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Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever, make any money off of this story. I do not own NCIS or the Avengers. I do not own in anyway any person that is in this story.

Title: What is Mine

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 10

Characters: Tony, Smith, Gibbs, McGee

Word Count: 1519

For: CutsyCat

Warnings: nothing yet

AN: Ugh, so tired. But I got this up and out.



Pulling up to the warehouse where they had tracked Tony to, Gibbs nodded at his team and tugged his vest into place. Marson’s people were with them in outfits that blocked the sun from their skin, allowing them to help. Nodding to the group, they spread out, Gibbs heading for the front doors with McGee behind him and one of Marson’s people holding a bolt cutter.


Finding the lock on the door, Gibbs stepped out of the way, allowing the vampire room to cut the lock for them before he moved out of the way. Ignoring the clatter of the bolt cutter dropping, he pushed open the door, hearing that the other teams had gotten in. Slipping through the entry, he narrowed his eyes at the fact that all there was in the warehouse was a rather large trailer that was set up.


Looking to McGee, he gazed at the smart phone that the other male held up with a frown on his lips, seeing that it was under one of Smith’s other names. Nodding, they slinked towards the trailer, finding that it was connected to the water and sewer lines with long hoses, and to the electrical system via plugs. Taking a moment, he decided to go in the middle of the trailer, remembering how they were mostly set up after Tony had shown him a few during a case.


Walking up the stairs quietly, he looked at the vampire with his team, the man shaking his head, telling him that he couldn’t hear anything from inside.


Pursing his lips, Gibbs stepped back and nodded to McGee, the young man showing an aptitude for picking locks. Gibbs blamed Marson every time the subject came up, the vampire just giving him amused looks. But at the moment it helped, more so when McGee did both locks in under a minute and stepped back into his place.


“Let’s go,” he mouthed, the two who were a part of his team nodding. The rest of the teams had already spread out around the warehouse, covering all possible exits to stop Smith from getting away. Stepping in, he noticed that the place was small. Smaller than it should be. Looking to the back, he headed for the supposed backroom door, pressing an ear against it.


With all of the slide-out’s fully extended, there should have more room between the kitchen and bedroom. But there wasn’t.


Pulling away from the door, he waved to the vampire, who removed his hood and pressed an ear against it. “I hear someone,” the male mouthed, Gibbs narrowing his eyes and nodding. Once he had moved, Gibbs reached out and grasped the doorknob, pulling the door open as he brought his gun up in a ready position.


McGee followed him, coming in low while their third followed after with his own gun drawn and held up. They came to a standstill, their vampiric friend snorting at the sight as he held open the door.


“Well...damn, Tony. Make our rescue of you obsolete,” McGee finally sighed, shaking his head as he rolled his eyes, highly amused at the other man, but also worried. Tony snorted from where he was laying in the recliner, cup of water in hand and looking a tad worse for the wear. But Smith looked worse.


Somehow, Tony had gotten him down and trussed up with one of the chains that he had gotten loose after knocking the vampire out. Currently, he was looking dazed and if the dent in the metal toilet was any indication, they could safely assume that he would be out of it for another ten minutes at least.


“I ache, McGee. And I can’t find the other fucking key because I’m not going to touch the scummy one here. I’m lucky that I could find the first one easily enough the first time I knocked his ass out,” Tony groaned, sipping a bit more water. He winced as he pushed himself up. “I want to get the fuck out of here. I now have to write a report and heal. The director is going to shit bricks.”


“No he won’t, DiNozzo,” Gibbs snorted, sliding his gun into his holster, McGee propping the door open with a nod of his head. Reaching up, he tapped his headset, opening the line. “Smith is captured. We have DiNozzo. Someone call one of our people? He needs to head to the hospital for a full work up,” he said. He got a confirmation from Ziva and went to look over Tony, nodding when he waved him off.


“Fucker tagged me a few times but he was more interested in making me bend over and take it,” Tony sighed, eyeing the key in the vampire’s hand. “I’m not touching that,” he stated finally, offering his wrist and getting the manacle undone finally. “Thanks. Let me go find a place I can sit? Did someone bring me clothes I can change into so you can take these into custody?” he asked.


“I did,” McGee said, looking to Gibbs, tilting his head in question. Gibbs stared before nodding. “How about I help you get out there and call in some backup from our night team to come take this thing into custody.”


“Do that, McGee. I’ll be right there,” Gibbs said, the two nodding, their vampiric companion following after. Turning to Smith, he leant down and made sure that the other chain was wrapped around him fully to, smirking at the fact that he had gone for vampire strength grade when he had gone for chains. “If I had my ways, I would be tying you up in this room and leaving you to starve to death,” he hissed, eyes dark. “You really shouldn’t have touched him.”


Smith growled around the sock that Tony had shoved into his mouth earlier. Gibbs just snorted and punched him in the temple, knocking him out again. He stood up and looked over his shoulder at Marson and Ziva.


“Pick him up, keep him wrapped up and take him to the specialized cells,” Gibbs instructed, Ziva twitching at the thought of having to continue to work with a vampire but nodding. “I’m going with DiNozzo. Marson, McGee is calling another team in. They’re out night team that deals with the supernatural so they can cover us since we’re not too close to this case.”


“Of course. Me and mine will watch over the scene, Agent Gibbs. I hope that he is well,” Marson replied, stepping aside and letting Gibbs leave. Waving over his shoulder, he headed to the van that he knew McGee had brought with him, finding Tony in a pair of sweats and a loose shirt.


“I bagged the clothes, boss,” McGee said, not even looking up from where he was taping bags shut and sighing on the tape. “I’ll stay here and give information where I can. Point them in the right direction.”


Tony shifted as the sound of an ambulance came from the distance. “Tell them that the trailer is where he’s kept all of his past victims. I don’t know what he kept from them, but he kept recordings no doubt,” he said, sitting on the edge of the van’s side. “He told me that he traveled around with this shit. We might find all of his other information on it to.”


“I’ll do that,” McGee said, nodding at Tony and putting the bags to the side. “Just behave for the doctors, would ya?” he huffed.


Tony snorted and nodded, wincing when the ambulance pulled up, three guys hopping out of it, one of them pulling out the gurney since they had been warned that he was having issues moving. Sighing and giving them the needed information, Tony was loaded into the ambulance, Gibbs sliding into the back while one of the paramedics slid in an IV.


Nearly five hours later, Tony had been able to type out a basic report, discover that he was very bruised and would be sore for many days yet, thus having to stay in bed for a week, and had a prescription for a light pain killer and antibiotic. Gibbs had growled when Tony has asked for a ride home and told him that he was staying where he could watch over him.


Tony had just sighed and asked if they could swing by his condo so that he could get clothes for at least the week, and a few other things so he wouldn’t be bored stuck in bed all day. Gibbs didn’t say anything but did turn that way, both of the men emptying the refrigerator of everything that needed to be used before heading to Gibbs place.

With Tony knocked out by his first round of pills after an easy lunch, Gibbs sat down at his own laptop and started to write out his part of the report, listening to Tony rest. If he had his way, Smith would find his way to the deepest, darkest pit with nothing but rats to live off of.

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