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Title: Pissing Match

Fandom: NCIS, Avengers

Chapter: 3 of 4


Word Count: 1,298

For: CutsyCat

Warnings: nothing

AN: I'm just a little bit tired here. Yeah. Just tired. So enjoy this chapter. I swear I need to get back on a schedule.




It took the two groups nearly a full week to weed out the information that they had gathered and to find the one who had killed Marisson. From there, they had gathered the rest of the Hydra spies and shipped them off, allowing NCIS to have the killer.


During the entire time that they had been working together, Gibbs and Coulson had circled each other like two male lions, looking for the other’s weakness.


After they had arrived at the house, Coulson and Clint had worked on unlocking the house with Tony’s help, before they pulled the hard drives to take with them. Gibbs had growled until they had shown him that the login drives that were connected to the hard drives were locked. It had stopped the growling for about ten seconds before he was told that they were being sent to Tony to unlock.


Gibbs didn’t like the fact that Tony was a civilian and would be handling evidence. Up until Abby admitted that Tony once more closed her down after she had ignored the advice and that she couldn’t do anything anyways. The director had also chewed her out while Coulson and Clint had watched, snickering on Clint’s part.


She had learned a rather hard lesson in trying to go after someone with information just based on what is shown to the public.


After Tony had taken two days to crack the files and then the encrypting that they had been under, the group found out who their man had been onto. From there, they had done things the S.H.I.E.L.D. way by sending Tony and Clint in to spy. Officially Tony was there as a short time liaison while Clint was a civilian contractor there to teach new gun skills to their people.


Two days on the ship and they were being airlifted out in the dead of night when most of the crew was asleep, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who were working for the Navy running the night shift. They then gathered up the rest of the spies and sent them to a S.H.I.E.L.D. base to be interrogated and taken down for good.


The entire time the two groups were being forced to work with each other, Gibbs and Coulson snipped at each other in the only way they knew how to. By one upping each other.


When Coulson was able to get names from their person, Gibbs was able to get places, ages, and ranks. Gibbs found four out of the nine people in two hours while Coulson found the other five in an hours time. Coulson lived off of slightly sweetened coffee while Gibbs’ was like tar, supremely strong and unsweetened. Gibbs found several bits of physical evidence while Coulson found several bits of internet information, both men agreeing silently that they came out in a draw by this.


All the while Clint and Tony were watching them, doing their own jobs and laughing silently. They both knew what their lovers were doing and each time that they were able to bring their partners to their beds while they waited, they helped the men to relax. Seeing as Clint and Coulson were in a house base, they took advantage of an actual bed that was comfortable and created a mess of several sets of sheets while they were at it.


Clint had dragged himself out of bed most often then not, changed the sheets while Coulson showered and started them in the washer, took his own shower, put the sheets into the dryer, and then crashed.


Then they would go in and once more Coulson and Gibbs would start their one upmanship going again. It always seemed to draw a huff of laughter from Tony, knowing that he would be making Gibbs relax and doing more laundry once they got home again.


“You think that they know about our friendship?” Clint drawled softly next to Tony as they sat in a break room, taking a break from watching their lover’s glare at each other.


“I don’t think that they do,” Tony chuckled, biting into his sandwich, glad that the case was done and all that had to be done was the last of the hash outs for who got what and where. Abby was still pouting while Ducky was writing out the last of his reports of both S.H.I.E.L.D. and NCIS about Marisson’s autopsy. Ziva, Tony, and McGee would write out their own reports once Gibbs and Coulson worked out what would go where and who would get which prisoner full.


They already knew that the main guy that Marisson had been after would go to S.H.I.E.L.D. but there was also the nine other agents, only three of which weren’t Hydra. But they were supporters and the Navy wanted their chunk of flesh.


“You’re probably right. If they did I think they would have been a lot more calm,” Clint mused as he looked in his bag of food, finding his fries and pulling them out. “Though it’s funny to watch Gibbs glare at Phil whenever he was talking to you about some kind of evidence.”


“The same goes for Coulson, man,” Tony snickered, lifting the bun of his sandwich, having gone for a chicken sandwich from the local restaurant. “I wonder if they’ll stop their growling at each other long enough to come get their food.” He pulled off a tomato before putting their food back together and bit into it again.


Clint grunted and put his lover’s food to the side for the moment. He had gotten himself a straight up hamburger along with fries and tater tots while Phil had a well built BLT sandwich with a small Caesar salad and fries. Gibb apparently had ordered a steak salad with fries on the side, making Clint give his friend a look at that until he was told that he liked salads with meats.


“I have no idea,” Clint drawled as he bit into the fry in his hand, shrugging one shoulder. “We’ll see though soon since I texted Phil that we do have lunch and it’ll go cold if they don’t get down here. Did you get your high school reunion invitation?” he asked, picking up his burger and biting into it with a hum. “Damn, this is good shit.”


“Yeah, I love going to there,” Tony chuckled softly. “Anyways, got it last week. I might be getting the four days to head back and attend it. Maybe. I don’t know if I want to leave to deal with that kind of bullshit right now.”


“Could,” Clint drawled, looking to the elevator as it dinged and opened. “Ah, they came down after all. Did you get the pictures that Nat took at the last vacation?” he asked.


“Yeah, I did. I still can’t believe that Stark took you guys to the Bahama’s,” Tony snorted, shaking his head. “Lucky bastard.”


“You told him about the vacation with the Avengers?” Coulson asked, sitting next to his lover and taking the bag of food from Clint.


“No, Nat stole my computer, got into my e-mail and sent him the pictures. There’s a difference,” Clint drawled, waving a tater tot at his lover.


“Why would she do that?” Gibbs asked, eyeing the two men as they smirked, Tony picking up his drink and sipping at it before handing him his lunch.


Tony was the first one to answer the question. “Because she knows that me and Clint here have known each other for years,” he drawled, getting blinked at by the two men. “Since we were freshmen in high school actually.”


“And just how did that come to be?” Coulson asked, eyeing his lover and getting a sweet smile from the other male.

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