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Title: What is Mine

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 11

Characters: Tony/Gibbs

Word Count: 1438

For: CutsyCat

Warnings: nothing yet

AN: Sleep is still a fleeting enjoyment. I swear. But I am posting this and it's so much fluff!!




Tony watched Gibbs stalk around the house, locking doors and windows and making sure that they stayed locked, highly amused by his actions. Ever since he had been found by the team, Gibbs had been on high alert when they weren’t at the office. Considering that he had been cleared for office duty only the week before after nearly two weeks off, it hadn’t been so bad.


But something had set Gibbs off in the last three days and it was reminding Tony of when a vampire’s mate had been threatened. He had only seen it once and had made sure that he knew the signs from then on.


And that’s how Gibbs was acting.


Sighing, Tony stood up and stepped in front of Gibbs as he headed for the backdoor again, raising an eyebrow at the other man. “Gibbs, what’s got your panties in a bunch?” he asked.


Gibbs blinked several times, not expecting the younger male to force him to stop and talk. He had been so lost in his need to get things safe for him that he had lost track of himself. “What?” he asked.


Tony narrowed his eyes at Gibbs, running them down over the man before huffing. “Why did I not notice this before?” he groaned, heading into the kitchen and heading for the one cabinet that he hadn’t ever gone through before. It had been a request by Gibbs to not dig to deep in that one cabinet since it held things like the recipe cards his first wife had kept.


Digging around, carefully moving the recipe boxes out of his way, Tony found the specialized sugar and shook it, giving it a sniff.


“You haven’t been feeding on your usual schedule, have you?” Tony asked, narrowing his eyes at Gibbs as the man walked in. He rolled his eyes at the searching look from the older man and started to make a fresh cup of lighter coffee. “You’re an idiot. I swear,” he grunted. Shaking his head, he poured the coffee before adding some of the crystals within, using a bit more than normal.


Shoving it into Gibbs’ hand, he narrowed his eyes at the man and watched as he drank it. Leaning against the counter as Gibbs drained his cup and moved to the refrigerator, he went back over the years that he had worked with the man. Now that he looked back and thought about it, the man had a history of being well respected within the community, more so than any human should have been.


Even McGee was looked upon by most as an amusing little human compared to the way they treated Gibbs.


Tony sighed and crossed his arms, watching his boss pull out a bottle of something red that he hadn’t ever noticed before and poured some into a cup. “So...why didn’t you ever tell us that you were a vamp?” he asked, keeping his voice carefully neutral, hiding the hurt that Gibbs hadn’t trusted him enough to tell him.


He wondered if anyone had known that Gibbs had been one of the experimented on Navel boys.


Gibbs sighed and drained the cup with a shook his head. “I didn’t want anyone saying a thing. I’m not like those that we hunt and you know how some of our people have been staring at us,” he said, watching Tony with a careful look. “I could not put the team into that kind of danger, no matter how much I would have loved to tell you.”


Tony sighed and ran a hand through his hair before shaking his head. “You realize that we’re gonna have to tell at least McGee. I think Marson might end up claiming him as his own mate and you know how a mate can feel another vampire that isn’t their mate,” he said, wiggling the spoon that he had used at the other man.


Gibbs grunted. “Yes, I will tell him. I will not tell Ziva though. I have to deal with her and I still have to figure out what is wrong with her,” he said, washing out the cup that he had used. Putting it into his drain board, he put the bottle away and closed the refrigerator. “I do not know what has crawled up her ass but her and Abby are both pissing me off.”


Tony snorted and put the tin away into the cabinet again. “Abby is pissed that McGee is being courted by Marson and isn’t there for her to go back to whenever she decides she wants him again. Or whenever a new relationship doesn’t work out. Either or.” He looked up at the ceiling in thought as he walked to the living room, flopping down onto the couch while Gibbs followed after him. “And with Ziva? She’s not the best person for the supernatural world.”


“Why do you say that?” Gibbs asked. He sat down in his own seat, watching as Tony got comfortable.


“Well, she’s heavily religious, despite how she acts. Her people don’t like the supernatural community and if they could have? They would have either wiped out or driven out their own protectors. But after that rather nasty attack and the fact that they were protected by the very people that they were going for to destroy meant that they’re not happy.” Tony gave Gibbs a knowing look. “And Ziva, being connected to who she is means that she had the information long before she came around.”


Gibbs groaned and rubbed at his face. “Damn it. I’ll have ta talk with Vance about her,” he said, getting a nod from the other man.


Tony shifted in his seat before taking a deep breath, eyes closing as he gathered his thoughts and courage. “Now, you want to tell me why you’ve gone into overprotective mode when it comes to me?” Gibbs gave him a look when he opened a look, making him huff. “Yes, I noticed. You keep pacing around until you’re absolutely sure that things are sealed and safe. And it’s gotten worse since I started desk duty again.”


Gibbs grunted, rubbing his face and shaking his head with a sigh. “I’m sure you have your thoughts about just why I’m acting like this right?” he asked, staring at Tony, getting a nod.


“You consider me your mate,” Tony said, Gibbs nodding. “Since when?” he asked.


“When I met you the first time, I knew you were something special outside of your abilities,” Gibbs said, shrugging. “I really figured it out after the first time that you were kidnapped and I went a bit insane in trying to find you,” he admitted. Tony groaned, remembering what had happened to the idiots who had kidnapped him the last time and mentally hit his head against a wall at not having noticed before.


“Damn. Well, it’s all twenty-twenty when it comes to seeing what is right in front of you,” Tony snorted, getting a small smirk from the other man. “So...what do we do about this?” he asked.


Gibbs shifted in his seat and grunted. “We don’t have to do anything about it,” he offered.


Tony just glared at him. “No, no I can’t do that. I’m sorry but I do like you a bit more than just a friend and a fellow co-worker,” he blurted out, shoving the words out of him. Gibbs chuckled and stood, moving to sit next to Tony, pulling him close.


“I haven’t felt this way since Jenny,” he admitted, Tony leaning into him. “We’ll take it slow for now. Learn how things work for us and how we fit together as a couple instead of just friends and co-workers,” Gibbs offered.


Tony smiled. “That sounds perfect. But I want to tell Ducky, Palmer, and McGee though. I don’t think I want to bring Abby or Ziva into our relationship, much less about your being a changed vampire.”


“I can deal with that,” Gibbs said. “Though Ducky knows that I’m a vampire since he had been a donor at one time. Palmer does it sometimes to,” he admitted. Tony hummed and looked up at him with a pout.


“What? You didn’t want my blood?” Tony asked teasingly, shivering in anticipation at the look of need and lust that Gibbs sent him.


“Oh, I want. And so very much more,” he growled, Tony gathering himself together again, lacing their fingers together.

“We’ll get there, I have no doubt,” he promised, Gibbs smirking and finally getting his first kiss from his mate, feeling Tony melt and groan into it.

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