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Title: Give Me

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 2 of 5

Characters: Gibbs, Tony

Word Count: 1,430

For: Cutsycat

Warnings: Not a lot, yet

AN: I don't know what to say. I'm exhausted. I hate coming down from stress but I'm doing slightly better. Which is nice. Just tired.


But for now, enjoy.




Staring at Tony as he packed up for the day, the last case having been solved, Gibbs frowned to himself slightly, leaning back in his chair. He had been watching his senior agent, and had noticed something different in the last week. It wasn’t obvious if you didn’t know the true depth of Tony, but it was there if you did. He figured that McGee knew something with the occasional thoughtful look at Tony, but he didn’t know what the man knew. And he wasn’t going to ask him any time soon.


But he suspected that Tony needed something special and he was getting it from Gibbs himself. At least partially.


Which was just odd really but not surprising considering Tony’s history and what he often did on his free time.


It had taken some long nights thinking about his behavior and thinking in a way that he hadn’t done in a long time, but Gibbs figured that he knew what was going on in Tony’s mind. It took even more long nights and thinking in a way that he hadn’t in a long time to figure out that he wasn’t against something like that with Tony.


Tony was a good man; smart and brave. He didn’t go out as much as he portrayed and didn’t date as many women as everyone thought he did. When he was in a relationship, he was loyal to that person, no matter his natural enjoyment of flirting with a person. He wasn’t going to go out and randomly fuck someone.


Even the one time that he had started to date someone because of the Director’s orders, Tony had ended up falling for her. Hard. When that mission had gone to pot, despite what he had shown to the rest of the team, Tony had been hurt, very hurt. He had hated hurting both of them like that but he had gotten back to normal after a while.


It had still hurt to see Tony so messed up over that mission. Especially when she came back into his life after her father had been killed. Gibbs had nearly killed someone for that cock-up.


Sighing, Gibbs stood from his desk, grabbing his wallet and keys, shoving them into his pocket before he shut down his own computer, leaving with a nod to McGee, the other male waved. He knew that the computer tech would be busy for most of the next hour, working on finishing up a few reports and cleaning out anything that wasn’t supposed to be on his computer off.


Walking over to the elevator, he pushed the down button, once more thinking as he waited for the elevator to get to him. He needed to go talk to Tony, get things out between them, and see where they could go from there. Stepping into the elevator once the doors opened, he pressed the garage button and allowed his mind to turn over the thought of what he was going to do once he got to Tony’s place.


He knew that them talking would happen, but he had a feeling that Tony would try to dance around the subject, which he couldn’t do that.


Shaking his head, Gibbs stepped out of the elevator and walked to his desk, noticing that Tony had already pulled out and left, opening his car door to slide in, closing it once he had settled in. Pulling out his keys, he started his car and pulled out of his space, locking his doors as he drove to the exit, sliding his card to get out before pulling into traffic. Once on the road, he turned towards Tony’s place, stopping off at a store for some beer.


Tony usually had a few bottles of his brand, but he had a feeling that the both of them could use some more. It was going to be a hard talk and he wanted that extra buffer to help it along.


Once at Tony’s apartment, he gathered the beer, and the sweet treats that he had gotten from the closing bakery on a whim, and headed upstairs, finding Tony’s door. Knocking on it, Gibbs waited before frowning slightly when the other man didn’t call out, testing the knob, finding the door unlocked. Stepping in very carefully, he sighed when he heard the faint sounds of the shower and Tony singing under the shower.


Shaking his head, Gibbs chuckled and closed the door behind him, locking it before walking into the kitchen. Putting the beer away to cool, he smiled at the fact that Tony had obviously restocked his own supply, and had a read to cook pizza that took up most of the middle shelf of his refrigerator. Pulling out the pizza, it didn’t take him very long to start it cooking while he pulled down plates, napkins, and cups.


He smirked when he heard the shower turn off as he pulled out two bottles of beer, Tony moving around in his bedroom before coming out in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt.


“Why am I not surprised it was you making the pizza for us?” Tony snickered as he ran his hands through his still damp hair, smiling at Gibbs.


“I figured that we could eat while we talked about some things that I’ve noticed lately,” Gibbs replied, checking on the pizza before closing the oven door. “Pour the beer would ya?” he asked, jerking his head to the bottles and cups.


“Not a problem,” Tony said, frowning slightly, wondering just what Gibbs wanted to talk about. He had a feeling that it would be because of his actions lately, and what they could mean. Gibbs was nothing if not observant and smart.


Sometimes scarily so.


“That pizza should only take a few more minutes. So flip off the heat and let the leftover heat finish it off,” Tony said, popping the top and pouring the beer into the two glasses. “It’s one of those really good pizzas. Lot’s of pepperoni, cheese, ham, and pineapple. Easy sauce,” he continued.


“Sounds good to me,” Gibbs said, wrinkling his nose at the pineapple but not complaining too much. It wasn’t bad but not something that he enjoyed. “And don’t think that I’m going to forget just why I’m over here to talk to you either. I know all of your tricks so I suggest that you forget about it before you even start.”


Tony opened his mouth before shutting it with a blush, huffing softly as he pulled out the finished pizza, allowing it to rest. “How about we talk about what you know while the pizza sits? We’ll have about fifteen before we can cut and eat,” he said, handing over one glass of beer.


And talk they did. Gibbs told him about putting together some facts about Tony over the years that they had known each other. How he had heard of his past lovers and what had gone down with them by the virtue of being his boss and wanting to keep an eye on his team. He told him about how he had started to put the pieces together over the last month about how Tony was getting a fix out of the head slaps, easy as they were compared to what he was used to.


He then told him about what he wanted from the two of them if Tony was willing. He wanted to try out a round between them. Something easy that most of their world  did when they were testing each other to see if they could work out.


Tony agreed to it as he sliced the pizza, putting forth his own request that if the first time went well, they could try more before laying out some rules that he had to have followed. Gibbs agreed to that and told him that he would draw up a contract for the first time.


They both agreed that Ducky would make a good witness between the two of them as they sat down, smiling and comfortable with each other for the moment. Tony snorted as he bit into his pizza slice, Gibbs cocking an eyebrow at him.


“I have a feeling that if the team ever found out about our little play time, they will freak out,” he drawled, smirking at his friend and hopefully soon to be partner and lover.

Gibbs snorted. “That’s their business. This is ours,” he stated, turning back to the movie that Tony had flipped to. Tony just snickered some more, continuing to eat.

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