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Title: Kitty, Kitty

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 2

Characters: Tony/Gibbs, Binx

Word Count: 1533

Warnings: nothing

AN: *sings* Oh, I’m a gummy bear…


*clears throat* Right. My alarm went off. It told me to post. So here I am posting. Not sure what I’m posting next actually. I’m trying to finish off an Inoichi/Genma but that is a part of a longer series…


So look out for whatever I have coming up next week!




Binx seemed to settle in well with the couple during the first two weeks, even going with Tony to his own apartment some days after the team had spent three days breaking a small case. It had been easy enough to do for them luckily.


For McGee, he had taken two days off along with the weekend to clean his apartment top to bottom, including steam cleaning the furniture that needed it and spraying fabric spray all over them afterwards. He had kept Tony and Gibbs up to date on what he had to do and the fact that there would likely be a small box of small toys heading their way the next day he was working.


That Monday, he had come in with a small box filled with small mice that Binx had stashed away along with another blanket that had been in the wash that went into his basket.


Tony found that Binx enjoyed roaming around the house and hated leaving the house unless one of them were with him. McGee had admitted that Binx was leash trained but his harness had broken, and if he went out, he preferred to be close to his owners. Gibbs and Tony took to letting him out in the mornings to wander around for the rest of their morning before they left and in the evening.


One place that Binx hadn’t visited during the first weeks had been the basement. Whenever Gibbs went down, even with the door open, he didn’t go very far, just sat on the stair landing and watched him. Gibbs just gave him a look and went back to whatever it was he was doing. At the moment, he was preparing for Christmas decorations for a small shop that he liked to support by donating handmade ornaments to be sold.


He had blocks of wood spread out over the work table with various sketches under them and his tools resting on a special box with velvet to stop them from moving and was ready to start. The entire team had a few days where they were playing catch up on paperwork that had been waiting for them to finish off. Most of it was report writing for various people, including several lawyers over various cases, but it was easy work for them.


Binx connected easily with Tony, curling up against his hip or in his lap while he was working at his personal desk that was tucked in the guest bedroom. At night, he curled up in his bed that sat on the night stand on Tony’s side and loved to greet both men with happy meows and prancing at their feet.


He got along with Gibbs just as much, mostly because Gibbs found himself liking the way he would rest over their laps when they had their weekly movie day, whenever that was. Binx had fully settled in by the time the first month had gone past, and McGee had told them that he had bonded with them to a point where he just couldn’t take him away when he finally moved Jethro out of his care.


Tony and Gibbs stared at each other across the work table, the younger male smirking as Binx purred loudly, licking his at his chin, paws on his chest. “So, I guess we have a pet,” he chuckled.


Gibbs rolled his eyes and scratched Binx behind his left ear, a particularly sensitive spot that got him to purr even louder. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m not doing the cat litter though,” he warned.


Tony beamed and pulled out two giant bags of stuff that he had picked up from one of the many pet stores that they had. “I picked up some litter box liners that shift out the clumps while letting the litter fall through. And a rather nice enclosed litter box for the upstairs so that he doesn’t have to go downstairs to use his own,” he said, pulling out the litter liners box and wiggling it with a smile. “I figured I can put it in the guest bedroom and I’ll take care of the litter as long as you take care of the food dish after his wet food.”


“Deal,” Gibbs said, Binx hopping down onto the ground to finally explore the basement. “Did you get another bed for him?” he asked.


Tony hummed and pulled out two smaller table beds with a smile. “One for my office, one for down here. I wanted to get one for outside, but he likes the swinging seat when he’s out there.”


“Good,” Gibbs said. Taking one of the beds, he placed it on a safer table, away from the tools that he had, one that he used to usually just hold smaller bits of wood. Binx purred happily and used a foot stool to hop up onto it, sitting in it with tail wrapped around his paws. “I can’t believe that we own a cat now,” he huffed. Tony chuckled and walked up to him, kissing his lover softly.


“Makes it nice now doesn’t it?” he asked. Gibbs hummed and wrapped his arm around Tony’s waist, stroking a hand up and down his back.

“Yeah.” He tilted his head to the side. “I keep worrying about fucking this up.”


Tony smiled, knowing that Gibbs was still hurt over the death of his wife and daughter, understanding of that. “You’re doing pretty damn good right now,” he said, getting another kiss. “How about we go out tonight for dinner and get some good food, yeah?” he asked, brushing his lips against Gibbs jaw.


Gibbs hummed before smirking. “I have a better idea. How about we get some pizza and figure out just where to hang that giant TV of yours?” he asked, Tony pulling back and blinking up at him.


“What now?” he asked, the words squeaked as he stared wide eyed at his lover. “Are you...What?” he asked again.


“I’m askin’ you if you want to move in. We have a new bed so it’s not like you’ll need ta bring your old bed unless you want to move it into the guest room. We can turn that room into your own room if you feel you want some space. You already stay here most often than not,” Gibbs said, shrugging. “That is if you want to.”


Tony beamed happily, sealing their lips into a kiss before chuckling softly. “I would love to move in. Not like we weren’t talking about getting a new couch for the living room. That’ll save us a pretty penny if we just use my furniture for that,” he teased.


Gibbs hummed. “I do like your couch,” he admitted, looking down at the ornaments. “Give me a couple of hours to plan out what I want to do and sketch out the blocks before we order anything and figure out what we’re keeping,” he said. Tony smiled and gave him another kiss before pulling away.


“Sounds perfect. It’ll give me time to figure out when my lease is up. I think I was supposed to reset it next month anyways,” he said. Giving Binx one last scratch behind his head, Tony headed up the stairs with a happy smile. Going into the relationship, he hadn’t expected to be as loved and love as much as he was, knowing that they were both broken.


His few true relationships had all ended up crash and burns for various reasons, but this one was looking good. He would need to update his files, but he doubted that they would have any problems with their director since Gibbs had them well in hand.


Shaking his head at his lover, Gibbs picked up the first block and started to sketch out the basic design on it, going through each block and getting a line done before he looked over at Binx. He hadn’t been expecting the cat to fit so well in their lives, but it seemed as if Binx was just the right fit for them. Looking at the blank wall over one of his tables, he smirked and pulled out a tape measurer.


Measuring the wall length and where each stud was, he sat down with a sketchbook, deciding that he could make a cat walkway in the basement. It would allow Binx to visit, but to also stay safe and off of the floor when there were wood shavings on the various surfaces. Tony found him two hours later having created three different design ideas that all ended up with a safe hidey hole that opened at the top next to the cabinets that would allow Binx to be safe from intruders at the very least.


Leaning over Gibbs’ shoulder, Tony pressed a kiss to his cheek and promised to research cat friendly woods and varnishes before dragging him upstairs for dinner and possibly sex. Binx just blinked after his silly humans, yawned, slowly stretched out his body and followed them at a sedate pace, hopping up into his cat tree home, knowing that dinner would be soon.


Until then, he wasn’t going near the living room where he could smell them doing things.


Such silly humans.


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