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Title: Pissing Match

Fandom: NCIS, Avengers

Chapter: 4 of 4

Characters: Tony, Clint, Phil, Gibbs

Word Count: 507

For: CutsyCat

Warnings: nothing

AN: So this is kind of short, which makes me not so happy but meh. Anyways, I have no idea what is next but I will try and have something ready for you guys next week, so keep an eye out.


To note from now on: 1-shots will most likely either land in a Bits and Pieces or a Mini Stories collections.


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Just so you know. Enjoy the story all and I'll see you Friday.




Tony smiled over at Coulson and shrugged. “One of my teachers in junior high school decided that to learn how the poorer half of our world lived that we were to write with public school students. But she didn’t really do her research. She chose a public school that was for those who were learning via mail, and I ended up with Clint here as my penpal,” he explained.


“After we got out of school, we kept in touch and he was the one who wanted to come to me in the middle of his college training after Barry fucked me over,” he said, shrugging one shoulder.


“I was pissed about that since at that time we had started to exchange e-mails since it was easier to keep in touch. Especially when our numbers were in constant fluctuation at the time,” Tony said, waving a fry at his lover. “We’re good friends and probably the only people we’ll trust with each other’s lives outside of our life partners,” he told him softly.


“I’m surprised you have never told me,” Coulson teased his lover, getting a roll of eyes from the archer.


“It didn’t really matter. His number and his connection to me is a part of my instructions should I die or disappear on a mission, so that was all that I cared about at the time,” Clint hummed, smiling slightly Coulson. “Eat something. Don’t just sit there and stare at us,” he chuckled.


“So you guys were just pen pals for a long time?” Gibbs asked, Tony nodding, mouth full. “When did you two finally meet?”


“We were eighteen actually,” Tony said after he had swallowed, smiling softly at his lover. “I wanted to get out of my house before I had to deal with the bullshit of my father, so I went to where Clint was at the time and crashed in his hotel room.”


“That was while I was working a stationary job at a six month fair,” Clint told them, smiling slightly. “The circus I was a part of was repairing one of their tents and didn’t need me at that moment.” He shrugged. “We split the rent for the room for a few weeks before he headed off to college. Through the years we tried to see each other whenever we had time to get away from school or work.”


“So you two kept up the friendship even though you came from two different worlds,” Coulson hummed, Tony and Clint nodding their heads in answer. As the two went back to their lunches, Coulson and Gibbs stared at each other before nodding, agreeing to try to get along.


For their partner’s sakes.


After lunch, the four headed back down to the main office to finish off their reports, Tony and Clint sitting at his desk to do theirs. Coulson sat on a desk and worked on his own lap top to finish his report, Gibbs sitting at his own and proof reading his own.


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