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Title: Give Me

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 1 of 5

Characters: Tony, some Abby, Ducky

Word Count: 1,591

For: Cutsycat

Warnings: Not a lot, yet

AN: Okay so a few quick notes.


This is another inspired story for the cutsy. *squishes her close*


There is no EXPLICIT BDSM in here. Why? Because I'm okay at the scenes but they take me way to much time to research for such a short story. So it's more taking on the more fluffy/comedic side of things in chapters 3, 4 and 5.


This is, like always, done. Written and over with. Ect. If you wish to, go look at the second to last Naruto Bits and Pieces story in the AN to learn how you to can request a Bits and Piece from me. They are open. I have 7 slots open right now.






Playing with a bottle of soda, Tony watched as Gibbs barked orders to the trainees, feeling himself settle within his own mind as he tried to think over his latest thought. He had had masters before but none of them had really lasted past a few months and never to the point of where he trusted them when it was just them.


He didn’t want to be submissive all the time, his life having made it hard for him to let go during the scenes he took part of. But the last time that he had to get rid of his then master and kick the asshole out of his life and apartment, he had gotten chewed out by Ducky as the man had patched him up. He had then been given the good drugs and heard something about Gibbs being a better master than any that Tony had found.


Since then, he had been thinking really hard about what he really wanted in a lover and a partner. Much less a master. He figured that he wanted a lover who treated him as an equal, despite the fact that he was submissive during their play. He was strong, but he wanted someone who was stronger to be there when he fell.


He had thought he had found that person in a master just after Kate had been killed. The man had been understanding of the need to find her killer, to take him down, but to be able to come home and mourn. At least until Tony had started to heal from her murder.


Then he had gotten pissed off and tried to put Tony back into that mindset. He had missed a day of work after the knock down, drag out fight between them, but Gibbs had bought his excuse of being stuck in the hospital for his ankle. Which had only been mostly true. His ankle had been sprained from tripping over their ottoman, but he had to have several bruises checked to make sure that the bruising didn’t go that deep.


He had spent the next two weeks finding a new apartment in a high security building, moving, and healing. All without his friends learning about it until he moved. He used the stalker that he had gotten as an excuse to move out of his old apartment. Which was true but the stalker had been his ex, who had pleaded guilty to menacing and gone to jail for three years with mandatory therapy.


Tony hadn’t seen the ass since but had made some bad choices since.


Sighing, Tony stood up and picked up his coffee cup. “Boss, going for a walk to clear my head, get some coffee and dinner. Need anything from the cafe?” he asked, Gibbs looking up before reaching into a pocket, pulling out money for something to eat.


“Turkey sandwich,” Gibbs stated, handing over the money before returning to the chewing out. Nodding, Tony tucked the money into his pocket and wandered off with his coffee cup in hand. He would get a fresh cup after he got dinner, knowing that they were going to be there for a good chunk of the day.


Sighing, he headed for the cafe, using the stairs to extend his time away from the desk and Gibbs chewing up the newbies for missing such an important piece of information. Running his hand through his hair, he walked into the cafe and got Gibbs two of the turkey sandwiches, some chips for the group, sandwiches for the rest of the group, including Ducky and Abby, and a sandwich for himself.


Once he had everything he wanted to get, including snacks and food for their night, he headed to the morgue and peeked in. “Got a few, Ducky?” he asked, as he watched the elder ME pull off his glasses and put them aside, obviously doing his paperwork.


“Of course, my dear boy. I see food in those bags. Did you bring me something?” Ducky asked, waving a hand to a free chair. Tony smiled and sat, pulling out the bottle of  apple juice, small Caesar salad and sandwich with ham and swiss for the other man. He added the packet of dressing, Italian, and condiments on top of the salad container.


“You know I did,” Tony chirped, pulling out a bag of chips. “I have a few questions and not a lot of time to ask. I told Gibbs that I was going for food and a walk, and I still have to drop off Abby’s food on the way up.”


“Of course. Tell me what’s on your mind, Anthony,” Ducky said, opening his sandwich first, using the mustard that he had been given with a small smile. Despite how he acted, Tony always did remember the preferences of his teammates and friends. He took the offered knife and fork, using the knife to spread his mustard.


“I’ve been thinking about my options lately,” Tony admitted, nibbling on his bottom lip as he pulled his small bag of chips open. Pulling one out, he ate it as he gathered his thoughts. “Or lack of. It’s gotten around that the guys and girls I’ve attracted are all...dicks. Of the highest caliber.”


Ducky chuckled. “I don’t know. I think that young Miss. Bradinlin was rather nice. Not quite what you needed, but nice.”


“She was, in both aspects. I still go to her for things if I need it badly. She can do that at least but we make better friends and she’s started to work for a house,” Tony admitted, eating another chip. “I think I’ve come to realization actually.” He sat back in his seat and sighed.


Ducky stared at him, having moved on from building his sandwich to his liking to putting his salad together. “And what is this?” he asked, Tony scowling at him. The ME’s tone of voice told him that he had a feeling that he knew exactly what was going on and was highly amused by it.


“I hate that you know more than you let on some days,” Tony grumped, getting a soft laugh from Ducky before the man patted his leg. “But I think that I chose all of the relationships based on the fact that they reminded me of Gibbs,” he continued, sighing softly. “In that grumpy, strong, sarcastic bastard way. I don’t think he’d ever hit his lovers or partners.”


“No, he wouldn’t. He hates abusers and I am quite glad that you walk away before it goes too far,” Ducky stated, stirring his salad until it was well covered in his dressing. “How did you come to this realization?” he asked, looking to the young agent.


Tony smiled slightly and shrugged. “I liked the head slaps.” He shifted. “I was always calmer after one so I would try to get them more often. It happened even when I had a partner who filled that role for me.” He shrugged again. “I think it’s always been Gibbs that I was looking for in my partners and that’s...a scary scary thought.”


“I have no doubt that it’s not a scary thought, my dear boy. But I have to say that he probably wouldn’t be against something with you if you wanted it,” Ducky told him.


Tony sighed and shook his head, standing up with a smile as he closed his chip bag. “Right now is probably not the best time for either of us to start a relationship. Not with the Director breathing down our necks and this psycho killing people,” he said, standing up and tucking his chips into his snack bag. “I’m heading to Abby, give her food, and then take food to the rest of the group. And if Ziva tries to stiff me, I’m not giving her her food. I have things to do after all.”


“I’m sure that Gibbs won’t let her stiff you for a second time,” Ducky promised, getting a smile as Tony left. As Tony walked up the stairs to Abby’s level, he chuckled. “And I’m sure that Gibbs has already noticed your thing for the head slaps, dear boy.”


Tony whistled softly when he found Abby cursing at one of her machines, digging around in it’s guts to get it working again. “Do you want me to call that one friend of mine, Abs?” he asked, watching her pigtailed head come up from behind it.


“Could you, Tony? It died just after I finished one of my tests. I have it but now I have to rerun the test just in case,” she said, smiling slightly.


“Yeah, not a problem. Food by the way. Sandwich, soda, and chips, as usual,” he said, moving to her desk. Putting the food down, he turned around and smiled as he took the money from her. “Let me call that friend,” he drawled, picking up her phone and calling his friend. The guy agreed to be there in about an hour, wanting to pick up a few parts just in case and so he could check the rest of the machines.


Calling up to the main desk, he told Gibbs that he would be there as soon as possible but someone was coming in to fix the machines for Abby. Sitting down, he started to eat, talking with her about what she had found and what things meant, taking notes and never knowing things were going to go into a different direction.

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