lover. It had been twenty years since that first murder, and he had popped up every few years, only to disappear before they could get near him.


“Fucking hell,” Gibb grunted before he called McGee. “McGee, we caught a case,” he said, hearing his agent pant lightly. “I need you to meet Ducky at the morgue and get detailed pictures and notes down. I don’t trust the others with this.”


McGee groaned softly. “Good thing that I’ve already taken a shower then.” The shuffling of paper came over the line. “Anything that you want me to do a search for?” he asked.


“Pull up all the cases in connection with one Reginald Smith as the main subject if we’re not there by the end of the autopsy,” Gibbs instructed before he drained half of his coffee cup.


That’s not a problem, boss,” McGee said before he made a thoughtful sound. “That name sounds really familiar.”


“He’s one of our wanted that we have high on our list,” Gibbs told him, heading up the stairs at a trot.


Right, that guy,” McGee mused. “I’ll see you at work,” he said before hanging up. Gibbs called Tony next.


“DiNozzo, caught a case,” he greeted at the grunt. It sounded as if Tony was already brushing his teeth by the sound of spitting.


I figured since Gyer sent out a team text with an address,” Tony said, the sound slightly garbled. “Want us to meet ya there?” he asked.


“Yeah. McGee is heading in to meet up with Ducky with our victim since Duck will be done by the time that we get there. Gyer’s team will tell us what they’ve got so far once we get to the address.”


Right. Meet you there,” Tony replied, Gibbs grunting and hanging up. Finishing his coffee, he opened his closet before calling Ziva.


“You got the address?” he asked once she had answered him, sounding almost as if she was reluctant to answer.


Yes. I take it that we have a case?” she asked him, the sound of a closing door filling his hearing.


“We do. Gyer’s team caught one of ours. Ducky made him call us in,” Gibbs told her. “Meet me and Tony there.”


Very well,” Ziva replied, Gibbs hanging up on her with a frown on his lips. Something about her attitude had ruffled him, making him feel twitchy. Then again, that had been happening often for the last few weeks when it came to her.


Clearing his head with a shake of it, Gibbs dressed quickly before he checked his gun and shoved it into his holster, grabbing his wallet, keys and coffee cup, finishing his coffee. Taking a moment to rinse out his coffee cup, he left the house and headed to the hotel that their crime scene was.


Tony pulled up just as he did, Ziva arriving a few minutes after that. Gyer greeted the three of them, walking them through what everything had been done so far and handing over the evidence. Gibbs though, was far from happy with how Ziva was sneering and muttering to herself.


He would have to deal with her, he knew that, but at the moment, his sights were set upon getting Reg down once and for all.

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