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Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever, make any money off of this story. I do not own NCIS or the Avengers. I do not own in anyway any person that is in this story.

Title: Forcing a Change

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 3

Characters: Tony, Gibbs

Word Count: 1362

Warnings: Language

AN: I hope you are all not going absolutely stir crazy and that you’re all healthy. Hugs and loves.






Muttering as he walked through the various computers, he assured that a friend was heading to him with a new shirt. Which was the truth. McGee was on his way from his place to bring him a shirt so that he could change out of it. His friend had chewed him out when he had said he would have been fine in getting to his place without issue.


Shaking his head, Tony stared at the computers that was offered and rubbed at his head. He wanted a new computer, a new brand to restart things for himself. He was going to make the assholes who fucked around with him just because they could. Rolling his shoulders, he sighed as a man came to stand next to him, staring at the computers with a piece of paper in hand.


Looking over at him, Tony took in the dark hair that was barely starting to grey at the edges, just a few hairs really. He was strong in jaw and build. Military if he was reading the man right. Turning back to the computers, he frowned and stepped forward to start reading the little information cards before each display computer.


He knew he needed a computer with a good power supply, a light cord, and wouldn’t cook without a laptop fan if he couldn’t use it.


Narrowing it down to three, poking at the keys to figure out how they felt under his fingers, he shifted and caught sight of the man who was still standing before the computers. He was eyeing his shirt with a raised an eyebrow.


“Don’t ask,” Tony sighed. The man smirked.


“Wasn’t gonna,” he replied, voice rumbly as he looked down at his piece of paper. He rubbed at the close cropped hair with a scowl.


Tony sighed and turned to the man. “Looking for a computer?” he asked, pointing to the paper.


“Yeah. My tech told sent me with money to get her a specific one,” he admitted, Tony raising an eyebrow.


“And here I thought you were a military man,” Tony drawled. The man smirked.


“I am. I work for NCIS,” he drawled. Tony tilted his head. “Nave Crime Investigation Services,” he continued, holding out the paper. “Can you tell me what the fuck she wants?” he asked.


Tony snickered softly and took the paper, reading over the paper before snorting. “She likes her giant laptops doesn’t she?” he asked, looking around before heading to the section with some rather large laptops sat. “She’s after what’s called a desktop replacement. You can carry it around and the newer ones have better fans built in, but they tend to have more processing power than some laptops depending on the brand.” He smiled and checked the paper again. “I’m guessing she wants the strongest that she can get in this.” He pointed to the laptop that the person apparently wanted.


“How do you know this shit?” the man asked. Tony burst into giggles and shook his head with a smile.


“I learned because my best friend is a computer geek himself despite going for a degree in law,” Tony told him, shaking his head before eyeing the prices. “I can see why she wants this one though. It’s on sale. A couple hundred bucks off a couple thousand isn’t anything to sneeze at.”


The man stared at the price and grunted before pulling out his phone to make a phone call. “Abby, you know that it’s going to cost over a thousand right?” he asked whoever had answered the other line. Abby apparently could babble with the best of them, the man grunting and humming a few times over the next three minutes.


“Ask her if she wants extra cords to go with the computer when she next takes a breath,” Tony drawled, pointing to the matching cord set. It included a second charging cord, various other cords to use to plug into TV’s, screens and other things as needed.


The man smirked at her before asking the woman. He told her the price, grabbed it and a few other things before looking at the computer. “I need to go. This box is huge along with everything else,” he told Abby. The woman babbled another minute before hanging up again.


The man shoved his phone into his pocket and looked between the laptop and the stuff in his arms. Tony rolled his eyes and grabbed the right laptop box. “Come on. I’m still waiting for my friend to get here to bring me a new shirt and to help me buy computers,” he said, shrugging at the look he got. “Assholes who were probably hired by my ex-fiance trashed my room. Luckily I’m able to take my old computers, pull all the files off of them and turn them in for a new printer. And my desktop is still under warrenty so I can just replace it with something like this.”


“Probably a good idea if people are going around destroying your things,” the man drawled, turning to head for the checkout counter.


Tony snorted. “I’m moving out. Tomorrow I’ll fill out the paperwork, move in with my friend, and show the idiots that I didn’t get in just on my name,” he drawled. The man raised an eyebrow. “Tony DiNozzo. My father heads DiNozzo and Literns, the lawyer firm,” he drawled.


The man snorted. “I’ve had to deal with them a few times. Jethro Gibbs. Call me Gibbs,” the now named Gibbs said.


Tony smiled and nodded. “Nice ta meet you. Come on, I see an open cashier and I need to go back to wait for my friend,” he said, heading to the register, putting the box down and handing over his points card to them. Gibbs raised an eyebrow and stared at it. “It gives me points to use on future goodies to get discounts. I buy all of my printer paper, ink and other supplies from here. Have since I became a freshman in high school and could choose on where I bought my stuff.”


Gibbs hummed and raised an eyebrow at the automatic two percent drop on the final bill, handing over the card and watching it run. He got a message from Abby and told them the confirmation number when asked. Taking the bag and the box, he turned to Tony and smirked. “I hope that your night goes better than it looks like it has,” he said.


Tony snorted and rolled his eyes. “Oh yes, I’m sure it will. I still have to go buy a damn mattress and maybe some night clothes. They did a real number on my stuff,” he said. “And yes, I did file a police report. The idiots didn’t know about the cameras in my room.”


“Good boy,” Gibbs drawled before smirking once more. “Thanks for the help,” he said before he headed for the front door. Tucking his card absently into his wallet, Tony watched the rather nice ass leave before heading for the computers again. He smirked at finding McGee standing there with a shirt in hand and wearing nothing but a pair of sweats, a giant shirt that was falling off of one shoulder and a pair of flip flops.


“Hey there, McGee,” he greeted, stepping up beside his friend. “Sorry about that, was helping a guy get the computer he was after.”


McGee tilted his head and raised an eyebrow. “Not an issue, I guess. Here, shirt,” he said, handing Tony a shirt that he held up and eyed. “Yes, it’s one of my ex’s. The asshole bought that particular shirt with my money so I didn’t feel bad about keeping it, and letting you use it.”


Tony shrugged. “Hey, his stupidity is my luck in having a clean shirt,” he said. “Let me go change, then we’ll grab the nice manager who is going to have to deal with this shit. And we’ll shop,” he said, heading for the bathroom. McGee shook his head and turned to the computers before deciding that he should get a basket. He had a feeling that they were going to be spending a lot of money.

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