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Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever, make any money off of this story. I do not own NCIS or the Avengers. I do not own in anyway any person that is in this story.

Title: Forcing a Change

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 1

Characters: Tony, McGee

Word Count: 1433

Warnings: Language

AN: Oh look! It’s a lost Mini! Quite literally I have so many stories going on that some day I need to go through it all and figure out what I’ve posted and what I haven’t posted and just post all that I haven’t posted.


One day. Today is not that Day. Today is about rewrites and posting a new mini! Enjoy this Legally Blond inspired story. :P The NCIS version.




“I can’t believe this shit,” Tony growled as he yanked open another box, his friend just shaking his head with a smile.


“Calm down, Tony. It can’t be all that bad,” McGee said, ignoring the pouting glare from his friend. “At least you’ll be able to breeze through the classes. You’re smart and you were finished with your other college anyways,” he continued as he put together Tony’s file cabinet, the safe that held all of his important documents tucked away and hidden already.


Tony sighed and nodded. “Yeah, but still. He somehow got ahold of control of my trust fund that was for college and held the damn thing hostage until I had to sign up and come here,” he said, finding that the box he had opened held his clothes. Pulling out the first thing, he hummed and folded up the costume to put away again later. “Now I have to stay at least a year. I mean, sure, it’ll be good to have some of these classes on my records but I was really hoping to head into the academy.”


“You can still take the classes, Tony, just online,” McGee said, fitting the drawers onto the file cabinet and finding the keys, testing out the lock. “Look, you’ll have me to help you out and all that good stuff.”


“Aren’t you still going for a computer degree though?” Tony asked, squinting at the other man.


McGee huffed. “No, I’m going for a legal degree, just paralegal instead of full on lawyer. With a minor in computers, mostly focusing on coding and the such,” he said, finding the file boxes that he had hauled up the stairs. He opened the box and transferred the files. “Don’t worry about it so much. Seriously.”


“Yeah, well if I could, I would do what you did. Change my last name, cut off my father, and fuck off,” Tony grunted. He finished going through the box and put the costumes he had found back into it.


McGee just gave him a look. “Yeah, well, it’s my mom’s last name. Like hell was I going to stay with the man’s last name. He ditched us for another woman,” he huffed, shaking his head. “He’s still trying to buy my love by covering so many of my expenses,” he admitted.


“I thought you could get the place you’re living in on your own,” Tony said, McGee shaking his head.


“If I had a roommate, yeah, sure. Not an issue. But without, not really. I would have to downsize, and really? I need that third room for my office space,” he admitted. “I have a loft in the place but I hate it up there,” he admitted.


“It’d make a good bedroom,” Tony drawled, remembering the loft area. He could see why McGee had an issue with the area since it was more for storage instead of a room but it wasn’t that bad. “If you ever need a roommate, just tell me. I’m only doing the dorm room bullshit because I have to.”


McGee hummed but nodded as he collapsed the box, knowing that Tony would need it later on to put that year’s information away in just a couple of months. He knew that Tony had a very small storage unit that held all of his important things but no idea where. “I’ll keep that in mind.”


Tony smirked and looked around the room. “So, outside of the fact that my father has forced me into this bullshit, I suppose that I should make the best of this,” he mused, going to set up his desktop, moving out of the way when his friend sighed and pushed him to the side. McGee had it set up and ready to use quickly enough. “Think you can help me set up a few programs on there?” he asked.


McGee raised an eyebrow but took the hardcopy CD’s from him, looking over them. “Wow, you got some heavy duty programs,” he whistled.


“Was going to get them before daddy dearest,” Tony said, the words dripping in sarcasm, “decided to poke his nose into things.”


McGee snorted and popped the first CD into the drive, going through installation and registration, knowing his friend’s information that he used. It took him a good hour to finish while Tony arranged everything, setting up the secondary desk that he would use for things not needing his giant computer. He set up his laptop there.


“I think everything is done,” Tony finally said, sitting on the chair to his other desk, turning on his laptop and waiting for it to load.


McGee hummed and placed the hard copies into the top, shallow drawer of the file cabinet. “Yeah, I’m done here. Everything opens and closes just fine. I’ve made sure that you’re all registered to,” he said, turning around with a smile. “What classes do you have to take?” he asked.


“The usual. Introduction to this and that, a higher English class, a class on writing motions and some heavy duty maths,” Tony said, shrugging when he opened the e-mail with his class schedule. “Is my printer up and running?” he asked, McGee nodding. “Oh good.” He printed off the schedule and stood, plucking the paper out of the printer as another copy was spat out. “Here. My schedule just in case you need me,” he drawled.


McGee snorted and looked over the schedule, finding a highlighter to highlight their shared classes. “I’m with you in four out of your six classes. Surprising really,” he said, Tony smiled and looked over the schedule, copying the highlighting on his own copy.


“Yeah, well not too bad. Means we can study together more often,” he said, McGee rolling his eyes and standing up. “And drag you to the gym. Say...after dinner at least four times a week?”


McGee thought over it before nodding. “Deal. I’ll make sure that I have a bag in my jeep from now on,” he said, Tony smirking and nodding. “For now, it’s time for food. It’s two,” he said, checking the time. “How about I show you the better place on campus to eat? It’s a restaurant, a kind of a hole in a wall, but with a student ID you get a five percent discount if you spend over ten bucks there. And it’s good food.”


Tony smirked and nodded, standing up, grabbing his wallet. Checking how much cash he had on hand, he smirked and found his secondary bank card into the wallet. After his father had fucked him over but given him control back over, he had locked his account down so that his father couldn’t touch it without a hearing.


One that he had to be there for it to go through. He knew enough banking law to know that if anything happened to the account, he could sue the bank for all the money plus interest along with other fines, and then do the same to his father. He had delighted in telling his father that before he had left.


Of course, he had also restructured the account into a bit more interest making and used some of his own money to start making some money off of a few new businesses that a friend had started. The bakery was slated to make a good profit in the next year, when he was supposed to be starting to make money from that. It was looking good.


McGee just smiled and shook his head at his friend, making sure he had his keys and wallet in one pocket. “Come on, I’ll drive since I have the gas and my jeep doesn’t need to be cleaned out. Again.”


Tony gasped dramatically and pressed a hand to his chest as his nose went up into the air. “Why I never. My car is perfect. It’s…”


“Disgusting and smells like you’ve been traveling nearly non-stop for three days to move here,” McGee stated. Tony pouted. “Why you wanted to wait until the last possible moment I will never know.” He held up a hand at the opening mouth. “And I don’t want to hear about you saying goodbye to all of your...friends.” Tony smirked at the blush on his friend’s cheek and closed the door behind them.


“Fine. I won’t tell you about Alexander’s tongue and what that man can do with his tongue ring,” he drawled.


McGee groaned and planted his face into one hand. “Ugh, no. Pan I might be, but Alexander was a dick and not my type,” he protested as his friend burst into laughter.


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