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Title: What is Mine

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 7

Characters: Tony, Ziva, McGee, Gibbs

Word Count: 1454

For: CutsyCat

Warnings: whoops

AN: I am horrible and mean and just...yeah. *cackles*




Staring at the pictures as he sat back in his chair, Gibbs narrowed his eyes, not liking the way things were going. They all looked much like Smith’s first boyfriend, the one that he had turned on when his abilities dug up the evil that was hidden in his heart. Looking at them closer though, the first victim looked a lot like a female version of now gone wife.


Licking his lips, he stood and headed down to talk with Ducky, his people watching him with worried eyes. McGee chewed the bite of salad that Marson had sent him along with lunch for the rest of them. “I’m kind of worried about Gibbs. Something just set him off,” he said after swallowing his bite of food.


Tony hummed and wiped at his lips, having gotten a rather nice chicken alfredo for lunch from the vampire elder. “I’m thinking it’s because of the way the victim's look,” he said, shaking his head. “If you look at the first one, he looks a lot like Jenny used to look like. Or at least a very male form of her,” he drawled. “I’m guessing that Smith had a thing for his wife? Or some kind of obsession with Gibbs with the way the guy keeps coming back and killing look-a-likes.”


Ziva snorted as she stabbed at her salad. “I do not understand just why Gibbs is so upset about this man,” she stated. “He is a vampire and one that must be put down. Even that Elder has agreed with this fact.”


McGee rolled his eyes as Tony opened another file, ignoring her and starting to go over it again. “It’s not just because he’s killing people,” he said, looking at his fax machine as it started to spit out another file from one of his connections in various police forces. There were those who dealt with the supernatural and the various types of creatures.


His current connection was someone who came from a long line of special blooded hunters and had found a few cold cases that matched their own by the looks of it.


“They used to work together,” he continued as he picked up the first set of pages when he noticed that it was going to be a lot of pages coming through. Making sure that the second drawer on the machine was filled, he nodded and turned to his fellow teammate. “It’s like if we had to take down Kate, or Abby. Or if we had to take down a fellow NCIS agent. It’s a lot like that.”


Ziva just shook her head and muttered to herself, turning back to her lunch. She didn’t have a file open but was instead staring at something on her computer with a frown on her lips. McGee and Tony shared a look before they turned back to their own files and lunch, deciding to just ignore her for now. They doubted that she could understand why it would be hard for Gibbs to work a case like the one they were dealing with. They had tried to explain it to her, but her thought process was just too different in so many ways.


Some of them bad.


Shrugging off his thoughts on Ziva, McGee turned to the new information that he had been sent and started to read over it. By the pictures of the victims that his contact had found from other cities, most of them the bigger cities, the looks held firm and just confirmed his thoughts that the guy was out to get or was obsessed with Gibbs.


Standing up as he chewed on a bite of his food, he hung up the pictures, wrote the names, dates and cities under them before sitting down to type up a summary of each of the case. He sighed at the fact that he could guess just what had happened with each person.


“He’s good at hiding and overlapping his victims,” McGee said after a while of typing as Gibbs came back up, looking much calmer. Settled in a decision.


“How so?” Gibbs asked. McGee stood and started to point to pictures as he explained dates, or approximations of dates, and how long they had been going out. The pattern held out at him dating a future victim for one to two years before they were killed. But there looked to be, at most, an eight month period between victims which meant that while he was planning the killing of one, he found another and started to date them.


“All of them are, in some way, connected to the Navy. Either as a civilian, a Naval officer, or as a child of one, Gibbs,” McGee said, handing over the list of victims with how they were connected. “He has a type. And it’s one that’s not looking good.”


“Damn,” Tony whistled, shaking his head and running a hand through his hair. “Do we think he’s going to accelerate or do something out of the norm now that we’ve got Elders on his ass?” McGee’s phone went off, prompting him to look at it.


“If he goes by his normal routine when an Elder is after his head? Yes,” McGee said, lips thinning as he stared at the text that he had gotten from Marson. “Elder Marson discovered that the last time that one of them went after him, they were lucky that they got away. He used his Naval training and apparently learned quite a bit while he’s been moving around. They’re alive, as much as a vampire can be without being a test subject turned vampire, but they are heavily scarred. Apparently he likes to play around with holy water and various ways of using it.”


“Holy water won’t really affect him, even if he is more vampire than human now,” Gibbs grunted, shaking his head. “Damn it.”


“So what do we do then? Do we back off or do we pursue?” Ziva asked, raising an eyebrow when Tony frowned and pulled out his phone, starting to text.


“We keep on this,” Gibbs said after a few minutes of staring at the pictures hanging on the whiteboard. “We can’t allow him to get away from us. We have to get him. I don’t think he’ll ever stop unless we stop him.”


“So, it’s now a ‘dead or alive’ thing?” Tony asked, Gibbs nodding with a growl on his lips. “I’ll get some new bullets from our usual people. I have a feeling that we’re gonna need them.”


Gibbs nodded before snagging his phone from the cradle when it started to ring. “Gibbs,” he grunted, moving around his desk to grab a pen and his pad of paper. Frowning, he wrote down the details of their newest scene before hanging up. “Suit up. We have a new body,” he told his team. Ziva grabbed her bag, made sure her gun was in place, and tossed her trash before walking around her desk as McGee did the same.


“If you don’t mind boss, I’m going to stay here for a few minutes. I got to meet with someone coming about some information that they may have,” Tony said, looking up from his phone. “I was talking with someone from the local department, a contact, and he said that each time one of these murders happen, there’s a rash of attacks that leaves victims weak and craving rare meat for about a month after.”


“Do it, but stay safe,” Gibbs finally said, Tony nodding as he turned back to his phone and tapping out something on it. As the other three left, he packed up his bag and locked his computer with McGee’s password, having an odd feeling about what was going on. Heading out after a few minutes, he walked to the garage to check out a car to drive before heading into a darker part.


“I swear that maintenance needs to fix these damn lights,” he grumped as he found the car, opening it and sticking his bag in. His eyes widened when a low, rumbling chuckle came from behind him before a strong arm wrapped around his chest, pinning his arms to his side as a needle was stuck carefully into his neck.


“Indeed they do, little nip, but it works to my advantage,” the voice purred, Tony’s mind starting to fog, but understanding that it was Smith behind him. “Don’t worry, your dear mate will come for you. But by then it’ll be much too late. I’ll have had my fun and you’ll be gone.”

“Who…?” Tony slurred before his mind made a connection, blacking out soon after.

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