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Title: Forcing a Change

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 7

Characters: Tony, Gibbs

Word Count: 1451

Warnings: Language

AN: If you didn’t see it when I updated Don’t Piss Off, the last couple of weeks have been insane for me. I’m also very tired (it’s allergy season for me, guys so my allergies have kicked into high gear) and I’ve been cleaning so life has been busy.


But I’m hoping to get back onto some form of schedule for both my posting and my twitch stream! Come join me on twitch, and watch me write as sunnyl. <3 I try to write on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.




The next week found Gibbs picking up Tony as his place, and driving to where the fish and chips place was. It was a little hole in the wall that used the freshest fish that they could get and was cleaner then some McDonalds. The fish was cooked just right, no little bones to be found, and the fries that came with it was just the right crispy that still crunched even with vinegar and salt.


Grabbing some more drink and a thing of fries to share on the walk to the carnival, Gibbs fell into a thoughtful silence. “Penny for your thoughts,” Tony drawled, snagging a fry out of the cone that Gibbs was carrying.


“Thinkin’ about a case I have. I’m not sure on how well it’s going to hold up in court. At least the prosecutor that I’m working with is telling me that everything that was found will be weak,” he said.


Tony raised an eyebrow. “So, give me a hypothetical. No names, no places. Just a scenario. My team leader has been doing that with us. Gives us something to chew over,” he explained. “We got a few before we reach the carnival after all.”


Gibbs hummed. “Two victims. One a navel officer, the other a future one. Both friends, two years apart in age. Fit. Strong. Know how to fight. Been doing various martial arts or fighting styles for quite a few years. Knew that they wanted to be military from a young age.” He sipped at his iced tea. “Both were found dead. Nothing in their system. No reason for them to drop dead. Only reason why we know that it wasn’t just a random death was the food in their stomach.”


“Which was?” Tony asked.


“Fish and chips from a new place. Hypothetically, they met with another friend of theirs, had lunch, went home and died. In some way. Medical examiner finally decides to do a bloodwork up for everything under the sun,” Gibbs continued.


“Let me guess. The bloodwork came back with a little-known paralytic that can kill if not caught in time right?” Tony asked. Gibbs nodded. “I would, hypothetically, do another run, this time narrowing it down to paralytics of various kinds as long as there was enough blood. I would also run tests on organs, such as the stomach, liver, kidneys, and heart. Just to back it up. Some skin from various parts of the body. From there, once I was absolutely sure that it was what I thought it was, I would have my tech people check records, legally of course, to find out who bought it where.”


“And if it’s a highly controlled type that no one can get without a license?” Gibbs asked.


“Look at who they knew. Who was pissed at them. Anyone in their lives and see if they, or anyone connected to those people, had such a license. Narrow it down by seeing if any was bought or disappeared,” Tony replied as they crossed the street. “I would document every inch of the investigation as I went along. When I found the person and wrote my report, I would include all of my notes, even notes that I hand wrote. Yes, it would mean keeping every scrap and writing down any and all thoughts that I had, but it would make sure that the case was solid.”


“And if I did that and the prosecutor is still wary?” Gibbs asked.


“See why they were wary. A properly trained prosecutor would be able to take that case to trial and win. Especially if there was a confession thrown in,” Tony said. “There is either bribery, blackmail, or a weak backbone going on in there.”


Gibbs hummed and pulled out his phone, sending a text to his team, telling them what he needed from them the next time they came together. Putting it away, he smirked. “Come on. I see the entry way. I want to find something sweet suddenly,” he drawled.


Tony laughed and tossed his cup into a trashcan, Gibbs doing the same with his own cup and the now empty cup. “Oh, I know this one place that makes great cotton candy,” he said, looking up at Gibbs. “My treat if you get us both a three pack of caramel apples later.”


“Deal. I haven’t had real caramel apples since my wife died,” Gibbs admitted, voice soft and wistful. “I can never get the damn caramel properly made. My daughter laughs at me and we just buy the caramel apple dip that you find in the fruit section,” he admitted.


Tony smiled, glad that the man had warned him about his daughter. A little research on his part had told him that his wife had gone down taking their attacker with her, their daughter safe and sound in a back room. “I can make them for you guys if you pay for the ingredients. And a new pot. My last pot that I use from them is…worn,” he drawled.


Gibbs smiled and rested his hand on Tony’s lower back. “I can do that. You can take me to whatever store and we’ll buy three of the damn things. I know my daughter and she’ll want two or three of them each month as a treat,” he warned.


“I’ll make a deal with you. She does well in school and she’ll get two at the end of each month with her choice of a drizzle and topping,” Tony drawled. “And I’ll make you two for yourself.”


Gibbs smirked. “Deal. I’ll buy the stuff since you’re doing it for us,” he said, the two walking up to the entry. Paying for their tickets and entry, they headed into the carnival, Tony leading the way to the stall with the cotton candy and pointing out the various sizes offered. They picked out a smallish round to split and started to walk towards the arts and crafts section.


Tony ended up buying a few things, mostly shirts and scarves and various other little knick-knacks for future Christmas gifts. Gibbs bought a few things for his daughter, then played a ring toss game, ending up with a very large fish that he knew that she would squeal over.


Tony snickered softly. “I take it she’s a fish fan?” he asked, Gibbs groaning in return.


“Yes. She is obsessed with Finding Nemo, the Little Mermaid because of Flounder, and now Finding Dory,” Gibbs groaned. He shook his head as they walked up to a stall where there was jewelry spread out all over the place. Gibbs didn’t see anything that he wanted to pick up and started to move towards the stall next to it. Tony moved to follow him but then saw a necklace with a small clown fish, a tang fish and a seahorse.


Smiling, he quickly bought the necklace and had it bagged in a gift bag before catching up with his date, chuckling softly. “Sorry, saw something I wanted to buy,” he drawled, curling his arm around Gibb’s waist, his partner doing the same.


“That’s fine. Let’s go check out the tie-dye over there,” Gibbs suggested, pointing to a stall with various articles of tie-dyed items. They continued to walk through the carnival. Occasionally playing a game, or getting something small to nibble, talking the entire time. Learning about each other. Getting more comfortable.


Connecting in a way that Tony had never felt before and that Gibbs had felt with his wife before losing it when she had died.


After the sky was dark, their feet sore and about time for Gibbs to get home to let his daughter’s babysitter head home, they got the caramel apples. Gibbs bought two of the three packs for himself and one for Tony, the man stating that he and his room mate had to be careful on how much junk food that they had. McGee was working to get back in shape and Tony was supporting him.


When Gibbs walked him up to the door, the kiss was slow, full of promise, getting a small happy sound from Tony before they pulled away and Tony walked into his apartment. Gibbs walked down to the car with a whistle and a bounce, finding that his date had left the jewelry bag on the seat with a tag that said it was for Shannon.


Picking it up, he pulled it out and laughed at the fact that it had the three seat creatures on it before tucking it away. His daughter would squeal so loudly over having sea themed jewelry and a giant stuffed fish. Shaking his head, he pulled away, looking forward to the next date with Tony.


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