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Title: Pissing Match

Fandom: NCIS, Avengers

Chapter: 1 of 4

Characters: Clint/Coulson, Tony/Gibbs

Word Count:

For: 1,270

Warnings: nothing

AN: Crossovers. Really. I'm exhausted so I hope that you enjoy this.




“Fuck.” Maria sighed as she stared at the file before her, finally just standing up and heading to Phil Coulson’s office, knowing that he would want to know about what had just happened. It wasn’t looking like it would be a good day for her, especially since the file was about one of Coulson’s agents that he had trained before, had actually been his handler before he had become the Avenger’s liaison.


Knocking on the door, she scowled at the wood grain of it as she waited for Coulson to answer. “Enter,” came from behind the door, along with the sound of shuffling papers. Opening the door, Maria stepped in and closed the door behind her, eyeing the way Clint was lounging on the couch, book in one hand, the other behind his head. She had no doubt that he was watching her with a hand on a small but powerful gun that would take her down if she tried anything.


Paranoid fucker, she thought, turning to Coulson. He just stared at her, a glint of amusement dancing in his eyes.


“I have some news that you’re not going to like, Coulson,” Maria said, shaking her head as she stepped up to the desk, handing Coulson the file before taking her seat.


Coulson frowned and started to flip through the papers of the file, eyes darkening as he read. Clint stood and moved to stand next to his handler and lover, reading what Coulson was. “Well fuck,” Clint breathed, picking up the pictures that came with the file, flipping through them. “Who caught the case? I’m guessing the Naval Criminal Investigative Services caught it since he was playing a Navy man right?” he asked.


Coulson made a considering sound. “He had been tapped after his four year service and went back as a civilian contracted ex-Navy officer to help weed out Hydra from a couple of the ships,” he said, tapping his finger on the file. “As far as anyone out of the loop knew, he was a Navy Officer coming back to the Navy for a couple of years at the request of the United States government.” He sat back. “Just like quite a few of those who can do.”


“Exactly, Agent Coulson,” Hill drawled, crossing one leg over the other. “As for who landed the case of his murder, it was indeed NCIS, but it’s one of the teams that have a history of closing the most cases,” she continued, watching Coulson cock an eyebrow and find that information.


“This team is run by one Leroy Jethro Gibbs. It includes three other people. Anthony DiNozzo, Ziva David, and Timothy McGee. They have closed a great majority of their cases, usually working ones that are exceedingly dangerous, and even a good chunk of their assigned cold cases.” He frowned slightly. “They are helped by Abigail Scuito, who is a forensic specialist, and Doctor Donald Mallard alongside his assistant Jimmy Palmer. It looks as if they are a tight knit unit and their job is well done.”


“Looks like it,” Clint sang as he dug through the files before snagging Coulson’s computer. “So why bring the file to Coulson here, Hill? Beyond the fact that at one time, Coulson was Marisson’s handler and trainer that is.”


Maria Hill snorted as she watched Clint sit down on the couch again and start to peck at the keyboard. “Fury sent the file to me to find someone to take over the case. I figured that since you and Coulson aren’t doing anything currently, you two should take care of it. You are to go to the NCIS building, talk with Special AGent Gibbs and his people, along with the Director, and take over the case, while working with them. Do not allow anyone else to know that you’re there,” she stated, waving a hand at the file. “We need to find out who was stupid enough to kill one of our own.”


“And what are we supposed to do with them?” Coulson asked, lacing his fingers together and setting his arms down onto the desk.


“You are to either take them out or you are to bring them in. Fury doesn’t care. All he cares about is getting the idiot who took out one of his best agents,” Hill stated before she stood, nodding at them sharply before leaving the office.


“This is going to be fun,” Clint drawled after a few minutes, using the mousepad on the laptop to navigate around a site that was giving him all the information he wanted.


“Why do you say that?” Coulson asked, smiling slightly at his lover. He knew that if Loki hadn’t been able to fight against the control that had held the teen God under the sway of Thanos, he would be dead. And would have ended up leaving Clint alone again.


That thought hurt really and wasn’t something that he often contemplated.


“This site here is telling me that there are pairings within the group but no one knows who is fucking who, or if they’re even dating,” Clint drawled, looking up with dancing eyes. “But the group is tight knit. Seriously more so than when you, me, and Nat all worked together. At least outside of the woman, David. Apparently she had come into the group as a spy for her father to take out her own brother but had joined the group soon after. She’s been fucking around with the group ever since.”


“So ignore David and try to work with the rest yes?” Coulson asked as he started to go over the file slowly. “Do you think she would be a problem?” he asked.


“Not really. She’s not on our level of mind fucking,” Clint snorted, shaking his head with a smirk on his lips. “But she has this thing of trying to fuck around with DiNozzo that has created friction before he sat down with Gibbs, McGee, Dr. Mallard, Scuito, and Palmer,” he continued, continuing to read over the information.


“If I didn’t know that you wouldn’t tell me and just pounce me to get me to stop asking, I would want to find out where you find this information,” Coulson snorted, flipping through his pages.


Clint just leered at him. “You like it when I jump you,” he teased before continuing to read the information that he had found about the team. “It looks like we’re going to have a fun time in getting this done and over with,” he sighed, finishing. He cleared his browsing history and stood, replacing the computer down onto the table. “Should I head on out and go pack for this?” he asked.


“Yes. Bring nicer clothes, but also civilian clothing and your missions clothes,” Coulson instructed, standing up with a sigh. “Be ready to go in three hours. I need to get the mission reports that Marisson had submitted before his murder,” he told his lover.


“Alright. I’ll pull out your suitcases and some of your better suits. Want me to pull out the guns to?” Clint asked, smiling when Phil stole a kiss from him with a smile.


“If you could. We’ll take one of the private planes that Tony is letting us use so we can just skip checking our weapons and the such,” he said, leaving the office with his lover. The two headed in opposite directions, Phil heading for the Archives while Clint headed for their shared suite of rooms.

They were not looking forward to what was to come.

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