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Title: Forcing a Change

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 2

Characters: Tony, ex-girlfriend, fiancé of said ex

Word Count: 1105

Warnings: Language

AN: Can life just take a moment and calm it’s tits on down? Please. Thank you.


Enjoy this story and stay safe guys.




Watching the party going on around him, glass of champagne in hand, Tony considered his options. He had been rather surprised to see his ex-fiance going to the same classes as he was, the woman having broken it off when she had switched schools randomly in the middle of their freshmen year of their undergraduate classes. Now, three years later and here she was.


What had been very surprising, she had invited him to a party, telling him that it was rather informal in dress. He had decided to stick with the clothes that he usually wore for classes, a pair of tailored slacks with a rich green button up shirt. The party hadn’t been informal, but rather more formal. His ex was swishing about in a dress that he had bought her just months before she had broken the engagement. He stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the various tuxedos and dresses that were built for balls and galas instead of a college party.


Licking his lips, he sipped the champagne, sneering at the taste of it.


Putting the cup down next to him, hand resting over the mouth, Tony tried to figure out just what he was going to do. His ex had already sneered about the fact that she had done it on purpose, wanting to humiliate him. The thing is, he wasn’t. He was thoughtful.


He hadn’t hated her when she had dumped him, going for someone who had what she called ‘ambition’. Apparently wanting to work law enforcement, actually bring the bad guys down, wasn’t ambitious in her book. Never mind the fact that the fact that, for all intents and purposes, he was going for a degree as a prosecutor instead of the defense side of things that his father had wanted him to go for. The man couldn’t argue as to what direction he wanted to take it, but that would be rather moot in a year’s time.


Not that she knew that fact. He was considering the year that he was being forced to study law as a helpful boost to his future in working as an officer.


Resting his chin on one hand, he watched the people walk around, talking and making connections for their future careers. Not that half of them would make it through some of the classes on their own merit, instead on their names, but that didn’t mean that they couldn’t make connections.


It was rather annoying to say the least, at least to him.


Mind whirling, he stared at his ex’s fiance as the man sat down next to him, holding his own flute of champagne in hand. “Well, it’s interesting to see you here,” the man said.


Tony chuckled and shook his head. “Yeah, interesting is the least of what it is since your girlfriend was the one who invited me,” he drawled, turning the glass in his hand. He stared at the man with a slight smile on his lips. He really wanted to just walk away from the ass but he couldn’t do it. Not yet. He wanted to hear what the man had to say.


“I thought someone else invited you,” the man said, sounding very surprised. “Especially with the way that the two of you broke off your acquaintance.”


Tony’s smile shifted into something soft with a razor’s edge, a look that he had perfected dealing with his father’s business partners. “Tell me, how did we break it off?” he asked. “Let me guess, she found me with another in our bed?” he asked. “Or maybe I’m just a playboy who was dating her for my father’s sake? Never mind that I never introduced her to my father until a month before the engagement was broken off.”


The man opened his mouth before snapping it closed. “She said that you were cold and distant while going after whatever attracted your fancy,” he admitted.


Tony snorted and picked up the flute of champagne, draining it with a blank face. “No, no I am not my father. I dated her and stayed faithful to her for a good five years before she pawned the engagement ring. Luckily her father was willing to get it back for me since it had been my grandmother’s ring. It is now in a secure lock box that no one but myself and a friend can get into. I gave her the world and she used me for money. I would watch your bank account and get a pre-nup written,” he drawled, standing up. “And I’ve had better champagnes from boxes.”


Turning around, he snarled when his ex, quiet purposefully, dumped a dish of red sauce with fruit dancing around it, making the growing stain on his shirt look much like a blood stain. “Oh, I am terribly sorry,” she twittered softly.


“I do suggest you speak with your father about why I didn’t sue you for selling my grandmother’s engagement ring,” he stated. “Because you just broke that contract that was between he and I about your behavior. Expect to be served,” he continued, stepping away from her before stepping around her body, her mouth open as she watched him leave.


It didn’t take him long to drive back to his dormitory, finding that everything that hadn’t been locked down had been destroyed. Clothes, books, dishes, dorm room refrigerator and microwave, and his laptop and computer were all destroyed and scattered over his dorm room. The RA came quickly to his call and McGee came to find the hidden cameras and drive that had who had done the damage to everything.


After dealing with the police, he called his lawyer, heading to the local big store to find a laptop that he could use for a few days along with some clothes. He found the ticket that was from the dry cleaners in his car so he wouldn’t be having a shortage of clothes for classes until he had a moment to go pick up more from his favorite place. He agreed that he was moving in with McGee and made a note to buy a blow up bed until he could get his bedset from the storage unit that held most of his important files.


He would have access to pick through everything for his insurance policy in two days but he was no happy. With a quick stop at the bookstore to replace his own books, he pulled up into the parking lot of the big store and sighed, being reminded that his shirt was sticky at the moment when the shirt tugged against his skin.


“Fuck,” he groaned.


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