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Title: Give Me

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 3 of 5


Word Count:

For: Cutsycat


AN: I'm stuck in bed because I hurt so much. Still. After enough pain killers to kill a cat over the span of 16 hours. That's about normal though so I'm sitting in bed. Doing my NaNoWriMo thing and posting this.


Remeber what I said, I'm only going to post 2 times a week for the month of November.


This is the second time of the week.






Staring at Gibbs and Tony, Abby narrowed her eyes, McGee shaking his head while Ziva tilted her head to the side thoughtfully. “There’s something going on, I just know it,” Abby finally said, shifting on her feet, arms crossed as she nibbled at her bottom lip.


“There is. But I do not know what that something is,” Ziva finally said. They had noticed that there was a distinctive lack of head-slaps between Gibbs and Tony, which was rather an odd sight to see. They had gotten so used to seeing Gibbs smack Tony on the back of his head that seeing him not do it was odd to say the least. “It is the lack of slaps to the back of his head, yes?” she asked, looking at Abby. “There is nothing happening between them.”


McGee sighed and shook his head as Ducky chuckled, walking past them with a smile. “Leave it alone you guys. You won’t like what you discover,” he warned before leaving the two women to stare after him.


“He knows something, doesn’t he?” Abby said, frowning at the fact that her ex knew something that she didn’t. She hated that fact.


“Most likely,” Ziva mused, wondering how her teammate could know something that she didn’t. She was paid to watch the team, figure out all of their secrets, even if she didn’t tell anyone any of them. But to find out that McGee, the one who usually was quite clueless, knew something that she didn’t made her twitch in distaste. She hated when someone knew something before her.


More so when it was someone who tended to be on the smart but oblivious side of things.


“We could always pry it out of him,” Ziva mused, Abby shaking her head as she sucked on her CafPow’s straw with a slurp.


“Nah,” Abby sighed after swallowing, “he won’t talk. When it comes to relationships, he never does. You could torture him and he’d never give up someone’s relationship status, much less anything else if he feels that it’s not his place to tell.” She huffed. “Trust me, I tried when I learned that he knew some things about some of Tony’s old dates.” She sucked on the CafPow again. “He didn’t say a damn thing except tell me that he wasn’t going to say shit and that it was Tony’s business what he did on his off time. And not mine. That lead to a huge fight that made it so that he only talked to me during work hours and no other time. I don’t particularly want to repeat that experience.”


“I can understand that,” Ziva hummed, having been on the receiving end of some of McGee’s silences. Even Tony hated them though Gibbs had never been dealt one himself. “So I suppose we can ask Ducky maybe?” she asked, tilting her head to where the older man was hunting down a large bottle of creamer to fill his smaller one with.


“Nah, he won’t talk either. Ducky is a stern one when it comes to relationships to,” Abby sighed. “And it’s unlikely that Palmer will know anything about what’s going on.”


“Know anything about what now?” Palmer asked as he walked past them, holding a pile of files in his hands, most likely on delivering duties to the various teams for Ducky.


“Do you know anything about why Tony is not receiving any head-slaps from Gibbs?” Ziva bluntly asked.


Palmer blinked a few times before looking at the two that were staring at a screen with frowns on their lips. Tony was leaning against his desk, while Gibbs had his arms crossed, staring hard at something that was on it. The younger of the two tilted his head and said something, Gibbs giving him a look that almost looked promising to the young assistant.


“No, I don’t, but wouldn’t Tony have gotten one just now?” he asked, pointing at them before shuffling the files slightly to stop them from falling.


“He would have.” Ziva narrowed her eyes and shifted on her feet. “Since Ducky and McGee won’t talk about what is going on, and I highly doubt that we will be able to get it out of those two, what are we to do to figure this out?” she asked.


Palmer shook his head and huffed. “You’ll probably regret trying to sneak around those two. That’s all I’m going to say. Ziva, the autopsy file that you asked for,” he said, finding said file and handing it over, a sticky note with Ziva’s name on the front of it. “Abby, Gibbs called down while I was dropping off your lunch earlier to ask for that file on last month’s triple of the Marine’s family,” he stated before leaving the two to stare after him.


“Why is it that everyone else knows what is going on and we don’t?” Ziva asked, pouting even as she tucked the file into the crook of one arm.


Abby shrugged as she pulled out a pen and paper from her notepad, writing down the information that she would have to pull out when she got down there. “I have no idea. I’m guessing it’s because they see those two more often?”


“I see Tony and Gibbs just as often as McGee does, and you see them more than Palmer does. So that can’t be it,” Ziva huffed, shaking his head with a frown. “I need to go through over this file. We shall talk more later?” she asked, Abby nodding.


“Take notes about their reactions to each other please?” Abby asked, Ziva smiling and nodding. “Great. We’ll trade notes of the last few weeks over a late dinner? I have some of that soup you liked so much at home.”


“Sounds like a good night to me,” Ziva hummed, the two parting ways and heading to their respective places. Abby headed downstairs to pull the file for Gibbs while Ziva sat down and pulled out the cold case that she had been fiddling around with for the last week. As she wrote up a new file, having learned that it was a great way for her to find hidden clues in a case, she watched the way Tony and Gibbs worked with each other.


To her, it looked as if they were doing what they had always done. They worked on their own cases, Gibbs would go over their reports before asking for parts of it to be reprinted with more details. Tony worked his way through the small pile that he had pulled out, only a fraction of the files that he had in his drawers but about normal for the other man. McGee just shook his head any time Tony said something smartass while Gibbs just gave him a look.


It was all very normal if not for the fact that there were no head-slaps handed out during the entire time.


Tony got up around one, and told them that he was heading for food, Gibbs automatically handing him some money with his order, McGee asking for something while handing over his own money. Ziva asked for her own food and handed over the money when Tony held out her hand.


She really hated the fact that she had to pay up front with the other man after not paying him for one of the lunches he had bought her for over two months.


Gibbs smirked slightly and picked up his phone when it vibrated after the elevator doors had closed after Tony. His smirk grew as he answered and tucked the phone into his phone holder on his belt. Ziva narrowed her eyes at the fact that he was looking almost as if he was a cat who had gotten the canary and the cream.


Or if his lover had sent him something promising. Which she had only seen twice during the entire time that she worked for them. It was odd but she had a feeling that it was another piece of the puzzle as to what was happening between Tony and Gibbs. She would have to tell Abby about it over dinner.

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