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Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever, make any money off of this story. I do not own NCIS or the Avengers. I do not own in anyway any person that is in this story.

Title: What is Mine

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 13

Characters: Tony/Gibbs, McGee, Ziva

Word Count: 1650

For: CutsyCat

Warnings: Fluff

AN: I somewhat got a better sleep schedule as long as nothing goes and fucks me over. We can hope yes?


Anyways! Last chapter! Then a 4 part Shikamaru/Naruto/Itachi.




Staring at Tony for several long seconds over the rim of his coffee cup before shooting a curious look to the smirking Gibbs, McGee tilted his head and raised an eyebrow, curious as to what had gone on while he hadn’t been looking. It had been nearly three months since Tony had taken down Smith, the vampire dropped down the proverbial hole to be forgotten about by Marson’s coven. He knew for a fact that Tony had pretty much just moved into Gibb’s home and went rarely to his condo.


Humming thoughtfully, McGee finished his sip before placing his coffee cup onto the small area that he had long ago designated as a food and drink safe zone. More so after he got tired of having to wipe up spills that ran off the edges and stuck a thick line of plastic that looked good along the edge.


He shook his head as Tony shifted again in his seat, digging around under his desk and finally pulling out his bag. Unzipping one of his pockets, he found the pill bottle that he had started to keep on him for random pains that came from being body checked by being stronger than he was. Checking on how many pills he had, he made a note to pick up a few more bottles after wook, barring a sudden bad case, and watched as Ziva stood to go deliver case files to those who needed them.


With her gone, he got up, getting an amused glance from Gibbs, and walked over to Tony’s desk, placing the bottle down next to his hand with a smile. “Sometimes, Advil isn’t the best shit in the world. For deeper need something made for it,” he drawled, before sitting down at his desk again. “I suggest eating with those though. Not doing so means you’re likely to piss off your stomach and trust me, you don’t want that to happen,” he said.


Tony blinked and narrowed his eyes before picking up the bottle and blinking at the fact that it wasn’t ibuprofen like he had thought it would be. Instead it was a specialized pain killer that worked on shifters and normal humans alike without leaving them groggy or disoriented. It was one of the few medicines that was on the approved list but tended to be on the expensive side since there were only three places in the city that sold it.


“Thanks,” he said, McGee shrugging. “You didn’t have to give me these though,” he continued, opening the bottle and seeing enough for four doses within.


McGee snorted. “I know I didn’t but I wanted to. Look, Tony, I may hate some of your habits but the fact that you’re wiggling so much means that you are in some kind of pain. And if it’s the type of pain that I think it is, you’re going to need those if we end up on a case. I do not want to listen to Ziva start bitching and moaning about you getting laid by your mate,” he stated.


Gibbs blinked several times as he stared at the youngest member of his team, McGee shrugging with a smile. “When did you figure that out?” he asked, amused and not truly surprised by the fact that McGee had figured that he was vampiric on his own.


McGee shifted, scratching his cheek with a hum. “When I joined the team and was introduced to the world, one of the first things I did was read up on how to spot a vampire, turned or born,” he said, blinking a few times at his boss and friend. Tony huffed out a laugh and shook his head.


“Why am I not surprised. Did Marson also help by answering all of your questions?” Tony asked, watching the pink turn red.


“He did. It just kind of clicked with the way Gibb’s treats us all and especially with how he treated you,” McGee said, shrugging and looking around to make sure no one was near them. “At the time I just thought that he considered you his childe, more than his second but not quite like a child in the human sense,” he continued, picking up his cup, playing with it as he hid his blush.


Tony smiled at the younger male and shook his head, more than amused by the way the other man had figured at least most of what was going on out. He wasn’t surprised. Not truly. He knew that McGee was scarily smart, and when he had information and some time to work over that information, he could work things out pretty well.


“I still say that your brain is scary,” he snorted, getting an amused look from McGee as he put his cup down. “So you’re not freaked out or worried?” he asked.


McGee shook his head. “Nah. Why should I be? I’ve been around the two of you for quite a while and it’s not like you see me as anything more than a friend on a bad day, and annoying younger brother on a good,” he said, looking at his computer when it beeped. Holding up a finger, he tapped a few keys and turned off the webcam and microphone on it. “Abby though is going to drive me insane. She keeps trying to listen in on things,” he sighed.


Gibbs grunted and shook his head. “I’ll talk to her,” he promised, McGee and Tony sharing looks. “And no, I won’t be easy on her. She’s been pushing her luck with not only me but Vance to. He’s not real happy with how she’s been fucking around with the computers, especially since it takes McGee a while to get things fixed whenever she does something like this.”


“I don’t think that she is pleased being left out in a lot of this,” Tony mused, watching as McGee pulled out a disc and pop it into his computer, letting it run and clean his computer. “But her attitude is starting to push even my buttons, boss,” he said, staring at a little popup. “Did you put on that notification system that you have, McGee?” he asked.


McGee groaned and nodded. “Yes.” Tony grunted, saved down his files to a CD to work on on his laptop before sliding down to crawl under his desk, pulling the power cord from the back of his computer. It went down with a whir as Gibbs snarled and stood up. “He’s going to chew her out,” the younger of the two grunted, getting a hum from Tony as he stood.


“Do you want to go grab some lunch for the three of us? I’m not buying Ziva food. She still owes me from the last lunch,” Tony drawled, standing. McGee checked the time and nodded.


“Yeah. And while we eat I’ll run the cleaners on your computer,” he said, standing. Tucking his gun, wallet, and NCIS ID card into his pockets before placing his phone in its case onto his belt. “I’m ready. Luckily I just got a royalty check so I can spoil this time. In a small celebration of the two of you figuring things out,” he drawled.


Tony looked up from where he had been placing his own phone onto his belt and blinked. “You don’t have to,” he said, pulling his phone out of it’s case and sending Gibbs a text telling him that they were getting lunch.


McGee waved him off with a smile. “I want to. It’s not because I need to, but because I want to,” he stated, shrugging with a smile. “Anyways, it’s not like I can buy you guys a bread maker and say ‘congrats on getting married’ now can I?” he hissed as they walked to the elevator, calling it and stepping onto it rather quickly.


Tony nodded his head and huffed, yeah, you’re right,” he snorted as the doors closed. On the way down, the two contemplated what kind of lunch they should grab from one of the restaurants that were within walking distance. They finally decided on getting sandwiches from the deli and some hot soup or pasta from the place next to it.


Getting Gibbs order, they walked to the restaurants and got their food, keeping their conversations light, Tony teasing McGee about Marson and the way the vampire kept flirting with him. It was kind of cute to Tony, as much as he would never admit to it, that the vampire was so taken with McGee.


When the elevator arrived, McGee stopped Tony and gave him a small smile. “Really, congratulations to the two of you. You’ll have to tell your anniversary so I can do something nice for your one year,” he said.


Tony smiled and patted him on the back. “The day after we dealt with Smith is when we decided to try this thing and about a week ago that we...married,” he said, McGee chuckling and making a note on the dates.


“I’ll do the first one since I’m sure the second one will be filled with the two of you hiding away for a couple of days,” he teased before walking up to Gibbs and delivering his food. “Ziva, I need at your computer soon to run a cleaner on it. I’m doing Tony’s and Gibbs’ first though,” he said, Ziva giving him a look.


“Very well. Did you pick up anything for me?” she asked, eyeing the bags with interest as Tony and McGee sat down.


“Nope,” Tony said, smirking. “You still owe me money for the last round of food and you know that I won’t buy for you until you pay it back.”

Ziva sneered at him before standing up and leaving to get her own food. The three me wondered when they could get rid of her. 

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